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Baldr Bullet
Weapon Guide

Version 1.3
- Boss/strong enemy info added.  Changed White Rabbit to Sirousagi.

Version 1.2
- Neoseeker now added as another host for the guide.

Version 1.1
- Endings have been added (name and how to achieve it).  Song list also added
(with the actual file name of the wav right beside the name of the song).

Version 1.0
- Guide started and finished on July 24, 2003.

1. The Author
2. Weaponry
3. Other Notes
4. Legal Stuff

=1. The Author=

Email: techmasterys@yahoo.com
AIM: TchShih
MSN: rpgwanderer@hotmail.com
Author's Notes: This guide is based on the Chinese version of the game.  It may
be a bit different from the original Japanese version.  Also, the Chinese
version is not a H-game and I have not played the original Japanese version
either.  Don't ask anything towards that direction if you are planning on
contacting me.

=2. Weaponry=

#. Name of Weapon
- Description
- Requirements for developing this weapon

1. Sting Punch
- HAWS does a short simple punch.  Good to start off a combo.
- Basic Weapon

2. Straight Punch
- HAWS does a simple forward punch.  It hits farther than Sting Punch.
- Basic Weapon

3. Uppercut
- HAWS punches upward causing the enemy to fly in the air.
- Basic Weapon

4. Dual Punch
- HAWS does a double punch.  The first punch, however, only hits at a very
close range.
- Basic Weapon

5. HE Explosion Punch
- HAWS punches the enemy and causes an explosion which sends the enemy
- Straight Punch + Explosion Shell

6. Sticky Mine
- HAWS places a mine on the enemy which will detonate itself after a few
- Steel Bar Assault + Mine

7. Rolling Bomb
- HAWS places bombs one after another while moving backwards.
- Charge Attack + Mine

8. Low Kick
- HAWS kicks the enemy's legs.
- Basic Weapon

9. Charge Attack
- HAWS does a charge at the enemy which slams the enemy backwards.
- Basic Weapon

10. Rambo Knife
- HAWS attacks withe a simple battle knife.  When the level of the weapon
increases flare knife can be used.
- Basic Weapon

11. Energy Shocker
- HAWS punches with its palm full of electric shock energy.  The punch will
also release electricity that can hurt enemy close by.
- Straight Punch + Electric Stick

12. Steel Bar Assualt
- HAWS attacks with a punch modified to fit several steel bars.
- Sting Punch + Dual Punch

13. Driller
- HAWS attacks with a driller.  It takes quite some time for this attack to
finish but it does quite a lot of damage.
- Shock Stick

14. Iron Stick Attack
- HAWS fires an iron stick using its gun.  Note that the iron stick does not
fly off across the screen but instead it stays in the gun.
- Straight Punch + Dual Punch + Shock Stick

15. Shock Stick
- HAWS atttacks with a simple battle stick.
- Low Kick

16. Electric Stick
- HAWS attacks with an electrically charged stick.
- Shock Stick + High Voltage Shocker

17. Chain
- HAWS throws a chain and pulls the enemy towards it.
- Sting Punch + Straight Punch + Dual Punch

18. Morning Star
- HAWS swings a giant iron ball with spikes then throws it forward.
- Chain + Defence Field

19. Rocket Launcher
- HAWS fires a rocket that causes an explosion when in contact with anything.
- Basic Weapon

20. Grenade
- HAWS throws a gernade at the enemy.
- Basic Weapon

21. Razor Wheel
- HAWS throws a wheel full of razor sharp blades at the enemy.
- Rocket Launcher + Rambo Knife

22. Explosion Shell
- HAWS launches some round shells that will explode when come into contact with
the enemy.
- Rocket Launcher

23. Shockwave Cannon
- HAWS fires a pink oval shockwave that penetrates the enemy.
- Rocket Launcher

24. Anti-Air Shockwave Cannon
- HAWS fires a shockwave towards the sky which releases electric shocks when
it explodes.
- Uppercut + Shockwave Cannon + Floating Mine

25. Machine Gun
- HAWS fires some quick bullets from its palm.  It is not as accurate as
Gatling Gun.  As the levels goes up the bullets will be fired a bit diagnally
as well as firing straight.
- Basic Weapon

26. Gatling Gun
- HAWS fires several fast bullets with its gun.  It is a bit more accurate than
machine gun and it only fires straight.
- Machine Gun

27. Multi-Missile Launcher
- HAWS launches several missiles at once.
- Basic Weapon

28. Homing Missile
- HAWS fires several missiles from its back that will fly towards the enemy.
- Multi-Missile Launcher

29. Wait-Reaction Homing Missile
- HAWS fires several missiles from its shoulders that flies forward a bit then
homes in on the enemy.
- Multi-Missile Launcher

30. Split Missile
- HAWS launches a missile that split into smaller missiles.  The numbder of
missiles fired increases as the level of the weapon increases.
- Homing Missile + Wait-Reaction Homing Missile + Explosion Shell

31. Anti-Air Missile
- HAWS fires several missiles that flies upward.  It will hit ground units if
fired at a very close range.
- Uppercut + Multi-Missile Launcher

32. Projectile Missile Launcher
- HAWS launches some missiles straight up into the air.  The missile acts like
a projectile and lands some distance away in front of HAWS.  This weapon is
good to use when the enemy is behind trees or buildings.
- Grenade

33. Flare Missile
- HAWS launches some missiles that fly in a short projectile motion and causes
flames when comes into contact with the enemy or ground.
- Projectile Missile Launcher + Flame Thrower

34. Floating Mine
- HAWS fires a small mine that floats in the air.  The number of mines and the
size of the mines changes as the level of the weapon increases.  The mine will
cause electric shock when comes into contact with anything.
- Grenade

35. Laser Cannon
- HAWS fires a pink laser straight at the enemy.
- Rocket Launcher + Machine Gun

36. Wave Laser Cannon
- HAWS fires a yellow wave-like laser that can hit multiple enemies at once.
- Laser Cannon + Homing Missile

37. High-Voltage Shocker
- HAWS fires multiple electric shocks with its gun.  The shocks can block
enemy shells as well as damage any enemy that touches it.
- Laser Cannon + Wait-Reaction Homing Missile

38. Maser Cannon
- The most destructive weapon in the game.  HAWS charges up and fires a huge
blue wave-like maser beam at the enemy.  This weapon nullifies shockwave type
- New Commer Chapter

39. Jamming Particles
- HAWS releases some particles that explodes into small electric fields.  It
can block enemy shells as well as cause minor damage if enemy touches it.
- Basic Weapon

40. Defence Field
- HAWS releases an energy wave around itself.  It can block enemy shells as
well as makes enemies fly backward if the enemy is hit by the field.
- Jamming Particles

41. Flame Thrower
- HAWS releases flames from its palm.
- HE Explosion Punch + High Voltage Shocker

42. Mine
- HAWS places a mine on the ground.  The mine will explode either when an enemy
touches it or after about ten seconds or so.
- No Requirement

43. Machine Gun Sensor
- HAWS releases some small sensors that will automatically detect the enemy
and fire bullets at the targetted enemy.
- Machine Gun + Gatling Gun + Floating Mine

44. Laser Sensor
- HAWS releases some small sensors that will detect enemies from afar and fires
lasers at the enemy.
- Laser Cannon + Wave Laser Cannon + Floating Mine

45. Satellite Laser
- HAWS calls in a satellite (you can't see it) which fires multiple lasers from
outer space.  This attack will hit anywhere regardless of the terrain.
- Anti-Air Shockwave Cannon + Anti-Air Missile + Laser Cannon

=3. Other Notes=

Main Characters: (Possible Spoilers)

Selgey - Main character.  Sergeant.  Pilots HAWS-MG.
Rebecca - Pilot of HAWS-BT.  Corporal.
Fei - Pilot of HAWS-LC.  Corporal.
Natsume - Computer Genius.  Head of the Computer Tactics Group.
Yongha - Head of the mechanics department.
Carna - Code named "Sirousagi".  Lead pilot of B.F.A.  Pilot both HAWS-BT
and GIGAS.
Telejia - Mysterious girl.  She is actually created via nano-technology.

Other Characters:
Yuha - Doctor/Nurse.
Steven - Or better known as "Stay-High" or "Pill Head".  Hacker, computer
Syao - Officer who takes care of command and paper work in Unit D.
Serena - Officer who takes care of command and paper work in Unit D.
Hena - Officer who takes care of command and paper work in Unit D.
Sootyea - Known as the "Undead".  Front-line information gatherer.
Roza - Looks like a nun, but in reality she just calms the soldiers.
Rena - Brigadier General.  Head of SERR14.
Dyurahan - Also known as "D".  Famous pilot of SERR14.  Major.

- Quetzalcoatl - Don't beat Karna in the first fight or don't report anything
about her.
Don't go to the flower bed.
- Open Combat - Don't beat Karna in the first fight or don't report anything
about her.  Do
go to the flower bed and choose first choice.
- Telejia - Don't beat Karna in the first fight or don't report anything about
her.  Do go
to the flower bed and choose second choice.
- In the Pain/In the Rain - Beat Karna in the first fight and report about her.
 Choose walk
away when you see her getting beat up in jail or do help her but choose not to
rescue her
when she is taken away.
- Border Line - Beat Karna in the first fight and report about her.  Choose to
help her when
she was beaten up in jail and choose to rescue her when she was taken away.

Boss/High Level Enemy:

Ratings (from highest to Lowest):
Power (Enemy's assualt power): MA > H > N > L > MI
Speed (Enemy's movement speed): Same as Power
Type (Enemy's strength): C (close range combat), L (Long range combat), A
(Both), N (Neither)
DV (Dangerous value): VD > D > N > W

- Enemy Name - Pilot - Power - Speed - Type - Dv - Comments (may not be
- HAWS-BT - Rebecca - L - H - N - W - Fast, but has weak attacks.
- HAWS-LC - Fei - N/H - L - L - N - Has stronger attacks than Rebecca, but
- HAWS-MG - Dyurahan - H - N - C - D - Melee type enemy.  Farther away, the
- HAWS-BT - Carna - H - H - C - D - More of a melee style enemy.  Her long
range attacks are
weak, so pay closer attention to her close range attacks. (ie. don't let her
hammer you)
- GIGAS - Carna - MA - N - A - VD
- GIGAS - BS-OSA Soldier - H - N - A - D
- Unknown HAWS - Telejia - MA - N - A - VD - Don't ever get near her unless you
want to see
your armor bar drop to zero very quickly.
- HAWS-LC - Rena - MA - L - A - VD
- Quetzalcoatl - MA - MI - A - VD - This guy's got the only weapon in the game
that can kill
the player in one direct hit.  When you see him charging, dodge it before it's

Song List:
00 Balder Bullet - Opening.wav
01 a title picture - Title.wav
02 The Armed Force - Adv01.wav
03 The Armed Force part II - Adv03.wav
04 Are You Happy? - Adv02.wav
05 Karna - Karna.wav
06 Customize - Custom.wav
07 High Tensions - KinPaku.wav
08 To The Death - Action01.wav
09 Output Section - Action02.wav
10 RED FLAME - Action03.wav
11 Deep Sorrow - Sad.wav
12 Kissing the robots - H01.wav
13 Sex&Robots - H02.wav
14 Big Computer - KinPaku2.wav
15 Last Attack - LastBoss.wav
16 Snake Fruit - LastBoss2.wav
17 War is over - Ending.wav

Minimum System Requirement:

Intel Pentium 200mhz
64MB of RAM
120MB of HD Space
640x480 Resolution
DirectX 7.0 or higher, Direct Sound
Gamepad/Joystick is optional.

Special Thanks:

- TGL for making this game.
- TGL Taiwan Department for changing this game into Chinese and cutting out the
- Sparxster
- GameFAQs

=4. Legal Stuff=

This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on
any other web site except GameFAQs and Team Splash or as a part of any public
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