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Having Lag Issues?

I am playing this game on steam with Windows XP. Unfortunately, I get lots of framerate chopiness, even when I turn all the settings down. Is there any way I can make it run smoother?


Master_Faust answered:

This game is notoriously well-known to be VERY "memory and video power"-hungry. It happened not because of game's ultra "Crysis-like" graphics (even though the graphics in this game are quite good, for it's time), but because the game's development was rushed quite a lot and it was badly optimized in the end. Thus, it lags even on some of the modern machines and this can be fixed by either getting much memory ("at least 4GB" is a must, and since you're using XP, I'm assuming that you have only 2GB on-board, because only 64 bit OSes can support more, including 64 bit XP, and it sucks :\, thus you're better to move to Windows 7, at least it's 32 bit version supports up to 4GB just fine), or getting quite powerful video card with at least 1GB of memory on it'\s board.

Personally, back in the days, I've played it absolutely fine on 32 bit XP, on maximum graphical settings, with resolution 1600x1200, while using this hardware: CPU - Pentium 4 HT 3GHz, 2GB of Samsung memory in Dual Channel, ATi Radeon HD 4730 video card. Everything was running at stable 60FPS back then.
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