Question from Reidak227

Can PC play xbox 360 game ?

Can i play xbox 360 game on my PC by using xbox live ?


Zekeocolypse answered:

No only pc games
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Shiinsuh answered:

If you find an xbox360 emulator you'll be able to kinda run xbox 360 games. I don't imagine they will run smooth or reliable tho.
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xNightCrestx answered:

Well, seeing as how the Xbox 360 is made by microsoft (a mainly computer company) most of the games available on it are also available on the PC (of course you'll have to buy another copy, or pirate it) I know that some games that are available on both the PC and Xbox 360 can load saves from the other console (with some help from 3rd party programs and microsoft frown on this; I have heard of people getting banned for it) Another option would be an emulator, but I don't think there is one for the Xbox 360. Anyway, aside from those options, there is nothing else you can do, most companies have whole teams dedicated to convert a PC game into a console game, so unless you have some serious developer talent and can recreate the process, you're out of luck.
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