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ORIGINAL FAQ DATE:  Saturday, March 20th, 2004

               _____       _ _       _               _____     _ _
              / ____|     | (_)     | |             / ____|   | | |
             | (___  _ __ | |_ _ __ | |_ ___ _ __  | |     ___| | |
              \___ \| '_ \| | | '_ \| __/ _ \ '__| | |    / _ \ | |
              ____) | |_) | | | | | | ||  __/ |    | |___|  __/ | |
             |_____/| .__/|_|_|_| |_|\__\___|_|     \_____\___|_|_|
                    | |
                     _____                _
                    |  __ \              | |
                    | |__) |_ _ _ __   __| | ___  _ __ __ _
                    |  ___/ _` | '_ \ / _` |/ _ \| '__/ _` |
                    | |  | (_| | | | | (_| | (_) | | | (_| |
                    |_|   \__,_|_| |_|\__,_|\___/|_|  \__,_|
              |__   __|
                 | | ___  _ __ ___   ___  _ __ _ __ _____      __
                 | |/ _ \| '_ ` _ \ / _ \| '__| '__/ _ \ \ /\ / /
                 | | (_) | | | | | | (_) | |  | | | (_) \ V  V /
                 |_|\___/|_| |_| |_|\___/|_|  |_|  \___/ \_/\_/

                            [ Demo FAQ/Walkthrough ]

Author       : JPaterson
Platform     : Windows PC
Last Updated : September 7th, 2004
Version      : Final
E-Mail       : == See "[A] Contact Information" ==
Website      : http://www.jpatworld.com/
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Jul. 13th, 2005
- Removed contact information, due to a lack of interest not only in this
  game, but gaming in general.  Sorry, but support for this game, in all forms,
  has been stopped.  Please check other FAQs or websites for info on the game.

Sep. 7th, 2004
- Finally updated my copyright information.  Websites are now free to use this,
  and other guides of mine, without asking for permission beforehand, just as
  long as the content isn't changed and it's not passed off as your own work.

Sep. 4th, 2004
- Finally got around to updating this FAQ, as well as my others, with the newer
  layout/copyright/contact stuff I recently changed.

Jul. 5th, 2004 (Final)
- Registered a new domain name, so I wanted to change my FAQs so people know
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  "Other FAQs Written".

Apr. 10th, 2004 (v1.00)
- Needed to update my contact information, so I did this for all of my FAQs.
  I ran a spellcheck, and went through the guide by hand so I could try to find
  any errors and fix them.  Yes, I'm anal that way.

Mar. 20th, 2004 (Final)
- Started and finished.  Enjoy this great demo.


Table of Contents

[1] Walkthrough
    [1.1] Paris-Nice, France
    [1.2] Komodo, Indonesia

[A] Contact Information
[B] Webmaster Information
[C] Where This FAQ May be Found
[D] Other FAQs Written
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| [1] Walkthrough                                                             |

This walkthrough covers the two missions of the game available in the official
Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow demo.

| [1.1] Paris-Nice, France                                                    |

You start the level on top of a moving train.  Walk forward until you reach a
hatch; go down into the car.  You'll be in the cargo car, and a dog will bark
at you.  Run forward and open the door.  You'll be outside.  Open the door in
front of you, and start crouching slowly.  Turn on your nightvision.  Whistle
to get the man's attention, then hide.  When he comes to investigate, knock him
out, but don't kill him.  He drops a satchel.  Open the grate on the floor and
climb through; you'll be crawling underneath the train.  Crawl along as far as
you can, then go up the latch to the next car.

Shoot out the light in this small room, and turn on your nightvision.  Open the
door, and use the switch to your left to turn off the lights in the car.  A man
will come, and will eventually turn them back on, so quickly crouch into the
car and hide behind one of the seats until he passes.  When he does, quickly
make your way to the other end before he throws the lights back on.  Stay out
of the bright spots.  At the end, go through the open door, and approach the
sliding door; it'll open automatically.

In this room, go through the door in the middle, through the next door, and
walk to the sliding door, but don't go in.  Wait for the man to walk to the
opposite end, then go through.  You want the third door; the one labeled 18.
Go through it and walk to the man.  Press SPACE to begin talking to him.  Soon,
a man will come to collect Soth for a phone call.  When he leaves the cabin,
use the computer.  You now have forty five seconds to get to Soth and tap the

Follow the men, through the sliding door, and into the bar.  Open the two white
doors, then head, crouched, into the small opening to the right, behind the
bar.  Pull out your laser mic and keep it trained on Soth.

After the conversation, wait for Soth and one of the men to leave, then head
toward where Soth was.  Be sure to crouch slowly as to avoid the remaining
guard, then sneak up and smack him (don't kill him).  Walk through the two
white doors he was near, and Soth's cover will be blown.  Run to the back of
this room and climb the ladder.

At the top, open the hatch.  You'll be back on top of the train.  You'll see
the Osprey coming in front of you, and there's a helicopter shooting you from
the left.  Ignore him, and run toward the Osprey.

| [1.2] Komodo, Indonesia                                                     |

You being crouched in a field.  Move forward.  You'll cause some birds to
leave, which will cause the man to investigate.  Keep going, out of his view,
and enter the hut to your left.  Walk through the hut, and emerge out the other

There will be two guards here, one who patrols.  Sneak by them both and go
directly to the open hut across from where you entered.  Be careful of the
light from the hut by the doorway, as the guards can see you when you pass by
it.  Wait until neither are looking, then go in.  When you're inside, exit out
the side, and crouch to the end of the wall.  There are two guards sitting on a
picnic table here.  Crouch around them, and enter the hut to the right of them.

Inside, crouch slowly, because there is a sleeping guard in the next room.
Head out the door to the left, next to the bunks, and make a break for the
wooden door across from you.  As soon as you get to the door, mission success.


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