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Asked: 5 years ago

How can I set a Sim's age?

I want to set Mortimer's age to adult please help.

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To Tasham8: the cheat doesn't work. i already tried typing the boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true before typing that agesimscheat on.

Additional details - 5 years ago

Where can I see that readme file you're talking about, drvdogmadt?

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To set the age of someone you need to use the cheat "agesimscheat on" without the quotes of course. After to type in the cheat you can click on Mortimer or any other Sim in the household and there will be an option to set age. Click on the set age option and there will be options from toddler to elder and choose one. And if you want to change him just use the cheat again it will stay on as long as you have it on.

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It Is "agesimscheat on" But You Might Not Have The Cheat Available To You, As It Requires Nightlife I Think . If You Do Have It Available it Should Show Up When You Type "help" In The Cheat Window. Once Turned On Click Your Sim, Then Set Age, Then Desired Age.

PS: Cheats Are Listed In The Readme Files With Each Game, Includes Cheats For The Sims 2 And Previous Expansions As Well, Though The Explanations In The Readme Could Be Better.

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Press ctrl+shift+c with your keyboard and type: agesimscheat on, to access it. Click Mortimer and press the
"Set Age" option, there would be a group of options surround it, click "Adult" option and all of a sudden, Mortimer would twirl around and around and set his age back to his normal life. You are still allowed to set his age back to an elder one.

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i typed it in the cheat window and clicked set age i wanted it to be a child so i clicked child and it said something about an error occured. how can i make the cheat work? PS. i DO have nightlife

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OMGGGG!!!!!! i found out why. apparently if they are babies u can't change their age. but i tried it on a nanny and i turned her into a CHILD! then back to an elder. when i did it i was rofl not kidding!

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Ms. Crumplebottom, or something like that, YOUR NEXT!!!!!!!

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