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Asked: 4 years ago

Problem installing half life mod paranoia?

when ever i install paranoia and try to play an error message comes up, it says that it can't find hl.exe.i was told on the the paranoia website on how to fix the problem, it told me that i need to point it to the directory to \Steam\steamapps\<your_account_name>. What am i supose to type in the area where it says <your_account_name>?

P.S i have half life installed.
P.S.S please don't rant on me if this is a very noobish problem.

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Go to the "steamapps" folder. Inside it you'll see a few folders, one of which will have your Steam account name as the folder name. Inside of that folder, you'll see the Half-Life folder. That's where you want to point it to.

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