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What must i do so my notebook can run dragon age?

I just installed windows 7 x86 on it ( don't ask) and i everytime i open the game dragon age : origins it just stalls and the black screen of death appears.. i have updated all my drivers...and even installed nvidia physics , net frameworks 4.2 (beta for windows 7) . i even tried running the game in compatibility mode, it still wont work... a word of advice please...cheers!

sparky_05 provided additional details:

its an acer aspire speccs are very good and are above the reccomended ones...still on my pc which has weaker speccs works perfectly


change4anickel answered:

Your computer hardware specs almost definitely don't meet the minimum requirements. You'd have to buy a whole new laptop to play it, although it's difficult to say for sure without knowing the specifics.
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