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Where can I find armors and new Steel swords?

Do I have to MAKE it? Or they are selling them already. IF they are sold somewhere, can you plz tell me where they sell it?

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dude have you ever thought of writing a FAQ about this game? Also if you have an instant messenger can I please have it in case of needing help about the quests and the unique swords; IF you wont have a probs in giving it?

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WolfAlmighty answered:

Depends on the chapter. If you're in chapter 1, you may have a chance to upgrade your steel sword, but the second armour isn't available until chapter 2. You might be able to buy new steel swords from the blacksmith, but they'd be Temerian Steel Swords, which are worse than a basic Witcher's sword. To get better than a standard Witcher's steel sword, you'll have to either use meteorites to have the blacksmith forge you a new one, or find one of the unique steel swords in the game (the first one being available in chapter 2).
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360mania answered:

ummm how can I put meteorites cuz I have 3 of them and dunno how to do it. Also can you tell me where to find the unique one or if you can, can you send me a link that describes the location of the unique sword.

I also appriciate for it!
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WolfAlmighty answered:

To use the meteorites, take them to a blacksmith (the dwarven blacksmith outside the inn for chapter 1, either the dwarven blacksmith in the nonhuman district or the Order Armourer on main street in chapter 2) and he'll make you a new sword out of them. The best one overall is a three red meteorite sword as it is a 40% increase in damage over a plain Witcher's steel sword.

For the unique sword, once you get to the swamp in chapter 2, you'll find an island on the far northern end of the map called Wyvern Island, which is full of (not surprisingly) Wyverns. They're tough so don't take them on too early or all at once or you'll get killed, but if you can make it to the corpse that's on that's on that island you'll be able to find Harvall, which is a unique steel sword that only does 30% extra damage (so 10% less than the 3 meteorite steel), but gives a good chance to add some status effects so overall it's a bit better. You'll likely want to keep Harvall until chapter 4 which is when the next unique sword, Gwalhir, is available.
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