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A good Solitaire for Mac? 3
Any good games for an old 2003 computer? 9
Anybody know how to roll back the software on my zune to version 1.1? 2
Are there any Auto Racing (Road Racing/GTP) games for the PC? 3
Can any one recommend a good brand of graphic card pls? 1
Can anyone help me find Guitar Hero 3 computer specs? 2
Can i run Napoleon total war on ultra settings with an nvidia geforce palit gts 450??? 1
Can not seem to get Civilization V to run- says installed, but never runs? 1
Chapel of skorm, how can i obtain the bow? 2
DeathSpank - Haunted Forrest Dam, lost the Wooden Rimmed ? 1
games like COD4 nd BFbd2 ? 1
How come my computer wont group similar taskbar buttons? 3
I would like to find the game instruction manual for tiger woods pga tour collection? 1
Is there an MMORPG out there that has complex intuitive action combat? 2
Is there any extra courses that can be downloaded to my PC 4 Peter Jacobsons Golden Tee Golf? 1
Is there anything like oblivion for mac? 1
Left 4 Dead 2 Help? 2
Nrg 500? 1
Please Suggest a two player co-operative mission games ( preferably shooting games)? 5
Q*bert type game? 2
Sims3 World Adventure Expansion Pack. Can you help locate my sim? 1
South Park The Stick of Truth,where can I find Business Office Key? 2
What Are the Minimum And reccomended system requirements for GTA 4? 3
what are the MINIMUM system specifications for runing battelfield bad company 2 in medium? 1
What is the best computer game controller to play all games available? 2
which config u would suggest for $1000 ( only CPU ) ? 1
Which Graphics Card can run all games and up coming games(less cost)PC? 2
Which is better? 1
Who will be my lcd monitor? 2
Why My graphic card wont work? 4
Will this run fallout 3? 3
Windows Media player 10? 5

Technical Help Answers
"Licensed for 3 PCs"? 1
(godfather II) - custom video settings? 2
2/3 sims froze... how do I fix it? 1
9500GT isn't supporting direct x 9.c? 9
A better grafics card and other stuff can justify a kinda slow processor?Which of these two grafics cards should i use? 2
Aquanox - Starting up ? 1
Assassins creed crashes after intro movie, help? 3
Battlefield Vietnam freezes my computer? 3
Been away from PC's and gaming for 4+ years, How is this for a fresh start? 1
Best Graphics Card 150 Max? 4
Best setting for pcsx? 5
Blue Screen while playing B&W2.Help? 3
Booting Issues please help? 1
Borderlands character moving on its own. What could be wrong? 4
Building PC, RAM help? 5
Buying a new PC for the first time by myself!!!??? 1
can a dual core 1.7 GHz laptop, run a game with a requirement of 2.2 GHz? 7
Can anyone tell me the requirement of ps2 in pc? 2
Can I install faster RAM than is specified? 1
Can I run Dragon Age: Origins? 3
can i Run Plants VS Zombies Garden Warfare with this? 1
Can I run shadow warrior on vista 64bit? 5
Can i run these? 1
Can my computer burn dvd's? 10
Can my PC run prototype? 3
can NFS Prostreet be run on PC or laptop not having graphics card ? 5
Can this pc run games like call of duty and deus ex human rev? 1
Can you help me find the best PCI-E video card for a tower that has (and is stuck with) a 220 watt PSU? 1
Can you help me to choose new graphic card ? 1
Can't open secondary HDD's documents...? 1
Could my computer run COD 6? 1
Could this run COD 4? 5
Could this run Cryisis 2? 6
Cross fire Errors? 1
Crysis is crashing!! stoped working and recovered. What to do? 4
CS:GO keeps crashing on the PC? 1
Dark Souls 2 Fix for Blackscreen Crash, Won't Start? 1
Disc Drive won't read CDs? 4
Do disk downloads give you bugs? 3
DO you know where I can get the code for NEED FOR SPEED hot pursuit 2 ? It is for my computer please. 2
Dragon Age:Origins DLC is missing? 1
Dragon Age:Origins won't Install!? 1
Empire total war ? 1
Encryption? 2
Executing games twice to run once? 1
Expert Advice for building gaming pc? 1
Firefox 3 is eating my RAM!? (I think) 7
Firefox and World of Warcraft cant connect but IE can. Why? 5
Fixes for The Banner Saga Crashing? Stuttering during Cutscenes, and Black Screen Issues? 1
Game Freezes, any soloutions? 1
Gaming PC upgrade help? 6
geforce 9800gtx+ (1gb) OR geforce 260gtx (896mb)? 2
Good Video CArd for around 70 dollars? 2
Hawx not running? 1
HDD Help? 2
Help? with specifications to play some games 2
Hey, ne1 knows how to boost up download speed ? 4
How can i download 9500GT drivers? 3
How can I fix DayZ Standalone crashes and errors? getting random crashes 1
How can I play a game in a widescreen resolution on my non-widescreen monitor? 2
How can i save a cheat code in my pc? 2
How do I activate the additonal downloaded maps for Call of Duty?? 1
How do I copy my saves over to another hard drive? 1
how do I find and update my drivers? 3
How do i fix this? 1
How do I get all my levels and XP back? 1
How do i get this file back on my pc-msvcr80.dll ? 3
How do I know if parts go together? 1
How do I make a target line recognize a space for a desktop game shortcut? 1
How do i move the chat screen in world of warcraft ? 2
How do I remove drivers in Windows 98SE? 1
How do i use notepad to create a popup box? 2
How do you check to see if you have the system requirements? 1
How do you open the disc drive manually? 1
How to Fix Assassin's Creed Liberation HD PC - Crashes on launching (ACLHD.exe stopped working), and low FPS? 1
How to fix my slow graphic problem in starcraft 2? 1
How to fix Space Engineers Crashes, Poor FPS, Game not Starting, Errors, Havokwrapper DLL, Graphics failure? 1
How to Fix Starbound PC/Mac Crashes, Errors, Poor FPS and Connection Issues? 1
How to Fix Torchlight 2 crash / black screen, errors, certificate authentication, lag, cant connect? 1
How to use a PS4 hard drive in a pc? 1
How well will Hells Highway and RSV2 run with this? 1
how well will this machine run on CoD4? 6
I can't install my game!Why? 1
I can't install Railroad Tycoon II? 1
I keep getting a virus of some sort called trojandownloader, why? 2
I need some beat em up games to this pc 2007 or 2008? 2
I think my games running slower than they should, why? 13
I would like to know where to find all the specs of my computer? 1
Inconsistent Norton offers? 1
Is an ATI Radeon HD 3450 any good? 2
Is it possible to install windows 7 without disk? 2
Is it possible to log in "manually" in Windows Vista? 2
Is my graphics card integrated? 5
Lynksys + Laptop =/= Internet connection? 1
M.U.G.E.N help? 1
Machinima help? 2
Major issues with a dell windows 8 pc please help? 1
Medal of honor install codes? 1
Metal Gear Rising Revengeance PC Fixes for Crashes, Errors, Not Saving, Cannot Start, Black Bars, Low FPS, DLL? 1
Minimizing an old game? 1
Mirrors Edge quits after each chapter? 1
Modern Warfare 2 - Ridiculous Lags I Can't Explain and What the Hell do I do? 1
Mortal Kombat Komplete edition crashes on the PC -- C++ error, not working after restart, random crash? 1
My iMac won't read discs? 1
My laptop won't boot? 4
New PC, old HDD migration game issues? 2
nVidia 8800 glitching? 2
PC that can run Civ 5 under $400? 2
Penumbra Black Plague keeps exiting! Anyone know how to fix it? 1
Please answer?. Thank you 1
Problem with Steam? 1
Problem with YouTube? 4
Problems with computer (reading disc, finding network)? 1
Running GTA IV on laptop. What to do? 3
Slow mouse? 2
Speakers and Headphones not work. Help? 2
There are green lines when i play a game or a videos, could someone tell me what to do to fix it? please? 1
Tie Fighter Collection Edition on modern systems? 1
Trouble running a game? 2
USB Drives? 1
Video game lag (PC)? 1
Virus help: antivirus spyware? 2
War of the Vikings Fixes for Crashes, Cannot Start, Freezing, Lag, Errors, Cannot Find Games, Poor FPS? 1
What are the differences in the different versions of Windows Vista? 2
What do i need to insert data into a Micro SD Card? 2
What do i need? 1
What games can my laptop run ? 2
what games that need a Windows Live Account to save/play ? 1
What is a good Frames Per Second for the following games? 1
What is start key in Street Fighter 4 tryed all keys but nothing happened ? 1
What is the best gaming graphics card? 1
What screen recorder can record pc games? 1
Whats a good cheap sli compatible motherboard? 2
When i download FlyFF or Fiesta, I get some random error message? 1
When i try to install version 1.4 for CoD WaW it says the pc doesnt have suficient memory, help? 1
Where can I get DirectX 9? 2
where do I find product code for Deer Hunter Tournament? 1
Which is best for gaming?? 4
Why did my computer restarted from my PC? 1
Why does DOSBOX glitch slightly on Windows 8? 1
Why does my game start to 'lag' ? 2
Why does my PC keep restrarting over and over? 8
Why does the game keep telling me (3D graphics)? 1
Why does the game keep telling me (cannot authenticate from manufacturer)? 1
Why does the game keep telling me 0xc0000034 ? 1
Why does the game keep telling me I need to be an administrator? 1
Why does the game keep telling me invalid path? 1
Why does the game keep telling me no disc in drive? 2
Why does the game keep telling me protection stub has stopped working? 1
Why does the Mouse cursor disappear upon startup of PREY? 2
Why i can not playing ps2 emulator in my laptop ? 1
Why is it that when i go to play game the mouse laggs? 1
Why is my pc not reading USBs? 2
Will fixing my registry errors make my pc faster? 1
Will my PC be able to run Civ 5? 1
Will my PC be able to run Mass Effect at moderate settings? 2
Will my pc specification sufficient to play Assassins creed unity ? 1
Will this run ArmA2? 1
Will upgrading ram provide a noticable increase in performance? 1
Will watchdogs PC use steam? 1
Windows Media Player Sidebar? 1

Other Help Answers
(on back cover of pc games) What does it exactly mean if it says reccomended? 2
(Would these specs be able to play Combat Arms?) 1
500 wats power and cooling PSU enough? 6
A good free singleplayer game? 2
A great ship battles MOBA game on the sea... Players' can you help me please? 1
A website with a list of "sp3 only" games? 2
Abt VGA and motherboard? 4
After reaching level 20 I stopped getting exp. points for anything why?. 3
Any games that lets you build turrets? 3
Any games to recomend? 1
Any Good Games? 5
Any good online strategy game? 1
Anyone know the name of a pc game that allows u 2 create your character who fights spiders & other things? 1
Anyone know the name of this game? 2
Are harddrives compaitble with some computers and not others? 2
Are skills supposed to be messed up??? 1
Are your sims naked? 3
Armies editor? 1
Cable or Router Problem? 1
Can a gaming PC be used as an everyday PC? 1
Can anyone help? 1
Can I connect my ps4 to a pc monitor? 1
Can i hook up a game consol(PS3/360) up to my laptop using a HDMI or a VGA cable? 1
Can i overclock my computer? 1
Can I Play GTA 4 on my PC? 1
Can I replace my hp 15-r074tu notebook motherboard??? 1
Can I run Mirrors Edge on this laptop? 4
Can I run Skyrim smoothly on this laptop? 1
can i upgrade graphic card of my HP 15-r074tu Notebook? 1
Can somebody help me to find an interactive game from the 90's that i've been looking for? 1
Can you gift extra an extra copy of a game in the Indie 2D Bundle (Steam)? 1
Can you give me the activation code for this SAO Hollow Fragment? 1
Can you help me build a list of games featuring apiaries (bee farms)? 1
Can you help me find name of game, please ? 5
Can you help me with Computer purchasing problems? 1
Can you upgrade the graphics card on a laptop? 1
Can you use a Hwelett Packard recovery disc on Compaq pc/? 3
Can't play cs go online, need help? 1
Cannot install new games why not ? 2
Cannot remember name of a very old game. Help? 1
Cheat codes for two worlds amor,spear,sword,bow? 3
COD4 sight? 1
Computer Repair Careers? 2
Console or PC? 1
Could i play Crysis with this? 1
Could i run crysis in highest settings with these? 1
Could i run Fallout 3 or Borderlands on max? 1
Could i run far cry 2 1400x900 on high?? 1
Deleting sounds? 1
Demo? 1
Do I need a membership like Xbox live to play online games on PC? ex: battlefield 4 1
Do PC (windows) Games Work On Macs? 2
Does anybody think, that the episode 5 will come out in October 11th? In the 2nd nightmare, Max says it is October 11th. 1
Does faster ram helps?if yes, is it significant?how significant? 1
Does GIMP have viruses? 2
Don't know the name of this game? 2
Dota 2 finding match forever ? 20min+ and still not finding match. 1
Finding/installing driver for Red Samurai USB microphone for use on windows 7 PC? 1
FPS suggestions, please? 1
Free Strategy Guides where? 1
Games could damage laptop ? 1
Games for severely disabled? 2
Gangster games? 2
Graphic Card is getting old, choosing new one? 1
Graphic, cpu, main, what is important? 1
Hard Drive in BIOS? 1
Hardware issue? 1
HD4850x2 or HD4890 ? 1
Help about hard disc drives, please? 1
Help me find a game off a PC Gamer Demo CD? 1
Help remembering a PC RPG from 90's or early 00's...? 1
Help? 1
Hey do you know if halo 3 and halo 3 ODST will be available in PC? 1
Hey guys do u knw ny good strategy or action/adventure or rpg game based on fantasy or sci fi?? 2
Hey guys i am new here and i need your help...? 1
HiJack This Help: Log file included. What to delete? 1
How can I get gmod? 1
How can I get NVidia card? 1
How can i make water red? 1
How can I manually update Xfire's (old client) games list? 1
How can i tag? 1
How can I tune my score to be like 9.3 on GS? 1
How do i allow registry editing? 3
How do i apply a skin to a car in gary's mod? 1
How do i fix black screen? 1
How do I play pc games? What do I need? 1
How do I reformat an external hard drive from NTFS to FAT32 format? 2
How do I restore a game after a hard drive crash? 1
How do I start a program with a vbs script? 2
How much ram do we need to play gta 4 on windows 7? 1
How to get exoskeleton limbs in Spore? (PC) 2
How to install resident evil 5 english patch? 5
How to make DPI Switch and Auto Fire mouse buttons mappable? 2
How would CoD4 run on these? 1
I don't know the name of this game, can you tell me what game is it? 1
I'm looking to get a new PC. Build it or Buy it? 3
Illegal? 1
Install a 2nd OS? 1
Internet Speed? 2
Internet? 2
Is 780 kb/s average for DSL? 2
Is a AMD Dual Core A4 7300 4.0GHz 8GB ram 500g HDD Radeon HD8470D a decent gaming PC? 1
Is foxcomm a trusted mobo brand? 1
Is it bad for the laptop battery to be plugged in all the time? 1
Is my computer powerful enough to play modern games? 1
Is my laptop's video card decent enough for gaming ? 2
Is Read Dead redemption going to be releasede for PC like GTA IV did? 1
Is there hardware to Click Faster On PC Playing Games? 1
Is this a good PC gaming PC? 1
Is this PC good for gaming? 1
Is Virtua Tennis 2009 going to work on this configuration? 1
Laptop with Windows Vista freezes at Welcome Screen. What is wrong? 3
Latest RAM? 1
Looking for an old game? 2
Looking for an older space flight game, does anyone know of it? 2
Looking for this old 2D pixel vampire game ? 2
Mouse cursor disappearing? 2
My computer continuously reboots? 3
My hard drive is running out of space? 1
My system icons keep disappearing in the task bar? 1
My Task manager will only show and stop taks, Fix? 1
Name of a game? 1
Name of a point-and-click PC game? 1
Name this game? 1
Napoleon Total War Fixed? 1
Need a new strategy game? 2
Need Sir Alonne's armor and Katana? 1
Oh My God!!!? 1
Ok i know my laptop isnt a gaming laptop but i want to upgrade my graphics card so i could possibly play crysis? 1
on average, how many games are being bought for the PC monthly? 2
Online games? 1
Patch? 1
Patches? 2
Pc help? 1
Playing online games? 1
Potential Problem with PSU? 1
Problem With Remembering a Game Name....? 2
PS2 Emulator? 1
Question about Ati Crossfire? 3
Recommend me a system please!? 1
Regestry editor? 1
Slow Computer, what games can you tell me about? 1
So what do you think guys? And Gals ;) 1
Song Name? 1
Sound settings? 1
Standby light . . . . blinks? 3
Switching to Microsoft Account, what if I'm offline? 1
System preferences? 1
Text to Image equivalent on Google Chrome? 1
The best games? 1
The Last Remnant how to active the marshall tablet quest? 2
The program: 'microsoft paint' is gone? 1
Trying to find great games without high system requirements? got any suggestions? 4
Two chooses but will they run? 3
University connection problems for windows update and anti virus updates advice can anyone help? 2
Virus Help!?! 3
Wat is PC? 1
What Age of Empires 2 Civilization you rather choose between Byzantines, Chinese ,and Teutons? 1
What CPU can fit my motherboard!?!? 1
What CPU type is the best for playing games ? 1
What free to play mmo's are known to work on Windows 7? 1
What games could my system run? 2
What if I delete ''Cookies''? 1
What is the best RPG game currrently on the market? 2
What is the name of that game with little purple guys who go on an adventure? 2
What is the name of that game...? 3
What is the name of the old PC 3D Platform Game with demons and dwarves? 1
What kind of games will my laptop be able to play? 1
What Laptop should I get? 1
What was the name of the PC game that looked like Zelda, was it? 1
What's the point of onestop.mid? 1
When I turn on my computer it always have different colors. why? 2
When you download windows 10 will you have to download al of your programs and games again? 1
Where can i buy a good graphics card at a low price? 2
Where can i purchase a copy of bespelled or bespelled deluxe? 2
Where do i install the social club? 2
Which is better 9600GT 1GB DDR or 8800GT XXX 512 DDR??? 6
Which is better 9600GT 1GB DDR3 or 8800GT XXX 512 DDR3??? 5
Which is better: a computer, or an X-Box 360? 8
Which of these 2 is the better PC? 2
Which version of Windows is most PC gaming friendly? 1
Which would you up grade first if you had these specs? 2
Who do I pay for the bounty on my head? 1
Why are my sims naked? 1
Why do I have to reset my modem everytime I go from 360 to the computer? 1
Why does my disk drive appear twice and as a cd drive? 1
Why is Blizzard insisting on using Real ID for their forums? 1
Why is cod mw2 not the best game anymore? 1
Why there is no Fight night round 2,3 or 4 on pc? 1
Why wont windows media player repeat songs? 3
Wifi help? 1
Will my computer with a PCIe slot accept a PCIe 2.0 card? 1
Will my new PC be powerful enough for actual and coming most demanding games? 2
Will not take my cell phonr number? 2
Will the imprial guard and other faction of Dawn of War show in Dawn of war II? 1
Will this hard drive be compatible with a Compaq Presario CQ50-115NR? 2
Will upgrade make a difference? 1
Will windows 7 eat more system energy than Vista or XP? 4
Will X System run Y game? (Online Webpage) 1
Would a gaming computer also be good for game design? also what parts would i need the most 1
Would this set-up work? 2
Your site: Rivalry Rumble? 1
Youtube? 1

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