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Asked: 5 years ago

Looking for the name of an older game??

Help whats the name of an older pc game?? i think it was part of something called Egames maybe but idk. but i know you were some guy who threw hammers at zombie things and there were also huge cyclopse bosses and you can get upgrades to throw 3 hammers at once and you also needed keys to get further into the castle please help i want to play it again thanks

Additional details - 5 years ago

Sorry i looked its not gods the game im looking for was a overhead view (bombermans the only example i can think of) but thanks for the help.

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The description you gave is kinda vague but the only game I know that matches the description is Gods and it's a DOS game.

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definantly gods go to

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It's not God of Thunder, is it? Check it here:

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