Question from SamPearwood101

How can you Killing Sims on The Sims2 Pets?

Can anyone list some ways to kill sims.Thanks to all who have helped.

lee_bread asked for clarification:

How long should it take to kill an npc?

I have had an npc swimming in my pool for days.


Tasham8 answered:

I way that i find works very well is to drown them in a pool. First you make a very small pool like one or two squares and put a ladder in it. Then I usually make sure the Sim has low energy. If it has low energy command it to into the pool. After the Sim is the pool take the ladder out. Eventually the Sim will get tired and drown. They sometimes float on their backs so stop them if they do. This what I normally do to kill off a Sim. It does take some time but you can speed up the process. Happy Killing!
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Love_Struct8 answered:

Begin with cooking a meal with a stove. Let the sim be destracted or leave the stove to let it burn, a few moments would be taken. You may extinguish or call the fireman to end it.

Make a giant pool and put a sim inside. Remove a ladder and may take moments for the sims to drown...

Allow a sim to repair a destroyed item that may have water spoiling it's surroundings. And go for an electric device and repair it, they would get painfully shock, they may also sometimes survive from the electrical device.

Must let a sim be outdoors while raining, considered to happen at Sims 2 Seasons.

Happens at The Sims 2 Seasons. Begin with a sim flying a kite out in a rainy day, and wait 'til a thunder shocks his kite, connecting through you're sims body.

*Running w/ Scissors*
The scissors may not be available at the Build Mode Menu. In fact, you may download it and let the sim(s) run with scissors. It gives them a reason why not to run with a dangerous pointy tip of a sharp item.

A sim who gets frighten by a terrible ghost. The ghost should approach a sim and scare them to death.

A dangerous plant, shaped as a cow. Eats people for whoever gets a cake stuck to it's tongue. Good milk would produce after he/she's death.

Command a sim to watch clouds for a while. If the sim normally points at the sky, reminding the sim that he/she spotted a satelite coming right over them.

This cause no death, but just to remind you. First you press ctrl+shift+c to access the cheat bar, and type in: boolprop testingcheatsenabled true. Hold down shift+click to a telescope and press "get abducted" they wiill get abducted. Not such a worrywart, sooner or later, you're sim would come back. But too bad for Bella for not returning..
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LORENZO749 answered:

Rally Forth : sims 2 open for bussiness required rally forth a crowd with low needs
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no1simpsonfan answered:

same as all the others e.g. (by the way some of these are related to ep's)
rally forth
old age
daylight (you need to be a vampire (nl))
kite (another elec/lightning)
elevator plummet
wishing well(from seasons.they wish for money and a bag falls and hits there head)
crushed by murphy bed

look on youtube. its so funny!!!
And i know there are more if you cheat or download custom content. there are also glitches where your sim dies for no reason. those are the twenty i know.
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whoami1990_15 answered:

while in neighborhood press ctrl+shft+c to open cheats menu then type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true enter the house with the sim you wish to kill, sht+click on the sim and chooose SPAW then choose tombstone of life and death. once the tombstone appears click on it and one of the options somehwere should kill and it has alot of different ways that will kill your sim very quickly.
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Obsidian_Spire answered:

Type the cheat 'boolprop testingcheatsenabled true' in the neighbourhood view, then enter your Sim's house. Drag at least 3 of his/her stats into the red zone, (I use hunger, fun, and social) With these in the red zone your Sim should die shortly afterwards. Dragging a fourth stat down (I use comfort) should guarantee it.
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CosmoSushi answered:

Enter boolprop testingcheatsenabled true .shift + left click a sim. spawn... death creator. click it, & viola!!!
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