Question from Crazy_Asian_45

Could this run COD 4?

Just want to know before I buy it.

Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 64-Bit
AMD 64 X2 TL-60 2.00 GHz Dual Core
4.00 GB Ram
Nvidia GeForce Go 7150M (Up to 1071 MB)?

Crazy_Asian_45 provided additional details:

Not sure about the Graphics card or processor

Crazy_Asian_45 provided additional details:

Thanks for the info.

Accepted Answer

joshleekin answered:

Try this.
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Unnamed_Hobo answered:

It could, but don't expect it to run very well on higher than medium
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UD4 answered:

In fact, judging by your graphics card, it'll have bad framerates on Medium, depending on the stuff onscreen.
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wesleydw answered:

It will run, but dont expect high-end graphics out of it..

low - medium.
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nicj23 answered:

The "LOW" graphics setting would probably be best.
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