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I think my games running slower than they should, why?

for some reason my games have been running slower than i know they should, my friend is getting faster speeds with half the RAM i have and an athlon x2 5200+ (i think that's it, may be faster than that), does anyone know why my games seem to run slower? yes ive updated my display drivers.

does having my games on a different hard drive (not external) make them slower to access? my hard drive array is:
120 GB IDE with windows xp x64.
320 GB SATA with my media.
500 GB SATA with my games (yea it's a lot of space).

could that be the reason why the games are slower? thanks

Yellow_Skittle asked for clarification:

THere could be tons of reasons. I would suggest posting your specs (making sure to list the types of hard drives you have also)

KillerTruffle asked for clarification:

You have not posted one of the most critical components in PC game performance - what is your video card? Chances are your video card (GPU) is not up to snuff if you're getting poor gaming performance.

You can run games fine off a drive other than your OS drive, and it should not affect gaming speed in the slightest. The type and speed of the drive would affect load times, but the game does not run directly off the hard drive, so that almost certainly is not the problem.

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Eaglerulez answered:

As the above answer mentioned hard drive speeds can vary in memory access time which does affect performance. Viruses and spyware also make a tremendous impact on performance as they tend to sap system resources.

However you should also consider the possibility that your friend potentially has a stronger video card, or CPU. Generally speaking, RAM, CPU, and GPU strength effect the performance of a game much more then a hard drive would.

If you are experiencing slow downs on multiple games, on all of your hard drives then I would be willing to bet that it is more so due to poor RAM, CPU, or GPU strength as opposed to the hard drives slowing them down.
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ragnarokex answered:

Games can run slower for a lot of reasons. One could be that you have a lot of junk in your hard drive, so accessing memory takes longer. You could also have spyware and adware and viruses for that matter. Did you regularly scan your computer? I mean, if it was fast in the first place and then it all of a sudden get slower over time, then it could mean that you have unnecessary junk.

Defrag your computer may also help.
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deltora_q answered:

It could be that your hard is really big and it takes longer for it to find the files, also if you have used up a lot of your hard drive it slow it down because it takes longer for to find the files, also you might have vires that are taking up ram and slowing down your computer, you should do a full computer scan. also you might have to many background programs running(eg, msn, anti-virus, dvd-player ect) try closing those,

but your video card might make a diference tho, it might not be as good as your friends.
just a hunch, but it might also be that windows is on one hard-drive and your games on the other, because windows is running the games, also it might help if you tell us what games?

because i mean games like gta4 where made for future computer's
hope i helped
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GTA3Mattb answered:

You are suppose to install your games on the hdd that your os is installed on. That is most likely the problem.
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GameMonsterCJ answered:

maybe a virus must be in u're pc or u're having other applications
or maybe the video card takes a little time to respond or
the Ram card is partially usable
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rpj92412 answered:

I feel there are too many startup programs running.
Try executing those.
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Asellus answered:

Er, before you start hypothesizing viruses, shouldn't you compare video cards first? That matters quite a bit more than hard drive sizes, usually more than cpus at that.
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carey2 answered:

A great solution will be to do a clean
reinstall of windows xp and have lots of ram.
or just go with windows vista 64bit.
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vieyra answered:

I have a few suggestions for speeding up your PC.

1.)First off your HDD(hard drive) as long as its 7200 rpm or higher shouldnt slow down your PC. As long as you defragment your drive and remove unused programs your HDD should be in good shape.

2.) Your video card should have current drivers and should not have any problams unless your running a higher frame rate and or higher resolution than your card can handle for that particular game.

3.)If you go to DOS and type in "MSCONFIG" it will bring up Microsofts configuration program. It is very important that you know what your clicking on before you click to prevent it from starting. The Start up tab shows the programs running that take up ram and cpu speed. pressing ctrl+alt+del will show current proccessing speed status and current running programs.
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ComputerZak answered:

Hmm... your HDDs are quite big all together. I suggest you see what you can uninstall and delete on your hard drive. And what are the rpm's of the hard drives? If its lower than average (7200 rpm) than I suggest a defragment & a clean up of your whole hard drive.

More RAM, new GPU or a better processor is not gonna cut it!
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UltraMertTR answered:

Try to use a program named Game Boosteer from Iobit.It may be useful.It can incrase your FPS by 3-5 or more.
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ehsanmgs4 answered:

hi not use vista or windows 7 for game if you do not have verypower full system it make games slower if your system be low in CPU and VGA play with xp

2.make sure your drivers are NTFS format

3.after inistal game defragment drive that you inistal game on it

4.inistal frame 3.5 (full pakeje have 1,2,3.3/5) (i play S.T.A.K.E.R:SHADOW OF CHERNOBIL with lag with 8600gts vga i instal frame work 2 and all lag go gone)

*some games need frame work(

5.downlad lastest direct x version (

6.make virtual memory off

7. download lastetest driver for your vga
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milosc answered:

xp x64 is the problem. you need 32. I mean, there is not much real difference, but there is lack of 'true' 64 bit programs out there. That maybe could be the problem. Otherwise, maybe your pc is just now powerful enough.
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