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Enemy/Boss Help Answers
How do u create a healthy plant? 1

Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
Vampire??? 2

Other Help Answers
Ageing one sim? 1
Aliens and Werewolves?!? 2
An Active Sim? 2
Are there any werewolves already in the game? 1
Can anybody help me? 1
Can i move a family from one house to a bigger house? 1
Can vampires suck peoples blood? 3
Can you feed Zombie Sims brains? 2
Changing a Surname? 3
Cheats? 1
Child welfair? 1
Clothes and Kids Cheat? 4
College? 3
Custom Music for THe Sims 2 Double Deluxe users (please help)? 2
Diagonal Items? 1
do Sims have to be living together to become pregnant? 2
Downlads? 1
Environment? 1
Exchange? 2
Expansions? 2
Expasion Advice 3? 1
Expasions advice? 1
Helicopters? 1
Help? 1
How can I get Mortimer back with Bella? 1
How can I get triplets or cuadrooplets? 2
How can i make a house into a beach lot?, ive tried putting it next to the water but it still isnt working! 1
How can i transfer some or all of my sim data from one computer to a completely different one? 1
How do I become a vampire? 1
How do I build more wall's after I hit the cap? 2
how do I get guys pregnant? 1
How do I get teenagers pregnant? 1
How do I get the head master over? 1
How do I make MP3's work in The Sims 2? 1
How do I resurrect a sim? 1
How do sims sing? 2
How do you create your own sorority's and fraternity's on uni? 1
How do you get animals to have babies? 2
How do you get magic? 3
How do you improve the hygiene of a toddler? 1
How do you make a underground driveway? 3
How do you place furniture at a 90 degree angle? 2
How do you stop people from coming inside your house? 1
How many pupies or kittens can pet have? 1
How to enable a cheat to make friends, all happy, etc.? 2
How to get a sim to move? 1
How to install expansion packs???........ 1
How to make an unique hair? 4
How to uncensor this game? 1
I want my teen sim to go steady with cashier, but when I try to call her her name won't show up. How can I fix this? 2
In a restaraunt do you need a cash register? 1
Installation code? 1
Is it possible to create your own stuff and put in the Sims 2? 1
Is there a cheat for maxing all skills? 2
Is there a cheat to fill all motives? 1
Is there a specific order for the expansion packs? 1
Is there a way to copy or move photos from the lot to the neigborhood album? 1
Is This Game Good? 1
Laptop Cheats? 2
Make zombies normal? 1
Moving in sims? 3
My debug mode stoped working? 1
The Grim Sim? 1
The Grim? 2
The Headmaster will not leave! Can I delete him or something? 1
The Sims 2? 2
Twins Cheat? 2
Victorian House? 2
What / where is belladonna cove? 1
What does the boolprop do? 1
What features does The Sims 2: Store Edition give? 1
What is the easiest way to get abducted? 1
What is the maximum days of a sims life?(please help) 1
When I was done creating my sims and it's already loading but it's too long. Can you help me? 1
Where can u find witches? 1
Where is the option to woohoo? 1
Who is the Social Bunny? 2
Why cant my sims sleep together on wan bed? 4
Why does this happen (career reward issue)? 1
Why doesn't my sim interact with the baby? 1
Why is my whole family of sims stuck upstairs and cant come down? 2
Why wont my sims woohoo in the clothingboth? 1
Workers? 1

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