Additional ProgrammingFabrice Lete
Additional ProgrammingMike Slembrouck
AnimationsStijn Valkenborg
Engine ProgrammingBert Peers
Engine ProgrammingYann Popo
Engine ProgrammingKris Taeleman
Lead ArtistAndre Taulien
Lead Artist/AnimationsMarian Arnold
Lead World DesignLynn Vanbesien
MusicKrill Pokrovsky
Project Leader/Lead ProgrammerSwen Vincke
SoundStefaan Van Leuven
SoundIlya Rogozin
Tool ProgrammingIke Casteleyn
Tools ProgrammingGrischa Jacobs


Data and credits for this game contributed by a0me, Ubersuntzu, Mookiethebold, oliist, and Blk_Mage_Ctype.

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