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Why these two game can't be played smoothly?

I have ATI HD4670 512mb ddr3 card.I have no problem in gaming except these two

1.Turning Point-fall of Liberty=
this game runs perfectly smooth on my pc...but it stuck again & again for 5/10 secs after every
25/30 secs...I fell very irritated for that...

2.Hour of Victory=
this game also runs perfectly smooth on my pc...but...after some time it crash without any
notice..then I have to restart it..then again its ok..but the same thing happen again...

I saw that ..these 2 games are build on unreal engine 3.0 & I think some modifications of the files can solve these can anyone give me the solns.

nayhem asked for clarification:

OS? Specs? Using latest drivers? Upgraded DirectX and hardware?


redalertgamer answered:

make sure your using the latest drivers and if possible, lower your graphics settings in those two games. If your settings are at the lowest and your drivers r updated and your still gettin those problems, try uninstalling them then reinstalling them.
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