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Problem viewing certain youtube videos?

Hello, for some time now i've been having a problem viewing some videos on youtube. before i would get a message were the video is supposed to be saying something about java. i updated java and flash but the videos still won't play. now i just a get an empty black box. for some reason only some videos won't play. for example, any video from machinima will not play. i just get a black box without a play button. what could the problem be?

Zek_99 asked for clarification:

It would be helpful if you told us your browser......

fatalmagic46 provided additional details:

I use the latest firefox


tubbsmcfat answered:

use IE 8 (Internet Explorer 8) and download flash player 10
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MSpears answered:

Since you're using Firefox, I can't really help you much (I use only IE8); but I had a problem with getting NO SOUND from any Youtube video. It turned out to be a Flash Player problem. Uninstall and re-install Adobe Flash Player 10, and that might solve your problem.
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