Question from Valisun

Asked: 6 years ago

Possible to have a family with no adults?

For example, just have a family of 4 teenagers. Or just old people.

As the game is, you can't even have a family made up of old people and teenagers. I find that pretty dumb, way too restrictive.

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From: Jeni 6 years ago

There is no hack that makes it possible to make a family of only teens in Create-a-Sim mode - those limits are hard coded into the game. You should have no problem making a family of elder Sims, though.

Since teens can live alone without the social worker bothering them, no hacks are necessary for this. A hack is necessary only if you want children to live alone.

You could make the teens as adults in Create-a-Sim mode and then use the cheat agesimscheat on to make them teens once they've been placed on a lot. That cheat requires Nightlife or any newer pack.

You could make the necessary adults while in Create-a-Sim mode and then kill them off or move them out once you've moved the Sims onto a lot.

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Certain hacks can allow you to do that. Search in google or look around the forum, you will find them.

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