Question from The_Dark_Ranger

Asked: 5 years ago

What is the best gaming graphics card?

I am currently building a new gaming Desktop PC and was wondering what graphics card I should get?
My budget is around $200 maybe $250. I currently have a nvidia GeForce 9800 basic with 512mb dedicated memory, should I stick with that one or get a new one? If i should get a new one, what type?

Accepted Answer

From: jagdpanther 5 years ago

The best card right now is the ATI 5870. It's about 3x more powerful than the 9800GT (which is pretty much a rebranded 8800GTS 512)

The 9800GT is a pretty good card but it probably won't last next year's games. It's your choice. If you must get a new one, get the ATI 4890 or Nvidia GTX 275, but I'd recommend sticking with your 9800 until Nvidia launches their lineup against ATI (which would hopefully cause a price drop)

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