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Open Questions

Technical Help status answers
Blue patch in my neighbourhood? Open 2
Bodyshop help? Open 1
Bugs? (nannies and pet salary) Open 5
Can I delete Patch's? Open 1
Can I move my sims 2 folder out of the hard drive and it still works? Open 1
Can't save or quit the game? Open 1
Cinamatic events? Open 1
Computer Crashes? Open 1
Crash after typing something in console?! Open 1
Does it work for vista? Open 4
Game wil not start ? Open 1
Game won't load anything to do with families. What do I do? Open 1
Game won't start, need help please? Open 1
How can I change the default rezolution of the game? Open 1
How can I transfer between computers? Open 1
How do I get in my new home? Open 1
How do I return to my desktop without quitting the game? Open 7
How do i...? Open 1
How do you become a werewolf? Open 6
How do you run this game on vista? Open 4
I just got this game, and it stalls or skips alot. what do i do? Open 1
Inastallation Help plz!!!!!? Open 1
Is there a way to improve path finding? Open 2
Me sim wont do anything? i tried a cheat! SHES gonna die!??? Open 2
Moving sims to a different computer? Open 1
My sims are stuck? Open 1
My sims can't seat that the table and eat? Open 1
Notification Wont Stop? Open 1
Run game on netbook? Open 2
Sim 2 - why i unable to use any builder tools like build wall, floor? Open 1
What can i do to make it work? Open 2
What do I do to stop the game from freezing? Open 1
When you install the Double Deluxe version, do you have to install the expansions as well? Open 5
Who does my game picture stretch and go odd? Open 1
Why can't i install Deluxe? Open 1
Why can't I kill my sims? Open 1
Why does the cheat boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true not work? Open 1
Why does the game keep telling me Application has crashe the program will now terminate'? Open 1
Why does The Sim time run so slow even if the speed is at full? Open 4
Why Does the Sims 2 doesnt RUN only splash screen? Open 1
Why isn't the game installing? Open 1
Why isnt build mode working? Open 2
Why won't it let me open the cheat box? Open 2
Why won't my male sim get abducted? Open 1
Why wont my sim use the computer? Open 2
Other Help status answers
A visting sim on my lot suddenly had a sliver glow! meaning? Open 1
Aliens? Open 2
Basement? Open 3
Best expansion pack to buy? Open 1
Body Shop-Alpha?? Open 1
BOY baby/toddler aged into GIRL?! Open 2
Can anyone help me get it to run in windowed mode? Open 1
Can i get the code anywhere else? Open 1
Can i re-do collage after de-ageing my sim? Open 1
Can the Larger ladies get pregnant? Open 1
Can you become a Werewolf? Open 1
Can you make your sims kill other sims? Open 1
Career Rewards cheat? Open 1
Chess? Open 1
Chose the gender of a baby? Open 1
Code? Open 2
Could moving a family from their old neighborhood using the Lots & Houses Bin cause problems in said neighborhood? Open 2
Curing Zombiism? Open 1
Debug mode will not work? Open 5
Do you need the orginial sims to use the sims two? Open 5
Does anyone know the cheat for the Tombstone of life and death? (Sims 2) Open 2
Dowload the Ying-Yang island??? Open 3
Downloadables?? Open 4
Expansion Advice 2? Open 1
Expansion pack download? Open 1
Forever pregnant? Open 2
Friendly Ghosts? Open 1
Gaining aspiration points? Open 2
Game Advice? Open 1
Golden anniversary? Open 1
Help please? Open 1
How big is the space of the GAME? Open 1
How can i change the gender of a sim? Open 1
How can I cheat? Open 2
How can i get my own music onto the sims radio? vista version? Open 1
How can I replace a trash can? Open 3
How can I set a Sim's age? Open 4
How can you build apartments? Open 2
How can you go Super Sayain? Open 1
How Do I Change The Language For The Sims2 Game? Open 1
How do I cover the entire lot with floor tiles? Open 1
How do i delete default Songs? Open 1
How do i download the sims 2 for pc? Open 1
How do i get back deleted neighborhoods? Open 1
How do i get my sims to stop having twins? Open 3
How do i get sunlight in my house? Open 4
how do i get to the house in the bottom right of Belladonna Cove? Open 1
How do I keep the ENTHUSIASM level up on Sims2? Open 1
How do i restock my Business Inventory ??? Open 3
How do I sneak out? Open 1
How do I split up Cassandra Goth and Don Lothario? Open 1
How do i turn the house to its normal color instead of the red flashing walls? Open 2
How do u become a plant? Open 2
How do you clear out the blue fog so you can see the other houses? Open 2
How do you get a baby grim reaper? Open 4
How do you get more detailed skins? Open 1
How do you turn free-will on and off? Open 1
How do your own bulid hotels on the sims2 Bon-Voage? Open 1
How does one "Hang out"? Open 2
How to fix my expansion packs when all of them are corrupted? Open 1
How to increase number of guests for parties/events? Open 1
How to make your sims needs full? Open 2
How to View Photos? Open 1
I have some problem with the option bubble, can anyone help please? Open 1
I type in 'boolprop testingcheatsenabled true' but I can't use the sim modder??? Open 1
Im just able to save lots not sims can someone help me? Open 1
Immortal Sims? Open 1
Is there a cheat to unlock more clothes? Open 3
Is there any way to change my sims prefered hobby? Open 1
Is this game online?! Open 1
Makeing sims acting older or younger ? Open 3
My cheat codes wont work the box comes up but nothing happens?? Open 1
My custom music not working? Open 1
Plant Sim? Open 1
Playing the game? Open 1
Relationship? Open 1
Serial No.? Open 1
Sims 2 Camera function record on demand? Open 1
Sims 2 Windowed? Open 1
Teenager won't go to school. help? Open 1
Werewolf? Open 4
What are All the Folders Inside "Music" For? Open 1
What Cool Stuff Is In Free Time? Open 1
What do you do when your sim swims into the floor? Open 2
What is the best Expansion pack? Open 2
What song should I use for a sims machinima music video? Open 7
WHere can i download the valentines day patch? Open 2
where can I find someone doing tai chi ? Open 3
Where I can download? Open 3
Which Expansion Pack has a bonfire? Open 1
Which InTeenimater should I download? Open 1
Why Can't I lock the Door? Open 2
Why do I start career at level 5? Open 3
Why does the cheat window not come up? Open 1
Why is my sim glowing blue? Open 2
Why My Sims 2 Is Very Slow When I play it? Open 4

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