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Firefox 3 is eating my RAM!? (I think)

Stupid Mozilla saying this wouldn't happen...

Anyway, Firefox 3 was being kind of unresponsive (i.e., it would stop responding to stuff for several seconds and then resume), so I opened up the Task Manager. Apparently, firefox.exe is the second-biggest process I'm using. Also, when the unresponsiveness happens, the CPU usage hits 100% (which I suppose is the point of the CPU usage bar, lol). Is there any way to alleviate this?

capefeather provided additional details:

Oh... Right... Specs...
Sony VAIO w/ Vista (lol deaf laptop)
Intel Core 2 duo
2038 MB Ram
141 GB hard drive (77.6 GB free)

I bought the computer in September 2007. I didn't get SP1 yet because I wanted to format first, which I haven't gotten around to doing yet, lol.

I have CCleaner and Webroot Spy Sweeper. I've never heard of Auslogics, so I'll go check that out. I actually used CCleaner very recently. The other thing is that I only had this problem yesterday; it's not lagging anymore. Maybe I was just using Fx for too long... I periodically restart with stored session anyway because of my laptop's stupid habit of outputting the wrong things when I type sometimes (e.g. I press " and I get ``).

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GeneralElektron answered:

If you can manage to run FF3 for daily work then I have a workaround...

Usually what you can do to solve this is to close FF3 and say "Save and Quit" - that way, FF restarts (no more memory problem) and your current browsing is saved.
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ff8ff8 answered:

Firefox has a gradual RAM accumulation problem, however the lag and CPU usage shouldn't be happening.
So either you're on very very old hardware (2000 and earlier) or your computer needs maintenance.

If you haven't formatted and reinstalled your OS in over a year you should back up everything important and do that.

Also make sure you have these,
Auslogics disk defrag
Spybot Search & Destroy.

But really you have told us absolutely no information about your computer, what are its hardware specs, what OS are you running, do you do maintenance or just leave it alone?
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_0blivion_ answered:

Clearing you're private data might help, or you may have plugins causing it. Or you have too many tabs open.
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carey2 answered:

Try Defragmenting your Hard Drive,
then run a registry cleaner,
and then delete and reinstall Firefox.

anyways your computer is pretty powerful you
shouldnt have any problems
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nayhem answered:

Haven't had RAM problems with FF since their latest updates. I'd check your Flash and Java plug-ins for updates. As of this moment, Flash is v10, and Java is v6 update 12.
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rpj92412 answered:

I think you have installed lots of add-ons.Try to disable them or uninstall them.This should solve your problem.
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_Shadoistic_ answered:

Go to and follow instructions.
That helped me.
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