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Compiled by Chad Simplicio
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After all, ye don't want the federal agents sending
their "guards" to your house to plunder on yer
assets and lock ye up in a cell to rot.  Har!  Har! 
1. Version Notes
2. Overview
3. Fame points quick reference
4. Naval ranks
5. Villians and Rival Pirates
6. Treasure Maps
7. Daughters of Governors
8. Ready to Retire?
1.10 - December 11, 2004
Updated information from more recent gameplay

1.00 - December 4, 2004
Initial compilation of the fame-building
== 2. OVERVIEW ==
How do you want to live your life as a pirate, you
handsome devil of an adventure-seeking land-lubber?
* Do you want to live a life of plundering on a
nation's shipping lines, especially those Spanish
Treasure Ships?
* How about a life of peaceful trading or
* Or cleanse the seas some, hunting down pirate
raiders, notorious ones, or stopping the natives
from raiding ports and cities?
* Maybe you want to force Captain Morgan or
Blackbeard into retirement?
* Or woo those breath-taking beautiful daughters of
governors and make them fall in love with you?
Whatever you do, land-lubber, the seas are always
ripe with gold and goods.  So go out there, and live
the life, pirate!
And when you're ready to retire into a new career,
we'll see how much fame you have gotten which will
guide you into a new land-lubber life.
Wealth: Up to 24 points.
- More land and more wealth = more pts.  When you
divide the plunder and prepare for another adventure,
a portion of what you keep is then placed in a bank
that goes towards upping your wealth fame pts.
Promotions: Up to 32 points, 8 per nation.
- Simple...try to become the regional Duke for each
nation, although becoming one for Spain and England
is much easier than it is to become one for France
and Holland.  Promotions can entitle you to a piece
of property outside their cities, which can then
generate more fame.
Named Pirates: Up to 9 points.
- Just take down the other top pirates, as listed in
the top 10.  
Treasure Maps: Up to 9 points.
- Find those top 10 pirates' treasure.
Lost Relatives: Up to 16 points.
- Find and defeat the evil Baron, get the map
pieces, then find your lost relative.  Rinse and
repeat as necessary until all four members are found.
Lost Cities: Up to 16 points.
- Get the map pieces, then find these cities.
Romance: Up to 10 points.
- Win the heart of a governor's daughter.  For the
full 10 points, win the heart of a beautiful governor's
Villains: Up to 10 points.
- Beat up your family's adversary in swordplay to
win a piece of map.  Piece them together and go
storm his hideout, then beat him one last time.
== 4. NAVAL RANKS ==
Accomplish enough feats for a nation, and the next
time you see a governor of a port city, you may be
promoted beyond just being given a Letter of Marque
that authorizes you to attack their warring European
neighbors' ships.  The ranks are as follows, from
lowest to highest, with their benefits:
Letter of Marque - Authorized to attack a nation's
enemy ships
Captain - Easier recuitment in nation's cities
Major - Cheaper ship repairs
Colonel - More merchant goods to trade
Admiral - Cheaper ship upgrades
Baron - Easier recruitment in nation's taverns
Count - Free ship repairs
Marquis - Many more available goods to trade
Duke - Free ship upgrades
Be advised that if you turn on a nation and attack
their ships, you'll lose your rank benefits until
you purchase amnesty or have a jesuit missionary
speak on your behalf, whatever it takes to regain
that nation's favor.
The Carribean of this era is full of villians and
pirates, even the most ruthless pirates to sail and
harass European nations of their days are in this
game.  When you start hearing rumors of their last
known location, you can track them down and find
their ship.  From there, the sea battle begin.  Even
though the ship can surrender, you'll still have to
defeat that named pirate or villian--yes, even the
evil Baron himself--in an act of swordplay.
Sometimes, you can blow apart pirate raiders or
raiding native canoe boats to make the European
colony holdings happy..
It's best to have the best possible upgrades for
your ship and for your fighting when  you face
villians and pirates.  Depending on your style and
tastes, you'll also want a good ship, like a good
Brig, or a Frigate, or maybe a Galleon that you
captured off the Baron's command.
While most villians and evil men sail in Spanish
warships, pirates and natives sail in their own. 
And all of Europe and their Carribean colonists will
feel relieved and pleased when they hear a pirate
ship go down.
You can purchase a piece of a map off a traveling
smuggler, defeat your adversaries, or get one from
governor's daughters.  When you do get a complete
map or you get a good idea of where the "X" is,
you can then sail to the landmark, then anchor
off by the shore and lead a land expedition to the
spot.  When you find where "X" marks the spot, your
crew will start digging until you find the treasure.
The procedures are the same whenever you're looking
for your family, finding a villian's hideout, or
searching lost cities with plenty of gold to be
Find a family member = you're reunited with that one
Find a villain's hideout = Storm the walls in a land
battle or sneak your way in tofind the villian
Find a lost city = Find yourself and your crew a
It takes much more than rank and looks to woo a
governor's daughter, it takes wit with sword to beat
down rivals in your way to her heart, and good
deftness with your dancing feet to woo her.  These
daughters' appearance can be plain, attractive, or
beautiful.  The more beautiful they are, the tougher
they are to woo.  Most of these beautiful women, from
recent gaming experience, tend to be Spanish, but
there has been cases where you can find beautiful
French, English, or a bit more "modest" beautiful
Dutch women.
Nonetheless, the benefits are useful.  You may get
valuable information, receive an upgrade as a gift,
even map pieces of lost cities, if you woo her alot
in the ballroom.
Given your options, you may have to do the
* Impress her with your dancing
* Give her a ruby ring or a diamond necklace
* Beat her fiancee in a sword duel
* Rescue her from her abductor - same procedure as
fighting a villain or top pirate on the seas
Find clothes that enhances your apperance and she'll
see you more often when you're in port.  Impress her
really well, and the task of winning her heart
becomes much easier.
-- Dancing --
This is where many pirates have trouble.  Here are a
few good tips:
* Know the dance patterns of a song: The harder the
difficulty, the more complex the dance will be.  If
you can coordinate the right moves that the daughter
gives you with the beat of the music, you won't
slip, and you may even do a flourish that can really
woo her or help you recover fast from mistakes.
* Calfskin boots and dancing slippers are good items
to have, especially if your main skill is Wit &
Dance.  Then if you slip up, you'll likely recover
quickly enough to not stumble and miss a beat.
* Most of all, practice, practice, practice. 
Sometimes, it's nice to practice getting the dancing
down as correctly as you can with plain and
attractive daughters, then carry that over to the
more beautiful ones.
When you do hear that your lovely governor's
daughter is abducted and you do rescue her and bring
her back home, she will you ask you an important
question the next time you are in port to visit her. 
"My charming rogue, will you marry me?"
The ranking is simple when you retire, or health concerns
forces you to retire from your pirating ways.  The more
fame you have, the higher the rank.  The game gives
you a ranking as well as a summary of your
adventures and achievements.  If you score high
enough, your pirate is entered into the hall of
fame, never to be used again.  Then you're off to a
new game.
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