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Asked: 4 years ago


i keep getting TERRQUAD_READTERROBJGFILEINFO:: INVALID SLOT#0. At first it was every time i tried to load my game, now it tells me this when i try to leave the first town. i got this game with the RPG Fantasy Action Pack

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I wish I could help, but I'm getting the same error code everytime I try to reload a saved game, but my error is Invalid Slot #1. I wrote to Dreamcatcher games but no responce yet, let me know if your hear anything.

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Someone mentioned if you right click on your Dungeon lord icon then click on run as administrater. I tried it and is working for me so far.

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Also when you run as administrater, you'll have to restart the game over, as in start new character, name it... etc.....always run as admin or it'll take you to your original save slots.

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