FAQ/Walkthrough by ASchultz

Version: 1.2.0 | Updated: 02/27/03 | Printable Version

Lode Runner: the Legend Returns (PSX) FAQ/Walkthrough
version 1.2.0 copyright 2003 by Andrew Schultz schultza@earthlink.net

Also valid for
--the PC version of Lode Runner: the Legend Returns(extra cheats aside)
--the sub-game in PSX Lode Runner, game 1 of 2 on the CD
--the single-CD PSX version of Lode Runner: the Legend Returns
--all but the secret levels in Mad Monks On-Line
--no firsthand experience about the Saturn version, but this seems a 
very portable game

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    2-2. TEH MEGASPO1L3RZZZ!!!






    3-3. BOMBS

    3-4. CAVES/HOLES

    3-5. POTS OF GOO

    3-6. SNARES

    3-7. DRILLS

    3-8. SPRAY/GUNS

    3-9. PICKAXES

    3-10. DARKNESS


    3-12. BIG BOMBS





  To search for the level you need help with, do ctrl-F in a Windows 
browser and then search for #XYZ where XYZ is the level number with 
leading zeros: 37 becomes 037, 6 becomes 006.







  Lode Runner was created in 1983 by Doug Smith at Broderbund. It was a 
fairly simple game but managed to pack 150 levels into a one-sided 140KB 
5.25" floppy disk(back when floppies were still floppy!) At 1 nibble per 
square and a 28x16 playing field that amounts to 33600 bytes for the 
levels alone. The rest of the memory concentrated on a level editor. It 
was a great game for the Apple and I suspect was a relative cinch to 
port to the Commodore.

 In the playing field you could fall, dig holes that eventually filled 
up(they would trap your enemies for a bit, but you could fall through if 
nothing was below) and climb up ladders and across ropes. There were 
various ways to make the enemy AI look silly, and they even fell half as 
fast as you did.

  However the game wasn't much of a challenge and many of the later 
levels were rehashes of earlier ones, maybe throwing in a pretty pattern 
here and there. It wasn't until Championship Lode Runner a year or two 
later that the intensive puzzling took off. You could even save your 
progress, although you could progressively lose guys from your maximum, 
and I did so after each level. The only downside: no level editor. But 
the later levels were whoppers and made for an intense puzzle.

  Level editors become less viable as the game gets more complex and the 
saving options/abilities go down(read: consoles) but the GameBoy port of 
Hyper Lode Runner, which had 50 levels at 20x16 resolution(the last 35 
included a backroom of similar size) squashed into just 13600 bytes on a 
32K cartridge was impressive for the puzzles packed into something so 
small. The control however was horrid and made some pleasantly 
challenging puzzles into nightmares. Perhaps some levels even had too 
much packed in.

  There has also been a release of Lode Runner: the Legend Returns to PC 
by Sierra, followed by a PlayStation release from Natsume, with a 
substantially harder PlayStation sequel called Lode Runner: Extra. 
Although original PC editions seem to be rare, I have found a web page 
that contains LRLR for the PC. Well, not quite LRLR. It's actually the 
online-enabled sequel which does all LRLR does and more. These titles 
follow the 28x16 resolution of the original but you can do a lot more to 
manipulate the play field--sometimes alter it permanently for each life. 
The level-exit door may also be buried down somewhere.

  There is a PSX combination package of the two Lode Runner 
titles(~1998,) conglomerated into a Lode Runner title, out that can be 
gotten for $10-$15 in an online auction as of 2003. 150 levels each. It 
is your best bet to get the two. Apparently each comes separately on the 
Sega Saturn too, and I imagine the porting was not too tough, so they 
would be very similar.

  PC also has Lode Runner 2, which has some dazzling graphics. It's on 
eBay for ~$10 as well. The most impressive despite some control flaws, 
though, may be Lode Runner 3-d. It's an odd trip of circular ramps, 
gadgets, and wire-type structures with even some beauty along the way 
especially in the ice world and the tropics. The action isn't fully 3-d 
given that there are very few actual plains you can walk across. It's 
not perfect and doesn't have the simple accessibility or extra-quick 
play of early Lode Runner(especially if it's emulated,) and there are 
only one or two combination-puzzles per level, which makes for 
relatively little replay value, but the process of finding what to do is 
still rewarding overall. I got this for $5 or so and it was well worth 

  But any version of Lode Runner mentioned above is great puzzling value 
for the money. While many other games just have you get quicker, Lode 
Runner actually manages to present different scenarios and, in later 
cases, different tools. There are also SNES versions that apparently 
don't focus on the puzzling so much, and there were NES ports of 
Championship Lode Runner and Lode Runner that were boxed down to lower 
resolutions, which probably killed some of the puzzles. Then Bomberman 
apparently was an offshoot--or had the same sort of main character.

  The only other game I can think of that is close to the Lode Runner 
canon is Mr. Driller. The whole digging bit, I guess.


  Lode Runner: the Legend Returns was created in 1994 and actually 
produced by Sierra of the famed AGI engine. It was a PC game but 
transferred easily enough to the PlayStation. A sequel named Lode 
Runner: Extra came out soon after but was much tougher and probably 
turned off the masses. These were lumped onto one CD called simply Lode 

  Loading times are mostly nonexistent here except when you change to 
levels with different graphical motifs, and if you want a puzzle that 
has a lot of action and even humorous skits to reward you for progress, 
this is a good game, especially if you speed up some of the more 
repetitive parts. It's like classic Lode Runner, where you run around a 
28x16 board and climb ladders and drop through ropes and trap squares, 
but you have various items to manipulate the scenery--some of it for 
good. There's even a darkness level. There are a few roadblock levels 
such as 15 and 24 early on, but for a stiffer challenge, though, Lode 
Runner: Extra will please veteran Lode Runners.

  Still you have an admirable collection if items to use, and if some of 
the early puzzles are a bit facile, and there is an established pattern 
of abusing the enemy AI to relegate them to the other side, there's that 
good blend and alternation between the thinking and the action parts. 
The graphics have been updated with many backgrounds and motifs, and if 
several blocks of earth are together the mass looks very different. This 
is a problem in some scenes where it's tough to tell things(especially 
the last bit where backgrounds and walkways blend.) But there's a lot of 
fun for one CD.

  The scoring is more or less random with no bonus for potting monks, 
but it's neat to have that variation of treasures.

  I rate the PlayStation version slightly beneath the PC version but 
that may just be because I haven't found a cheat to speed the game up--
which increases the challenge.


  Unfortunately a good deal of Lode Runner instructions can get 
repetitive and dull so I wanted to write in something for when you get 
more accustomed to the game. It doesn't start out like this but later on 
it'll make sense(also I thought of some of this midway through the FAQ.)

  UL, DR, DL, UR: upper/lower(down) left/right. This may be a general 
relative direction or part of the screen. Rarer are CL, CU, CD, 
CR(center up/down/left/right) as absolute directions. When exact 
locations are needed, 3L means 3 left and U2L means up and two left.

** 4-3-2-1: Dig 4 holes. Drop into the pit you formed. Dig 3 holes. Drop 
there. Then 2, drop there, then 1. Directions may also be provided; for 
instance, 4->3 means dig the 3 right holes in the 4-pit you created. 4-
<3 or 4<-3 are the other way. Similar logic for other number sequences

** solid vs soft ground: you can dig the second and drill the first, but 
not vice versa.

** I may refer to 3x4 chambers meaning 3 wide, 4 tall.

 ** a '2-pit' is 2 wide and I may also refer to a 3-ladder as one that 
is 3 units tall--where the board is assumed to be a 28x16 selection of 
icons at level's start. 2-deep pits are 1x2 not 2x1.

 ** I distinguish between the top rung of the ladder and the top of the 
ladder. The top of the ladder means you're standing on it.

 ** I also have to distinguish between digging FROM or ON a square, and 
digging the square itself.

 ** as the FAQ goes on I will assume more basic knowledge. For instance, 
if I say "dig the two leftmost squares" the direction will usually be 

 ** also, if you are in a 2-pit, and I say "dig left" or "dig right" I 
assume you know which square to stand on.

 gas = spray = guns

  I use variants on the terms below because they're used so frequently, 
and it's a good idea to learn these techniques quickly:

  One-up trick: getting at the bottom of a ladder and going up one rung.

  Lumping: All the bad guys have the same AI and occasionally by hiding 
in a certain place you can force them to search for you in another--they 
all go there and get lumped together. The more there are the closer one 
can start off near you, but often you can take enemies to the far side 
of the screen.

  Sometimes the bad guys will lump in front of you if you hide in a 
cave, or sometimes they will circle, but then you just need a bit of 

  Dig-down: from a ladder, start at the top, dig right, go down one, dig 
right, etc. Dig-down two right, five times would mean to dig all the 
holes below.


  Rope trick: Let's say you're on a ladder one side below a rope and the 
bad guys are on the other side, and you need to get there. The longer 
the gap, the better. Get on the rope and when everybody else is on it, 
drop down. Then circle around.

  Conglomeration/lumping: sometimes you can get a bad guy to fall on 
another, which freezes both of them. It happens more by accident, but 
when it does, you can walk up to them with impunity.



  You can adjust your controls in the options. I would recommend only 
using one of R1, R2, L1, or L2 instead of all four(the default) to light 
a bomb. I've set off a few hair triggers after pausing or with bad guys 
stuck and the game not officially paused and picking my controller up 
with just that last bit of a hard level to go. Other than that the 
control is logical.

  Beware walking across a ladder. It screws up your timing. You'll lurch 
a bit going on and off, and if you might fall off the other side, be 
careful at first.

  Saving can allow you to rack up some moderately impressive points. 
Just get all gold chests in a lucrative level, save and reload. This can 
be repeated often with no loss of life. However, cheating to go back 
levels doesn't work as you'll get a big X by your score, and oh, it goes 
down to zero as well.

  There are also some weird bugs. For instance, if you bomb a square 
below a ladder then you have to climb up the ladder before falling down 
it. You may also be able to reach below your ladder without leaving it, 
but you'll fall off for your next move.

  You can also pickaxe an area twice and fall in and when the rubble 
goes away, the square turns solid.

  The game understands diagonal movement most of the time. If you are 
going horizontally and push diagonally, you'll use the next ladder you 
come to. If you are going up/down a ladder and push diagonally, the 
computer first sees if you can fall off. If not, you'll move immediately 
to the side right when the ladder ends.

  On the PC, F6 speeds the game up(to make the easier parts less 
tedious) and F5 slows the game down(to allow for more exact control in 
the tougher parts) with F7 resetting the speed(useful when you need to 
count after you dig.)

  Your speed changes with the terrain, so be aware of that as well.

    2-2. TEH MEGASPO1L3RZZZ!!!

  Kill off Jake by pushing R1+R2+L1+L2. His death flail is amusing.

  Hold down the R2 button and now to shift levels push one of the shape 

Triangle(up) = forward 15, or one whole set
Circle(right) = forward 1
Square(left) = back 1
X(down) = back 15, or one whole set.

  If you are just scouting ahead a few levels, you can, if you know 
you're going to die, move forward and backward a level quickly. But the 
game senses that you cheat and ruins your score, so don't save it.

  In a similar vein, if you have just one guy left and have cheated up a 
few levels to scout them but don't want to sit through the "game over" 
delay screen, restart. You'll be kicked back up to five guys.

  If you land on 15x+1 you'll see the skit for that level. Also note 
that although you keep the number of guys, your score is wiped out.

016: Jake drops a bomb(no, he didn't fart) and drops off a ledge which 
then explodes.
031: Jake hides in 
046: Jake climbs up the ladder, looks both ways, gets goo to the right, 
goes left, pours goo on bad guys, sits in a chair and whistles as they 
061: Jake, right of three snares, places a fourth. The monks come by and 
get trapped in them. Jake pulls the right one back and lets it swing. 
The end monks bounce around like one of those cheesy office toys.
076: Jake places traffic construction horses on each side and then 
drills down.
091: Jake drops and fires a gas gun at the monks. Then he kicks one over 
and high fives another as they stumble around.
106: Jake buries a bad guy under a cave-in with the help of his pickaxe.
121: Jake stumbles around in the dark(?)
136: Jake goes up a ladder, sees a monk to the left, runs right, sees 
one to the right, gets in the teleporter and they fall down dazed. He 
appears above and whistles for them.

  In the latest Windows version(the-underdogs.org) you have a whole 
catalogue of options in a pull-down menu that are also referenced by 
hot-keys. It makes up for the awkward clustered controls which were OK 
when Lode Runner was just about digging but not when there were new 
actions. I often have to pause the bad guys standing on a stair while 
refreshing my memory of what's what.


  After playing around a bit you'll find some ways to fake out bad guys 
without digging all over the place. I tried to categorize the major 
important ones below. I haven't included using any special items--those 
deserve their separate sections.

  Bomb feint: absolutely necessary to learn. You need to have a 
placement of three units away from a bomb, or it will nail you. If you 
are trying to bomb bad guys then you can get three but a separation of 
two squares from you to the first bad guy when you release is optimal.

  Ladder-on-the-other-side wiggle trick:

  Looping around: Stand at the bottom of one ladder.

  Underdogging: staying under bad guys but not quite at the bottom of 
the ladder means they won't recognize you. What they do at the top of 
the ladder

  Running over bad guys: you can usually run across two in a row but not 

  Fall-fake: when bad guys are on a rope, drop down and then sucker them 
over. Climb over on the rope once they're close.

  Dancing on the grave: if you run by just as the bad guy starts to get 
out, he leaves to the left and then tries to go right, slipping back 
where he started.


  Rather nastily, usually, especially how they seem to eat you when they 
catch you(rim shot.)

  But seriously, they're about half as fast as you, and if they can run 
at you, they will, or they'll try to unless a wall is in the way. 
Basically, they look for the level you're on and see if there's any way 
to get there--whether or not it's in the opposite direction from where 
they are. They'll often drop off ropes to get there or drop off 
platforms away from you as well. Given that each monk has the same AI, 
it's rather easy and necessary to string them along--although the 
hardcore fans may look for another way to solve a level besides this.

  If you're hiding they seem to have a fixed path back and forth, from 
top to bottom. Although hiding immediately can switch the direction they 
go in. Often they may appear to congregate when they're really just 
slowly turning around.

  Digging a hole below another dug square will trap the enemy 
permanently--UNLESS you got someone to fall in the square above. Doesn't 
make physical sense, but there you go.

  Bad guys also don't like to climb out if there's something to the side 
they're going. For instance, they won't walk into a dug hole UR of where 
they fell if they see you to the right. They'll just stay there. They'll 
also stay put if they have no clue where you are.

  If you fall off a ladder, the enemies will as well. Sometimes when 
they get to the bottom of their fall they may tangle together and get 

  You can jump safely onto an enemy as you fall a bit faster than they 
do. In fact you can run into their top parts while they are falling.

  Enemies won't destroy you if they jump on you while you are drilling 
unless you stop.

  If you dig a bad guy and he coughs up a chest on top, and there's 
already a square regenerating there, you'll have to dig that gold. [what 
if bad guy drops in a hole with a gold piece already on it? I think he 
keeps it as he regenerates.]

  Digging six squares in front of three bad guys should trap them--four 
work for two. If you are lucky, you can run across three potted bad guys 
in a row, but given that they leave holes at random times, this is not 
recommended except in desperate situations.

  You can run back and forth over a guy in a hole you dug, and he may 
try to run both ways before falling back in.

  It's not always safe to drop on a bad guy. If he takes up only 75% of 
his icon then you'll fall into him, but otherwise you can walk over him. 
Still you can't drill while there.

  Bad guys can't really search you out until they touch the ground. So 
if three fall into a 2-deep pit then the top one may look like he can 
walk out, but he won't.



--you can't dig on regular ground under a ladder. You can dig under a 
door. You can dig while on a rope but not the ground under the rope. You 
can also dig under any gold piece or bomb. Digging a square concealing a 
bomb doesn't set it off. You can walk on a ladder anywhere even if it's 
suspended in midair. Bad guys can't leave gold on ladders.
--one odd ladder bug--if there's a gold piece just below the last rung 
and you go down to get it, you can reach it while still on a run but 
will fall through next thing you know.
--another ladder bug--you have to climb up it and back down sometimes to 
fall down.
--unlike in classic PC Lode Runner, you can, if there's a gold piece to 
the left or right, drop onto it and pick it up.
--if you fall down a trap, then you can still dig on either side.
--you are faster by a factor of 1.3 or so going down a ladder than up.
--goo seems to slow you down by half.
--keys open doors of the same color. Many useless keys appear. You can 
drop a key after you've opened the door, and you can open a door before 
you have all the gold in a level.


  This would seem totally straightforward, but note first of all that 
you can only have four bombs at once. You can also only have one special 
item at once. So often you will need to drop an item in the level's main 
area before getting another one that's hidden away. Also you need to be 
a little pre-emptive if you drop onto an item and want to pick it up. 
You can, but it's not easy. If you walk right into an item with a drop 
below, you can pick that up too with careful timing.

  Also if you fall and use a key on a door, you'll have to fall through 
the door again to leave the level.

    3-3. BOMBS

--Bombs appear first on level 16 and take out all diggable ground and 
people in a radius of two squares. The fuse takes one seconds to go off 
during which you can run about five squares.
--Bombs can also cause chain reactions, even with ones hidden in walls, 
if you let one off close enough to the other. Where the chain reaction 
ends, with a cluster of bombs, can affect if you solve the level.
--You cannot bomb while on a rope or falling through the air.
--bombs take two seconds to explode once lit. You can travel 7-8 squares 
in that time. That means you can run under a pair of bombs lit in a 
chain reaction.
--bombs, like holes, take ~11 seconds to recharge.
--if there is an undiggable square between you and a bomb, it won't 
affect you.

    3-4. CAVES/HOLES

--Caves appear first on level 31. You cannot dig below them, but you can 
dig above them. Bombing doesn't affect them either.
--they are not a panacea. Generally there are a few locations on any 
level that bad guys may head to. Often if you wait a while they'll lump 
far away, but occasionally bad guys may stay put and block your exit, or 
other times if there are a bunch of them, they may pile up in front of 
your hole.

    3-5. POTS OF GOO

--Pots of goo appear first on level 46. They turn squares sticky and can 
be used with very little time loss. Using one hits three squares 
directly to the left or right, unless there's a drop, and then the goo 
touches the nearest square below. Sticky squares slow you down by about 
60% and often spread enemies approaching you out. Dropping goo over a 
dug monk or the very base does nothing. Goo goes through traps.
--Often badly placed goo just gets in your way, and most puzzles center 
around using the goo immediately to stop bad guys from getting you right 
away. But it is interesting how it falls.

    3-6. SNARES

--snares first appear on level 61. They catch bad guys, render them 
harmless, and make them cough up gold. But they take time to set up, 
which can be bad in tight quarters.
--bad guys can advance two squares as you set up a snare. If they're 
three away, run away while setting up the snare and you'll break just in 
--you can get caught in your own snare if a bad guy doesn't go in it. 
Corollary: don't put a snare somewhere you're not sure a bad guy will 
--you can dig beneath a snare or place a snare where an item is and take 
the item before moving off, and before moving, you can stay by your 
placed snare without it killing you.
--dug-up bad guys, if they get out, can be stuck between two adjacent 
snares holding monks. Which can be useful or an annoying roadblock.
--bombs or gas cause monsters to be released from snares.
--as one bad guy gets caught in a snare, the next one behind waits in 

    3-7. DRILLS

--Drills first appear on level 76. They wipe out solid undiggable 
squares forever. This can help you progress to a different part of a 
level but may cause the trip to be one-way. They may also affect how bad 
guys react; bad guys immediately 'see' the adjusted plain.
--If you drill down, and a bad guy lands on you, it's no problem if 
you're still drilling. But don't stay put.
--if you dig and then drill while on the same square, you create a 2-pit 
instead of a 1-pit.
--look at the map below. If you drill from left to right(fall, get back 
on ladder and then rope) you can clear the platform away.


--it takes one second to drill down one square.
--when in doubt, don't drill. It can cause irreparable harm to where you 
can go.
--often you won't want to drill right into a chamber. For instance:

   v drill here so you can dig yourself out.

    3-8. SPRAY/GUNS

--gas guns first appear on level 91.
--cloud lasts six seconds, bad guys remain loopy(gold light around 
heads) for two more
--Stun gas isn't perfect, even if you can fire it right away. But it 
takes time to turn and blast the other way in case guys are closing in 
on both sides.
--Occasionally if you catch a bad guy by a ladder, or if two are twisted 
together, then even though they're in a cloud, they may catch you
--you can pump bad guys full of stun gas to keep them at bay 
--stun gas takes up three squares' worth of space. However, bad guys 
stay put once you hit them, and you can only take out one bad guy per 
--if you're on a ladder and blast left in hopes of keeping bad guys at 
bay, beware. Your next blast will be right unless you move around.
--several bursts of gas make for a denser cloud but it doesn't seem to 
stick the bad guys any longer once they're stunned.
--bad guys actually fall unharmed through a stun cloud if they don't 
land on it.
--what I call guerilla gassing works as follows: if there are eight or 
so bad guys in the vicinity, shoot the first three. Run where the third 
is and shoot again. Repeat until you're past everyone.

    3-9. PICKAXES

--pickaxes first appear on level 106.
--it takes 1 second to use a pickaxe(2 enemy squares) and the rubble 
stays for 9 seconds.
--if there is a ceiling to your left or right, use the pickaxe that way. 
A pile of rubble will come down and be treated like a regular block for 
a few seconds before it disappears. Rubble goes through traps, so 
pickaxes can help detect this.
--pickaxes can act as cave-ins to prevent bad guys from approaching, and 
it can even lump them together.
--you can stand on the rubble you made and use the pickaxe again with 
plenty of time to spare.
--you can transport items across the hole your pickaxe filled.

    3-10. DARKNESS

--darkness first falls on level 121. Fortunately the levels are not too 
tough to deal with, but it can be hard to find out what to map.
--the light radius is three squares in each direction regardless of 
--knowledge of how bad guys will react to how you position yourself can 
make the levels much easier.


--teleporters first appear on level 135. There is usually a one-to-one 
correspondence between teleporters and the places they go to. However 
very late on some receptacles may be fake, and two teleporters may lead 
the same place.
--you can fall into a teleporter.
--bad guys can enter teleporters. If you enter behind them as you fall, 
you will have to wait a bit. This can be fatal with someone above you.
--in the only sign they are civilized, bad guys wait to enter the 
teleporter from the side. You don't have to, and this allows you to jump 
right on top of the bad guys, right away.
--it takes one second to flash in and out of a teleporter.

    3-12. BIG BOMBS

--Big bombs first appear on level 146 and can take out drillable as well 
as diggable squares. They have the same radius as a bomb. They also do 
not cause chain reactions as regular bombs do; they just destroy 
everything around. However, bombs can chain-react into them.
--Big bombs also take out teleporters, receptacles(making teleporters 
useless,) ladders, keys or tools. They do not take out exit doors, 


  Sometimes you may need to use two items in a certain area, or you 
won't want to leave one item somewhere. Let's say you need to make a 
long drop to get a drill, but you still need your pickaxe for later. 
Drop the pickaxe at the top of the stair and drop to get the drill.

  Some items obviously cancel themselves out: a pickaxe can undo what a 
drill did, for instance, or goo can make a drill useless. A big bomb in 
combination with a drill can take out a 2-wide swath of squares and may 
let you down to an area below beneath several layers of rock instead of 
getting stuck. I've mentioned how snares can be undone.



  Every fifteen levels you're introduced to a new concept. A brief 
humorous skit shows what you're supposed to do. They are detailed under 

  ** LEDGER **
[space] = area you can walk/fall through
      X = square you can dig through/bomb
      * = square you can only dig or big-bomb
      H = ladder
      ~ = rope
      V = trap door down
      h = ladder that forms when you've got all the gold
      S = sticky gooey square that slows you down
      e = enemy
      u = you
      1 = 1 point treasure(chest)
      2 = 2 point treasure(cart)
      3 = 3 point treasure(skull)
      4 = 4 point treasure(gold pile)
      . = bomb
      ^ = hide-out/cave
      ; = pot of goo
      | = snare
      % = drill
      & = stun gun
      $ = block containing gold chest
      # = block containing bomb
    T/t = to/from teleporters. If there are more than one, they are 
detailed below the map.
    R/r = red door, red key
    G/g = green door, green key
    Y/y = yellow door, yellow key
      B = big bomb
      ` = pickaxe


(use 'hamstrung')

  Level #001 TAKE THE GOLD!

h               1111
h    1111H  1 XXXXXXXX
h   H   XXXXX XXX  h  h hhh
h   H              h  h  h
h  XXXXXH          hhhh  h
h  XXXXXH          h  h  h
h   111 H          h  h hhh
h  H11     H          111
h XXXXX    H        H      X
h       u  H        H     XX

  Given there are no gold chests to dig for or bad guys, the only 
question here is how to do this most quickly.

  R, U first ladder, L, D, R to get gold, L, U, R, U, L, U, R past 
ladder, L back to ladder, U, R, drop for last 3. Ladder all the way L 
and U.

  17 gold * 1 point/gold = 17 points

  Level #002 DIG A ROW

                        +  X
***XX******XXXXH        **HX
               HXXXXX     HX
222            HX   X     HX
********       HX   X     HX
X       H  XXXHXX222X     HX
        H     HXXXXXX     HX
22  ~~~ H     H           HX
XXXX   XX     H           HX
X XX   X      H
   X          H    XXH
        u     H    XXH222222

  Here you're introduced to the concept of digging for gold. Which is 
hard with your fingers on the PSX controller and not in your nose--
although this is still easy enough to solve one handed.

  R, U, R, U, dig leftmost square, get chests, drop R, D, L to get 
chests, R, U, R, U, dig center square to right, drop in, dig any square, 
dig two rightmost squares, drop for the gold, L, U, L, drop, L, U, R, U, 
L to door.

  14 gold * 2 points/gold = 28 points

  Level #003 TREE HOUSE

 u   4                     h
 XXHXX                     h
   H     4         4       h
   H     XXXHXXXXXXXX      h
   H        H              h
   H        H              h
   H        H    4         h
   H        H    XXHXXXXXXXh
   H        H      H       h
   XXXHXXX  H      H       h
      H     H4e    H       h
      H   XXXXX    H       h
      H            H       h
      H4           H4      h

  R to the gold, L, D, R, D, then U and drop R. Get the gold there(the 
bad guy may have fallen off, but you can also wait for him to climb down 
and dig a hole) then drop R from the top. Dig a hole for the bad guy 
then take the stairs to the right.

  7 gold * 4 points/gold = 28 points

  Level #004 SIMPLE

Xu3e                     3 +
X X 3                 H3 XhX
X X X 3H             3eX XhX
X X X X             HX X XhX
X X X X3            HX X XhX
X X X2 H              2X XhX
X X2                  H 2XhX
X2 H                    e2hX

  Surprisingly this lives up to its subtitle. All you have to do is to 
climb up the stairs right away after you fall, then pick up the gold 
chests to the side if they aren't quite on the way as you climb up. The 
top enemy will drop right and then lose his gold at the bottom, and on 
the way you'll have to dig a hole for one bad guy, but drop right at the 
top and a ladder back up to the door will appear.

  7 gold * 2 points/gold + 6 gold * 3 points/gold = 32 points

  Level #005 DIG 'N' WAIT

+           XXXXXXXXXXXX***$
1         H             X
      H                H
e1    H

  Here you have two choices--dig the rightmost square at the bottom and 
wait for the bad guy to come over, dig a hole, and run over him, or wait 
for him to go up and dig a hole under the ladder on the right. Either 
way it is a pretty easy trek across once the monk is potted in a hole.

  3 gold * 1 point/gold = 3 points

  Level #006 MONDRAIN (after the abstract French artist Piet Mondrain)

+e H~~~H~~~~~H~~~~~~~~~~~~~X
XXXH1  H1    H1            X
Xe H111H1    H1            X
XXXXXXXH1    H1            X
X~~~~~~H1    H1            X
X1     H1    H1            X
X111111H11111H1            X
X~~~~~~~~~~~~H1            X
X1           H1            X
X1           H1            X
X1           H1            X
X1           H1            X

 L, U, L on line, D, R and back up and dig two holes R. Run over the bad 
guys, U, R, drop D onto the gold, R, dig holes, run L over bad guys, U 
and L where the gold is. U and L/drop to get gold, R, U, R, drop to get 
gold. L, U, L, D and then to exit go R, U, L.

  I was able to follow this path interrupted but you may have to dig 
holes for bad guys a bit. Still, they reform in the bottom part usually 
so it may be worthwhile to make sure they get stuck there and thus buy 
some time.

  61 gold * 1 point/gold = 61 points

  Level #007 HIGH RISE

h                     1
h                     H
h         1           H
h         H    1      H
h         H    H      H
h     1   H    H      H
h     H   H    H   1  H
h  1  H   H    H   H  H
h  H  H   H  1 H   H  H
h  H  H   H  H H 1 H  H 1
h  H  H   H  H H H H  H H
hu H  H   H  H H H H  H H ee

  The heights are respectively 4, 6, 9, 3, 8, 2, 5, 11 and 2.

  This level is a cute idea but fortunately there is a relatively easy 
way out. Climb up to get the left three gold pieces. Then try to dig 
holes for the bad guys--at least four. The monks will reappear in the 
upper left, and you should have no problem clearing the rest by 
climbing(leave dug holes behind just in case.)

  Coming back is a bit tougher and this time you may want to climb up to 
the very high ladder. One guy may follow you; drop when he's near the 
top, go L to meet him if necessary and dig a hole for the other monk to 
get by him.

 9 points from 9 1-pointers.

  Level #008 OGRE

1      1~~   eRe  ~~~1     1
H*******  XXXXHXXX   ******H
H        XX   H            H
H        X    H      1     H
H******H X XXXHXXXX  H*****H
       H X    H   XX H
1      H Xr   H    C H     1
H******H XX   H~   X H*****H
H         XXXXHVX  X       H
H      1      H XX1X 1     H
H******H      H  XXX H*****H
       H  XXXXHXXXX  H
1      H      H  X   H     1
H******H      H XX   H*****H
H        XXXXXHXX          H
H             H            H

  There is some risk here that the bad guys may fall into the hole where 
the gold is, in which case you are screwed. So be sure you don't spend a 
lot of time on the second-lowest cement platform when they're near the 
area where they can fall in. They'll try to. This is also the first 
level with a key, which seems like part of the scenery at first, like a 
flower. This confused me.

  Go left and, once the bad guys are close, up the stairwork to the top-
-wait on the first platform until both guys are there, and then you'll 
be able to outrun them completely. This should allow you to make it to 
the right at the top and even if you fall when zigzagging down, no 
problem. Bring the bad guys right and again get them onto the platform. 
Drop left and climb up the center ladder until your head is just under 
the second platform. This should get the bad guys stuck on the right. Go 
through the center. Now go right at the rope and dig right. Dig right 
again and then drop, get the chest, dig left, and drop. If bad guys 
chased you, you may want to wait for one to try to drop in. Wait a bit 
more if you want to get clever and drop the bad guys in the hole you've 
dug, but you should be able to run left in any case.

  To get the key you just run back up the stairs and then left at the 
second highest turn. Drop left and push the triangle to pick up the key, 
then go back to the top. Push the circle button to use the key.

  13 gold * 1 point/gold = 13 total

  Level #009 KILL 'EM DELIVERY

+ e                      11
1     u                    h
*****HXX                   h
     HXX                   h
     HXXH1           eH   1h
     HXX              H
     HXX              H
     HXX              H
     HXX              H
1    H                H    1

  L, R, D, L(to edge,) R. Now you need to dig the bad guys into holes so 
that one reappears on top and gets the other gold as he drops down--this 
might take a few tries but is low-risk. So dig L to get out of the lower 
right if necessary, go left and dig right a bunch. You'll probably have 
enough time to go up the big stair and L/D to get the remainig gold you 
can. Then go left of where the bad guys run and drop and wait for them 
to be near and dig twice right. The other gold chest(s) will appear over 
the trapped guys. Now you can go up the ladder that popped up without 
worrying about more than one regenerating. Be sure to stand on a cement 
square to dig and do so in advance as it's not tough to outrun the bad 
guy behind you. It's best to leave one guy behind you as you run to the 
top as digging holes for two is not as spontaneous. You can also sucker 
the bad guys near the DL and go U, R over them.

  7 1-pointers = 7 points


1e                     H*hu
XXXXHX              * 1HXHXX
  X H            HX XH   HXV
  X H            HX XH   H
   X        HXX*XX  XH   H
   X        HXX     XH   H
          *HHX1      H   H
HX   X1    H 1X XXXX  XX
HX               ~~~~~~~~~~~
H                 *H   He  H

  Here you're introduced to the concept of slow squares. When going over 
the red squares you'll find yourself crawling slowly. So it takes some 
thought to get each gold piece there.

  The enemy on the bottom will go up the center ladder there. You may 
want to get the two relatively easy gold chests in your area before 
getting the enclosed pile. Dig above the pile to get it and be prepared 
to fall through the false surface. When the monk comes at you past the 
central ladder, drop down and he will too. Then go right back up and 
left to get around him once he's very close--the point is that he can't 
use the ladder. This is an important recurring tactic.

  Then LUR and dig the rightmost square. Note the guy that should be to 
your right. He climbs up and down the ladder in a certain area. Dig and 
when he's near the top drop through the hole and to play it safe dig 
right immediately(if you're confident in your timing, R, dig R, L, dig R 
and run over the bad guy--he may regenerate in the DR.) L, dig R to buy 
time to get the gold chest over the slow areas. You may have to fall 
through the hole to your right and come back around to where you dug to 
get in here. Again dig when the bad guy's up high but this time move 
left and dig. Then run right and dig left. This buys time to get the 
other gold piece. Then climb up the stairs to the UL for the last gold 
piece. R all the way from there and dig to fall back to the area where 
you started. R to the second ladder, U, R to find the door.

 1 2-pointer + 5 1-pointers = 7 points


 e  u  XXXXXH~~~~~     HXXXX
 XXXH  h~~~~H    hXXXXXX
e   HXXX    HXXHh
XXXXH     1    Hh    XXH   1
  1XX   h   X       H
   h     h+      XH     H
 XXh     h        H   1XXXH
e  H   1hh     h1XXXhh    HX
XX H   XXXXh  XXXX   h   HXX
 XHXXh     h      ~~~h   H
1 H     XXXXH     h XX   H 1

  Dig L to start quickly. R, U, L. You may want to dig L to drop down 
once you've gotten the bad guys near. Now you'll generally want to drop 
into the lower left and sucker the bad guys into the area right of that 
so you can loop around to the bottom right. One guy may follow you but 
you can just dig to make him regenerate. There are several islands you 
can use on the way down to slow guys and dig them and in fact the one 
just above the DR running area is where you'll want to drop to shake a 
guy who buries himself in the DR. He'll jump down after you so be 
prepared to dig left.

  The bad guys will always go to the DR once you're in the DL, and there 
is a way to fake them out. From the DL, U and, if they were clustered in 
the center, wait, otherwise drop R immediately. Now don't try climbing 
up the ladder once you reach it--the bad guys will fall off the rope 
misjudging where you are. You can then make it to the right.

  In this way--although you can often just shortcut to the upper part of 
the ladder--you can pick off all the gold chests. Some may require you 
go to the top, and you should beware of the false brick in the UR if bad 
guys are chasing you, although you can wait for them to pigeonhole 
themselves just right of you when you're in the DR corner.

  Getting to the door is a potential problem if bad guys are coming 
down, or if the last brick you got was on the right, and you may not 
want to stay too long in the lower left with the new ladders available. 
The bad guys are much more mobile and better equipped to search 
accurately for you. Have a spot to dig in planned in advance.

  9 1-pointers = 9 points total


He    He He                +
HH1    H1 H1               h
H H1    H1 H1              h
H  H1    H1 H1             h
H   H1    H1 H1            h
H    H1    H1 H1           h
H     H1    H1 H1          h
H      H1    H1 H1         h
H1      H1    H1 H1        h
 H1      H1    H1 H1       h
u H1      H1    H1 H1      h
XXXH             H1 H1     h
XXXXXXXXXXXXX        H1    h

  The tough part here is navigating the stairs up; swift diagonal 
movement isn't really possible as the PSX's controls are aligned. Here's 
where you learn to get good at hitting the buttons

  Go right and dig left. Then drop right down the leftmost diagonal 
ladders and go right to the base of the stairs. It's important to get 
the bad guys to fall immediately to make things quicker. This will allow 
you to be less impeded while taking the stairs.

  Climb all the way up them and then drop down, climb U/L(getting the 
right stairs) and then drop down and go D/R until bad guys are near. 
Then drop down and. Dig holes for the bad guys coming down. Then you can 
circle around to get the gold pieces you may have missed the first time 

  In general you can expect to take two trips to get the gold in the 
center diagonal. In any case to slow bad guys up be sure to dig to the 
left as you return to the DL. Eventually one or two may even be dumped 
to the bottom right(not the pit, just by the ladder)which makes your 
task easier until the end bit.

  It may take a couple of tries to push left on the diagonal stairs, but 
there is no real rush, the top is not risky to clear, and later times 
you can push left 'til you fall and/or drop down and then keep dropping 
right at your convenience. Be careful dropping into the platform you 
can't climb up from. It's safe as no-one is at the bottom of the 
rightmost diagonal; they will just circle around there if you drop to 
the middle of the three ledges, and you can bring them back up by 
climbing to the top, which you should do if the bad guys start piling 
up. In an emergency you'll have to dig the right squares a bit before 
dropping down and then digging as needed.

  Another risk is that if you dig a bad guy with the door/ladder 
revealed, he may drop to the right. In that case dig right from the 
right diagonal, drop and dig right. Or you can climb to the very top 
again and drop right. Just don't let too many guys get over there.

  37 1-pointers = 37 points total

  Level #013 WITHIN

         ~~~1e11~~~    h
     X11X     H    X111X
     Xe1X     H    X111X
     XHXX   XXHXX  X11eX
      H     X1H1X  XHXXX
      H     X1H1X   H
      H     XHXXX   H
   XXXH      H     XHXXXX
   X11H   XXXH     XH111X
   XHXX   X11H     XXXXHX
X   H     X1uH         H   X
XX  H     XHXX         H  XX
XXX H      H           H XXX

  26 1-pointers = 26 points total

  For safety you'll want to start by going off to the right. Bad guys 
will fall off ladders and you can climb up one. Usually they'll wind up 
going left so get to the right height so that they do--experiment by 
moving up and down. I think halfway up the second ladder is a good point 
but you may have to sucker them quite far right first--and first it may 
be nice to lump them in the center(two squares up on the bottom ladder.)

  Now when they're all on the left structure, climb up the second ladder 
in the right structure, fall off, and clear out the center structure. 
Here you'll want to get parallel with the two gold chests just above 
where you started. Now you can drop left to get the first and dig above 
the one left of that. The next level of the center structure, just fall 
left and right. Then at the top you can go right, dig, and drop to get a 
couple of gold pieces. You'll need to drop back and climb up as before 
three times to clear out the whole right side.

  For the next part you'll want to sucker all three bad guys right. Then 
U, L, wait. They'll all get on the right structure, so U, L, drop, and 
go up the center structure and left at the top. Dig to get the gold over 

  Then repeat(drag 'em left, then right, then go left)--there's a 
possibility this may not go smoothly but you should always be able to 
run to the center and up. You can probably outfox the bad guys by 
dropping down and then climbing up the center. Let them follow you and 
drop down from the rope and eventually they'll all get on the same page. 
You can also beat a bad guy running from the right if you come from the 
center and dig left--you may need to drop from the ladder, though.

  But the important thing is to get everyone to the left and clear the 
right/center early.


HX        2   e  1    1   XH
H X**************SSSSSSSSX H
HX   X   X       X   XXX  XH
HX1       1  e    e      1XH
H X**********SSSSSS******X H
HX         1 e  1         XH
H X*****SSSSSS***********X H
XX            +           XX
       [space below]

  This level gets absolutely no points for being fun. The basic idea is 
to dig down, attract bad guys close to you, dig down to the other side, 
and run over to get all the gold chests. Given all the slow areas, this 
takes a while.

  Start by digging right and moving onto the slow area. Inch left for 
the gold, and when the bad guy is near dig right and then drop that way. 
Note that you will be moving much faster than he does here, just like 
normal, only it's all slowed down.

  Then you can dig on the left side. If he doesn't cough up his gold 
soon then you'll just have to keep digging on one side and teasing him 
over to the other, although usually he loses it pretty soon, leaving you 
clear to get the gold on the other side once you tempt him to one.

  With that in mind the second lair is tougher. Dig the square to the 
right and above and the one below that. Drop in and go one left. Let the 
bad guys come over as far as you can. Dig right and exit as before. Then 
go around and pick up the two remaining gold that way.

  Now when you drop left, there will be two squares to dig. Dig them 
from the left. Then get the ones below them and you can get into the 
thord level. Here it seems you have to let the bad guy get one gold 
chest, but duck out once he's past the slow area. Circle around to the 
right and use the similar digging on the second platform to enter from 
the right. One gold chest should be easy and again wait for the bad guy 
to come over. Then dig right, circle to the left, and get the bad guy to 
cough up his gold. Let him get close before digging/dropping, and get 
the final gold piece.

  Through all this you need to be sure to goad the bad guys over far 
enough to one side before going to the other. That's right: potentially 
lots of waiting.

  Dig at the base of a ladder to get to the door.

  1 2-pointer + 7 1-pointers = 9 points total

  Level #015 IRONCLAD

     HXk  e   X
     H              H
 *He H  He   H    *H
 H                 H
  H*    He         HH*
  H *****************
  H    e  H          H   + u

  This is an exacting but entertaining level. It involves running on top 
of bad guys to avoid them.

  First you'll need to climb to the top of the first ladder ASAP. This 
causes one of the bad guys to delay just enough for you to make it to 
the second ladder to your left. Once the bad guys are climbing U/D, go 
down and then when the bad guy on the far left is about to hit the 
ground, climb up. Run left when the other guy closes in. You can run 
across him for a bit of a head start, and you'll make it to the ladder. 
Run across the next guy as well, using the one-rung ladder to fake him 
out. It's a very close shave here.

  Get to the ladder on the left and go up one rung. The bad guys will go 
left and up the center ladder on the bottom. Climb to the top of your 
ladder, L, U. This will cause the guy to the right to run further that 
way. Once he's under a one-rung ladder, floor it right and fake him out 
climbing up the ladder again. Climb one rung up the right ladder and the 
three bad guys will bunch together again.

  U, R, U. Drop left and use the ladder-fake then climb up the big 
ladder. Dig right, drop right, dig right. Climb on the sunk bad guy and 
dig left. Go left to get out of there before the entrance closes and 
you're trapped.

  L, U, L, drop. Go one up the ladder and now you have a problem--there 
are guys who have probably dropped near the gate you need to exit. 
They're stuck now but how to get past them? Well, the first three you 
faked out should be bunched together. U, L, U and they will go up and 
drop left above where you can run past them. As you go right you'll also 
go past the two who regenerated in the DR and you'll have plenty of time 
to spare to avoid them coming after you. Push X to leave the jungly 
area. Congratulations, you're 10% of the way there!

  0 points here, only the satisfaction of a job well done and a little 
skit after you finish. I guess you get free admission.

  Level #016 BOMB THRU

 **** ****             +*  H
 ***   **  H*************  H
  **   44  H*              H
   **********              H
                *  4444    H
             H*********H*  H
....  u      H******   H*  H
*********X*********44  H*  H
*********X***********H H*  H
********   *******  *H.H*  H
******      ****    *****  H
****44444444               H

  L for bombs, R, U, R. Drop bomb by the wall. Drop L. R, U, R and get 
the gold/bombs below too. Bomb the same way you came in. Drop L and bomb 
the only vulnerable spot. Move away then drop through it. R, U, L, bomb 
and move back. There will be a chain reaction so you'll want to stay out 
of the way for a bit. But once it's done you can drop a bomb or dig on 
the middle of the three vulnerable squares, feint and get the two gold 
below before climbing U/R to the door.

  Note you can't afford to waste more than one bomb through all this, 
and you have to get the gold in a certain order. Still it's not too 

  16 gold piles * 4 points/pile = 64 points total

  Level #017 BOMB CHECK

u.   *ee   ****            h
**4******  * X*            h
  .        *X *            h
  4        * X*            h
  .        *X *            h
  4        * X*            h
  .        *X *            h
  4        * X*            h
X X X X X*H************4***H
 X X X X *H  . .      . .  H
X X X X X*******************
 X X X X X X X X X X X X X X

  Neat little reverse stripes and stars there.

  Drop right and quickly run right four squares, drop a bomb, and go 
left. Don't go down the stairs until the bad guys hit the wall on the 
other side. In fact here you can get your jollies letting off bombs so 
that you can pick up the ones below. Then run across the bombs and leave 
one at the far right and go back left as the bad guy almost catches you. 
If you leave one in the middle without ditching bombs it may set off a 
chain reaction you don't want, because you'll have the maximum four 
bombs already before picking up the last two.

  Now you should be able to climb the ladder to the right, go left at 
the whole row of ladders, and drop down for the only gold on this level.

  You have the time to go to the far left below, bomb and retreat. 
That'll allow you into the door that opens in the nook by the ladders. 
It's possible to charge straight ahead more or less and get through the 
level just turning to the ladders left, but it's easy enough to wait a 
second or two.

  18 points = 4 4-pointers + 1 2-pointer.

  Level #018 COMPRESSION

      **   *****    ***
       **   ***      ***
~~~~~~~~**   *        ***
~~~~~~~** h+**       ***
      ** h ****u    ***
     **  h  ****.  ***
    **   h   ****   ***
~~~**    h    **  ** ***
~~~~**   h     *   ** ****
     **  h   *H*    ** **
      ** h*X**H* *X*****
~~~~~~~** 2X  H*  X
~~~~~~*** ****H*********H
     ***      H         H
    ***       H         H

  Drop right until you're over the vulnerable part you can bomb. Do so, 
right over it, then drop left. After the explosion, R, D, L, U all the 
way, drop L for the bomb. Drop the bomb again over the vulnerable part, 
fall left, and go back up the ladder and left to get the gold.

  R, U, wait for hole to heal, L, U, R leads to the door.

  Total points = 2 for just one chest.

  Level #019 BOMB THE MONK

                  * *
                  * *  +
                  * *  ***H
 u   ....         * *     H
**H********H      * * ~~~~H
  H        H      * *2    H
  H        H      * *~~   H
H*H        H      * * ~~~ H
H          H*e    * *2    H
H          H***** * *~~   H
H          H    *H* *     H
H       H***    *H* *  ~~ H
H       H       *H* *   2 H
H       H       *H* *~~~  H
H   e   H   2222*H* *     H
*****************H        H

  R, D, fall R should get you all the bombs and gold, and you should be 
able to fake out the monk too--in fact waiting here brings him farther 
up and away from when you drop down. You don't want to bomb him as that 
will put two guys in the right and only one bomb at a time can get them. 
But from the gold, L, U, R, U and fall R. Drop the bomb as close as 
possible to the monk, when he is at the top of his bouncing on the 
ladder--this is important as if he's at the bottom of his cycle the bomb 
won't get him, but you only need one of four bombs to work. R, D, R, and 
you should beat the falling monk to the right easily before you go a few 
squares up the far right. He will go the wrong way. Go to the top, fall 
L twice, fall D, then fall right and drop for the final gold. R, U, L 
for the final gold.

  7 gold * 2 points/gold = 14 points total.

  Level #020 BOMB BAYS

    **    **    **    **   +
    **    **    **    **   h
u  1** .1 ** 1 e**1  .**e1 h
 H  **  H ** H  **  H **   H
 H. **e H ** H  **  H **   H
 H 1** 1H ** H1 **  H1**  1H
H   ** H  **  H ** H  ** H
H   ** H  **  H **1H  **1H
H  1** H.1**1 H.** H  ** H
 .H **  H ** H  **  H **  H1
  H **  H ** H1 **  H **  H
  H1**  H1** H  **  H1** .H

  It could be a lot worse. And it will, eighty-five levels from now. 
Basically as you might expect you'll want to divide the level up into 
five chambers, getting all the gold before going to the next.

  Get the gold and two bombs before moving right. The place to do so is 
from a chamber with the leftmost of the three ladders. But first go to 
the top and make sure the bad guy has no gold; wait, and if he leaves 
gold while in place then move down and up until he gets rid of it 
otherwise. The way you can tell if a bad guy has gold is if there are 
three pieces in his column. Also be sure he won't run over gold as he 
runs toward you; goad him into the dead end before and have him leave 
the gold elsewhere.

  Place the bomb on the right edge of this chamber and run away. Then 
entice the monk over by staying on the bottom of the ladder. Once he's 
near climb up and drop right over him, then climb up or down the nearest 
ladder to the right to throw him off your scent. You'll have to repeat 
this four times, minus faking the monk out the last time. Fortunately 
the door is in the upper right once you're done. No need to re-traverse.

  20 gold * 1 point/gold = 20 points total.

  Level #021 FORTRESS

+    .           .
u         .      33333.    h
******H     .         33333.
.33333         .    H*******
******H***H        .33333ee

  R to get everything, L, D, R. Don't get the treasure right but get the 
bomb, wait, and drop it to disrupt the bad guys first. Then go ahead R, 
L, D, get the bomb and wait again to bomb the bad guys. You'll want to 
go as far left as possible to place the bomb so that you can get the 
loot to the left.

  The next part is tricky since monsters keep regenerating but 
fortunately only one can follow you towards the final treasure. Bomb 
again and take the right stairs down. Use a bomb but stay far enough 
left to avoid a chain reaction. Then run right and you shouldn't need to 
use another bomb. But if you do you won't need to worry about the chain 

  With one bad guy stuck in the DL and the other with him or behind you 
it's easy to get to the top.

  20 gold * 3 points/gold = 60 points total

  Level #022 BOMBS AWAY

          XXH          2
          XXH         XXXXHX
      ..   XXXXXXXXXXX    HX
      XXX 2XXXX   2XXXX   HX
    e      ..X       .XXXVHX
   e      HXXX        XXXVHX
  e    1  HXXX         XXVHX
          HXXX.     . 1   HX
          HXXX.    XXXX   HX
          HXXXX    XXXX   HX
11111  u  H               HX
***********               HX

  Here the point is to get the bad guys stuck on the left. If they get 
to the right, you may have to bomb right and dig left as much as you can 
until the ground to the right has healed.

  R, U, R onto the stairs and drop L when you're almost caught. Run L 
and leave a bomb so all three get killed(bad guy 2 spaces away) and go 
to the left to get the gold. Then run right digging left behind you to 
keep the bad guys at bay. R, U, L, dig the three rightmost after 
dropping, then dig the three to the left. You can dig to get the bomb 
and the bomb/gold beneath them.

  One guy should follow quickly after you drop right. Go to the top and 
dig to get rid of him. Drop down for the gold behind the false brick, 
and go back up quickly again.

  Now get to the top and at the top ladder dig left and go down until 
you can drop to get the final two-point treasure. Fall left and you'll 
have the time to sneak right. Dig left to discourage the bad guys in the 

  From the top ladder go left on the rope and drop to get the bombs. Dig 
the right two squares, drop, dig the center. Fall to get the gold chest. 
You can make it across if you go hard right but use a bomb if you're 
feeling sadistic. Dig left a way down from the top ladder to find the 

  The two bombs you didn't get aren't necessary, but you can pick them 
up if you dig two squares to the right of the top ladder, drop, dig 
right, dig the leftmost.

  7 gold * 1 point/gold + 4 gold * 2 points/gold = 15 points total.

  Level #023 FUN BOMBS

            ~~~~~~         .
    XXXXXXXX      H     2XHX
    XXXXXXXX      H    +XXHX
e   XXXXXXXX     4H    XXXHX
XXXX            H     $XXXHX
X3   4          H      XXXHX
XX2      2      H         HX
XXXXXXXXXXH     H         HX

  Go right quickly falling through the trap door and then go up and back 
left ASAP. The bad guys will all go to the right. You can use this trick 
to get back in this position and work as follows:

--R, U, R, drop for three gold chests
--R, U, R, dig right twice, drop, dig left
--go up to the rope(don't have to wait for the bad guys to catch up,) 3 
left digs, 2 left digs, 1 left dig. In the area, dig twice, drop, dig 
once. Coming back right will get you to safety just in time. You can 
also be fancy to pick up the bomb and drop down to where you were the 
first time, but you probably won't need to.


--go up the rope, drop left, two digs and one dig to get the gold 
furthest left.

  None of the bombs on the level are necessary until the end, when 
you'll need to drop a bomb to catch all three bad guys(cluster them 
together, go down your ladder and right,) but they can be useful if you 
don't get the setup you want. Once bombs are used, try to get the setup 
I mentioned.

  The first and I believe only level with all possible gold types.

 1 points*3 gold + 2 points*5 gold + 3 points*1 gold + 4 points*2 gold = 
24 points.

  Level #024 THINK AHEAD

 1e e       .u.   .     e 1

~~            ######XH    ~~
 H    XXH     ~~~~~.$$$H  H
~~~H          X  X      H~~~
1*.H          XVVX      H.*1
     ~~~~~H~H~~~~~~H  ~~~~H
 H     H    H      H    H H
            H      H

  This level is a demoralizing early roadblock and introduces you to 
several concepts you'll use--and fear--over and over(for instance, you 
often worry--ARE THERE BOMBS IN THOSE WALLS?--and even after several 
chain reactions that let you pass by, fear lingers on.)

  You must get the two gold pieces on the top first. Go left, bomb the 
two guys, go back to the center and dig. Leave a bomb over the guy when 
he falls and clean up. Drop off to the left and drop right from the 
rope. Down the ladder and place the bomb where you find the new one. 
Walk away then left on the rope just above to drop for a tough gold 
piece. Remember to wait for the chain reaction before going through with 

  From there R, U, L, U, L gets you the rest of the toughies. Drop and 
wait for the bad guys to chase, then go left and drop at the edge once 
they're close. Now tend R/U and if you make it quickly enough the bad 
guys won't be a factor again. Wait a long while and they may climb to 
the UL. This allows you to get the gold in the far right as you did for 
the left(place a bomb where you get one) and also get the gold to the 
left(L, U, R, U, L and get it as you fall) and then go back U/R to the 

  Dig the two rightmost squares on the platform above the rope and get 
the bomb. Then climb back to the UR and use the bomb on the upper 
ladder. Now a chain reaction won't occur and you can just get the gold 
below. That should do it unless any bad guys have gold--in which case 
it's pretty easy to let them chase you and leave a bomb. Exits to DL and 

  12 points for 12 1-pointers.

  Level #025 FLYPAPER

     3  e    1      ~~~~~~
  H  1  H         e    .   .
  H     H  u  .     H      3

  R. Leave a bomb when the monk is close. L and R immediately after the 
explosion go get the bomb, L, U. Head L/U and dig around the bad guys if 
you must.

  First task is to dig the 3 left squares at the top, then the 2 left 
below them, and one below to get the first of the chests.

  Now you'll have to go U/R and drop from the rope to get a gold chest. 
You can probably climb down from the ladder and circle around twice 
more, but the other chest on the left presents a real problem--bad guys 
regenerate in the UL and you need to get there to dig for the final 
gold. The solution is to go on the left ladder, drag the bad guys down 
and toward you, and then circle back up. Digging holes for the bad guys 
to get back past them shouldn't be too hard.

left chest:  right chest:

H321XXH      HX321XH
H54XXXH      HXX54XH

  The final gold chest is another you'll have to drop from the rope for 
unless you want to experiment with bombs. But my way is safer, I think.


  To get the bombs in the right(which are not necessary) you do a 
standard 3/2/1 dig but make sure the bad guys are bunched together on a 
horizon with you and drop left from the bomb's platform.

  The ladder up to the portal is on the left.

  16 points total = 3 3-pointers + 7 1-pointers.

  Level #026 BLAST RADIUS

           X . .        ....
 H H~~~~  .*   .*  X
 H H    ****  .e*
 **H       ***X******X******
  .H  e    * *.e*    X
 H*****H   * *X********X****
 H     H   X. .e*      X
 H   H******X****X**********
**H  H     *. * *
22H  H  222* e* *          +

  Easy enough to get started, get the five two-pointers, and all the 
bombs. Place one bomb next to the wall on the second-lowest platform. 
Run like heck to climb to the top and then wait for the final bomb in 
the chain reaction to go off. Dig left after crossing the one 'soft' 
square and then get the bombs on the far right. Passage will close just 
in time to block the bad guys.

  Now you'll need four bombs to complete the rest. First drop one on the 
right soft square that you can. Then drop one on the only one in the 
area below that and so on. You'll make it to the DR door soon enough.

  5 gold * 2 points/gold = 10 points total


X            u             X
# ~~~~~~~~~e+4+e~~~~~~~~~~ #
#H~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~H#
#   # ~~~~~H . H~~~~~~ X   X
#H# # H X X     X X XH X XHX
XHX X H # #  .  X X #H X XHX
XHX~~ H     H.H      H ~~XHX
#H#e  H  H  H H  H  H   eXHX

  Run left at the bad guy. Drop down when you're on a ladder and he's 
close to you--you will want to wait a bit. You'll want him to get right 
next to you so you can leave a nasty present. Let him climb on the rope 
instead of crawling through the muck. Drop a bomb and climb up and go 
back left--bad guys behind will get taken out.

  Timing the rest of the bombs may be a bit tricky. If you don't get it 
perfect you may have to run towards the bomb you just lit for a split 
second before the first explosion hits, then run back. But the method 
below should work without this.

  Leave a bomb near the wall and run back a bit. Leave a bomb in the goo 
after the first couple explode to discourage followers and then be 
careful when moving forward not to do so too quickly. There is little 
problem with this as no one should be chasing you from behind. Just be 
sure to jump right from the far left ladder once the initial walls 
reform, so you can catch the rope below and run R, U, R, U, L, U, L.

  1 4-point gold = 4 points total.


        H        ###
e 1.u  XH     .1 #Y#.   11XH
+XX         ~~  ~~~~~  X  eH
*SSSSSSXH   H ~  ##~~~~X   H
 H~~~~~~H~~~H  ~~  H   X~~~H
 H.  H           XXH  XX~H H
 ****HXXXXXXXX     H   * H H
     H~~~~~~       H  .XyH H
     HXXXXXH.XH    H***X**VX
      ~~~~ SSXH    H
      HX   H  H    H
H*XX**XSSS***XX    H
H~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  H
       .       e  .       .

  Note it's curtains if you get stuck on the bottom.

  L until you get the gold piece, R and leave a bomb at the sticky part 
by the wall, L to just R of the sticky part. Run right and you'll drop 
down when you get the second gold piece.

  On the rope drop left. Then go down to get the monk on the left to 
fall. U, dig L, fall L, U, L, U, L for the second bomb, U, R, U at the 
second ladder. R and fall a bit to get the next bomb. L, U, R and now 
when the bad guy is turning left in his little cycle, drop down and fall 
left. If you did it right he'll fall through the trap door to the very 

  L, U, R, D, drop bomb on ledge, L, U, R and fall right to get the key. 
R, U, R, U, dig left, L and leave the bomb by the wall. Run R and watch 
the fireworks. Go to the left part on the sticky stuff and then when the 
floors reappear to the left in order climb on them. Run hard left when 
the second appears, and push the X button as you are about to fall to 
open the door. Now you can't use the chain reaction to go back there 
again, but what you can do is to drop left on the structure(monk may be 
where you want to drop--climb down your ladder all the way in that case) 
and work your way back up to the door that opened up in the UL. Leave a 
bomb near the wall and go hard right. Then crawl back in.

  4 gold * 1 point/gold = 4 points total.

  Level #029 UP BOMB

              e  XXXH   H
                 XXXH   H H
                 XX***    H
                 XX     ~~H
                 X      H H
                 X g ** H
         u ....  *         H
         XX*****X* ~~~~~   H
         XXXXXX   H     H~~H
         ###### **H        H
       G        **H

  Go all the way right and dig right. Drop through.

  R, U, R to the edge, U, L, U, R, U, L, U, L, D, R(fall,) L(fall,) get 
the key and dig. No risk here if you fall but it's tedious.

  Now from the bottom ladder you want to fall left, go almost three 
squares left, leave a bomb, and go back right. It should take out the 
two bad guys.

  It is possible to run left right after the explosion, and waiting also 
works but is in fact tricky--go to the corner, then go between the two 
bombs that get lit after the first three go boom. Use the key and enter 
the door.

  0 points total. Geez, they're getting stingy here, although it is a 
pretty easy level!

  Level #030 DIG YOUR GRAVE

  H               H      H

  Get the four bombs and use a 4-3-2-1 dig to get to the lower part.

  R, D, L, U. Note the bad guy goes left when he reaches the bottom of 
the top ladder, so you'll have no problem sneaking in. Go all the way 
up, and he should get stuck in the right chamber.

  From the top of the ladder you'll want to dig the four tiles to the 
right, then the four below them, and so on until you can reach the gold 

  Now let's attack the left side. Run left from the ladder top and dig 
the two leftmost. Drop, dig two left, drop, get the gold, dig two left, 
run left, then dig right on the rope and drop/dig the left two squares 
all the way to where you get the skull. Then dig the two right squares, 
drop, dig the right, and immediately dig right. Run past the guy you 
trapped and dig two to the right. He'll get consumed, and you can 3-2-1 
dig yourself out. Drop on the right to be sure you make it to the ladder 
before the guy on the right comes in, but you can make it either way.

  The next thing to do is to exterminate the bad guys from the middle 
chamber. One bad guy may follow you up the stairs and I'd recommend 
digging a grave for him at the top. Then I'd dig the left side of the 
ladder and heading down before you duck in and leave a bomb once you can 
walk left without falling. This will take care of most of the bad guys, 
although you may need to duck left again and leave another bomb to flush 
more out. Stay on the ladder and if the bad guys reappear inside the 
chamber, coax them into dropping down where they'll get trapped. With 
each time this happens there's a good enough chance they'll regenerate 
in the UR or below, where they are irrelevant.

  You should be able to reduce the number to two with some effort. From 
there you can either bomb or break down the left wall as before and 
sucker bad guys over--for one that is stuck in the natural hole under 
the final gold piece you may have to dig the two squares right of him 
and go down and dig left and repeat until he's out of there.

  Now the skull isn't bad to get with nuisances out of the way. Dig the 
left side of the ladder, then dig the two squares left when you can. A 
2-1 dig over the final skull you can't get to due to the trap will 
dispatch that one.

  Once this is done a 2-1 dig above the final chest will do it; the 
point of this is that the door appears in the pit that would otherwise 
trap you.

**note--you can get either of these done by digging the left wall of the 
ladder and then 1)climbing over the bad guy for a 2-1 dig and 2)digging 
the bad guy in and jumping down. But the way I mention is surer for 
those less in tune with Lode Runner. Purists, however, may feel 
different from unwashed ostrogoths... *sniff*

  Now to learn about the pleasures of invisibility.

  17 points = 5 3-pointers + 2 1-pointers


 +   1 ~~~~~~~1^1~~~~~~1 e
 h  H*        ***      ****H
 h  H~~~               ^  `H
 h       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~G*****
 h~~1.e^H        1^   H
 H  ****H~~      **H  H~~~~
 H        H        H~~     H
 H~~~~H   H    ~~~~ H   ~~~H
      H~~~H~~~~ H   H   H
 1^e  .   H^    H   He ^H  1
 H                         H
      H        H      H    H
^e   ^  H  ^  .H  ^  eH  ^1H

  Here begins the phases with caves/hidey holes. It starts with a 
surprisingly awkward level, but the holes are great for shooing bad guys 
away. There always seem to be a few tough squares to guard, though.

  Enter the hole on the far left and wait for the bad guy to go right. 
Then move to the next hole to the right. Continue whenever safe. 
Eventually you can get on the rope and walk over. Move right cautiously.

  The top part is not too bad if you go right, up the right part, and 
then across at the top. Just watch that you have to fall left from the 
rope, go L and U and R to get that one gold chest.

  The only annoying chest to pick up is the one on the two-square 
island. Perhaps it's best in the meantime to sucker the bad guys to the 
bottom and drop a few bombs on them and get their loot, then go back up 
for the final gold.

  The middle of the far left ladder in the upper part is a good place to 
hide from capture.

  A fun trick here to glop the bad guys together is to appear when one 
is on a rope above another. This helps keep them in line.

  10 gold pieces total, 10 points. This is also important to note; as 
there's no place to dig, you may wonder how many you need to get. So 
just remember the last digit of your initial score and try to achieve 

  You can also sucker everyone down and just wait for them to run around 
and release gold chests, but it can be a bit tedious the second or third 

  10 points for 10 1-pointers.

  Level #032 DODGE THE POSSE

+              ~~~~~~~~~~~~
h ~~ 1 1 ~~   H         1  H
h   XXHXX     H~~~~1  HXXX H
h     H 1  ~~~H    XXXH    H
h     XXXXX   H       H~~  H
h1          eeee         1 H
XX                       X H
             1^            H
H   1                     1H
H   H      1^1      1    HXX
H   XXH**X****X***HXXXH  H
H    1H          1H   H 1H 1
H  HXXX          XXX  HXXHXX
H  H         1^1         H

  Run left immediately and try to dig to the right. This will trip the 
bad guys up enough for you to loot below without distractions.

  If things go pear shaped below you can drop to the bottom and climb 
back up the second ladder to the left when the bad guys close in. Also 
note that there are some soft tiles to dig to the right. Eventually 
you'll want to get past the bad guys and go to the right so you can 
sucker a few of them left and sucker or trap the rest.

  If the bad guys are totally faked out then you can jump on the UR 
island and dig its right part, drop to get the chest, then clean up all 
but the leftmost chest. If not then get every other chest, fake the bad 
guys out on the bottom, and come back up. Standard checks for chests and 
using the lower right to dig should get any chests they're hiding.

  Once you get the leftmost chest a stairway to the door appears to the 

  18 points for 18 1-pointers.

  Level #033 NOW YOU SEE ME

     XHX              ^  1 
     XHX        H**********H
     XHX        H          H
     XHX        H          H
     XHX       ^H 1        H
     XHX      H********H   H
     XHX      H        H   H
     XHX      H        H   H
     XHX     ^H1       H   H
     XHX    H******H   H   H
     XHX    H      H   H   H
   + XHX    H      H   H   H
1^e  u ^   eH      H e H e1H

  R, hide, let the bad guys get in the goo, L to get the gold, hide in 
the R cave, wait for the bad guys to center in the goo, then R/U and 
start gleaning gold.

  Only thing making the level remotely difficult is that a bad guy may 
take a chest. Go to the top and hide there and hopefully they'll cough 
something up. But they are easy enough to give the runaround that 
eventually they'll pass the chest backwards and the next time through 
you'll get it.

  The door is to the left of the long ladder. Dig right from the 
leftmost tile at the top of the platform and drop.

  5 gold * 1 point/gold = 5 total points.

  Level #034 BY THE BOX

 ~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~+
H      XXH  H     X     H  h
H      XXH  H    XXX    H  h
H      XXH  H   XXXXX   H  h
H      XXH  H   XX.XX   H  h
H      XXH  H  XXX XXX  H  h
H      XXH  H  XX   XX  H  h
H      XXH  H XXXH HXXX H  h
H      XXH  H X^ HeH ^X H
H   .e XXH  H X*******X H
H        H.eH           H.eH

  There are eight hidden gold chests here. They are in the 2x2 boxes 
with bombs above and below. But first let's get the visible gold piece. 
You can go down the L ladder and dig the two-platform and the tile below 
that and then the one below that. Run right to get the gold and a bomb 
and run back. You won't need that bomb on the stairs although you can 
just make it out if you pick it off.

  You can sink the bad guys inside the A structure if you want; drop off 
the rope when they're over its pinnacle, which is a trap. They'll fall. 
Unfortunately you can't get them to fall in the J that way.

  You don't need to trap them all to pick off all the gold. I recommend 
getting the left box first as it is the trickier of the two. You should 
just dig the two tiles on one side to uncover gold and then fall into 
the two gold pieces, but you'll need to pull the bad guy away a bit one 
way or the other to be sure.

  A ladder comes up the right side after you get all the chests.

  9 points for 9 gold pieces, 8 hidden.

  Level #035 ONE MILE DROP

 HXXXX X        e    .  HX4X
 H  X  X X            HXHX4X
HXH  .H^        4 HXXXXXXX*X

  A sort of bonus level--easy points, easy challenges.

  Drop down--13 free gold pieces more or less. L, U, dig L. Run by to 
get the next piece D alnd L and then run up the stairs U/L to get the 
gold and the key(fall L off the ladder.) You can run around the bad guy, 
digging a hole below where the key was. Go up the far left ladder, R, U, 
and drop R. Then it is a run right although you may have to dig a bit to 
ward off challengers. Eventually one will appear to the left even if the 
timing doesn't work out, and it should be easy to take the stairs to the 
green door. Use the key.

  72 points for 18 1-pointers.


      H       1        +
     H               H
     H *X           XX*H HH
~~~~ H X              XX* H
     H X                X H
 XXX H *111111111111111e* H
 X X H XX*****X*******X*X H
 ^1^ H    XX    u      XX H
 XXX H     X****X******X  H
     H                    H
1    H   e      1         H1

  Not much choice to start. Dig down and now you can drop. Do it quickly 
so you can dig on both sides. Run right and scale the structure from 
that side. At the top run right and at the far right is a trap. It gets 
you where you want to go. L all the way, R to where you can dig right. 
Do so and at the right edge dig left and dig the square on the far left. 
Fall left off the rope to get the gold chest--you have time as the bad 
guys will e bunched in the UR. Then go up the stairs, right and up to 
the very top, drop left and dig above the final gold chest.

  The key here is not to get exasperated by the far left chest and to 
hit the right spots to dig in the central structure.

  With the door in the UR and the traps on top you'll need to get on the 
lower rope, drop when the bad guys are close, and run U, R, U while 
they're stuck in the goo below.

  20 points for 20 1-pointers.

  Level #037 HIDEAWAY CITY

 3   2^    2^   2^E  3^ h
  H     H     H     H   H
 3H u2^ H  2^ H 2^  H2^ H 33
  H     H     H     H   H
 3H e2^ H e2^ H 2^e H2^eH 33
  H                     H

  L, R quickly to get two right away. If you wait long enough the bad 
guys will lump in the DL. Then you can cut R all the way, hide again, 
and wait for the next place they congregate.  Repeating the run-and-
hide-a-while strategy you should be able to plot which gold you want to 
get and wipe out all the visible stuff quickly.

  Now the annoying part is to get the bad guys to rescind their gold. 
Let them get clumped, then reappear and wait in one corner for them to 
come by--they will be on the same row as you--and when the first is 
close, go down/up and run to the other side. You can make it down/up 
pretty easily and in fact if you can get the bad guys to come all the 
way down(little risk going on the bottom in this case since you're fast) 
that is best--a long stretch where they can give up gold increases the 
odds they will. Eventually the gold will reappear.

  46 points for 8 3-pointers and 11 2-pointers.


H***           +e    ******H
H  **      e+  *****X*     H
H   **X*****H~X            H
H           H      *X*H***X*
*X***H*X*   H      ~~~H
     H~~~~~~H~~~~~H   H
     XH   H   H   #X# X
.1   XH . XH1^HXH X^#.X   1.
  HX^ ~ ~~~~~u~~~~~ ~ ^XH
1.H XX HeeH .^. HeeH XX H .1

  First, watch it. There's no pause, so pick off a bomb on one side and 
hit up immediately to get invisible. Appear and disappear briefly to get 
a bomb and everyone should go to one side.

  I'm assuming the bad guys go to the left but you can mirror the 
instructions if they don't. Make a break to the right and at the edge, 
drop the bomb. Then go L, U, L onto the rope. Move right back after the 
explosion starts, then up the first stairs to the right. They bad guys 
will all be trapped where they started, and the rest is much easier that 

  Get the bombs and gold on the right and place the bomb in the goo. 
Follow the chain reaction at a safe distance.

  For some reason when you pass the cave and climb up the bad guys run 
to the left. Don't complain; take advantage of this to tend UR. At the 
top you can go left and make it to the top left after digging the only 
square you can to the left. Drop and let the bad guys follow you. Then 
you can circle around and drop on the rope and then down quickly. Going 
hard left should get you the two gold in that area, although you may 
have to dig a bit to get rid of one bad guy.

  You'll have a couple of bombs left over, which are useful in case one 
guy is hiding some of the gold.

  It's easy to find one of the two doors at the top as you'll probably 
be on one edge or close to it with monsters still regenerating once you 
get everything. Although you can always go to the left and climb down 
the stairs to shake bad guys off a bit.

  5 points for 5 1-pointers.

  Level #039 THE BIGGEST  DROP

XXX  r   e  X X X . XX 3^.X
H   X       3X   3 HXHXHXXHV
   H ~~~RXXX  3  X        HV
   .     ^   e  H  H

  Left past the goo, dig twice, run across and dig right and after a 
detour in the chamber(use invisibility and not digging to escape as a 
bad guy can appear in the UL.) Climb all the way up. There's a skull at 
the top; DL of it, dig right three times for more gold. DL and drop for 
two more then U, L, U, R, U, L(drop) for another bomb. L, U, L(drop,) 
and now a detour. Leave a bomb and go L, U. Drop through the hole for a 
gold piece.

  Go back to where you dropped the bomb. L, U and dig L. Get the gold DR 
and then walk over to get the red key, falling R, then UL.

  Drop into what seems to be a hole below the rope. There's a trap there 
you'll fall through. Dig right for another gold. Then open the door.

  2 ptrs = 1, 3 ptrs = 7, 4 ptrs = 1, Gold sum = 27

  Level #040 ROUNDUP

X X XXX                1
XHX XX    ^ 3  3  ^  1XXXXXH
XHX XXH***************2   XH
XHX XXH   1  1    1  XX 1 XH
XHX X   1  ^e     ^ XH  XX H
XHX     X     X    1  XXX  H
XHX                *   X   H
XHX***************XX       H
^Hu.1    1  eee  1    1    H

  Run right for the gold, dig and run left, and stay by the cave just in 
case. Vanquished guardians appear down the shaft where they are 

  The more challenging way(do this second if you don't want it) is to 
clear the upper center first. R, U, L and drop. Get the skulls and get 
invisible. When the bad guy is at the bottom of the ladder reappear and 
enter the left cave. Do the same trick to go L, D, R for thee rest of 
this(he'll go right a bit and then you should exit.)

  Once you have the two gold in that area you can dig to get out. Now 
the guy below is best handled by digging, running to the other side, and 
repeating until you have everything. Dig on the far right to be safe. 
Drop right to the main area. R, U, L and dig the far left square this 
time. Two treasures; stand over the cave and dig left. Drop and at the 
left edge dig rright. Standing on the bad guy dig each way and drop 
right. Go L, U, L, U, L. Now you can just wipe the bad guy to the left 
out if you want. Fortunately the bad guy goes right after he leaves the 
hole although I suppose purists could dig right and left, drop left and 
dig left to reassure themselves there's a way out.

  Door in UL presents no problems but wouldn't it be a clever touch(and 
less time consuming than some puzzles in the game) if it were 2 to the 
right and you had to drag the bad guys right, dig, and then fall to that 
area on the left side the next time?

  25 points = 17 1-pointers + 1 2-pointer + 2 3-pointers.

  Level #041 WILD CHASE

 XX               XXXXX
 X                 XXX
                    ^   ..
                XH  ^  H
                XH  ^  H  ^^
                XH  ^  H
XXXXX    H~~~~~~~H  ^  H  XX
************** XXH  ^  H
XXXXXXr4444444 XXH  ^  ^ e e

  R, U, R, U, R and dig left at the top; the point of this is to get the 
bad guys trapped, and it will take them so long to get down together.

  Once they're both out of commission, go left of the long ladder and 
dig the two tiles to the left of the long ladder at the bottom three 
times. Now you've got a path to the gold there and the red key. Then 
climb UR and dig twice to get the four gold heaps over there.

  Put the bad guys out of commission and use two bombs to get to the red 
door. Here you can drop a bad guy down the hole where the gold was to 
make things even easier.

  11 4-pointers = 44 points total.

  Level #042 ANOTHER DROP

 X 3         XuX  3       4
   .H^   4 X X3X  XXXXHXXX3X
  e    4   4H   H    .     X
XXXXXXXXXX   XHX          .X
X2Xe  XHX HXE~H~ X   X  3
    H  H ^ 3H   H3 ^H 3

  You'll drop down the center to start. Go left and dig to get one monk 
out of the way for a gold piece, then clear UL for more treasure. Walk 
over to the UR next. Use the fall in the UR of the UL structure to get 
around the baddies that follow.

  Dig down so that you drop through the two gold carts--there's a trap 
beneath them. Run right immediately and dig right and the bad guy will 
remain stuck in there. Dig to work your way to the cave and disappear 
until the coast is clear.

  Go to the left of the long upper platform. Dig 2-1 and bomb on the 
ladder below where some bad guys should be stuck. It may take a couple 
of tries to weed out bad guys and bombs(one may require you to use a 
bombed tile as a hole to wrench a skull from a bad guy) but once you do, 
drop left of the rope to get the chests(a trap at the bottom again.)

  To get to the door in the DR you'll need to revisit the bad guy around 
there but you can probably sucker him all the way left and then drop 
through the trap door to his right.

  2 ptrs = 7, 3 ptrs = 14, 4 ptrs = 4, Gold sum = 72.

  Level #043 LISTEN

     1 Xu.  3       4
  ~  3H   2^  HX 2     e
1 ~    H  XH 1  HX 4
XX    .3XHeHX   1 HX
XXXSXXXXH  H        3XH  X
XX 3XH     HXH 4      HXXXXX
XX   H2 ^   ^  4XXXXXXH  ^3.

  Work right to the red door. Dig left, drop, dig right and take a big 
fall. Dig left and wait for the bad guy; two gold in this sub-area. You 
may have to snooker him a couple of times. He may regenerate above the 
near ladder.

  At the top of this ladder, dig left, down, dig left for more gold. 
Then dig to drop and get another gold.

  Wait around to bunch the bad guys on the left together and dig down to 
the bottom with the two caves. Leave them a bomb and they should 
regenerate far away from where you are. There may be some digging before 
you can get the red key, but after that it's just dig and dodge until 
only the UL is left. Climb to the top, dig left, down, dig left and run 
across for the final gold piece. If you must shake monsters off go to 
the bottom and just dig there. Then the path UR should be clear.

  A bad guy may appear in the UR but you can bomb him without much ado.

  1 ptrs = 4, 2 ptrs = 4, 3 ptrs = 9, 4 ptrs = 5, gold sum = 59


            +.   3
          *****h XXXXXXH****
XXXXXXXXX   1  h       H
XXXX...XX****  h       HXXX
     H         h  3    HXXX3
H     H      H     H   H   3

  Run right immediately and then get the three bombs in the chamber. 
Climb back down, and once everyone's dropped down to your level, drop 
left and stay one above the bottom rung. If you did it right the bad 
guys will get bunched together. Now D, R, U twice to get the bad guys to 
stay in the DL(get on the second rung again.) Two more DRU's and you'll 
be ready to clear the nasty far right(not as nasty as, say, Tom DeLay, 
but...certainly a tough puzzle.) Now only one bad guy should follow you 
around for the first part.

  If this doesn't quite work you can probably dig and use bombs(you've 
enough spares)--but try to sucker bad guys into inaction as much as you 

  Drop one bomb U2L of the encased gold. Then come back down. Drop a 
bomb on the skull and to its left. Climb up the ladder and go right at 
the platform. You can now drop back left. Should be a piece of cake to 
get the gold right of the ladder. Then go up and get the gold on the 
left before a 3-2-1 dig allowing you to drop on the final one. Drop 
right and climb back up.

  The last part presents a problem; the ladder to the door may release 
bad guys. My solution is to let them climb to the top and then drop left 
from your perch and head to the DL corner. Everyone will head towards 
the trap you fell through and eventually they'll go to the bottom. Then 
it's easy to go back UR. Hopefully you won't have to pass more than two 
on the way left, and you can dig to get rid of them, or even hide out in 
one of the booths in the meantime.

  6 3-ptrs + 1 1-ptr = 19 total points.


************           1
X~~~~~~~~~~X     1    XXXX*H
XH       1 X1XXXXXXX**3   *H
XH   1 XXXXXXH*  1  ***  4*H
XH **** 1 X XH* XXXH* XXXX*H
XH   1 XXX1 XH*  1 H*eH  ^*H
XH          *H* 1 XXXH    *H
XH  1 ~~~~~ *H****  XHH1  *H
XH XX       *H*3 ~~~XHH   *H
XH 1    H H *H**** ********H
X****** XXXX*H*   1 X     *H
X Y     e   *H*    eX   y *H
 ee 1  u .1  H   1  e      H

  Smoke the two sorry creeps on the left with four holes but only use 
one for the fella on the right. You need him to survive so you can get 
through this mess. In fact, let him climb up the ladder after you and 
dig the left end square at the top.

  Get both treasures and dig above the cave. Dig left when you've fallen 
through. Run across and dig both sides at the ladder. Drop right and L, 
U, L, U and drig left after getting the gold chest. Get the one below 
and at the ladder dig left. U, L, fall, L, fall, R, fall. Get the skull 
and go back to where you drop. Set the bomb and immediately go left and 
hide. Reappear, go right to get the key, and dig.

  Now you might want to wait a bit so the four trapped guys go all the 
way right. And again only dig once to get past your final viable 
opponent. Make sure he doesn't go up the center ladder when you go up 
the right one. Dig above the center ladder after falling left from the 
top. Dig below the gold piece left of the ladder, dig below that, and 
fall in.

  Dig to drop on the rope. Go left and get all the gold there; from the 
rope, drop to get the left top gold and then at the right top gold, dig 
left and drop twice. Dig left after you get the final chest. You've got 
everything, so drop through the hole to the platform where the four 
baddies are. Run left and use the key. You're on your way to the ice 

  Note that if there were five guys in the pokey, the fifth would have 
blocked your descent.

  1 4-ptr + 2 3-ptrs + 18 1-ptrs = 28 points total.



    H                 H
    H                 H
    H   ;~~~~~~~;     H
HXX     **** ****        XXH
H~~~~~              ~~~~~~~H
H     HXH~~H1H~~~HXH       H
He  HXX.He.H^H . H.XXH    eH

  A bit of a sequel to #38 but not as tough, I felt.

  Strangely you don't really need the goo until later. It's a bit less 
concrete(in more ways than one) weapon than the caves. But the game 
figures out what to get you to do with it as the fourth shift of the 
game goes on.

  You'll fall down and should pick up the bombs quickly; at the very 
least, go to the side so the other bad guys don't drop in. Then you can 
bomb the guy hanging around you and then bomb the very right side. That 
should bring two guys in; take the ladder just right of the cave when 
they're near and circle around to the right. Go one step up the ladder 
so they turn around and get entombed.

  The rest shouldn't be too hard. Go to the top and dig down to get to 
the rope. Get the gold on the left side and move around to the right. 
Now go back up along the side although you'll need to drop through a 
trap first.

  The goo isn't necessary or particularly useful here given my 
walkthrough, so don't worry about it too much.

  9 points total = 1 4 + 5 1's

  Level #047 GOOP 'EM DOWN

                 XX XXXXXXXX
33333333 U   ;
33333333H               eeee
************ S*****SSSSSSSSS


  L, R, D, L, R, and you should be able to fall down with ease. 
Apparently the solution they want is to go right for the goop and pour 
it, then follow my pattern, but why bother? My way is quick and simple 
enough. This seems to be a bit of a broken level.

  In fact, it's so transparent that if only two guys have fallen in the 
pit you must go down, you can safely jump on them and off to the right. 

  3 ptrs = 16, gold sum = 48. One of your best levels if you calculate 
by hourly rates.

  Level #048 GOOEY MAZE

+     u                  4XH
H           H   X^   HH    H
H           H   XXXXHXXXXXXH
H           H   X222H    2XH
H     X X4  H       H 22 ^XH
H           HH      H   2  H
44    H      ^XH  222X 44  H
44  H          H H222XH44  H

  Another level where there isn't even any goo in sight for you to 
schlop around. I start off going L, D and taking out the stuff in the 
DL. Then I go right and dig holes for the bad guys and back up the 
ladder. The UR is next. Jump left from the top of the right ladder and 
dig down after you get the gold pieces in the immediate vicinity. On the 
third-bottom platform dig a bunch so the bad guys get trapped before 
taking out the DR area. Eventually you can move L to get the six gold 
trays to the left, but you may want to use the cave to get the bad guys 
to run the wrong way, then run at them and dig. That will buy time to 
get the final six. The trek back up is tough but just let the bad guys 
come down and follow whichever way only one of them goes--there are 
three of them and two ways to go. Take the middle stairs up and go left 
to the door.

  2 ptrs = 14, 4 ptrs = 12, gold sum = 76.

  Level #049 HIDE THE GOO

                        e e
     .X   3*H     .X^;     H
H********* ****************H
H        + Xe.e            H
H  ;  ~~H*4SSSSSS********SSH
*XX***  H  *    X.111~~~~~~H
 XX*    H  *    *****111   H
  3*    H  *    X   X****11H
********H  *    X   X   X**H
        H  *.   X. .X. .X4*H
H    H    4     H    H     H
H    H    ^     H    H     H

  Now here is a serious challenge! R, get the goo, go down the stairs. 
Pour the goo left so it just misses the stairs, then set off the bomb 
where you picked it up. Get more goo and then hide in the cave. The bad 
guys will run away. They'll wander around for a bit, but eventually 
they'll go to the top where they're completely useless for stopping you. 
I find they stop on top of the goo.

  From here, go down the stairs to the right until you're one above the 
basement. They'll run away--two will be completely useless, trapped in 
the cubby hole you had to bomb your way out of--and now you can take the 
short rope to the left to get all the gold above the chambers. With 
monsters nearby you would have been trapped.

  Head left on the platform with two goo strips and use a bomb at the 
left edge. Run right and go back left on the explosion. Drop to get some 
gold, then drop to the bottom for another piece. L all the way, U all 
the way, R, U, and now a careful examination of textures should tell you 
how to get the buried gold chest. Dig the squares 2U and L2U of it and 
then the square at the far left in its chamber. Climb back up to this 
area and go up the final ladder and this time use the bomb on the wall 
between you and the skull. Hustle back right and go down. It should 
bring the bad guys to their useless state at the top but you can always 
go right and climb down the first ladder when they come near to make 
them fall. There should be enough time to bomb the wall left of the 
short rope.

  Drop in there and now get the next bomb and bomb the right wall. Stay 
back to watch the chain reaction. Two guys will bunch on your right, but 
big deal. Dig beneath where the gold was. Drop R, L, U, R, U, and L to 
the door.

  1 ptrs = 8, 2 ptrs = 1, 3 ptrs = 2, 4 ptrs = 4, gold sum = 32.

  Level #050 G'ROUND

u ;  222          H
XXXHXXXXH    222  H    22
222H    H         H  H   H
XXXH    H         XXXHXXXH
22 H    HXXXXXH2^2222H   H22
XXXH    H     H
2 ;H H    H   H   e  e  222
 H   222222222222222222222 H

  Get the goo and keep going DLR until you're at the bottom. Now you can 
inch your way right so everyone else tends DL and thus take out a huge 
chunk of your work. Then U, L, U, R, U, L, U, R and after waiting for 
the bad guys to lump together at the top you can dig for the remaining 
four gold chests over there. Now go to the DR and the bad guys will 
follow again. L, U, L for two bombs and then U, L and drop right.

  If you get stuck between two sets of bad guys below, goop the set of 
three in advance and dig your way away from the two.

  The rest is digging or bombing. Again you can get the bad guys to come 
to one of the long platforms and destroy them. With the door DL again 
you can sucker them into a heap and then outwit them.

  54 gold * 2 pts/gold + 1 gold * 4 pts/gold = 112 points.

  Level #051 GOO GARBAGE

*X X  XX    X X     XX    X
****************H XXXXXXXX
Xu            XXH  XXXXXXX
****    ;      XH   XX XXX
**********      H
2222222222      H **********

  Run right. Off the right ledge, dump some goo to the right. Climb down 
the ladder, go left for all the chests, right, all the way up the 
ladder, and left. Instructions are simple, but you don't have much time 
to spare, and timing going past the ladder is nasty.

  10 gold * 2 pts/gold = 20 points total.

  Level #052 GOO LAND

         ~~~~~~~      ;
    ~~~~ H3    XHSXXXXXXXX1
        XXXX.XXXH   XX
   4   ^X  XXX  H   u 4  .
 X  X  ~~   4  H   2
.XXXXXXH X^X  4    X.  2  2
 3     .H H  X    1XH  H
 X .  XXXXH    ;   XH XHXSXX
    H   4HXXXH ^      4H.hXX

  R for the chest, L, U, R and drop for the goo. Where you land, go one 
left, dig right, and dig two left. Dig as you climb down the stairs and 
then go right and dig so you drop in on the red key. Go left and you 
should be able to dig the monk there but if not there's a hole handy. If 
you head quickly UL to the gold piles the bad guy will get stuck trying 
to climb into the hole, a great opportunity to clear the top of various 
gold articles. Eventually drop to the left and here you may need to use 
a bomb so you might as well get all three enemies by bunching them 
up(stand 1 above the bottom) and climbing down. Sadly you cannot run 
across the top of them and the best try to get out without a bomb is to 
run under one enemy before he drops.

  The next toughest part is when you want to get the skull that is in 
the DL. Again you'll need to fake bad guys out; whenever possible climb 
up and down a ladder until you see them running to the right.

  55 points = 3 1-ptrs, 4 2-ptrs, 4 3-ptrs, 8 4-ptrs

  Level #053 IN THE THICK OF IT

 ^;y4~    .4     HXXXXXXX
       XHXVXXH^ HXX        4
     X XH   XXXXH    1  HXSX
H   1XXXH;H~~~      X  e  YX
H         4 X   H; HXXVX
HX       X  e H 1 XH .  1
HXXXX  HXXXH      X      H
H      H   H     4^.     H;

  Wait, drop right, dig left, and then dig behind you as you head right 
to the stairs. If all goes well you'll have an easy climb and just need 
to dig ahead of yourself if anyone comes at you. The upper right should 
be pretty free with a little digging, but be sure to note the trap to 
the left of the gold pile and right of the key.

  To get to the left I drop down to the bottom and enter the cave. Bad 
guys should lump together, then let them follow all the way right. A 
great place to use the goop is on the bottom right. This allows you time 
to pivot and get the gold in tough places, especially the DL one. If you 
have any doubts just pick up another goop bucket and goop more of the 
bottom. You'll never need to fall down there anyway until you get that 
DL gold piece.

  You can shake off and even bury one guy--you may want to dig so that 
you can stand on the bad guy, dig left and drop for the gold(he is still 
trapped that way.) Then you can run right and after a long wade through 
the goo you'll make it to the promised land.

  27 points = 5 4-pointers + 7 1-pointers.

  Level #054 RUN 'N GOO
H***             ~~~~~~~~~~g
H2222;                     H
H*****                     H
H22222222;                ;H
H*********                *H
Hu222222222222222;      ;2 H
XXXXXXXXXXX*******H     ***H
          HHHHHHHHH   ;222eH
          ; ~~~~~~*********H
G         *XXXXXXX**********

  The right timing here can be vexing. At first I thought you had to 
complete the UL in one fell swoop but in fact the rope in the UR drops 
over it. This is very useful. You can stock up on goo that way too.

  R, get goo, drop, get gold, R, drop, get gold(you should JUST have 
time) and now do the best you can with the rest. Leave some goo to the 
left before you head right from the bottom platform. Get the goo to the 
right and when you drop, move quickly right to R2D from the goo, pitch 
the goo you have, retreat and pitch the other goo right so that you now 
have a continuous row of the stuff. Now the bad guys are really stuck. 
Reel them in until you have to jump left and down. Then quickly run 
around--remember only one square up gets the ones in the goo running the 
wrong way. Get the key at the ladder top and drop right. Trade the key 
for goo and get the other gold before you drop back down. Run right and 
throw your goo left once you're in the goo. Now that platform should be 
covered entirely. Run left and fall onto the rope. Climb all the way 
left but don't fall. When the head guy is one-half square away from the 
edge, drop left and run right. You'll just make it.

  The rest would seem to be just clean up, and in fact you'll be 
repeating a lot. Be sure to run decisively to get the three gold pieces 
on the one platform--don't wait for the bad guy to catch up. You pretty 
much need to bunch the bad guys together by climbing around the rope, 
dropping to the UL, waiting and slowly weeding them out. Then have them 
come over the gooped platform, drop left onto the rope and dig a hole 
for the one coming in behind you before going D, R. Eventually the bad 
guys will leave the gold lying around in your path, and you can get it.

  Be careful with the ladders leading to the exit. It's probably better 
just to dig on the far left side of the UL platform and drop.

  112 points from 56 2-pointers.

  Level #055 GOO SHELTER

  X  .e ;^XXXX;X        3HXX
XH2H   .      H XhXXXH3 HX X
X2   .    H  ^       ;X^He3X

  This level is rather placid and confusing as to why it's there--until 
the end when it's hard to get that last gold.

  U, R, get goo, then dig down where a bad guy may approach. Dig him and 
then get the DR stuff. There are three more skulls in the center to pick 
up. Drop goop to the left of the ladder leading up to them as that is 
where bad guys will come in. You can dig the guy still on the right til 
he regenerates on the left and then sucker everyone into the goo and dig 
down. They'll go RD which puts them out of commission--encourage them by 
hiding and reappearing. Go UL and then back down after you get one gold 
chest. Then the top left may be the toughest but again you can follow 
the same procedure. The goo will help you make it in time and the bad 
guys should tend UR anyway. You can clear the UL that way.

  So the main problem here is to get the bad guys to cough up the gold. 
They should be in the UR and I think the best way to dislodge them is to 
climb up the long center ladder. Leave a bomb and go down. Then run 
across the platform created. Now place bombs to the right of the ladder 
that descends to a dead end and then stay left on the edge. Come back to 
nab some gold(bad guys will either cough them up or fall in holes) or 
you can also dig down to get past the goop and go to the DR and stay one 
above the base. The bad guys will head left, and you should be able to 
sneak onto the ladder and get the gold, after which you can probably 
bomb/drop from the top again to get to the DR and into the door that's 
tucked away.

  35 points = 3 1-pointers + 4 2-pointers + 8 3-pointers

  Level #056 SPLATTER BOMB

+                          +
he   H****H 3  3 H****H    h
H H***    ***  ***    ***H H
H H          ;;          HeH
H                          H
H     u.XH  ;.XH  ;.XH ;.X3H
H                          H
H;          1^1           ;H
H     H      H       H     H
H    1H1    1H1     1H1   eH

  Tough start to the level! Leave a bomb when the bad guy is on the 
rightmost goo square. Quickly right and left and then head down to the 
bottom. Take the rope before you use the ladder to sucker the monks into 
dropping below. You can probably sweep all the way right but in any case 
you'll want all the bad guys to go into a corner--on the platform above 
simply enter the cave and they will putz around on the left. Let them 
follow you right and then climb the right structure to get the gold. 
Leave a couple goos if you're feeling sadistic. This should give you 
time to complete the left structure but if not then get them all 
together by hiding and try again. You'll probably have some gold to 
clean up downstairs, and later you may find that you want the bad guys 
to cough up gold. One way is via bombs; you can drop into the quasi-pits 
for that once the bad guys are good and stuck.  The other way is just to 
keep leading them on goose chases until the back one finally releases. 
With two exit doors it should be easy to get out.

  20 points = 3 3-pointers + 11 1-pointers

  Level #057 HIDE!

     X              XXXXXXXX
     X.    ~~~  ;.     XXXXX
 2H  eXXXXXX   u .     XXXSH
XX   X    H 3~~~~~  ; eHXXXH
 2   ^;  e   2.HXXX+XXXHX  H

  Fall right for 3 gold and glue in the structure below. Drop onto the 
gold, dig right twice, run left and dig left. This opens the left side 
to you but it's worth a bomb in case things fail. Now everything else 
should be easy to get unless a monk regenerated in the far left; dig the 
wall left of the big ladder and get the bad guy to drop in before 
digging left above him and falling in.

  Now after you drop, if three guys follow you use a bomb. Eventually 
some will get stuck where they can't get to you easily, and you can get 
out. Leave digs to the left if you can and circle back to the upper 
right. If a guy is on the far right ladder then drop down and leave a 
bomb in time to blow him up.

  You'll want to get to the base of the ladder between the two long 
ones. From there move up, let off another bomb and move away. The gold 
in the far UR should be yours--even if a bad guy is to the right he will 
fall into a hole you made, and you can walk over him. Just wait at the 
top in case he regenerates in an awkward spot. You may be better off 
with a 2-1 dig than taking the far right.

  You can bomb pretty carelessly to ward off enemies and dig the rest to 
get to the entombed door.

  29 points = 10 2-pointers + 3 3-pointers

  Level #058 GET TO THE DOOR

XXXXXXX            2
X XXXXXXH3 H u    2
X X XXHXHXXH 2         Sy X
X XSXXXXHXXr       ^      2
^   .XRXH  1    .       2
X .    ^H   2   e   3 ^HXXXX

  The best way to start is to go to the UL corner and dig left to drop 
into the thin corridor. Set the bomb to the right of the goo and run 
left. Then run back left and fall down and quickly go into the cave. Let 
the bad guys wander and you'll eventually have a clear path. Best part 
here now is that bad guys who regenerate in the corridor are now 

  Once back at the start R, L, R, U, R getting the gold along the way. 
Go to the far right and dig left/right when bad guys appear so you can 
drop down, where you'll need to dig left immediately. Run across, get 
the red key, and dig your way out leaving the monk trapped. Then dig 
left a bunch to see if the bad guys can get stalled a bit. You should 
get time to pick up gold and maybe some will regenerate in the area 
where you got the red key. This is good. You can sucker them left by 
standing where they can 'see' you. At any rate clearing out the bottom 
part should be no problem.

  The safe-n-dumb way is to stay at the UR and dig a few squares and 
wait for bad guys(do leave yourself some space in case a hole fills up 
at an awkward time and you have to backpedal or even dig right and drop 
down.) But surprisingly it's better to decoy guys around and pick away 
at what you can.

  Once all the bad guys are potted you can dig the three squares above 
the final gold cart. Wait for them to start reappearing and dig the 
right one below them. Then dig the leftmost of the squares that 
reappeared, fall left, dig right and escape.

  Getting to the red door requires continual digs left as you come down 
from the top.

  32 points = 4 1-pointers + 8 2-pointers + 4 3-pointers

  Level #059 LOOK!

XXXX2;     ~~~.  u      2
XXXXXXXXSXXX H 4   y     3
XXX  4  4X    ^  e  HXHX X
 4.    2X ^~3 ~   H.3XHX X
XX XH  .    ~         HXXXXX
;3 XHeXXXXXH   2      H X .2
       2HX XVXXXH XXh  H XXH
  HXXXXXXX     XXH Xh1.H ; H
 3H    .  3     ^He HXXSXXSX

  L, D, R, dig, get the key, drop down the stairs and go left, drop 
after you get the skull, and drop right. Clear the DR area and now you 
may want to get rid of the UR. Bomb the other side of where the bad guy 
is trapped to remove him as an obstacle. Climb to the top, dig the 
rightmost brick, and drop for the skull and drop right for the gold. 
This should work unless bad guys keep reappearing in the right. The 
right half is now pretty well cleared.

  Make sure there's only one monk in the left edge, mid-height for this-
-if not go over before you drop there and place a bomb two squares from 
the ladder. That'll kill somebody.

  Climb up top and drop left from the rope. Get the gold and then the 
goo and dig down for two more. Dig above right of the goo and drop the 
goo there. Then dig to land on the goo and quickly dig right and drop. 
Dig left, drop, dig left and then L, U, L and dig right twice. This 
should allow you to escape the one monk, and now you can clear out the 
area to the left. Someone may have gotten stuck in the far left so have 
a bomb ready. Then dig the squares above the skull before dropping down. 
Be sure to wait for good timing if bad guys are circling below and note 
that there is a trap under the bomb, so you don't need to worry about 
digging, etc.

  Dropping below lets you circle through the lower part. Note that the 
bottom platform has some undiggable squares so you may want to time your 
drop so you can go right and safely dig where you need.

  Not sure what the keys are for.

  54 points = 3 1-pointers + 7 2-pointers + 7 3-pointers + 4 4-pointers.

  Level #060 GOO BAGIE

      ;     ; ;     ;
     H*SH**** ****HS*H
     H*SH         HS*H
     H*SH         HS*H
     H*SH         HS*H
     H*SH         HS*H
     H*SH         HS*H
     H*SH         HS*H

  This is a rather short and succinct and nasty challenge unless you 
happen to get a bit of luck at the very beginning.

  If one of the pairs of monks leaves a gold chest behind, then simply 
sucker the other pair of monks into the pit and have them run around. 
Eventually they'll release the chest(go to the top and get some goo to 
drop on the bottom just in case) and after always making sure to keep 
them close together, go to the side where the enemies are still trapped 
and run up and over them. Drop to get the chest and exit to the side 

  It's a bit tougher if both sides do their jobs. Note the monks head to 
the left on the bottom when in doubt. Therefore if both sides of monks 
pick up some gold, you'll want to start with releasing the right side 
guys first. It may pay to spread the goop out strategically initially. 
Pour the two close to the center on the bottom before bringing the bad 
guys in, and you can even nip to one side to get goo to cover the entire 
bottom. Then just wait at the top of the structure, near the center 
drop, to bring the right siders in. Fall left. Lead them in a 
circle(when they're close to you on the ground on one side, move U, the 
other way, D.) Repeat until the gold appears and you can grab it. Then 
go to the left and stand one left of the center drop. Get the monks to 
follow you, and four are in play now. It's trickier to get them to 
follow you and you'll want the guy with the gold on the end. Try 
wiggling up and down or even letting one bad guy climb the ladder before 
he falls. You want the guy in back to hold the gold, preferably the one 
on the right side, because then you can flip to the left, sucker 
everyone, and come back and get it.

  To get the enemies bunched up stay one square below the UR. Then fall 
down the ladder when they're on the rope to make them slow and 

  44 points = 11 4-pointers

  Level #061 ICE TREE

~~~~         +          ~~~~
hh  ********************  hh
hh   .                .   hh
hh ***XH            HX*** hh
hh *1XXH     1      HXX1* hh
hh **********H*********** hh
hh          XHX           hh
hh      ; 1.XHX.1 ;       hh
hH           H            Hh
hH   1X.e   |H|   e.X1    Hh
H            u             H
He1e    |    ^    |     e1eH

  It's pretty obvious early that you have to hide in the cave you 
dropped onto. The bad guys will flee to the top eventually. Once they're 
lumped together get a snare. Leave a snare when four squares ahead of a 
chasing pack--it takes a while to set up. Pick up the snares one by one 
and then you will only have to contend with two enemies. You will have 
to lead the monks on and a good place to do so is in the bottom. Once 
everyone's dropped down the detour to get the snares above is hardly 
arduous. Remember that the monks may not show any gold they give up 
after falling into a trap, so walk by and rob them if possible.

  At the top you can use the bombs you find there at the base of each 
ladder to get the gold. There should be plenty of time if you've dropped 
the bad guys to the bottom right and run up. They'll take the long way 
left. Take out the left side if they're in nowhere land, since you can 
drop a bomb by the right side and take the ladder up and the bad guys 
won't run after you. Drop off the edge and get the gold piece on each 
platform before dropping to the top of the ladder and starting the whole 
merry chase again, getting a big jump(stay one rung above the bottom) 
and taking out the other side. The ladders should appear. If not then 
check the hanging monks and let the others run along the bottom and 
hopefully leave something behind.

  There's a rope to the center at the top, but it is hard to see.

  9 points = 9 1-pointers


H       |     1~~~~~       H
H 1~~   H     H111 ~~~1~~  H
H H11   H     H    111H11  H
H H  1  H~~~~~H~~1    H    H
H H  H  H111H H11H    H    H
H H  H11H   H    H~~~~H    H
H H  H11H   H |  H1111H    H
H H  H  H   H    H    H    H
H |  H  H~~~1~~~~H |  H    H
H    H  H111H1111H    H~~~~H
H~~~~H  H   H    H    H1111H
H1111h  H   H    H~~~~H    H
H    H~~1~~~H    H1111H    H
He  eH  H  eH   eH   eH   eH

  Right two squares, wait, and drop when the coast is clear. This gold 
piece and the one next to it are the toughest to get, but the snare wil 
help things easier right away. Place the snare anywhere on the bottom, 
next to a ladder, and wait. Run at the bad guys a bit if necessary to 
make sure you catch one.

  Now you'll want to use the other three snares as well. If there's easy 
gold, take it, but taking six guys out of commision changes the level 
from impossible to laborious. Usually you can just climb to the near-
top(only the side ladders get you to the top) and then work your way 
dropping down to get to the snare, but you'll need exact timing to hit 
the triangle button to pick the snare up. Remember to look both ways 
before dropping and repeat the previous trapping procedure. Lumping bad 
guys with the one-up trick is again useful here.

  Having to pick up all the gold is much easier if you bait-and-switch 
and climb up the far right ladder.

  49 points = 49 1-pointers


  |                        H
  ***************H      XE H
      1          HXXXXXXXH*X
 HXXXXXX       1 H      XH
 H      X      XXXXXXXH*XH 1
 H      XX            HX XHX
       HXX  HX HXXXXHX* H**X
       HX X HX H    HXX H
 H      X XXXX    H X  H   1
  u    H      ^         e

  Important thing to remember: do NOT dig a bad guy and trap him. Only 
dig once when he's near, if necessary, to pass by him.

  Zigzag up the left structure. Then drop to the right at the top, up 
the ladder and fall right again. If you wait to drop until the monk's at 
the top of his range and then sit where you landed, the monk will try to 
drop on you. No digging necessary! Climb to the top. Now go up and drop 
left--be sure to be quick as the guy below may fall into a pit he can 
guard well if you don't.

  Next you'll have to come around as you did before. This time you may 
want to lead the center monk to the top and jump off. Let him fall and 
now you'll have a lot more time to dig to the right of the ladder that's 
against the wall. You'll need to dig the three squares bordering on the 
right. Drop down, go right and place the trap. Go left and wait, and you 
can get the rest of the gold at your leisure.

 6 points = 6 1-pointers

  Level #064 HANG 'EM HIGH

X                   e  XX XX
X                 eHXXXX HXX
XH                    XHXXXX

  This is a really good level from a puzzler's perspective, although the 
wait period is annoying. Again, focus on snaring what monks you can 
before chasing the gold. Go R/U to the top of the ladder and then go 
left.  Beneath the ladder stay at the far right, dig left, climb on the 
guy as he falls in, and dig l;eft. Now you can run across. Leav holes 
behind you as you cross. You'll be able to knock off three guys easily 
with the snares later even if they regenerate and create a roadblock at 
the top.

  The snares are encased, and unless you're getting the UL(I recommend 
the bottom first so there's that much less digging to do later) you'll 
need to dig two squares UL/U2L or UR/U2R and then the square next to 
them after you drop so you have a square of space to dig yourself out. 
Then you'll need to circle back to the very UR. Wait for the bad guys to 
make it and run left. For your first snare you can run all the way left 
and up the left stairs. Place the snare to the right. You can repeat 
placing the snare on top of the snare next time you climb to the UR, and 
the final one you may need to set the snare at the bottom of the stair 
and then come around and wait for the bad guys to catch up. Dig as you 
did to get the UL snare but wait to fall until one bad guy is caught.

  For the UL you can get it after placing one snare at the bottom. Dig 
the left part of the platform above, drop, place a snare, at the far 
left, dig the rightmost square, and drop to get a snare quickly. You 
have several seconds' breathing room here.

  Now get the gold. On the ladder above the cave with four, dig right, 
down, dig right and get the crate. Dig left to get the four and circle 
back UR again. You just want to dig a hole for the next guy but you'll 
still either need to wait or use exact timing digging the left edge of 
the long platform below the top or just digging left. Don't even leave a 
hole behind for him; just go up and dig to get the skull.

  You'll have to do this again to get back to the door on top.

  21 points = 4 4 pointers + 1 3 pointer + 1 2 pointer.

  Level #065 ROPE DUO

XX     e     HX      e  XXXX
             HXH        3333
              XH  XHX XXXXXX
    H*X**     XH   H~~~~~~XX
    H*        XH***H    *HXX
    H* |      XXXXX*****XHXX
    H******             XHXX
u  HXX 33                H
****** *******           H
XXXXXX XX                H
XXX                      H
X                        H
XXH     |    3 3 3 3 3 3 H 3

  After four toughies you have one soft level where you just need to 
observe something right away, or just after you try to slug through the 
level and realize there was something you had to do first.

 R, U, R, U, R and now be prepared to fall through the trap and push X 
as you go right to get the trap. You MUST run left to get the skulls 
here. Drop down and set up one snare. The falling monk will walk into 
it. The next one will come down the pike shortly and so set him up the 
snare too. Then you can just pick the gold off. It's a long walk to the 
DL door but you can thumb your nose as you run back past the month.

  39 points = 13 3-pointers


 u|HXXH        HX*****
 ***XX*        HX111 X
 X    X   e    HXXXX X
 X1111X *****. H     X|   *
 XXXXXX X   XXH*     X*111X
   X    X  1**HXX***  XXXXX
   X11| X11*X HX X
      X       HX XX  **X*H
      X       HX  X11X  XH1
          HXXH*X  XXXX  X**H
        eH*X.H X|      |X  H
******11XXX. H             H

  Quick early thinking takes a lot of guesswork out of where to put a 
snare. Five snares, three monks--the odds are in your favor. Just don't 
put one where a bomb can wipe it out--leave the monks well and truly 
trapped. You can afford to waste a bomb, too.

  Right, get snare, place snare at foot of stairs, climb, and drop left 
when the bad guy's close. One down. Fall left, get the snare, place it 
two squares to the right of the stair. Bad guys will come down. Dig 
right from that bottom stair when they're near as the monk behind 
respectfully pauses as his pal gets strung up and you don't want the 
hole filling too soon. Now veer UR and drop into the pit with the snare. 
Dig down and go back UR if you must to get the final bad guy to follow 
you. Put the trap at the next-rightmost square and hide behind it to the 
right. Left and dig right twice on the ladder to get the three gold. 
Fall right onto the rope, get the gold to the left, and drop on one of 
the gold pieces below. How nice of them to put trap squares there--
you'll have to loop to get the other and all the way up--there's a trap 
that ruins the DR path and the obvious shortcut in the center. Get the 
two bombs at the bottom on the way.

  At the top of the very center ladder, leave a bomb to the left and 
retreat R/D for the moment. Drop left and dig your way out, then go to 
the UL where you started and snared the first monk. 2-1 dig the very top 
and dig the right square of the enclosed chamber. That structure is 
cleared now.

  Bomb at the base of the nearest ladder UR of the two entombed gold 
pieces. That creates a path and even misses the snared monk. To the 
door: R to the edge and U.

  21 points = 21 ones

  Level #067 GOLD GALORE

* ***~e~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~ ~~1
X   X.H   H    H    H   H  H
 ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~H
    ;.X1  ;.X1  ;.X1  ;.X1 H
H111~111~ 111~111  111~ 111|
H*** *** H*** ***HH*** H****
He       H       HH    H  e1
H    H    H  1111   H    H H
H   1H1  1H1 1^^1  1H1  1H1H
H1    e       |u;      ee 11

  Go left to get the snare. Go two more squares left, use the snare, and 
back up. Bam, one down. Then get the snare at the top of the ladder, 
fake out the guy to the right, and leave the snare left of the caves 
where you can hide to catch your breath. SNAP! Another down. You'll get 
a bomb along the way but don't use it until you need to remove a wall.

  After hiding go R, U on the stairs on the edge and get the snare. Run 
left and use it when a bad guy gets close if one is to the left, or just 
leave it behind otherwise and wait for the bad guys to catch up.

  The big trick to try here is to get the gold on the bottom. You can 
dig holes to make bad guys appear in the UL and not impede the rest of 
the game but this makes it MUCH harder to get out--for a small finesse, 
sink one in there as he'll be destroyed by the final bomb.

  Whatever you do, you can run them up to the top, circle around, and 
dig in the DR. Since you're so fast you'll have no problems getting back 
up. Use the ladders to fake them out. You can probably outrun them back 
up but you can also hide to give the maximum distance/head start before 
you get to the next part--the UL.

  From the UL part you can access, bomb the wall to the right, back up 
three squares, and run in when it explodes. REpeat this until you get to 
the right and get the gold at the top. The door will appear in the very 

  To get rid of the bad guys, drop down when they're in the center 
climbing the rope above the pits. Use the bomb where you pick it up, in 
the upper left.

  45 points = 45 ones

  Level #068 BOMBS IN THE WALL!

  XH4HX XXXe  ^ . XXXX    +X
 XXHXH .XHXHXX  .3X        X
.3XHXX***HXH XXHXHX  4     X
XX H He 3 ;H XX.   ^ e 3 .|

  L, U, then clear out the entire right side and drop down the pit. Dig 
left, get the snare and use it just beyond the monk. Get the bomb and 
use it. Wait for it to blow away the wall and then its bombs will take 
out the bad guys who come running at you. Up at the first ladder, get 
the gold.

  Now you'll be in a sticky situation digging to remove bad guys, but 
you should not get trapped at the bottom unless three are there--there 
are bombs, so leave a trail of them. Eventually bad guys will pop up in 
the UR which makes things more convenient for you. With two bad guys you 
can go to the bottom and dig once and navigate the ladders--basically 
use the ladder-on-the-other-side trick to move up and down to wait for 
the hole to close before they can wiggle out.

  Now there's a gold piece you see stuck between two walls with no way 
to get it. Get the other gold pieces first(the DL part has a fake 
square, but with no monk distractions it's not a huge deal;) the far 
left one requires you to dig below it to get out of that area. Then use 
a bomb D2L of the final gold piece.

  44 points = 1 twos + 6 threes + 6 fours

  Level #069 BOMB(sic--bombs) IN THE WALL 2!

XHX X   e  HXX  u    .XXG
XH   XH.  HXgXHXX   ^     X
   XHX4^ 3 XHXHXX*X  4   HXX
He  1 H   H  3    H HXXX   X
XXXXX********XXXHeH H   H***
XHXXX********XH   H3
X*XXXXH  1           H ^   4

  L, D, L, use snare, go right. Get the gold and then go down and a bad 
guy should be to the right. Dig to get rid of him and go UR for any 
leftover gold and bombs.

  The next trip is to the far left to get the next snare. String up the 
next poor fool who thinks he can catch you.

  Two guys are not hard to avoid and if all else fails just get some goo 
and let them follow you on the bottom. The toughest remaining part of 
the level is to get the green key; bomb D2R of it and you can walk in 
and out.

  Bomb the wall left of the door to get there; here's where the bombs in 
the wall are. They keep causing explosions until you have a free path.

  26 points = 2 ones + 4 threes + 3 fours

  Level #070 CHILL OUT!

    3   X      3     .X4   Y
3 e .4XHXH;       e      | X
 |   1 H^H           3HXHXHX
He  H***XXXX XH         HXHX
 3  H        XH       4   HX
4 .    H   3    3;^H.  e 4.

  R, D, R, U, L and you should be able to face the bad guys one at a 
time. Go right and get the snare then go to the DR. Use the snare 
somewhere down here and switch to the left. Dig the bad guys so they 
have to regenerate. When bad guys are stuck in the left, bomb the right 
of the chamber with the key. Go to the top and drop the key before the 
final ladder up. Drop left and dig a hole for the bad guy and lure him 
out before you jump down another dug hole.

  With bad guys waiting to the right you may have to go counterclockwise 
but you should have gotten the key back and the only thing to do is to 
bomb the wall blocking he door and the final gold piece.

  46 points = 2 ones + 8 threes + 5 fours


 ee    ee ~~ ~ ~~ ee     ee
H*********  *u*  **********H
H 4         *4*          4 H
H ********* *4* ********** H
H           *4*            H
H           *4*            H
H           *4*            H
H           *4*            H
H           *4*            H
H           *4*            H
H           *4*            H
H           *4*            H

  After you drop through for the gold, get a snare then go UL out of the 
goo as soon as possible. Leave the bomb you picked up right away and 
then move away to the bottom. The bad guys will find it slower going, 
and you'll need every second. There will be two explosions before you 
can escape; the bottom left ladder's a great place to wait.

  Now there will be a big chain reaction of bombs across the level from 
left to right. This causes some bad guys to regenerate and attack you 
from outside. Now you'll have to drop down when most of them are aas far 
up as possible as you do need to get gold from one of them. The platform 
you can only reach by dropping is the best place to wait. Drop to the 
left and dig left, run right repeatedly. Leave some space in case the 
holes fill up.

  There are two ways to get this--the risky is to let two or three bad 
guys come over, dig a few holes for them to see if they've got the gold, 
and then run over to the right and do combat with the rest.

  This is much quicker than the safe way--which is to stay in this area 
until all the bad guys have been dug and regenerated on the other side. 
Now you can bring them over by bunching them together(stay where you 
dug) and then climbing a couple of units. They'll start cycling around 
and eventually will leave gold. When the last one falls, that's when you 
go back to where you dug. Unless the chest is right next to the ladder 
you can run up and right to get it. You might have to fake out some bad 
guys once more to reach a door on either side of the suspended platform.

  56 points = 14 fours

  Level #072 ROPE RODEO

XXXXX      X
XXe        X|H        333  ~
eXX        X*H*************
 eXXXXXXXX X|H        333  ~
   XXXXXXXXX|H        333  ~
           X|H        333  ~
X          X|H        333  ~
XX         X*H*************
XXX          H          XXX
XXXX        uH

  A fun, thematic level. However, you can take advantage of being able 
to put snares on ladders. On each level, reach into the cavitiy to the 
left, get the snare, and go right to place the snare on the ladder. Move 
up and repeat until you're on the top. Then just wait for the bad guys 
to walk into it. They'll all be stuck, so just go right to get the 
skulls, drop down one rope, switch back left for more skulls, and repeat 
until at the bottom.

  45 points = 15 threes


X                   e      X
X1      e           1      X
X**H|   1H**       H** |   X
X  H   H**  |    H**    **HX
XH** H**       H**        HX
XH   H 1     H**        H**X
X**H **H     H        H**  X
X  H   **H   **H1   H**    X
XH**     **H   H  H**      X
XH         H H**  H        X
X****    H** H    **H      X
X      H**   **H    **H    X
X    H**       **H    **H  X
X  1 H    e1 u   H 1    H  X

  Snaring the three bad guys here is not too tough. You just have to 
push the triangle button a bit in advance so you wind up collecting the 
snare. However you are in a tight seeming spot to start out but in fact 
if you go right and wait at the far ladder, the bad guy above will fall 
to the left. Move to the top and get the snare. Drop left, stay right 
and use the snare. Come back up when it's sprung.

  Now if no bad guys are on the middle structure, get the gold there. If 
they are then try to bring them to the right to loop over them. If even 
one comes up then you can drop left from the left ladder and either go 
UL and fall to get over the bad guy or take the low road depending on 
where he is.

  At the very left, climb up and fall left to get to the side platform 
you can't reach from the stairs, and pick up its gold and snare. Drop 
down and use it. Now you can go pretty much wherever you want by looping 
around the only mobile enemy remaining--the third snare is fun but not 

  Despite the solid floors, bad guys confiscating gold shouldn't be a 
problem as there is no way for them really to pick up a gold piece--it's 
either suspended in air or too high. You will have to go back and drop 
on the far left platform to leave.

  8 points = 8 ones


                   ;       H
    H             **       H
e   H             **       H
XXXXH             **       H
    H             **       H
e e H ^           **       H
HXXXX*****H       **       H
H         H       **       H
H     ^ ||Hu  .   **       H
**********H******XX      33H
X       XXH****R************
        XXH         3333333r

  Run left and quickly place the two snares. Then run right and bomb the 
far right for two skulls. Climb up to the top where there's the rope you 
can barely see. Drop on the goo pot and get it. You won't specifically 
need it to slow down the bad guy for the final bit as you can just go to 
the UL, dig, leave a hole behind and then run to the bottom. But if 
placed left of the ladder to the bottom it can slow a bad guy down more 
than enough. A ladder to the door in the air appears once you get all 
the gold, but don't forget to hit triangle on the red key to the right 
of them!

  27 points = 9 threes


 u~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ XXX|1
XH XXX                XXXXXH
XH X X  XXX   H  X  XX    XH
XH X| X    XX H  XXX| X  *HH
XHXXX  XXXX XXHX****    H***
 H  X  rXXXXX HX        H***
 H  X XXX | X H*H*******H*R
XH  X  X  XX  H*H        **H
XH   XXXXXX  XH*H   eeee   H
XH   X X   XX H*H***********

  The snares are a false trail. You'll mainly want to get the key, fake 
the bad guys out, and get to the top.

  Go to the right and drop into the first platform(3 wide.) Dig down the 
center into a cave. Then dig the right square and then the two below 
that. You'll get to a 4-wide lege; dig the left two squares and the left 
below them. Get the key, drop left, and dig left.

  Drop right from the top rope and then dig the far right. Fall through 
and go UR to the platform with the gold piece, which also gives you 
ladders. Take them and fall and then dig right and below that. Don't 
worry about the snare(you'll cough up your key) but wait about one-half 
of a square above the ledge leading to the door. The bad guys will fall 
down instead of running left to you. That's an easy wrap-around to get 
to the door.

  1 point for 1 gold piece.

  These next levels are a jackhammer-off so to speak. Although you'll 
score a little more in them than this one. (Does his best Dick Dietrich 
imitation:) Oh, no, no, NO, people! People, people, no. No.


H ~~~~ ~~~~~~***~~~~~ ~~~~ H
**    H      ***     H    **
XX    H      ***     H    XX
   H***       *      ***H
 H**X  H   H  *  H  H  X**H
eH  X**H***H*****H**H**X  He

  This is a tough introduction to drills in my opinion. Nasty timing and 
intimate sessions with two bad guys.

  Not much choice at first! Drill down to where you're next to the 
ropes. Fake out the bad guy on the left side(they g that way by default, 
and this will be close,) then go to the other. It may take a few tries 
to get the guy on the right to come over but you can just go to the 
bottom of the left ladder and then come back up and then start circling 
around. Once the bad guys are on the same side, it should be a tight 
squeeze to get to the other side, but you'll make it.

  Drill down and it's easy fakings to get past the bad guy on the 
outside--drop when he's on the rope. At the top, get the bomb. Drill 
through the square above the ladder that allows an immediate drop. Go 
back to the center and go to the other side to drill down, then up the 
sidelines. Here's a good place to use a bomb if a couple of bad guys are 
guarding one side.

  You may have to bomb around to see who's got any stray gold. Get the 
bad guys on the bottom ropes and let them drop. Then go to the center 
and dig down twice to enter the buried door.

  8 points = 8 ones

  Level #077 C++

 H**X   XXX*
H**X      X*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
H*X                        H
H*X            **      **  H
H*X            XX      XX  H
H*X          **11**  **11**H
H*X1         XX11XX  XX11XXH
H***1      +   **      **  H
H ***11111**   XX      XX  H
H  ***XX****~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~H
H   XXXXXXX                H
H                          H

  C++ isn't an easy language but this level isn't so bad. Get the 
jackhammer and go down the ladder to the left. Drill the square below, 
drop and go left, drill, and climb back up to knock off the square to 
its right. Now dig to get inside the C and get all the gold there. A 2-1 
dig gets you out but wait for the monsters to bunch up.

  Each + is the same more or less and requires a couple of tries to get 
through. Stand by the lower rope to send the bad guys UL if they are 
getting close. Then on the +, drop to one of its wings and drill so that 
you can grab a gold piece when you fall. Drill your way out and then 
fall. Go to the other wing the next time. Repeat with the other +.

  Now there's a question of getting out. It'll require circling the bad 
guys. At the DR wait for them to come then go U to the top, wait for 
them to turn around. You should make it easily after the bad guys climb 
the ladder after you and you turn left.

  15 points = 15 ones


  u            %
     3          H
    3*          H
   3*           H
  3*            H
***             H
+XX             H    e e e

  Strange, I thought the first two levels were introducing you. This is 
more introductory level, though. Semantics aside you just need to get 
the jackhammer, dig so you land on the top skull, and fall left. Dig 
there as well.

  You'll need to go around again and dig the square above the door 
that's tucked away, so you will want to bring the bad guys over as far 
as possible before dropping, then run right and dig like crazy as well. 
With best timing you can get under the ladder. At any rate, if you dig 
six holes as you go left you should be OK. Remember to back up for 
safety and then with some monks falling and regenerating, make a break 
for the top. Dig the UL square and drill below that.

  4 3 ptrs, Gold sum = 12 

  Level #079 ONE AT A TIME

 X3X    X3X H
 X*X    X*X H           HX3X
            H           HX*X
            H           H
  ~~~       HX3X~~~     H
            HX*X        H
     X3X    H      X3X  H
     X*X    H      X*X  H
        X3X H       ~~~~H
    X3X X*X H           X3X
    X*X     H           X*X
          u H     %

  The main problem here is how to get through this as expediently as 
possible. Up the ladder and dig right for the first skull. Keep going 
back up. Drop into the first U to the left and drill through its floor 
and the one below. Then go to the leftmost U, drop in, drill, run right 
until in the next U, drill, drop left, drill.

  Up the big ladder again, go UR to get that skull. Drill, drop right, 
drill, go right and climb up the ladder. Fall right at the top, drill, 
fall left and one more drill puts you just right of the exit door--how 

  10 3 ptrs, Gold sum = 30

  Level #080 REVEAL

    u    %
  H                        H
  H  *X   *XXX *X*XXXX*X   H
  H  *X   *X  X*X*X  X*X   H
  H  *X   *X33X3 3X33X*X X3H
  H  3X   *XXX 3 3XXXX3XXXXH
  H  3X   *XX3 3 3   X3  X H
  H  3X   *X X33 3   X3  X H
  H  3XXXX3X  X3 3 * X3  X H
  H  3         3 3 3       H
  H                        H

  "LR94." Hmm. Let's go from left to right here. You can always get by 
the monks--the old three monks, two sides, one monk or fewer on one side 

  Going from left to right is OK but it's probably most accurate to get 
inside the R and then the 9 first--bad guys can regenerate there.

  Dig to drop on the L's spine. Then drill the three on its left to get 
the first complement of skulls. Same procedure for the left part of the 
R but you only get one skull--maybe save this for later since it's a 
good place to trap bad guys with no risk once you release them for the 

  Inside the R you'll need to dig twice to get the two skulls, then dig 
right to fall down.

  Between the R and 9 you'll need to use the drill to get to each 
cascade of skulls. Just dig to enter 9's chamber and then dig from the 
right and drill to get the skull beneath the decimal. One more drill 
through three levels and at some time you'll probably pick up the gold 
in the right nook of 4 in a brief side trip going up the right ladder.

  Bad guys don't appear inside the R or 9 when gold chests are there as 
far as I know but it's best not to test this hypothesis too much--get 
the enclosed ones first. Unfortunately they can't be trapped permanently 
in the L but if one does get there early you may want to take out the 
left of the R last.

  30 3 pts, 90 Gold sum.

  Level #081 HIDE AND HAMMER

       u XXXXXX .... %
**H***** XXXXXX ******H****
  H        ^          H
XXXXXXH*     ****
XXXXXXH         *
XXXXXXX*H2222222          +

  Almost reproachably simple, this. Drop right and head to the cave. 
When both monks drop to your level, enter. They'll go DL. Reappear when 
they're both near the bottom, then go UR and get the hammer and, if you 
want, the bombs. None are necessary. Wait to drop until the enemy is in 
the UL.

  Then when right of the encased gold, dig down four levels to get to 
it. Pick it up, dig the rightmost square of the cavern, run left for all 
the gold and right after falling. The door is in the DR.

  12 2 points, 24 Gold sum.

  Level #082 DIG 'N RUN

 x 1
H*                      H
H*1e    U;|       1 .XH H
H*****XXX*********SSSXH H
H*X HXXVVH            **H**
H***H    H              H
H. *H    H%~~~~~~~~~~~~ H
****H*SSSS*        *****H
    H              X111XH
**  H       ****** *XXX*H **
1*  H       *~~~~*      H *1

  Go left, dig three holes, get the snare to the right, and set it. 
Playing chicken to leave the guy to the left isn't worth it as you have 
to get back in this area anyway. Go all the way right, then run across 
the regenerated holes and get the chest.

  Your success in the rest of this level will be predicated on how well 
you can get the bad guys to come over to the left. Get them to 
drop(climb down the left ladder) while on the rope, and as the trailing 
one is just over the top of the enclosure.

  Then circle around and drill the right side of the enclosure in the 
bottom center. Climb up the stairs, drop right, and go left and drill 
twice to get the DR gold. Now you can also get the three gold in the 
cave. Stand on its left side, drill and dig the square below that.

  Go drop on and drill the left side of the bottom central enclosure so 
it's not an enclosure any more. This will allow the bad guys a simple 
and completely wrong way to go about chasing you. In the DR, take the 
stairs up when they get close. U, L at the top and set off the bomb by 
the left wall. Drill under where the wall was and then go down a bit so 
everyone lumps in the UL. Now continue drilling until you can get the 
chest to the left. Do so, go back up to shake the bad guys off and then 
dig to the right of where the chest was an to the right of the ladder 
base. then twice below that for the final gold chest--minus any gold the 
bad guys may be holding. Tempt them to run over the goo and then set 
them up the bomb.

  14 points = 14 ones


         *~~~~ ~~~~~~~  *~~
  U      *H   H  1    *H*  H
 H*H%  H**H   ****H1  XH*  H
*****  H*******xx***H1XH*  H
*XX.X *H*  * *   *X***XH*  H
*X**X *H** ***   *XXXXXH*  H
*X* X *H *  *1~~~* ~~~XH*  H
*X* X *H *  **   *H   XH*. H
*X* X *H **  *   *H  ***** H
*X* X *H  *. ***1*H   *~~*~H
*X* X *H  **  *****H H*  * H
*X*  1*H   *  *   *H HX.1X1H
*X*1X****H**1 * 1.**HH**X**H
*X** .X  HXX***********X*XXH
*XX  HX  H *H.X    *    *  H
*1X  H*********    1       H

  This is a very creative level and one of my favorites in the game. It 
requires relative exactitude in drilling and bombing(you can waste one) 
at the right times to get through.

  Drop right for the drill. Drill and fall three times. Wait until the 
bad guy is halfway down before leaving the bomb to the left(go up the 
ladder.) Get the chest and then take the bomb to the right. Set it off 
where you found it and run away. Start climbing up to the long ladder. 
The bad guy will be stuck left and what you need to do is to drill left 
of the ladder all the way down until you're next to the base. Then you 
can get the gold without being trapped.

  Go up the ladder and to the right, drill three, right, drill three, 
right, drill two, right, drill two. You're now just UL of a bad guy. Go 
left one and drill and go back up the stairs. Go right on the remaining 
blocks and at the bottom you can now drill and run quickly left. Let the 
bad guy chase you, loop clockwise, and dig the two holes for him to fall 
in. He'll get stuck in the UL leaving you to re-dig the right hole. Drop 
in and drill. Get the bomb to the right and use it right there. Run 
away(good thing you drilled that square) and back right. Get the two 
gold and when you get the bomb on the right, drill down twice so you can 
still walk between the ropes without falling.

  Go left at the rope and drop in. Dig right, place the bomb, drop right 
and drill away. You'll just be out of touch when the bomb explodes. Come 
back around to where the wall was(use the ropes/remaining solid square) 
and go through.

  There are four stairs in the left chamber. Drill once below the second 
left and three times below the far left. Woohoo, another chamber safe to 
access. Now leave a bomb on the UR ledge, drop left and run back through 
where the wall was. U, L, and drop for the three gold. Then when you 
fall right from that area, drill down three times for one gold, take the 
rope to the right wall, and drop down for the final gold. Drill through 
to get it.

  Blast the wall by the rope again and then take the ropes all the way 
left until over the door. Drop and drill.

  13 points = 13 ones

  Level #084 A BIG DROP TOO

 2H H H    .XXXXXXX4  % ~
HXXX X XH***************4X*X
H  X   X      4X  2    X4X*X
HX 2 e  HX    HXHX ; X X4X+X
XXH2HXHXHXXXX H |  H^4444444
   H       H  H     e     .X

  Don't get greedy and go for the gold below right away--also leave the 
drill for the last bit as well although you can get the gold next to it 
just so you can see where the door will appear a bit earlier.

  Wait for the bad guy near you to go up. Then drop for the gold. Dig 
left for him and enter the cave. Once the bad guys scatter you should be 
able to pick up a snare, set it, wait for them to come, and retreat. Do 
so for the other snare once you get to the left.

  If you wait very long the bad guys may bundle into the U in the upper 
left leaving you free for the next bit(there's a way out.) If not then 
you can pretty much use the bottom as a base for digging a bunch and 
nabbing one gold as they regenerate or luring them close to you and 
running through the maze. If you do this, and one of them still has 
gold, then get the bomb in the DR.

  It shouldn't be too hard to track who has gold--even if bad guys are 
running around there's another snare to spring. The remaining two should 
be no problem.

  At the very top there's a bomb. Once you get it, use it and run away. 
A chain reaction will allow you to the other side eventually. There you 
have some gold, and across the rope you can drill down to where the end 
of level portal will appear.

  76 points = 4 twos + 17 fours

  Level #085 GOEY GOLD

X22222    22    22        H*
********************      H*
+H 333       H            H*
XHXXXX    33 H            H*
 H        XXXH            H*
 H  333      H            H*
 HXXXXX      H~~~~~~~~~~  H*
 H33 333 33  H           *H*
 HXX XXX XXXXH           *H*
 H           H     XXX****H*
 H           H        ****H*
UH           H       %*** H*

  R, U, R, L, U, R, L, U, R, wait before you fall R. Now there are only 
four skulls left in the below area. Drop down to the bottom and retreat 
to the UL after the bad guys get very close. Again wait and push right 
and dig left to get the lead guy in. The guys behind should climb the 
stairs, and you can circle over them. This strategy works well--perhaps 
a couple of digs needed--even if you get the wrong start, and it's worth 
noting that you can always stay UL and dig until the bad guy regenerates 
to the right and you can lump three together again.

  Dig left two times before climbing the other ladder. Then get the four 
gold above and take the rope to the right. Camp out until it's favorable 
to dig down, and then get the drill and come back. At the far right, 
drill down thrice(oops, this is an action puzzler walkthrough, not an 
RPG walkthrough.) The top part is easy to pick off.

  You can lump the bad guys together at the top and then bring them out 
on the rope, drop down just left of the ledge  that was over the drill, 
and run L, U to the door. Otherwise if they're not lumped the usual 
tactics to get by work and don't be scared to dig between the two 
patches of goo.

  63 points = 9 twos + 15 threes


H    u
H*      *      *      *
H*      *      *      *
H                         %
HX                 HX      H
HXXX            HXXXX      H

  Another good level. The object is to dig in the separation between the 
two right rooms at the top and then drill down. You'll be safe in there 
and can get two rooms with one drilling. Also note if you drill and not 
dig on top the level may be impossible due to the limited access to the 
UR(drill from right to left.)

  L, D, R, dig twice to get the drill. Leave holes behind so you can get 
started on the gold in the lower part. Then to get the gold in the cave, 
dig U and UR of the top ladder, then the square R of it. D and drop left 
to get there. Then U/R back.

  If a bad guy regenerates in the chambers, don't panic. If worst comes 
to worst, you can actually drill down to right next to the bad guy and 
then run away to the far part of the chamber and drill. You have the 
time. So this won't kill your level. But I recommend digging and 
drilling at the top and never taking the easy way of just drilling once. 
The former is reversible.

  Also watch out for bad guys regenerating on top. You should be able to 
outrun one of them after you've dug to go past them, so be prepared to 
back up and dig and cross the fallen monk.

  You'll need to cycle around a few times to get into each chamber but 
once you do the door in the UL is no problem to get to.

  102 points = 34 threes


 Xu              XXXXXX*****
 X**********H  ~~~~~~~~~~~~H
 X 3XX3 XX3XH              H
 ************XX        .   H
   X~~~~H~XXX XXXX    XXX  H
   X    H XX   XXX    XXX  H
   X3   H XX~~~~HXX******  H
H  XX333H  X.   HX   XXXXXXH
H XXXX3XH~~H~     *****  XXH
H  H1XXXH  H ****H       X H

  This is another confusing level like number 83 but it's not quite as 
fun or elegant. However a quick start ensures that the pesky monk won't 
be able to bother you. So be efficient executing the first paragraph.

  Drop right and dig left when you get on the undiggable squares. Then 
get the drill and drill down immediately. Dig the far right and run past 
the key and up. The bad guy should fall trying to catch you, and when 
you're on the rope he'll come from the right. Stay just to the right of 
the square you can dig. Drop and dig left once the bad guy is close(two 
squares) and then fall through. He's canned.

  Now there are a couple of bombs to pick off. Use one on the completely 
encased skull at the top--go U, L after setting it. Then drop through 
the hole to the right for three more bombs, leaving a bomb on the 
second-highest rung. Climb back up the stairs and drop through the hole 
that was made--ON the gold as there's a trap to the right. The first 
ladder on the left, go down and dig right for three more.

  Get the UL stuff(in your immediate area) and go back up and drill for 
the left of the far UL. Then you can get the three far left skulls. Dig 
the square left of the one-wide pit you don't want to fall in, dig below 
that, and leave a bomb before dropping left.

  Run right, then dig the one gold on the very top you haven't gotten 

  You have two extra bombs to waste but don't get too careless. In fact 
you can get a third if you drill/dig right of the one UL gold on the 
ladder, but it's such a total inconvenience.

  52 points = 1 ones + 17 threes

  Level #088 ANT FARM

   3     | X   3  33333  ~~
XXH  XHX.  XHX X XX  e  X3X*
  XHX X3X    XXXXXX    HX3X*
X XHX X3X  3       HXXXHX3X*
H    H  ^  HXH|HXH . ^ e  X+

  This level looks odd and cranky at the start but in fact it could be 
much much worse. Right, dig, drop, and L, U, L, D gets a snare. Use it--
you can make anyone who came to the bottom left run away enough so you 
have time to set it up. You can dig past the rest of the opposition and 
go to the top where there's another snare. Get another bad guy with it. 
If things go right you should have two stuck in the DR leaving you free 
but if not they are a minor nuisance.

  From the top there are a few things to do. 2-1< dig to the left of the 
UL ladder. Then you can drop through the trap far below. Drop right of 
one ladder into a bunch of gold. Then dig right and fall twice at the 
right edge for one gold piece, come back up around and dig right and 
fall to get to the UR. Fall off the rope to get the drill and then go 
left. Fall again. There's a trap door there. There's another one beneath 
the other gold. Now you should have two baddies to deal with.  Get past 
them and now sweep to the UR and dig the far right all the way down to 
the next level.

  75 points = 25 threes

  Level #089 SKELETON KEY

H                          H
H    11111                 H
H   H*****H                H
H~ H**XXX**H ~~~~~~~~~~e~~~H
H H**XXXXX**H1111111111H   H
H H*XXXXXXX************H   H
H H XXXXXX.$$.$$.$$.$1*H   H
H H********************H   H
H H***XXX**1 1*1 *1 1**H   H
H H1 *****  H   H  H   H   H
H H         H   H  H   H   H
H H         H   H  H   H   H
H H         H   H  H   H   H

  Psst...there are some hidden gold chests here. The idea is to trap the 
bad guys far away as you clear the bottom and then again as you clear 
the inside of the key.

  Getting off to a flyer here helps you concentrate even more on the 
challenge of tunneling into the key. Wait a second then run right and 
drop to get all the gold on top. Then go down the ladder so the guys who 
might chase you go to the left and out of play.

 Drop left and then climb a bit up the ladder there until the bad guys 
are frozen. Now you can go up and fall each way and get back on, 
climbing to the center. Then move to the next ladder. You can get all 
but the leftmost with no worry. That one requires the same sort of 
thing--push the enemy up the ladder far enough before going up and 
falling left.

  Go DL and when the other guy hits bottom inch up--he'll go right. Then 
when everyone stagnates move down. Move back up when the next bad guy is 
close--the others should follow and get caught up below. This makes it 
easy to get the drill and drop above the gold chest. One right and drill 
twice. On the chest square release a bomb. It will set off a small chain 
reaction. Enter and leave a bomb at the left. And again. Drill at the 
leftmost part and if bad guys are on both sides just lead one side up 
the ladder and go over them. You can probably outrun them up the stairs, 
onto the rope, and then you can drop into the door on the right.

  22 1-ptr + 7 hidden = 29 Gold sum.

  Level #090 AAHHH!!

XXXXXXXXXXXX;   1     .XX4 e
XX  4  ~~3 XXXXXXXXHX*****X.
XHXXXX**1       X3  H  4 X V
XXXHXXXXXX;    |XH      %X V

  It's more a relaxed AAHHH than a panicked AAHHH, it seems. The extra 
drill here is but frippery.

  Go UL for goodies and retreat. Then hit the up center and bomb the 
right wall and drop at the far right after waiting for the chain 
reaction. You know there's a bunch of traps there because that's how one 
enemy got in play.

  These clowns never seem to get organized and so it should be little 
problem to clear the right out. But if you want to make extra sure, dig 
around where you started to drop on one snare and then go to the bottom. 
Dig left for an express to the bottom, go forward and use a snare, 
ducking in the cave first if necessary to discourage enemies 
temporarily. Put the snare to the left and then you can probably dig 
past the other two and get the other snare.

  I actually had to bomb these clowns as they played "prevent defense" 
and then reappeared in the DL trap part. Then I just cleaned up the 

  A 2-1 dig above the green key will let you drop in but then you need 
the drill to get out and so you have to go back around. So to feel smart 
and efficient just do a 3-3-3-3 dig from the UL ladder and you can 2-1 
dig your way out.

  Trek to above the door and a 3-<2-<1 dig will drop you into its 
chamber. On to stun guns and stuff.

  39 points = 5 ones + 2 threes + 7 fours

  Skit: Jake shoots the monks, who cough and stumble. Jake lets one by 
and he walks into a wall. Kicks one over and high fives the next.

  Level #091 GAS THEM GOOFY

  About levels 91-105: the bad guys blend in with the background very 
well. Take a careful look if all of a sudden they seem to have vanished. 
They're probably stuck somewhere and you'd feel silly walking right into 

            +  +
        1 **H  H** 1
       XXX  HXXH  XXX
     1 XXX  H  H  XXX 1
    XXX     H  H     XXX
    XXX     H  H     XXX
            H  H
 H****X******  ******X****H
 H                        H
1H                        H1
V*****X***H      H***X*****V
   1     &H      H&      1
H**********      **********H
H             u            H

  Run R, U, L quickly and get the gun. Turn around and blast the bad guy 
for fun. Then go right and drop through the trap that almost let him 
catch you for more gold. Gas him again as you come around and get to the 
top. Fall right and then go left and fall down the center of the screen. 
Once the bad guys fall after you, you have a free pass to the top. Take 
it and fall all the way left to get the gold over the trap.

  If you don't want to gas the monks then you can hide in the DL and 
they'll fall down to get you. Then you can walk around. But why not have 
fun playing bang-bang? Something to keep you amused on the long trek 
back up to the door.

  8 points for 8 1-pointers.

  Level #092 GAS 'EM

H                          H
H        *******           H
H        XXX XXX           H
H        X     X           H
H1       X     X          1H
      1H ******* H1
 HXXXXXH         HXXXXXH ***
 H     XXXXXXXXXXX     H ***
 H                     H ***
 11111  H ***** H 11111  XXX
        H   u&  H

  Time for the Lode Runner version of the Hokey Pokey. Dig to the left, 
dig to the right, don't get the gun, U, R, dig. Now come back up and go 
to the center above where the drill is--the bad guys go left by default 
so you have a clear path. Dig for the drill, then use it right away and 
go back UR. You can clear below the drillable squares by circling around 
four more times. Then go to the UR and dig when on the ladder and then 
drill down to get the two encased gold pieces. You should have time to 
get the stun gun if the bad guys are bottled up to the left although it 
is better to wait for them to approach and circle counterclockwise. Then 
you can drill through the top of the square with the doors in it.

  Of course straight-up digging doesn't work. Although the bad guys will 
regenerate in the square structure on top, where you need to go to exit 
the level, you can just drill the two rightmost tiles on the structure 
top(falling and returning in the meantime of course, far right first) 
before your third try through the center of the square twice to leak the 
bad guys out. Then when you go back to the top just dig the left of the 
now vulnerable squares. You'll fall into the door.

  21 1 ptrs = 21 Gold sum.

  Level #093 TEXAS GAS

   1      1              +
 H*********       H****  h
 H                H      h
 H     1    1     H      h
*****H ******     H   X  h
     H            H   X  h
1    H     e      H  1X  h 1
  &     e                 1H
H          e               u

  L, dig when he's close, L, dig when he's close, U, get gun, R, wait 
for bad guy to come down stairs, gas him, run by him. Continue 
zigzagging up to the UL where you can go right, drop, and go L/R.  
Should be time to drop right and get the chest in the far corner as well 
as if you stay on the ledge the bad guys lump together. Go up the high 
dive and jump right. Bad guys will lump together on the other side of 
the wall. Right drops through a trap and gets gold. Ooh--the ladder 
appears just where you were. But wait for the bad guys to come down a 
level and get close, blast them with the gun, run past and high-dive 
again to level 94.

  8 points for 8 1-pointers.

  Level #094 EXPLODING GAS

   &e  u              e  &
H                 ***      H
H                          H
H            .             H
H HV    X  *****           H
H HV 1 .X         X   1XH  H
H HVXX**X         XXV**XH  H
H H 1X1   V     X    X  H  H
H                          H
H...                       H
XXXXXXXH               H****

  Wait for the guy in the UL to get stuck, drop left, get the bomb, and 
use it. Then run past where the wall was and go left after you fall. 
Wait in the nook. The bad guys bunch to the left and you can fly to the 
right. Get the gun and then wait at the bottom. Blast the three guys and 
run to the UL. Fall off where you did to start but this time dig left to 
get the gold. Be relatively quick but be sure to dig once the bad guys 
are in the DL. That way when you fall through the traps they'll be away. 
You'll need to go up the center ladder here, across the platform with 
the bomb, down and up the ladder. Set down a bomb to blow away the 
barrier to the door.

  4 points = 4 ones

  Level #095 MINER 49ER

 u  ~~~  &  %~~ e  ~   ~~
HX 22 342H  1X44H**2X4 HX XX
H  ^  X2XHX*142XH~~~~~~HX33X
HX4X4 X 4H ** X H XXXHX~  e
H     222|HXXXXSXXSXh222X2XH

  This one is a bit tangled but breaking it up into blocks works pretty 
well. As usual any gold piece that seems to be in an inescapable pit has 
a trap beneath it, which makes the level much less intimidating.

  Dig right, drop in, dig the square below where you land, and drop in 
there. At the bottom three guys should chase you--go to the ladder top 
and fall to get the two on the ledge and dig into the chamber with three 
gold. Get the snare and place it. Go up the right ladder to the top and 
get the stun gun.

  Now you can drop where gold is and use the gun if you have to. No gold 
pieces actually require drilling until you want to get the key.

  Most of these aren't too tricky although if a bunch of monks cloister 
in one area you may need to gas/dig to push them elsewhere. The four 
gold in the upper right you need to dig to fall into. The two gold in 
the door's structure fall to a dig-down to the right of the attached 

  Eventually if you dig the bad guys they will probably lump far away 
from you, so use the drill twice when above the green key and get rid of 
it. Then dig to get the stuff UR. If no-one's around, after catching the 
green key in mid-air, you may want to move it right near the door so you 
can raid the lower right, the toughest part of the level.

  You've probably nailed two guys with snares so far, so here go to the 
one-tall ladder in the bottom right and wait for guys in the bottom 
right to fall after you. Once one drops near the ladder above, U and L 
and turn around and gas him. There still may be two left in the lower 
right, but you can get to the rope there and dig a couple squares to the 
right, drop, and dig below there, which will do for them. Once 
everyone's vacated it's easy to dig left twice from the right ladder and 
drop in for the last four treasures. Your gun should dissipate any fools 
congregating between you and the exit, and if you placed the green key 
where I told you there is no threat whatsoever unless you try to climb a 
ladder too fast--let them come to you.

  142 points = 6 ones + 24 twos + 4 threes + 19 fours

  Level #096 TARI (Tar! ?)

+             +            +
H             H            H
H   1  1    e He    1  1   H
H   H  H XX  XH  XX H  H   H
H   H  H XX  XH  XX H  H   H
H   H  H XX 1XH1 XX H  H   H
H   H  H XX  XH  XX H  H   H
H   H  HXXX  XH  XXXH  H   H
H   H  XXX   XH   XXX  H   H
H   HXVXX    XH    XXVXH   H
*****XV      XH      VX*****
XXXXX        XH        XXXXX
    1        uH        1

  More a tedious run than an abstract challenge here. The key is to 
watch for bad guys regenerating at the top when you go up to get the 
four gold pieces at the tops of the ladders.

  Duck left for the gold and dig twice to the right. Duck right for that 
gold and dig to the left. One bad guy will probably regenerate at the 
top and here is where you need to evaluate what sort of digging you want 
to do--probably two digs will work but just one dig, walk over, and dig 
each way would be the safest route. You may also later need to dig, step 
onto the fallen monk, and dig. It's a question of separation.

  At the top, the toughest gold to get is the stuff near the center. You 
may need to dig around on the top before you have enough time to do so, 
or you can go one square above the base of the center ladder if you 
trapped both bad guys. For the right side, you must dig two squares to 
the left of the undiggable ground above the chest, then dig in there. 
There's a trap to the right of that ladder so you can't get both gold 
pieces in one trip.

  After getting each near gold piece it's a good time to pick off the 
gold near the center stair. Just leave a couple of holes for the monks 
to fall in after you've gone down the trap, leave a couple behind, and 
you'll have enough time and safety to get the gold on either side.

  The far gold pieces on the ladder are easy--you just have to make it 
to the edge and take the stairs.

  8 1-pointers = 8 points.

  Level #097 A MESS-O-MONKS

 ~~~~~~~~    ~~   ~~~~~~~~~
H        ****  ***      1  H
1     e HX       XH   e
  H        ~~~~ e          H
     HXXX    H*X    HXX
   .HXX      HX     H$.
HXXXXX1.     HX.    H$$XXXXH
H    XXXXXXXXX***XXX*******H
H           e u&           H

  Immediate evasive action--run one right and dig left. Then run left 
across the hole and dig right. You can now pick up the gun, which is fun 
to have. Now dig left and run right to get all the monks trapped. Get 
the bomb up the right stairs and use it where you found it. Three hidden 
gold pieces there and you can now use the bomb to the left where you 
found it and go all the way left. You'll drop through a trap. Then there 
are two bombs above. Get them.

  There should be one guy stuck in the UL. He's tough to get by but 
you'll need to walk on the trap square near him that drops you oneto a 
one-square platform. Once he falls after you go left and dig right at 
the ladder. This buys enough time to get the gold two stairways up and 
left as there's a trap under it. R, U, R. Now you'll notice a lot of 
baddies get trapped in the chamber in the upper center--that's where the 
door will be, but live for the now as you crawl across the top rope, 
drop, and bag the final two guys.

  The last gold to get is in a tightly sealed chamber. Due to a nasty 
trap you'll have to dig to get there. Place a bomb on the ladder R2U of 
it. Run right then left. Now for the final bit. You'll need to release 
enough guys--three to be precise. You can get much more easily, though; 
on the right side you can bomb and then wait at the far right  stairs. 
L, D, dig/fall right and now circle around. Climb to the top, drop in 
the center, and run right.

  9 points = 4 ones + 1 twos + 3 hiddens


1e  1      H1H            e1
   H   H          H     H
1  H 1 H         1H  1  H  1
         H          H     H
  1      H  1      1H    1H
H     H                H   H
H     H 1        1     H1  H
   H         H
   H 1       H 1   1
He          uH&           eH

  Remember that every square here that isn't solid is a trap. Get the 
gun to the right and now climb the ladder and go right at the first 
turn, climb again, and go right until you're at the bottom. You don't 
have to worry about bad guys too much because of the gun. Fall left at 
the ladder top again and you should have outflanked them. Go UR twice 
and note that the bad guys congregate above the ladder where you 
started. This will happen a lot, and it makes the rest of the level a 
lot less intimidating. In fact the big puzzle here seems to be how to do 
everything efficiently so you don't get tired of it.

  From your current point go left, fall, return, go right, fall, and now 
get the chest right and return. R, U, L, fall, then climb to the tip, 
fall through each trap to the left to get the gold, and back to where 
you were. Back to the top and fall right until on a level with the top 
bad guy. U/L to the top and drop right and continue to the edge. 
There'll be two more gimmes to pick up.

  Should be one gold left--over a trap. Now go to the DR and wait. You 
don't even need to use the gas to get past the bad guys if you're 
patient. In fact it's easier as often bad guys stay out of the gas if 
too many are inside already. At the DL just U, R until the next-top 
platform, then L, U, R, U, R.

  19 points = 19 ones

  Level #099 GAS 'ER UP

4 +      e|          ~~~~
4h                  H
4h         .X       H
4h     H**SSSS******* %***H
4h     H              **1*H
4h     H     e         ***H
4h     *******h*h***** XXXH
4h   ;.X      h^h     .X  H
4                          H
4             H            H
&        e    H     E      H

  A big fall to start things off. Get the gun and gas guys as they go to 
the left. Wait for all four to get on the bottom and then R, U, L, U, R. 
Use the bomb where you found it and run away. Get the goo--not necessary 
but it'll help you breate easier near the end. Ignore the goo, but drop 
the gun just when you pass the cave if you want to initiate a more R-
rated scene near the end.

  Use the bomb where you found it and now it's time for some quick 
action. R, U, L and get the drill, then fall left and go L2U of the gold 
chest and dig twice. Get the gold and dig left of it. Note if you had 
the gun when you got the drill it would be inaccessible. Trade the drill 
for the gun and now you have two choices: wait at the left edge of the 
platform above the cave and wait for the bad guys to come after you from 
the right, leaving a walk to the UL door, or blast through to the top 
using the bomb just above, the gun and even the snare on your way. It 
depends on how violent of a mood you're in.

  13 4-pointers + 1 1-pointer = 53 points total.

  Level #100 SMOKE 'EM OUT

*X**********HX3333 .####3333
*X**********HXHX   ^u   r. 3
X  .|       HXXXHX XXX XXX V
 H 4 e  XX    . HXVX XVX XVX

  The repetition in this level became damaging to my mental health at a 
late hour. The main move conists of starting in the DR, runnint up and 
to the left, coming back to the right, and falling through a pit with a 
trap at the bottom to go back to the bottom right. I'll call it 'taking 
the loop.' Fortunately there's plenty you can do to make it less risky.

  First one to get is the DR gold piece. Dig right, fall, dig right and 
get the drill. When the bad guy falls in, go D, L, D and R until you 
fall. Trade the drill for a snare which you can set. Now you can set 
traps for the other guy and make sure they're good and killed. They'll 
regenerate in the UL and be no factor. Now start picking off gold pieces 
enclosed in pits with traps at the bottom.

  The gold piece in the center is interesting--take the stair above it 
and inch down. You'll get the gold and still seem to be on the ladder, 
but tap up and you'll fall down.

  Next trip is up the ladder where you fell, and use the bomb you get to 
the right. The chain reaction leaves a path to the right.

  For the last three in pits you can just take the loop and and when 
left of the drill fall right and go left and fall. Next time detour for 
the red key and instead of falling left go one square left and dig right 
to drop into another gold piece. The final time, drop the red key at the 
stair to the area you'll need to drill, go down the right stairs. Get 
the drill and drop at the rope to get the final gold piece.

  Drill left of the red door and then dig the square under where you 
drilled. Trade for the red key and drop through again. Unlock the door.

  81 points = 23 threes + 3 fours

  Level #101 RUN

  u % ~~~   ~~~    e ~~~~e;
 H*****  HXX   XXHXXX1   XXH

  This is a brutal level even if you know how to start. I recommend 
going to the stair above the far left one and moving down when a bad guy 
is about to get on top of the R. He'll fall down. You can bunch all four 
this way. Go to the bottom--you can't make it across but you can get 
most of the gold under the R--and then back up once they get close. You 
can then take the rope, climb down, and start digging two-right from the 
ladder in the process. It'll take a while, but eventually you'll get to 
the bottom of the U. Be sure to release the drill before you go in, and 
then get the gun, and once out get the drill back.

  Clearing out the bottom should be no problem after this. Then drop 
into the N(leftmost part to start) and after falls right, drill at the 
bottom part of it. Fortunately there's a trap door below.

You can now drop bad guys as follows--pull them right, go left, drill 
the leftmost drillable. They should fall into the U. Some may have gold 
but now you're free to pick off the R. You'll need to drill right of the 
last spot and then you can dig in. A 2-1 dig on the right nets some more 

  If a bad guy happens to form inside the R, it might actually be 
easier. Dispatch everyone else and use the bomb three right of where he 
is. He'll fall in and create a bridge for you to go across. Then a 2-1 
dig to the right gets a snare in case he's wandering around and another 
gold piece.

  You may have to fake some folks out to get to the left but with the 
gun it shouldn't be a problem.

  4 3-pointers + 27 1-pointers = 39 total points.

  Level #102 BAD BRAD GAS

X       4 4    H        R  X
X3e     SSSSSSSH           X
X*****XX       HXXHX       X
X      uX      H  HH       X
X        XX     H H        X
X         X     H H       XX
X          X    H H        X
X           X  H  H     X  X
X            X H  H   r    X
X             XH4 H        X
X              X* H        X
X               X H        X
X                H X       X
X        3333333&HXX  2 X  X

  Why the heck is this level so close to the end of the sub-segment? It 
seems pointless except as an intro. Well, you need a break for the last 
three, I guess.

   Drop right and get the gun. Climb to the top and drop off the ladder 
to the left for one gold, then get the two gold pieces by the goo. Drop 
left and run left and use the gas. If paranoid about timing then wait 
for the bad guy to get close, blast, go left, and wait for him to 
recover before shooting again, but a quick blast left should work.

  Now you need to dig the structore right of the long ladder--dig right, 
drop, and now dig right twice. This will uncover hidden gold and the 
next one you get pops some ladders up. Trade for the red key and when at 
the very top use the red door.

  38 points = 1 twos + 8 threes + 3 fours

  Level #103 LAVA FARM

XXXX  1 Xe1     3          %
X3   HXHXHXHX  u     4
X1|  HXH^HXH HX 3.X 3 X 4 XH
    HX   &  3HX.3 XHXHXHXHXH
e.    HX2&X XHX ; eHXH HXH H
XXH 3  XXH e H| 3  H     y
XXXXXXXH   ^ H       4

  Go right and dig right over the second four-pointer. Navigate the 
ladders to the right for another and then go back to the start. Dig 
through for two bombs and two skills. Below the door, get the snare and 
set it first before getting the key, leaving it near the door, and 
rummaging below. You should be able to head into the DL corner soon.

  Then there is the long dead end--pick up the stun gun and then the 
rest of the level should not be too bad. Just remember not to fall into 
the area with the solid undiggable ground without the stun gun.

  When you get to left of the door just use a bomb and wait a bit.

  42 points = 4 ones + 1 twos + 8 threes + 3 fours


  R   2e ~~  ~~11 ~ %  2e~~
 XXX **XH  XX **XH X*X*X*  H
 XXX *X*H rXX *X*H *X3     H
 XXX 1*XHXXXX **XH X**     H
 XXX 1X*HXXXX 1X*H *X2222 ~H
 SXXX*X*H~u.  1X*H *X*X*XH
 X*XXX*XH X*  1*XH     X*H
 *X3 3X*H *X  1X*H    3*XH
        H   ^     H~~~~~~HXX

  Go left and down. dig to get the monk out of the way and take the long 
ladder up. If you can go immediately right do so--your object is to get 
the drill. If things don't work well fall into the J and the left square 
is a trap that will kick you out. It's a good safety net and you can try 
again shortly.

  The left structure--the D. Make sure there aren't too many guys on the 
ladder below you(circle clockwise if there are to rearrange the bad 
guys.) Drill above the three gold pieces to get them. There's a trap in 
the center of the platform below and then to the right in the cave below 
so go left there and then right. Now dig or hide in the cave to kick 
guys away and tackle the J next.

  There's another chain of chests in the J you want to drill to get to. 
There's also a trap to the left of their base. The S is next; do a 2-1 
dig above the skull on the ledge and then drill below. There's a trap 
directly to the right. Drop on the rope and go R, U to get to the rest 
of the chests. You should be able to leave once you win the variation of 
Where's Waldo and find a red door on the red background. It's in the 
upper left, on the platform full of diggable blocks. Run across the 
bottom left or if you're at the top drop into the J once the bad guys 
get up there too.

  34 points = 10 ones + 6 twos + 4 threes

  Level #105 BOMB BAYS II

    &X    &X    &X    &X
    XX    XX   eXX    XX
u  1XX .1 XX 1  XX1  .XX 1
 H  XX  H XX H  XX  H XX   H
 H. XXe H XX H  XX  H XX   H
 H 1XX 1H XX H1.XX .H1XX  1H
H   XX H  XX  H XX H  XX H
H   XX H  XX  H XX1H  XX1H
H  1XX H.1XX1 H.XX H eXX H .
 .H XX  H XX H  XX  H XX  H1
  H XX  H XX H1 XX  H XX
 eH1XX  H1XX H  XX  H1XX .H

  This level is an extra doozy. You may want to save and play through a 
bit until you get a favorable situation. Not sure what the inaccessible 
stun guns are doing but it'd be much easier with them.

  Go down and jump off the ladder to get past the bad guy for starters. 
Get the gold along the way quickly.

  Digression: there's some randomness in this level as the guy you blow 
up will appear somewhere else which doesn't always help you out. However 
what you can control--and what you'll need to in some cases--is that you 
want to make sure all four gold pieces are sitting in the next area 
before moving on, much like the first Bomb Bays, unless you have a few 
extra bombs to take out enemies. The strategy is to drop one bomb, move 
left, and drop another as you climb the stairs. Then cut through right.

  The first time you don't need to worry about counting the gold pieces. 
Clear the gold pieces and then when at the bottom climb the ladder, 
leave the bomb and go down. Note the bad guy won't follow you all the 
way unless you hit the very bottom. You'll want to stay at the bottom 
for the first area, and after using the first bomb, place the second in 
the small cavity to the right and move left. It'll take out the bad guy 
to the right. If the first guy regenerates in the second-left area wait 
for him to come down the pike before bombing and if he picks nothing up 
you can use the ladder to fake him out.

  Similar tactics work to explode the second wall although in this case 
you may be lucky, no one having regenerated in the second area.

  You can also save the game here and keep playing the first part until 
you're lucky to have someone regenerate in the far left part after 
you've cleared it, or at least not in the second-left after your first 
bombing effort. This can save a bomb which later allows you to leave a 
bomb trail and take out bad guys en masse--or just bomb a bad guy that 
regenerates unfortunately. If that doesn't work you'll have to force bad 
guys to give up any chests they have.

  Getting bad guys to cough up their loot is tough. Let them press 
against a wall and eventually they'll give it up(check for the slicing 
noise and stand at a ladder. Move right up when you hear it, then go to 
a different ladder if another one has to cough something up. If there 
are two, this will change the placing of the one next to the wall and 
his gold will be left behind easier. With three it is much more 

  For areas with more than one enemy to the right you want to bomb a 
right wall and back up and then leave a bomb in the same area to get rid 
of them. Often if only one bad guy is to the right you can go up a 
ladder and walk over him, being sure you'll trap him to the left where 
you don't need to go back. Immediately go down the ladder to the right 
and they'll run L/U and wait until the bombed area heals.

  In general using one bomb to take out a wall and the next to take out 
a bad guy works well here although you may in some cases need to bomb a 
bad guy that reappears above you. The computer doesn't play fair here 
and don't let guilt discourage you from reloading several times to find 
an easy way through this level.

  20 points = 20 ones


              H      1
  H    1XX    H     XX
  H     XX    H     XX
u H     XX    H     XXeeee 1
1`                         +

  R, U, R. 2-1 dig to get the gold below. Come back around, fall right, 
and get the bomb above. Go back down and bomb the wall to bring the 
monks out. You can't go up right away but three of the monks will fall 
in the bomb holes and they'll be toast. Now a 5-4-3-2-1 dig once you've 
fallen where the monks were is what you need to get to the bottom. The 
final gold piece is there, and you can play with a pickaxe as well, 
timing how long it takes for a blockade to clear up, etc. Not that it's 
useful. The door's on the far right.

  4 1-pointers = 1 point total

  Level #107 SKULLBOY'S RUN


                      e   e
u                  XXXXXXXX
H       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
H     2  2  ~~~~~~~ 2      2
H    XXXXXXX       XXX   XXX
H   2     2 2 ~~~~~~~  2
H   2 2 ~~~~~2    2 ~~~~  2
H   2  2     2     2    `XXX
H     2  ^             2   g

  Another level where you don't really need to use the pickaxe. It 
doesn't even seem to have any use to make solving the level quicker.

  There are a lot of ways to go about such a level, and I recommend 
dropping down and taking care of the far right first and slowly working 
your way back left. Watch out for the long stretches of rope where you 
may have to fall to deal with the bad guys. If bad guys are coming over 
them, just wait and dig and then cross.

  You only seem to need to drop on the long rope twice: once at the far 
right and once at the platform to the left of that. Each time you can 
drop and run left, and the gold level with the pickaxe and on the row 
above it can be picked off at relative leisure.

  The door at the very bottom allows you to shake off bad guys who are 
getting too close as you attempt to rescue the key, but with enough of a 
jump(stay by the pickaxe, dig some, and dig to drop below it's not even 

  22 points = 2 2-pointers


e               u        `XX
XXXXH        XXX   X     XXX
****************           X
   XXXXXXXXXXXXX           X
        XX  XX XX XX XXXXX$X
 . . . . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~XXX
H*******H * * * * * ** *****
H     e H         XXXXXXX+XX

  Finally, one where the pickaxe is needed. It's as basic as advertised, 
but it feels like the correct sort of challenge, and the timing at the 
end is not trivial.

  Go right for the pickaxe, drop left for the bombs, use the pickaxe 
left. Place the first bomb at the right and move away. You can dig the 
roof with the pickaxe again if you want, but if you move quickly you 
won't need to before you place the second bomb that will release you 
down. Amazingly the bad guy doesn't follow you, so a 3-<2-<1 dig is all 
that is necessary here.

  Note there's gold in them thar holes but you can't really miss it as 
the only way to do it uncovers them. Now for the tough part--after the 
bad guy to the left hits the bottom on his drop(it'll happen a few times 
before the holes close) run left. It's easy to drop and continue left 
past the bad guy--he tends to dither back and forth before falling. Get 
the bombs on the far left. Run right around the bad guy and pickaxe one 
of the two left 1x3 columns. Run left and start placing bombs, 
retreating to pickaxe the nearest column above, alternate bombing right 
and pickaxing left(if only one cave-in is guarding you from the monk) 
except for at the end where you should edge between the monk and 
exploding bomb. The trick is to move back and pickaxe as the bomb's fuse 
is exploding early on, so you waste little time.

  4 points = 4 1-pointers

  Level #109 DIRTY DELAY

 e   u       `XXX
************H*XX          e
            HXX  XXXXXXXXXX
 XXXXHXXX  XHXX*** ******
     H     XH111X  XXXXXX
 **********X****X  XXXXXX
 XXXXXXXXX             YX
***********XXH       HX
 X    X    X*********HX
 X    X    XXXXXXX y HX

  They're not referring to that nutty US Representative from Texas 
either. Run right, get the pickaxe, and use it to the left of the stair 
to drop and get the gold. Go back up and left on the rope. Now when you 
are left of the door dig on the only square you can. Then dig below that 
and go back up your stair. This will attract the guy to the right. Pull 
down as he goes up the stair and if you did it right he'll fall into the 
bottom of the two holes. He should regenerate in the DR or somewhere 
he's not a factor, but stay on the bottom if he appears above the door, 
and run quickly up if he appears on the inaccessible ledge in the UR. 
Then you can run across to the door.

  3 points = 3 1-pointers

 ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~
 ;      1H^  e    H1
H  1 ~~~~HXXXXXX~~H~~~~~~~~
***** He H        H  He ;
XXXXX H*****H********H***
***H  H1  ~~H1^     1H1    1
XXXH******H  ***H****H***H *
   H   ^1 H     H    H   H
*H***********X*******H ****H
eH1  e       u^`HX   H1    H

  Getting the pick and entering the cave has its problems as bad guys 
tend to run around and eventually lump at the bottom around you. I 
prefer an immediate approach to get started. You don't even need the 
pick. R, U, dig R. Go all the way right and 1 up the stair. One guy will 
come down after you but he's a shmoe. Once you dispatch him you're 
pretty much set; the DR area will be your base.

  D, L, dig R, L, U, R, U 1 square. Now everyone will be running around 
except the DR bad guy who'll get regenerated. Once he does, go to the 
bottom of the stair and wait. Bad guys will lump to the left. This is 
good. Now you can do to the DR, wait for them to get close, climb up, 
wait some more, and go L, U, L. You'll have a huge jump on them so you 
can take care of the main part of the level. You can head straight left 
to get to the far side and get the far left gold(the toughest one with 
this strategy) and then have just enough time to go back and climb up 
the stairs. If you trip up a bit then just go down, remembering to dig 
left as you pass the stairs into the cave. But make a break for the 
right corner when it's safe or risk getting stuck.

  Otherwise(or once you reset the position) once up the stairs go L, U, 
and all the way R until you fall. Then you can start the process over 
again; this time get the gold suspended above the rope. After that you 
should be able to pick off others at random.

  This leaves only the gold that bad guys leave behind. Fortunately 
there are ways to sucker them into holes--one is above the cave in the 
bottom center, and there are two in the DR. You can juggle around on the 
second-lowest ladder in the DR to make them fall back when they get out. 
Then you can bring the three remaining bad guys back again and try the 
whole thing again after that. You can also lead the bad guys on a 
clockwise trail (right on the top platform, left on the second-bottom 
long platform) but if you can shake them in the DR that is the way to 

  You'll need to use the evasion once more to get to the door in the UL 
or UR.

  13 points = 13 ones

  Level #111 NO TIME TO CHAT

*****       e & e      1   .
*   *  H***************HXXXX
*   *  H               H
*****HXXXXXXXXH   |1   H
1    H        H   ******XXH
*****HXXXXH 1 H          1H
     H   XXXXXX       XXHXXX
     H   1     1        H
  .  H XXXXH  XXXXXH ~~~H~~~
  XXXXXX   H1    1 H    H 1e
       1H      H 1  ;    1
e 1H.      1H    |

  Run left, pick right, get the snare, and set it to the left. Get the 
pick back. Clearing the left should not be hard. Climb to the left of 
the snare but wait left to lump the bad guys a bit first, and they will 
come left in whcih case you can drop right and work there when they're 
on top. You can't do it all at once, but note the DR platform needs to 
be jumped onto and is probably the best one to attack first. Also note 
you don't have all day so head right for the DR and climb up only if 
there's a lot of space.

  But you can once at the bottom pull left until all three remaining bad 
guys have dropped down. At the top get the gas gun(more than enough 
time) and any gold and blast through the three bad guys. The other gold 
on the right should be no problem to clean up.

  The drill at the top should allow access to the area with the doors. 
Nobody should be trapped in there but just in case you can still drill 
the right wall down.

  15 points = 15 ones

  Level #112 TRAJECTORY

  ~~~~  ~~~~
 H          ************H
 H X  `  1X       ~~~~~~H
 H XVXXXXXX             H
 H                   XXX***H
 H     X1    1X      XXXXXXH
XHXX X                 XXX H
XH   X     X1  1X         HX
    H             1   XXXHXX
    XXXH      X1  X    XXHXX
      1H      XXXXX     XHX+
    HXXH                 HXh
    H  H        X 1X     HXh
u   H  H e       XX  e   H h

  R, wait for him to get close, U and get to the top of the structure. 
Then get to the rope and drop. He may drop into the first of the U's but 
you can dig and then fall left. Now the U's are organized as follows 
from top to bottom: trap on left edge, left edge, right edge and neither 
in the two bottom.

  You can get the left chest in the second U just by waiting and then 
digging. The key is that the bad guy falls off to the side instead of 
climbing down so if you're fast enough you can run by him and evade the 
worry of getting trapped at the bottom where you can't dig.

  The next task is to get the bad guy on the right to come to the left. 
This will render hi useless. It may be a tight squeeze but the key is to 
leave a hole behind right when you turn left from the higher ladder from 
the bottom. This will make the left enemy delay enough that the right 
one will drop in to the U before the left one forces you in. There may 
be some panic with the timing but you can just run across after you dug 
right and then keep digging/dropping right. The right side is not too 
tough with a 2-1 dig to get the suspended U. Drop on the leftmost part 
of the rope to get the chest on the right point of the one U. The door 
is in the DR and not tough to get to from where you are.

  10 points = 10 ones


e3    ~   3     ~      3   g
****** ********* **********H
e 3        3      3  ~   e H
H******************** ******
H  ~3      3             3
*** ***********************H
  3     ~  3  ~  3~        H
H******* ***** *** *********
H    3       e       3
   3 ~           ~     3   H
H**** *********** **********
H      ~   3    3  ~ 3
******* *********** *******H
G`u 3    3  3       3    3 H

  There's an elegant and physically hilarious solution to this. Get the 
pick and go right. Below the right of the two ropes go two right wait 
and then pickaxe left when the first guy drops. Wait three seconds, move 
one square right, and pickaxe left again. Keep doing so. The point of 
this is that it gives bad guys time to lump together at the bottom 
behind you. You can even miss a square and a bit of timing and it'll be 
ok. Once all five are bottled up you can just zigzag to the top.

  There's still the matter of getting the gold pieces the bad guys may 
have taken and left.

  If this happens you have time to retreat to the second-highest 
platform. Get on the rope and drop once one guy is close. Then you can 
clear out whatever gold is below(go right, wait for them and drop again 
if you feel you need more time) and use the pickaxe trick in the DR to 
synchronize the bad guys. Climb back up to get the green key and then 
fall from the rope again to get to the bottom. The platform with no 
holes in it whatsoever(4th from bottom) helps tremendously in guarding 
you from unexpected droppings-in.

  72 points = 24 threes

  Level #114 WORKLOAD

+        u          e  1
h    1XXXX    XXXX  e  XXXXX
h   1XXXX    XXXX       XXXX
h   XXXX    XXXX         XXX
H          HX11111XXHXX11111

  Drop L, go down and right for the pick, and head down and wait for the 
bad guys to come over. Use the pickaxe right so they bunch together and 
wait for the cave-in to disappear before you go up and right. A 3-2-1 
dig should be effective; don't dawdle, but they won't try to fall in to 
the hole you've made. Once through you will want to pickaxe to the left 
to discourage those chasing you. Get to the big ladder on the right and 
2-digging to the left until the final row you can dig works well; dig 
the left square and fall in. Oops, a trap. Darn.

  The best way to get the ones on the far left is to climb almost all 
the way up the ladder, wait for the bad guys to group in the UL, and 
then diagonally DL and bomb above the leftmost gold, on the ladder. Run 
away--flee to the left to avoid having to fiddle with the controls to 
avoid losing a life. Come back and climb down the ladder(tap up first--a 
nuisance I know) and YOU'RE IN! YAY!

  As for the right side there is no trap below the far right chest. 
You'll want to dig the right two from the ladder, the rightmost two from 
the next platform down, etc. Remember to get the gold chests before 
doing so. This will allow you to get four chests on the right.  Proceed 
as you did on the left to get the near right chests.

  But now there is that annoying one on top. For this you'll need to dig 
all three bad guys. Stay at the top of the right ladder and fall left. 
You should be able to run left and make six digs left, which is good 
enough to regenerate all three bad guys. One should appear UR and start 
running down with his chest. But even if no-one appears there or even 
more irritatingly the guy there doesn't get the gold it should not be 
too bad to dig holes when necessary to nail bad guys coming down. 
Remember 2* the number of bad guys appearing on one side. Use the 
pickaxe as a last resort if they get too imbalanced.

  Getting to the door may be tough but actually you can go up the two-
ladder to the right to make the bad guys appearing in the UR go down 
instead of left. That will temper their onslaught and also synchronize 
the left. Unless there are three thee you can just dig and walk over--if 
there are three, dig to regenerate one in the UR and try.

  19 points = 19 ones

  Level #115 QUIT PICKING AT IT!

 e1~~ ~~~ XX   XX   .   XXXX
 **H *   H   1   H*****H
 XXH X1  ***HVH***XXXXX***H1
  **H X.   eH HXX    1    XV
  XXH X*******H   H******H e
 *****H  XX   HXXXXX     HXX
 XXXXXH   1   He   1  .**H 1
  1  1H*****H****H**H**XX***
  XXHXXX    H .  H  H  ~~  1
    H.     H******11***. *H*
1He     H      `^         Hu

  15 points = 15 ones

  Any square that looks like you can dig it is actually a trap. Have a 
nice day.

  Well, it's not really desperate, though. Starting requires quick moves 
but nothing you haven't done before. Get the pick to the left and hide 
in the cave. Head left when you can and go up the left side of the 
structure. You can probably go along the top, then. The key thing to 
note here is that you want all the bad guys to be synchronized and 
you'll either want to bomb them to go back right or make sure no-one's 
waiting below the UR square that is a trap.

  Monsters can be faked to lump in the DR(where you can run away and 
even leave pickaxed rubble for them) or upper center if you head in the 
lower center. If they go to the DR then you can probably get to the bad 
guy below the UR, bomb him, and circle back around to get the chest that 
was once so troublesome. If they go to the upper center then you can go 
DR, wait, and use the rope to circle around them. You'll get the bomb 
back once you cover the right side, with interest.

  That part is protected but you can still wait for bad guys to go to 
the upper center before going left. Now climb down the second ladder, 
drop right to get the gold, then circle around on the rope and drop to 
get the other gold above the trap. You may have to wait for the right 
time, but it should not be too arduous.

  After this bad guys should run to the bottom leaving you carte blanche 
to go up the left side. You can even shake them climbing just up the 
second ladder on the left and they'll circle in the DR. This should buy 
enough time to get the last tough gold, above the trap left of the 
up/center ladder. If not let the monsters regroup to their previous 
inefficient huddle. This should be the last one you get but don't 
hesitate to use bombs to pick up any stragglers(or blow away bad guys 
holding stuff) and then get to the exit in the UL.

  Level #116 PICK YOUR TOOLS

   4        .
; H****SS***S
  HX.    |u`      ee~   ~
SSS****************H XXX XX
       ~~ ;      ~~H
****XXXXHHX. 1  .XXH
.       H X1    1  &XH~~~~~~
*************XH.XXXXXH H H H
*e.  4X.    4XH   HXXXSSSSSS

  Get the pick, use it right, get the snare, use it right of the goo pot 
below(so the chain of bombs misses it,) and retreat into the corner with 
the bomb while using the pickaxe to obstruct slowly. This will pull the 
two bad guys together. Use the bomb on the leftmost square. Get the goo 
and run across the top, staying behind the bombs for safety, and clear 
the two chests on the goopy part first. This may not be so easy. Bad 
guys run amok and even if you waited to the left of the wall you blew up 
you couldn't wait there forever(only a certain time window to get over 
the top with the wall blocking you.) So you'll need to be alert before 
using the usual fakery below--try to make one bad guy drop so he lands 
close to the other.

  If you want you can take a detour now and just dig until you relegate 
the bad guys to the upper left.

  Now dig down from the platform beneath where you started into the 
chamber. Dig the right square on it to get everything in one blow, and 
get the gun too. Use two bombs to blast through the bottom walls; go all 
the way left to get one bomb and let the far right wall reform to be 
totally paranoiacally safe. Then bomb it--you basically used three bombs 
to get two, which is just as good as moving in quickly to get one bomb 
and the gold and use two and less risky. In fact you can be frugal and 
dig the bombs to the left if you really want, and just gas any guy 
tailing before the wall refills. He'll get nailed by the bomb on the way 

  Go to the drill area in the far left, drill down, and get the bombs. 
You may have to bomb your way out by feinting right and left. Get the 
stun gun for insurance for the next part although it's probably not 
necessary. Neither are bombs; the door's in the UR and not UL.

  21 points = 5 ones + 4 fours

  Level #117 NARROW ESCAPE

XX**H***    1 H  *** ***   H
********      H     1      H
        ***   H H*******H  H
        XXX   H H 1   1 H  H
  ~~~~~     .XH H*** ***H  H
%      HS****XH HXXX XXXH  H
****** H  .   H H  e1e  H  H
****XX HXXXXXXH************H
1XX*.  H;     HXXXX        H
**1***********H    .1X     H
**H*          H*******     H
**H ~~~~~~~~~~H~~~~~~~~~~~~H
*+**H   1^1e  H    e1^1    H

  Go right and dig left(not much choice is there?) Pick up the pickaxe 
and after you stay at the top of the ladder, drop and wait for the bad 
guys all to fall down a bit after you feint down. Light up a bomb(there 
are no no bombing signs around after all) but be sure to go L2D and then 
back to the ladder base after the first explosion is. Drop right on the 
chest just to the left(there are traps on that platform) and then down 
to where the one goo is. Then make a break for the bottom. Either cave 
is equally cozy but I like the right first. Lump the bad guys together 
and run to the right. The usual goading just allows time to get the four 
gold pieces in the UR. Reconvene the bad guys.

  Now the toughest gold piece to get is the one you need to drill for. 
Direct methods aren't so hot. The right way is very indirect. Get the 
goo, go to the UR and bring everyone over. Drop down and go left on the 
rope. Drill the square just left and now drop and enter the cave if the 
bad guys are too close. Go left to the ladder when they're all together 
and U, R, U, L and use the goo right at the ladder. Climb up it and from 
the rope drop at the third-right square on the platform. Drill four 
times(LEAVE THE BOTTOM SQUARE) and take the ladder down. Drill below it 
and hit the cave again. Now with the front guy in the goo as you come 
back around to above the chest, start drilling to the bottom. To get out 
here you may need to use a bomb as the bad guys will be spaced out. 
Shouldn't be too bad; the door is in the DL and you can just lead the 
guys around to the right if they're guarding it too closely and outflank 

  13 points = 13 ones

  Level #118 STEP BEHIND

X XHX. .X.X.X.XX       HX.XX
R    HXXu`    .   XXH

  Each of the last three levels has some clever waiting/maneuvering 
tricks but 118 is sadly the most fun of the lot.

  Get the pickaxe and use it behind. Use the bomb on the right edge but 
not too soon or late before the bad guy is about to release. The trick 
here is to make sure he doesn't get 1)swallowed up by the reappearing 
walls or 2) trapped inside the opening area where you'll need to return 
or 3) too much of a jump so he traps you with a bomb about to explode, 
as you'll need to bomb the left wall and have enough time to run back 
and towards the ladder.

  Stand under the ladder after the first bomb explodes. You'll get 
chased. The key thing is to move forward quickly after the bomb R2U of 
the stair explodes. A quick burst U and R will do--the bad guy may be 
too close behind for you just to wait U. Then on the second ladder go 
down a bit. The bad guy will dither on the ladder to the left. When the 
wall to the left that would block you two heals, you've got it made. Go 
up, right, up, but not to the top. Wait for the bomb above your current 
stair to explode and dig left. Go around the monk and to the bottom of 
the right stair. Now you have a good time window here to drop to the 
left. You can wait for the final bomb below to explode, then drop left, 
use the bomb on the left wall, retreat, and go up the pair of stairs. 
Get the red key to the right and drop left to the door.

  0 points for figuring this out. How stingy.

  Level #119 ROUND AND ROUND

HXXXX****     1     1 *XXXXX
H 1 XXXXX        3.XXXX3
H         *********XX  H  1
H    e1 u             e  XXH
H                    3.XH  H
H         **************H  H
H 3  XXXXXX             H  H
*X**           HXXXXXXXXXXXX

  Good idea, terrible wait. First, count a second before you drop 
right(bad guy just about to catch you.) Dig left quickly and drop left. 
Leave some holes behind for fun.

  Now do the semi-random fatal part first. This is different from the 
semi-random less potentially fatal ones on the rest of the level, which 
require more thought and in fact have a great way to weasel out that 
almost seems unfair. But it's quite fun. I think you'll like it, but 
first a general discussion of the level.

  The object here is to use the vertical corridor to jump on monks and 
run the way you need on their heads to get places you couldn't get 
yourself. The tough part of the level requires a nasty double-dipping 
where you bounce on one guy, go to the left, and then from the top you 
go right and into the area with the skull and the bomb. You'll have to 
go back another time to do the more obvious part of the level as you're 
under a time constraint here.

  The chests you can't reach will fall once you've dug enough guys. 
They'll regenerate and go through the goo at the top. Eventually one 
will pick it all up.

  This, coupled with chance(you probably will need a bad guy to appear 
in the UR and not upper center) and your travels through the goo make 
this level frustratingly slow if you use traditional methods. Let's 
knock off the clearable ones that don't require jumping on people's 
heads first.

  Note that if you fall down the shaft it's best to goad the monks well 
through the goo before circling right(best done by digging the right 
square and dropping through to gain time.) Then just dig a whole bunch 
to get a few monks down, and wait a bit before digging more. You'll want 
to get two waves of bad guys falling down and if you do it right you can 
get to the narrow enclosure above without having to use bombs.

  Let's get the skull and bomb first. Fortunately once you zap bad guys 
it takes them forever to get back into play. So just dig a whole bunch 
after you drop left and run around. Three on the left, one on the right, 
then dig right until you're at the ladder. You should now have enough 
time to dig 5 squares down to the left from the ladder and get the 
bomb/gold even if the nearest bad guy leaves his hole in time. You can 
dig to trap him easily.

  Next there's the obnoxious gold above the stair. Get to the far right. 
Go up the ladder to a point where the bad guys won't chase you but go up 
the ladder to the left. Go down so that the bad guys start going up, 
wait a few seconds, then hover around the height of the platform to the 
left. The bad guys will come back. The first will go down a bit, and the 
second one may too. The third should walk right, which leaves you to 
climb over him--wait for the other bad guys to fall left and tap the 
controller before going up or you may fall left off the ladder, which is 
not usually fun(even if the bad guys have fallen to the left,) although 
it is convenient after if this was your last gold chest.

  Simply climbing to the top isn't enough; most of the times you'll drop 
a bit and the bad guy will get a snack. Note the bad guy may not be 
pressed against the wall if he runs back right, but don't worry. If he's 
stuck, he's stuck, and you can walk across him.

  With all this mayhem you should get to the drop zone in time to jump 
on SOMEONE and go left. Timing isn't a huge factor here. Just jump right 
after you're passed by. Go left and get the gold, dig left and get the 
bomb as you fall.

  Now hopefully someone is behind the guy who fell. The trick is to bomb 
him and then climb up and jump on him. You will DEFINITELY have enough 
time to do this. When a bad guy has gone a couple of squares left, 
release the bomb from the rightmost part of the bottom ledge and start 
running up the ladder. You'll make it easily no matter where he 

  Now the tough part is to jump on the guy correctly. Once he has one 
leg over the drop, hold right. If you did it soon enough you'll be where 
the bad guys regenerate and will need to 2-1 dig, and you get the bonus 
of clearing a few gold chests and saving time. Otherwise you can just 
run over. Don't worry if you don't get the very top; it's risky to try 
and can fall other ways. Let the bad guys lump together(some may be at 
the far right but most should have gone to the other ladder.) Drop down 
the corridor, let them chase you, and now for more carnage. This time it 
can be random. Just make it so a bad guy regenerates and then hang out 
left of the goo on the ledge. Drop onto him and go left. Time to work on 
the gold you had to pass up before.

  Here's what to do in the upper left. You've probably just got the 
bombs and gold in the DL. At the UL corner, dig the 4th and 3rd right, 
the one right below them, and then the leftmost below it after you get 
the gold. 2->1 dig next to the UL ladder for the suspended chest. You're 
done here unless the green door pops up. If there's more to do fall down 
the corridor.

  The ladder that appears is a nice concession as it allows you to drop 
through the corridor without further monk-mauling or, more importantly, 
delay for you, if you're on the right. A 2-1 dig from the UL just as you 
got the skull in that area works well.

  24 points = 6 ones + 6 threes

  Level #120 CESSPOOL

             XXH X 11
   e3          H      3
u  HXX      e 3H  e3 HXXhh +

  While 119 was partially random if you didn't realize a trick and had 
some long slogs, this is utterly random for parts unless you persevere a 
bit. Fortunately it features a few ways to recover from mistakes. And 
there are some nice tricks in the meantime to master. Lots of digging 
here for a board that doesn't use the top half much.

  Drop right. Dig. Climb to the top and dig the two right, dropping 
there and digging left. You may be foiled if the monk leaves extra 
quickly. But otherwise he will be trapped and will regenerate. Now one 
problem here is that you DON'T want him to regenerate in the UL--dig to 
get rid of him and kick him elsewhere. Eventually you'll need bad guys 
to drop on the shape in the UR and this is one of the random events 
which gets annoying to wait for. The other is if they actually pick up 
one of the gold pieces up there. Don't all groan in unison; rounds makle 
for much better harmony.

  2-dig right of the ladder and dig to catch one guy. Don't let the 
other one in as you might have two to deal with when the first 
regenerates--just keep beating one guy up until he regenerates somewhere 

  Now two bombs would be great for insurance. From the middle ladder in 
your new area dig the two left, the two left below it and the two right, 
and the two left and right below them. Drop right, get the bomb, and go 
back left. Use the ladder trick again to pot the next bad guys.

  When you are sure you have a bad guy potted(i.e. digging him a hole 
under a brick) go to the top of the ladder and dig left ASAP. It can 
save you the cost of another bomb as if you dig the top three squares of 
the UL a bad guy will follow you. A nice bonus if he appears there is 
that he'll get killed easily as he'll be under a brick. Of course if he 
goes elsewhere, digging down 1, 2 and 6 will allow access to any gold in 
the UL.

  If too many of them accumulate in the left what you need to do is use 
a bomb at the top of the leftmost ladder you can access. You can 
probably use the ladder to juke and dig and get any second guy that 
might be in there. 

  Bad guys may get stuck below the right ladder or worse behind the 
right wall of the area you can access. For behind the wall, if a few 
have fallen they won't see you as you 2-dig right. 2-dig to the bottom 
but don't fall there. U, L, D and they'll come running around. If 
there's only one you'll have to 2-dig to his left for any regenerations.

  25 points = 4 ones + 7 threes

  Level #121 STAB IN THE DARK

H X X X X X X X X Xu3      H
H                 X        H
H 33              X        H
H XX                       H
H                 X 3      H
H                 X        H
H                 X        H
H                          H
H                 X 3      H
H                 X        H
H                 X        H
H     3333                 H
H    +XXXX        X 3      H
H                 X        H

  If you peeked ahead it may come back to bite you. These darkness 
levels are not all that tough, but the concept is intimidating.

  It would just be too rude if you had to face bad guys the first time. 
Fortunately there's no real way to lose here even though the game pulls 
your chain by having you fall immediately into goodness knows where.

  But there are no monks or even places to get trapped, so you just have 
to see where gold chests are and drop for them. There's one at the 
bottom just above you, but you have to go R and all the way U and L 
until you see gold below. Drop and you'll pick it all up--of course if 
you didn't get the gold at the bottom you could figure where you needed 
to drop by how close it was to where you dropped.

  R, U, almost all the way left--until you can see how to drop down to 
get two gold chests. Now there's another set of four you'll see if you 
drop to the bottom. Go seven right from the UL(fourth place you can 
drop) and fall and you'll get them. Drop left to get to the door.

30 points for 10 3-pointers.


 333333*      *      *333333
       *      *   +  *

    e        e       e (estimated)

  This is a bit tougher, as you may actually get trapped if you drill in 
the wrong place. Right of the top of the stair you see, get the drill. 
Now if you go along the top you'll eventually see gold below, in the far 
right. Drill there, get the gold, and drill out. Go left and up the 
stairs and to the immediate right is the second chamber with gold, the 
one you were tempted to drill at the start. Get all the gold there and 
the tune will play signalling you can leave. Drill down and search for 
the green door, below the lower platform. It's in the center right. You 
shouldn't have much trouble seeing it or drilling to it once you do.

  36 points for 12 3-pointers.

  Level #123 AVOID THE MONKS

           3 ~ 1
        XXXX    H   HXXXXXXH
        X .     H   HXXXXX H
        X3rXXXH*******R3 s H
        XVXX  H       XXHXXX
              H       XXHXXX
              H       X3H X
         g    H       XHXHX
     H                 H1H
     H                 H H

  That title is ominous, isn't it? You were almost getting used to the 
dark as long as no monsters crept around...and sadly the level is true 
to its word, and I don't mean plural in the sense of 'no monks.' 
Fortunately monks are only plural in the next-least sense. And you have 
a gun in the bottom left and a snare in the right. You can go right for 
the chest, drop left for the gun(a bit right) and after a final drop 
left run right, using it, and pick off the gold chest in the air between 
the two ladders before going up.

  Then you can set the snare left of where you find it, waiting for the 
bad guys to come up. Then you can get the gun back and go R, U, L and 
into the small crevasse where the key resides. Get it before going to 
the trap door to the left, and now faking one bad guy out isn't too bad. 
Just proceed ahead with a bit of caution and be prepared to reverse and 

  4 3-pointers + 1 1-pointer = 13 points total.

  Level #124 BEWARE OF GOO

           H  XS 1
           H   XXXXXXXXXXSXX
  H       H          HXXXVXX
  H       H     XXXXXXX X  X
  H    XXXXXXH     2.  yXS X
  H  XXX     H     HXSS*XXVX
  H          H     H
  H          H     H

  That doesn't say 'beware of God' as you probably won't have to be 
after taking His name in vain with your reactions from the things you 
can do to mess up here--however, if you deduce that the next eleven 
levels are going to be worse, you might slip a bit.

  First of all, note that the ominous sounds of the monks going through 
the goo can actually help tell you where they might be or that one is 
slowed down.

 Drop left and hook back right for the snare. No shame in making the bad 
guys come to you here and you may want to dig to the pickaxe area and 
get the gold in there since the bad guys seem to start in the DL and DR. 
Once you see one you can back up a bit and use the snare and let him in. 
In fact waiting to the right of the pickaxe may cause one of them to 
fall into a nasty place.

  If this happens the rest is easy--there are gold pieces scattered 
throughout and you can pick them off. If not then you will have to go to 
the bottom, up the right ladder(it's in the right center right of the 
goo) and wait to dig a hole left while on the goo on the platform above. 
You can then go searching. The best way to do so is to take the center 
ladder and then take the first branch you haven't explored. The toughest 
to note is the one where you drop right from the very top.

  If you stuck the guy in the hole and didn't get the chest take the 
left ladder and dig three squares to the right and then one below them 
to get to the final chest.

  The door is in the structure in the DR, on the right side, where you 
fall in the false door.

  9 points = 1 ones + 2 twos + 1 fours

  Level #125 BLACKOUT

                  1 H      3
           u|   H
    XX   XXXX   H    HXXXXX
         X      H    H
                H 3 H
     1        HXXXXXXX
             H             +
             H           XXH
3            H             H

  The snare just to the right is a handy security blanket. Get it, fall 
right and climb down the ladder. When you see a platform above, place 
the snare. Get the DL gold and then dig a square to the right. Someone 
else is coming after you. Go right for a gold(note the sound or lack 
thereof as you pass the snare--if there is a sound it means the monk got 
the gold, but if not you'll have gold to pick up by falling left of the 
top) and then back left and up--he shouldn't catch you but you can 
always retreat to where you can dig.

  There's one gold to the immediate right but the mother lode is on the 
very top. Both to the right at the edge and R, U, R you'll find 
something. That may just do it and you can just dig right to drop into 
the door above the DR ladder. But there may also be the gold as you fall 
to the left from the very top.

  12 points = 3 ones + 3 threes

  Level #126 FIND THE DOOR

  XH XXXH XXXXX   1  .
  XH X + XH
   H  HXXH             3
   HXXXXXH     |     XXXHX
   H    XX   XXXXXXHS   H
   H     X         H    H
   H     X XXXX    H    H
   H 1  ^          H    H
   HXXSHXX         H    H
   H   H           H    H3

  Drop left, then go up the stairs. To the right there'll eventually be 
a gold chest you can dig to. Get it and the bomb and drop right. Go up 
the near stairs. Get the gold and drop left. There's a snare to pick up. 
The final gold is in the DL just right of the ladder there. The door is 
on the next platform above which goes to the right.

  This all cuts through the possibilities of bad guys, but I find they 
get down to the bottom pretty quickly. Use the snare on one and the 
right ladder to get by the second(climb, make sure he's following, and 
go left.)

  Level #127 USE THE KEY

         u3     &
                  H      H
         XXXXH    H  3  yH
     XXXVXXXXH   XY3333   HH
          3XXH   XXXXXXXHXXX
     XXXXXXXXH          H
           XXX`         H
     XXHXXXXX        HG
       H            XHXXXX
       H     g       H
       H    HXXXXXXX H
       H    H        H

  Right for the gold and the gas. A monk will come up the stairs so you 
may have to pause. Gas him and then go down. Dig if you want to get the 
gold; don't worry about the key yet as it is close enough to the exit 
door that there's no point taking/moving it and the gun is nice to have. 
Climb down to the bottom and left. There'll be stairs in the left third  
or so. Climb up to see some gold.

  Now go back to the top(up the right side) and drop left. Dig to get 
the bomb and the remaining gold is right. Now you can dig at the right 
edge to get the green key. Drop right and go up the stairs and even if 
bad guys are above you should be able to feint D, L and go around them 
via the platform U, R.

  Of course the yellow key is convenient as well but you'll probably end 
up near the bottom, where the green key is.

  8 points = 2 ones + 2 threes

  Level #128 GOLD THEN DOOR

       H XX111
       H  XXXXXXu
       H       XX
       H            &   2
      HX          4HXXSXXX
      HX    3 XXXSXHX
     HXX   XXXXX   HX
    HXXX~~~XXX     HX
   HXXrX   XR  1`  HX
 HX 4HXX         H
 HX XH           H   HSSSSX
 H   H 3  1      H   H

  Persist right until you'd fall, with a brief trip up one ladder. Then 
drop back left. You'll see gold below but since it's near a door don't 
bother with it. Drop onto the rope and down. Then left and up gets gold 
and a useful snare. Place it at the ladder bottom and recover the gun 
and wait. Note the red key is there; you really should get it, with only 
one bad guy left to juke(use ladders as usual.) If two guys come be sure 
to drop off the ladder to avoid the second.

  Go up the ladders on the left side. Fall right at the very top for 
four gold pieces. Then get to the red door. If you have the key the 
level's over. If not retrieve it and run along the level borders 
clockwise until you're back above the door. You can 2-1 dig to go below, 
even quicker and less risky than taking the final stair down.

  23 points = 5 ones + 2 twos + 2 threes + 2 fours

  Level #129 GET THAT GOLD

u       H
        XXXH     2  1  ;  11
           XH   HXXXXXXXXXX
            XH  H
             XH H
             XH H
             XXXXXXXXXXH XXX
  1g                   H X+
 XXXXXX                H XXH
                       H   H

  A bit more ominous, being in a corner and all. Not much choice but to 
go right and drop for the gun and gold. Drop right, and you'll need to 
use the gun twice to get to the first ladder. The second has nothing you 
need now.

  Up the ladder there's a snare to the left--leave it to your right and 
get the gun back. Be careful here; don't use the gun on the snare. It 
will cause the snare to disappear later. Instead just go up the first 
ladder and you'll fall right to get another gold. Wait for the bad guy 
to come down and gas him(preserving the snare again.) This isn't 
critical as there's not much to do, but it's good form.

  The second ladder bends UL and at the top you can go to the right for 
the final gold. The door is above the DR ladder.

  10 points = 5 ones + 1 twos + 1 threes

  Level #130 THE DROP

                   H***~3 X
       HXXH       HXX   XVX
       H XXH   HXXXX     .
       H  XXSH3H       HXHX1
********S          XH HXXG&
XXXXXXX           1 HXXXXXX1
XXXXXX           HXXXX   X
           H HXXSXX      X
           HXSX      111 X 1
           HX      HSSSSSX
           H       H     X
XXXXHXXHXH H 3    uH  3    1

  All the way right, back left, and dig. Then go up the stairs and get 
the gold. A bad guy should come from the left. Drop left once he climbs 
the ladder. The path up the first ladder goes UR. Continue that way 
until you'd fall otherwise, then take the ladder back to the left that 
goes up. Now you can go left from here for one gold but the real 
treasure is in the UR. Drop for the gun, then trek back this way for the 
gold pieces you must fall to get.

  From the top drop left. Drop right from there. A bad guy may be stuck 
in the bottom left but fortunately you have squares you can dig as you 
fake him out. Drop to the door at the end of the UR branch from the main 
stair on the bottom.

  27 points = 8 ones + 2 twos + 5 threes

  Level #131 MT. ST. GRIGORY

H            XXXXXX . % XXXX
H       H       HXX     XXH
H   u   H      HXXX*****XXXH
HX h XXXXH  XXXH           H
H     ^           ^        H

  You can see there's a lot to do early. This can help you get on track 
fast. Left, up, dig right twice to get access to the hidden area. 
Careful trapping a monk in here. It requires exactitude and the 
knowledge he runs right instead of staying put as usual. So go to the 
right and if one comes in, dig left. Then go left and dig right. Climb 
on him and dig left and fall.

  With one guy down you have less of a headache and getting this right 
is low risk.

  Dig to the right of the door where the gold is and go DR. Watch out; 
this is the first level with three bad guys and if one of them 
regenerates it is on the bottom. Enter the cave if you are trapped, and 
after waiting a bit watch both go to the right(gotta use your memory a 
bit here) and go L, U. Now get the green door open with a 2-1 dig and 
pushing X as you pass it. L, U, R all the way until the zigzag stairs 
where you can get the drill. Dig to the area below and drill anywhere 
there. There's a trap to the left. Use it to climb back up and 2-1 dig 
down, although the game offers a moderate convenience in letting you go 
U from the UL into the door with the ladders that pop up once you've got 
the gold. 

  16 points = 5 twos + 2 threes

  Level #132 THE CATACOMBS

H         ~~~~~~~~~~~~
X  X  X  XH         HX  X  X
X1 X1 X1 XH~~~~~~~  HX1 X1 X
X   X   X        H X       X
X   X   X        H X       X
X1  X 1     ~~~~~H  1 |X  1X
X    X    X H    X    X    X
X    X    X H    X    X    X
X  1    1   Hu  1  1   1   X

  Right, left when you have company, up. Right all the way, get the 
snare, go back left two, place it, dig a hole when in the corner. Run 
over and to the upper right. Dig into the right of the chambers. Three 
digs below and watch for a bad guy falling to the left. Back UR and now 
dig the left of the chambers and after dig/falling dig left immediately 
as the bad guy will be approaching soon and there's little room to back 

  Go across the rope and left. Then dig right, run over the gu and down 
and left. Now go back UR except you take the top rope left. It's pretty 
much symmetrical to the right, how you dig, except there are three 
chambers. From the right two down, dig immediately right and then go 
back up as the enemy will be close.

  The exit is in the far UL.

  14 points = 14 ones


             h   %
H  3H  3H    hu    H3  H3  H
H         H      H         H
H         H      H         H
H         H      H         H
H XXX . XX . XX . XX . XXX H

  Mario never made it to the PSX, did he? Oh well...

  Right, up, left(get the gold on the ledge in the process) to get the 
drill.  Dig right from the drill when a bad guy comes, and then you can 
hit the far right ladder and go up the stairs and left. Don't be too 
surprised by the traps. Fall back down/right and now clear out the very 
bottom in the sort of cave below. Be prepared to deal with a couple of 
bad guys on the opposite side of a ladder; the climb up/down trick 
should pot them pretty easily but if you get two at once then the bottom 
one can run after you even once you're past them. Pull a reverse to the 
other side if that's the case. If you use the very top and note you'll 
fall a bit and wind up in the center, so it may take some time to pull 
bad guys near.

  Up the left side. Right, fall, right, up, fall right. There's a ladder 
in the center to the next door.

  36 points = 12 threes

  Level #134 IDOL THREATS

XX  HX~~   1 X 1    ^     XX
X3XX   XH~  111    ^H     HX
XVXX   XXXH XXX           HX
X         H   3 ^       3;H

  You can run right along the bottom with no obstructions. U, L, U, R, 
U. Two bad guys may be waiting at the top, and there's a dead end there, 
so you may want to use the cave or step down the ladder so they're 
suckered into the holes just before they close. Take the ladder below 
and go right. The point here is to trap the two guys on the right(dig 
and run over them) so it's clear passage to the left which contains a 
nasty stretch of goop. Circle counterclockwise if you like as well when 
the bad guys get close. Climb the left ladder to the top and drop right 
onto the rope. Drop down for gold. Wait a bit and the bad guys will get 

  Drop left and fall left for two more gold. Go back up the stairs and 
now go right from the rope. Even if someone's following you you should 
be able to outrun them or leave a dig behind to buy the time to dig to 
where the door is since you just have to dig the second-right and then 
you'll fall through a couple of traps. Walk right into the door.

  20 points = 5 ones + 5 threes


       H3H       H3H
      H3 3H     H3 3H
     H3   3H G H3   3H
  H H 3   3 HuH 3   3 H H
       3 3 H & H 3 3
        3 H     H 3
       H H       H H

  There are actually three bad guys here, but the stun gun and ready 
ease of digging(anywhere) makes this rather easy.

  Get the gun first. This makes the level almost too easy.

  The basic plan is to get to the top and then where there's one square 
between the two ladders, dig, drop, get the chests in between, and 
repeat until at the bottom. Note that if you get to the top you may want 
to wait to be chased. Then you can stun the bad guys to buy more time as 
you go down, the big risk being that if there is gold on the bottom you 
may get trapped there, especially if you fell to the right. Also if you 
are in the top left remember to leave a safety valve so you can dig 

  I found the most confusing part about this level to be returning the 
green key. You will need to give up the gun for this, so try to dig a 
bit to get the bad guys up and when it looks like a few will get crushed 
dig and drop left. E, U, E, U, E, U. Open door.

  60 points = 20 threes

  Level #136 THE NEIGHBORS

             XX         H444
             XX         HXXX
 444         XX   44 H  H
    HXXXXX   XX H    H  H
    H        XX H    H  H
    H        XX H    H  H
    H   444  XX H444 H  H444
 444H  H     XX H       H
 XXXH  H     XX H      4H444
    H 4He4   XX H     HXXXXX
    HXXXXXH  XX H     H
    H     HeTXXtH     H  ee+

  Note first of all that you have to clear the left before you go right. 
Second of all, it doesn't look like you can dig much this level, but 
that's just because of how the icons look. You can, and that makes it 
much easier--otherwise you'd have to run around a lot.

  L, U, L, U and now you need to get to the top, go left and fall right. 
Wait for the guy that followed you up the ladder to align and drop 
right. Here's the tough part, now. They'll need to cough up their gold 
and so this may require more running around, and here's how to get to 
the bottom safely. Drop right and wait for the bad guy to come at you 
and then drop right again. He'll fall after you, and now you can dig to 
the right to keep him bottled up for a while. This should give plenty of 
time to dig the other monk and card him for gold and just get everything 
else that may be loose.

  You can dig to kick bad guys to the right side but make sure no one is 
hiding gold when you enter the teleporter. Also give yourself plenty of 
time to transport; go to the top of the ladder and the bad guys should 
go right even if they're at the left edge of the ladder on the right 
side. This allows you to drop right, teleport, and wait for everyone to 
drop down, after which you can circle up.

  120 points = 30 fours

  Level #137 TIGHTROPE

   4     44 t            44H
4      XXXXX               H
XXXXXH   XXX      ****     H
     H    X                H
     H            *****    H
     H         T           H
XX     XX*                 H
X       X*                 H
         * e               H
         *  e              H
X       X*   e             H
XX     XX*    e         u  H

  Getting the gold is no big deal. Right, up, left, drop into the 
teleporter. Go left, dig left and get the last piece. Now reenter the 
teleporter. Head right and drop on the platform. Now for some footwork. 
You can't dig over heere, so you have to fake bad guys out. You'll want 
them all dropping down by the time you decide to go up, and then it will 
be easy.

  Drop right, then drop left, and then head right and drop right when 
everybody's just above you. There should be plenty of time; if you're 
nervous after the first drop right, go immediately to the left edge. The 
bad guys follow a specific pattern no matter where you are.

  24 points = 6 fours

  Level #138 THE GUM FUNNEL

e                          e
XX                        SS
XXX                      SXX
   X                    SX
t1.XS                  SX
XXXXXS                SX
134X XXXX           SSX
XXXX   XXS         SXX
1343  H  XS       SX   ...eR
4114r H    XS   SX    H
XXXXX H     XS SS     H
      H      X X HXXXXXXXXX
      H      X X H    e
SS*   H         eHeXX XX

  Drop down but before you take the final leap wait for the guys to the 
left to climb up to your level. Then quickly climb the ladder to the 
right and dig right. It seems like you won't make it but the bad guy 
turns right for a fraction of time. Get all four bombs which are more 
fun than necesary.

  If you are feeling really dirty or inelegant just keep digging bad 
guys until they regenerate in the DR. Eventually you'll want/need to dig 
down to fall into the teleport.

  From the teleport it's fairly easy to dig down and get everything. If 
you want to, you can use a bomb on the second-lowest gold platform and 
it will take one bad guy out, but actually it's better to keep them all 
there. At the bottom you can just drop right and run by folks, pausing 
to leave a bomb a bit left of the ladder bottom to evoke any gold they 
had clutched. The further right the better but leave space to dig the 
bad guy(s) to the right.

  The regenerated ones will get stuck on top in the 'gum funnel' but it 
will take you time, too, for the bombed squares to regenerate so you can 
get any unlikely gold that came out of the explosiong to the leftsafely.

  30 points = 5 ones + 3 threes + 4 fours


      ***              ~~~~r
 ~~~~~   **           HXXXXX
           ****       H
     e*               H
XXXXXXXX3             H
       XX.        e  tH
.       XX3      XXXH*H    R
Xe  .    XX.        H XXXXXX
XXXXX     XX3       H X    X
        eXXXX4      H XX  eX
   XXXXXXXXXXX      H     XX
         TXXXX      H   XXXX

  "What's a simple quick level like you doing at such a late stage in 
the game?"

  Wait for the guys to the right to reach the top. Drop left to one rope 
and right to another. Move right and quickly up one unit on the stairs. 
When the bad guys are stuck, go down and then when they start climbing 
down go back up. The point is to get the bad guys on the left into the 
teleporter. Then you can leave a bomb one beneath the top of the stairs 
and take all but one out. After you light the bomb immediately go down 
and left and then dig some holes to the left. Leave one to the right so 
you can walk over the bad guy. Then get the key, dig over the square 
below it, and push X at the red door below.

[with the right timing you can stick the bad guys to the UR, then U, L, 
dig twice for them to fall in. Then go to the top and get the key and 

  13 points = 3 threes + 1 fours


t~t~~t~~t~~~t H~~~~~~~~~t~~t
 H3H 3H 3H  3 H         3 H3
 H H  H  H  e.H.........3 HT
eHYH 3H 3H  3.H~~~~~~tH.R Ht
3HT   H  H    H  t    H.T. e
uHH   H gH   *H  e   3HXHX~
T.H .TH  H    H       H.H..
H*H.*H* 3H  3H*  3   TH.H..3
H.H..H   H   H   r   H*.H..
H.H..H   H   H       H..H..
H.H..H~.T    H~~~ ~~~H..H..3
H.H..H..H    H***H***H*~H..
H.H..H..H.   H...H...H..H..
H.H..H..H.  TH...H...H..H..G

  This level is impossible to lose if you don't ever move but annoying 
to time. Just remember to push the triangle button when just above a 
certain color key. Then push the X when just above the same color door. 
I prefer to use green because often you can land on a bad guy when 
opening the green door. Then you'll be able to enter it the first time 
around instead of having to wait through a bunch of annoying falls. So 
the issue here is how to reduce the tedium. It's a cute idea and 
fortunately you can get past it once it starts to get old.

  51 points = 17 threes

  Level #141 PACHINKO

      t     t    H
      3     3    H        XX
      *     *    H        3
     3 3   3 3   H        XX
     * *   * *   H  3     3
    T T T T T    H        XX
    * * * * * *H H  3  3
T             *H HVXXXVXXXX
*             *H H        XX
X*e           *H H
XX*           *H H         e

  The teleportals below work as follows: they send you back to the top, 
where you will run into the left, right, right, left, right ones there. 
Just keep dropping down; there's no way in fact to avoid the teleports 
unless you go right from the rightmost one. From there be prepared to go 
up quickly.

  The most optimal pattern for dropping is:

  Although the bad guy will still get out of the much in time even with 
quickest play, you can go down the ladder, bring him left and climb up 
and drop right. Go up the right ladder and he'll be completely clueless 
on the left.

  Also be prepared for the traps, without which this level would be very 
dull indeed. On the first platform up the square just right is a trap, 
the next up it's two in, and the next up it's four in. So go right on 
the third platform and after dropping go left, get the gold piece, and 
drop back left into the goo.

 Go to the top the next time. The next-last square is a trap. Get the 
gold below, dig right, drop, dig left, and get another gold. It doesn't 
look like you have to dig twice but the blocks are funny here. Going 
left gets you the final gold and although you'll get stuck in the goo 
the bad guy is too stupid to go down the ladder and around. You'll have 
no problem getting to the door on top. Just go right from the top of the 

  With that big pit in the DL it looks like the level could maybe have 
used a bit more effort. But a real good 'un is next.

  33 points = 11 threes


ut~~~~~~~ e ~~   e ~~~   ; X
HX      X   X HX  XX HX    X
HX      X   X HX   X HX1e
HX      X   X HX   X HXXX
HX      X   X HX  1X HX
HX|1e   X1&1X HX 1XX HX  1
H     ~~e .  eH.    %H   `
X.1^H.XX.H^ 1^H^e1^HXXXH^1TX

 Haha, very nice looking level. Lots of guys around means this level 
sort of hard-lines being difficult, but it has some thoughtful tricks as 
well--and a gun if you're not man enough to complete the level like a 
MAN. As it is digging bad guys into holes or even getting them to fall 
in the U is good enough. There are always ways to dig guys out if they 
regenerate in letters you need to clear, and the pack mentality may 
still do them in despite their numbers. Hiding one rung up on a ladder 
connected to the U helps, along with moving to the top and tempting the 
bad guys over.

  A good start is to head down, dig to the right, and wait for the bad 
guys to come over before going back up top and getting the snare. Drop 
right once everyone is still.

  Drop from the rope to the right, dig left, and enter the cave to the 
left that makes up a foot of the first R.  Wait for the bad guys to go 
up and then you can sneak into the air right of the R and get a chest. 
Then drop into the U and dig right this time to get to a cave.

  Three bad guys may seem to stall in the bottom left, meaning curtains 
for you if they don't move, but they will. Once you get under the N 
things are going pretty well. Bad guys stuck to your left in the R may 
now stay there, and you can climb to the UL. For fun set a snare at the 
bottom of that stair and get the bad guys to come over.

  Now to get the gun in the O if you'd like. If you want the gun's 
convenience, make sure you'vve drilled left of the gold in the E(the 
only way to get it.) This requires a more complicated climb back but on 
the bright side you're less likely to be molested clearing out the E 
above and the R to the left(easy digging--dig the left side of the R's 
chamber.)Get the drill and if you've dug someone in the O, dig the right 
side and then immediately drill, then dig the center top and fall right. 
Either way you have chests to get, but they are not too bad.

  For the D dig the right square at the top and the one below that; dig 
its left side if someone's stuck in there. For the bottom left R it's 
best to lure enemies to the DR and then take the teleporter. A bad guy 
may appear in the left R but you can bomb above the right wall and fall 
left from the ladder pair, quickly going back right.

  Dig right from the right R's chamber to get to the door.

  17 points = 17 ones

  Level #143 BOMB SURGERY

             22        X
H~~~~~~~      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
H       XXVXXX      22
H                XXXXXX X X*
H                XXX  X X X*
H         | | T  XXX  X X XX
      H~~~~~~~H      *    X+
      H       H     .*******
 u    H       H     .*XX* *
********      H     .*XXXXXX
***    e e e  H     .*XX* *

  Nice poetic name for the level. First order of business is to get the 
snares quickly and place them. Wait by the teleporter until the final 
fellow stumbles past his less fortunate forerunners.

  Take the transporter and drop left. Sadly the rope to the right isn't 
accessible on your own. You'll need to get a bomb, but it's tucked in 
the DR. To be sure you have enough time, get in the transporter and go 
left until you drop. The bad guy will come up the ladder and then you 
can drop into the trap to the right. Come back. Dig a few holes although 
the goo should stop the bad guy enough. Remember to take the ladders 
down and not fall right, and if the bad guy does make it close, stay on 
the bottom and he will drop--then you can use the rope.

  Take the transporter again and use the bomb on the right edge of the 
long ledge below after you fall. Drop to the right and then onto the two 
treasures below. Dig down to fall onto the three bombs. You'll have to 
fake the enemy out once more.

  Enter the transporter, bomb the right wall as before, drop right until 
you're next to the door. Then bomb the wall blocking you.

  10 points = 5 twos


. ~~ ~      *u*      ~ ~~~ .
**  H XH    *%*    HX H   **
1*  H X*************X H   *1
X***H       *t*       H****X
 XXXH *H    ***    H* HXXXX
    H *H    X*X    HX H
    H *H e   *   e HX H
****H *SSS*******SSSX H*****
1*  H *H    ***    H* H   *1
****H XH    X*X    HX H*****
    H X******T******X H
HX.e  ;     1`1     ;   e.XH

  This level has an interesting weaving in and out concept. And getting 
the lower right gold is not easy.

  Drill all the way down--you're trapped at the start and may not see 
you can pick up the drill right away. Now the guy on the right will drop 
down into the pit you drilled if you wait a bit, but if you're good at 
chicken both guys will drop. No matter if they fall on you as long as 
you drill continually Eventually someone'll enter the bottom teleporter 
just ahead of you(you fall faster than they do) and during your wait on 
top of him you can go left. Do so and get a snare. With two guys the 
wait is less so do try to play chicken.

  Note that if no-one falls in after your first drill you're stuck in an 
infinite loop and will have to restart.

  The next part requires accurate timing, but fortunately the rest of 
the level is more relaxed--or would be if you didn't want to push 
through it just to get those zapping noises out of your mind.

  Climb up the stairs and drop left. There's a trap below. Two squares 
left of the chest, use the snare. Get the pick and gold and move back 
before making a cave-in on the right. You may want to move back to the 
pot of goo, even, to be sure. Bomb the left wall and then go up the 
stairs. If you want to give yourself the most time for the next part 
then climb down after the wall reforms; the bad guy winds up on the left 

  Climb the long ladder and get the bomb in the UL before going over the 
rope. Dig the square right of it, go left, and dig left. Drop left and 
go right over the goo to get in the teleporter loop again. This time you 
can duck in between the two bad guys to save a lot of looping. You'll 
also want to right when above a teleporting enemy. Get the other snare. 
Leave it where you fall to the right through the trap after climbing the 
ladder and bomb the right wall after the enemy gets stuck there. Now you 
just have to be a bit careful with your bombs.

  Get back to the central area and get the drill. You'll need to go up 
the ladder and drop as before, bomb the far left, and then climb to the 
UL. Step one square right and drill down twice. This gets you the gold 
and lets you leave.

  For the next chest it's harder. Drill the rightmost square on the 
platform below. R, U, L, dig the leftmost square and drop down. Then 
drill one quare to the left of before. Then the one left of that. 
THere's a new 3-platform; dig its left square and drill below that. The 
other chest is now safe.

  The rest of the level consists of crossing to the right and mirroring 
the previous instructions but you need 4 digs not 3 for the lower gold.

  10 points = 6 ones + 1 fours


*           * *  2   2   2 *
*T       4  * * H*H H*H H*H*
*SSH4 eH**H     HXH|HXH HXH*
* r   2     * *           H*
*HX         * *   111G11  H*
*H e~~~~~~~     ;HXXXXXX eH*
*HXX 1 1 y X* *XXXX ~~~XXXX*
*H      1   * *   XH111    *
*H   e 1    * *  e H111    *
*H HXX*XXXH     HXXH111 XH *
************* *XXXXXXXXXXXH*
*  4~~4~~4  * *           H*
*Y *G *R *Ht* * u 12434312H*

  The first battle to win is in the lower right. Take the complimentary 
treasaure and then dig left from the ladder and run left. Go up and dig 
left. You'll want the bad guy to get trapped in a hole so get this done 
however you please. Get all the gold and then fall in to the pit. 
Eventually you'll be jumping right over the bad goy. Where to go first?

  Now it's time to go to the right, 2nd-top. You can't get to the top 
right away. Dig right before the drop, then fall and dig right 
immediately again. Now you can take out the top and get the snare--the 
yellow key is better than the green key, which you should ignore. It is 
not too tough to time the walk across and it is doable and low-risk. You 
can even run into the enemy's upper body a bit.

  Clearing the upper left is not bad. Don't hit the transporter yet, but 
do climb up the ladder and drop left so you can dig left, get the chest 
he leaves, and dig right to fall into some gold. If you move across 
quickly it should be ok and even if the enemy seems reluctant to leave 
the no-dig zones you can just play chicken to coax him out.

  Below here you should set a snare so you only have to deal with one 
bad guy at a time. You'll need to outflank the other guy to drop from 
the rope and get the gold chests, but you've probably done it before. 
You can kick him to the center by digging him into regenerating but that 
increases the level's overall noise from the teleportals. Get the yellow 
key. Drop through the center. Go right, up, left as before and this time 
dig the bad guy and go over him into the teleporter on the goo. 

  66 points = 20 ones + 6 twos + 2 threes + 7 fours

  Level #146 BYE BYE GOLD

 e                  3
              H*     *3
***********   H     3
***********   H
  3   3   X   H
  3   3   X   H
  3   3   X   H
  3   3   X   H
  3   3   X   H     3333   3
  3   3   X   HXXXXHXXXXXX *
  3   3   X   HXXXXHXXXXX  X
  3   3   X   H    H
              H  +uH     B

  The last two levels were rather rigorous, but you get a bit of a break 
here. Those bombs look a bit odd and are in fact bigger than the average 
fare. They're useful to take out places you could only dig before. In 
fact, here, you can't reach some gold way out on the side, so you'll 
need to bomb it. You get no points for this, however.

  First thing to do is R, U, R and fall, L , U before the bad guys can 
get to you. You can dig to get by them here if you want as you'll want 
to go up the tall ladder and drop right into the restricted area. Bomb 
the edge(taking out more gold,) get the other big bomb, drop to the 
square with the drill, which you'll ignore for now. Drop right and let 
the bad guys come  before digging, lighting the big bomb and jumping 
down. Even if you don't get them both, you should be able to outrun the 
straggler easily. Then climb back up the center stairs and drop right.

  Now, let the bad guys chase you around. Don't dig as that may 
regenerate them around where you want to drill, messing up your timing 
to a possibly fatal extent. Let them fall right in their attempt to 
follow after you get the drill. After you take the rope, go to the left 
of the two squares over the columns down of gold. Be ready to drill 
twice and move right quickly. Repeat the, err, drill for the other 
cascade of skulls, and that should be it for this level after a simple 
run right.

  3 ptrs = 24, Gold sum = 72 but in fact you must blow up 4 gold so your 
total can only be 60.

  Level #147 TECHNO BOMBS

      X       BBBB    X ...t
      X       SSSS   XX XXXX
     XX SSSS    ..
44  TXX         SSSS XX ....
  H         H         H    H
 eHe H****************H    H
XXXXXXX   H~~~~~~H  ** *%uBH
          H      H   *******
         ~H~~~~~~H~     XXXX
SSSSSSSSS          SS      t
********            ****
*******    333333    X*X
+  ****  3HXXXXXX33  XXX   T

  More big bombs. What you need to do here, first, is to get the big 
bomb and the bombs on top of the right ladder. Then get the bad guys to 
come right. You can dig a couple of holes for them and run across to pot 
each one. Only one will die and regenerate in the bottom if you just 
dig, so leave a bomb over them. Get the two gold piles on the left(you 
won't be able to after drilling) and then when the bad guys leave the 
goo you'll want to drop in. It's not too key where you place it but you 
want to stay out of harm's way. I like to do so just above the ladder, 
run right, and then drill the left square of the remaining ledge. Two 
left digs get me onto the ladder.

  From here drop down immediately and go left a bit, enough to dig two 
holes. Dig from the left to make sure they're trapped, and with the goo, 
the monks will take a long time after they regenerate to get back into 
play. You can take advantage of that to get the gold below and then drop 
right from the raised platform. Two bombs to the right will take out the 
wall. Use the teleporter to get back up and replenish your bombs. 
Because you've gotten all the gold, ladders will appear, and you now 
have access to the big bombs on the top. Take one.

  For the next part you will need to drop back down as you did before, 
with the two left digs, and then climb down the ladder to the very 
bottom to trap the monks digging left and running past. You can either 
bomb them or leave a few digs to your right, but the object here is to 
take a big bomb to the leftmost part you can access. It's a nervous wait 
after that but the bottom platform will regenerate, and on the right 
you'll want to use two bombs to the right to get to the teleporter. Now 
get another big bomb and repeat as before. This time though you won't 
have to run back around as the door should appear.

  The main thing to concentrate on is the skirmish on the raised 
platform at the very bottom. You want an entry point that's far enough 
away from the monks but not too far. You'll probably need to dig a 
couple of times to get there, but you should also notice I didn't take 
the transporter until near the end. That's because the top monk will 
stay while the bottom one falls, creating a disparity. in distance.

  35 points = 9 threes + 2 fours

  Level #148 HALF DOME

et+u  .X  X.    1 *XXX* 1
****  H****H    *HXXXXXH*
XXXXXX**11***H  XHX*H*XHX  1
             H  XH *H* HX***
   ~~~~~~~~~~H  X***H***XXX
    H   %    H~~XXXXHXXXX
*** H  ****  H      H  e  ;1
1XX H  *XX*  H *************
    H  XVVX  H  .X.e&    | 1
    H        H  XX**********
    H        H  .XXXXXXXXXXX
    He ~~~~ eH *          eT
    ***    *****************


  Drop right, dig right, get the bomb, and use it on the fallen monk 
before going up the stairs. Drop onto the rope and then go a bit down 
the left stairs. Some bad guys should head right. Maybe one will hang 
around, but you can just go to the square structure and drill down one 
side of it and see which way he goes. He doesn't drop on you so take 
your time.

  Note there are traps below each gold so you have to drill the other 
side. If worst comes to worst you can sit at the base of the right 
ladder and have everyone come near, then circle counterclockwise to just 
below the top of the left.

  Once the bad guys are momentarily irrelevant, you can use the bomb to 
get the gold on the far left. Then go up to the top where the bomb is. 
Use it immediately and drop left. Go into the room the bomb opened and 
drill the far left square over one gold piece. You'll have to be quick 
circling back to drill the next-left square to fall onto the other gold.

  Go to the ladder base and hook around to fool the bad guys. Take the 
right rope to where they were and climb. Use the bomb where you get it 
and then drill to the left and to the right before things regenerate. 
Then another drill each way. Get the chest on the left then fall off the 
right ladder. Under the far right chest, dig.

  The final part here isn't trivial to deduce and needs exact controls. 
Use the goo left if bad guys are coming. Drill down at the far left and 
get the snare. Back up one and use it, then back up and run past once 
the bad guy's caught. Use the bomb at the left where you found it and 
wait. There's a three-bomb chain and after it you can fall left and get 
the last three chests. Enter the transporter and it'll kick you to the 
UL, where there's a door to the right.

  10 points = 10 ones

  Level #149 JAKE'S PERIL

u     e2X%t      ~~~       t
XX***X*****   X X   X X  X X
  XXXXXXX ~~~ X X   X XrtX2
     .t  H    X X   X X**XX
 T232*** H XT2X X XBX X  X 2
H . *XX* H   ^ 2 e^  2^
XXX X 2 HXX***H***H********X
  e X *2HX X2 H*2 HX2   ~~~~
**X** X**X  XXH*XX*XXXXX  2
&T   ~X3 X TX3H*XXX~~~~* *X*
 e. X X   X   H*2 *HBeHXX***
H2 HX| HXHeHX H .        Xhh

  Not funny. NOT FUNNY. N-O-T F-U-N-N-Y. But very cleverly designed and 
a very fitting challenge for the final level. First of all, the red key 
is a red herring. The drill is unreachable and, ergo, the gun you can 
get via the drill is as well(using the big bomb goofs up your chances to 
win the level.) Also, don't be too awed by the possibilities with the 
transporters--the first couple you can access lead to dead ends. Of 
course every bomb you can get counts; the big one on top is 

  Dig right, let the monk fall in, go right, dig left, let him fall 
again, and dig the far left square and drop down, letting the monk out 
just before. You can get a bomb below(don't enter the portal--it's a 
trap) and you'll want to use it right away. Wait up the stairs for the 
explosion, drop down and dig right.

  The next part you'll want to do pretty quickly: dig the square you 
landed on and now you'll want to place the bomb just left of the right 
ladder's base so that you blow up the wall to the side but not the 
square below it. You'll also want to catch the bad guy when you do it, 
which is pretty easy if he's following closely no matter which way 
you're running. Stay at the top of a ladder then go down and right.

  Outmaneuvering the bad guys is next. You'll have to look ahead; there 
should be monks coming down the central stair. Make sure they go into 
the niche before going up, placing the snare, and going right back down. 
The first guy is hogtied. Go right and down and right. Now you'll 
probably need to get to know this trick: go up and right and dig right, 
then back left and down. When the bad guy wiggles out, go up again and 
he'll fall back in the hole. Repeat until they stop bothering you WITH 
the stipulation that you're also able to stick one of them in the small 
area just to the right of the ladder. You do this by climbing up just as 
they cross the right-of-center ladder down. Missing is not lethal but 
costs time and annoyance.

  Once there's only one enemy, dig him and go down and right--that bomb 
is important. Let the monk follow closely and enter the teleport. It'll 
kick you back up left but just below the drill--oh well, there's an 
important bomb there. Drop left and when just right of the 
transporter(don't enter) dig right. Wait for the monk to fall in, climb 
on him, dig right, and go right, falling down the trap. The monk will 
get out of the hole and go left, entering an area he can't return from.

  You can repeat this with all three bad guys although the third time he 
won't enter the transporter; there's no room for him to. The second one 
is in there waiting for the first to move out, but not even you can make 
him budge. That's OK. You have free rein to get all the gold you don't 
have to dig for now; take the transporter in the J to clear the upper 
right. It takes a bit of time but if you've gotten this far you probably 
don't need instructions.

  With no bad guys around the first bomb you'll want to use is one to 
get the skull in the two-wide cave. There's a transporter to the right 
of it and you can dig into that L-shaped area. Do so, drop the bomb and 
enter the transporter. Then you'll be kicked UL. Run right and fall 
twice and then the skull is for the taking. You can dig down or even 
walk into the transporter again.

  The next part, you'll have to deal with the guy in the square chamber 
with the skulls and big bomb. I found myself repeatedly using the big 
bomb by mistake with a Windows keyboard and it is tough to keep the two 
separated, so be alert. While you used both size bombs in level 147, it 
was a bit more obvious which to use, and you had less time pressure.

  Go to the far right and dig over the rope. Go left for the gold and 
then dig the square below it. Drop down for the skull, R, U, L and drop 
for the other one--although you may be delayed a bit by what the monk 
there does.

  For the next bit you'll probably want to have th monk chasing you 
clockwise. Just sit in the DR when you get a chance and move up when he 
gets close, going left and dropping to ensure that. It may seem like 
tight quarters but I rarely had a problem. On the higher rung of the 
left ladder, leave the bomb and run U, R. Boom--passage left to get the 
gold. You can dig from that sub-cave.

  Now once again there's a bad guy pottering around but you've only one 
thing left to do. Once up the stairs, again go to the far right and dig. 
Drop to get the first crate and then the one below it. Drop the big bomb 
at the far right, go left and quickly get the green key, then hit the 
left wall. Push X as you drop to use the key on the door. This should 
let you in, but if not you can try again pretty easily. Congratulations, 
you solved what I think is the toughest level in the game.

  51 points = 18 twos + 5 threes

  Level #150 HAMMER HORROR

    **e ******             **
 t   ** *****              **
 *y  *  ****  ..222222%
***  * **   *H********H***
   2 *   222*H        H
  2*  X******H        H
  *** ***XXX*H        H
 2   *  *   *H.&.  u  H
 *2  *  *222*H********H****
***  *  *****H        H
   2 *  *222*H   e   eH
  2* *  *****H************
  ****  *    H
     T  Y    H            2
   [trap door area here!]

  This is much easier than #149 and seems like an odd choice for a 
finale. The only real trick seems to be the trap if you fall off the far 

  First thing to do is to get all the gold in the UR. L, U, R, and don't 
worry about the gas. There's a permanent way to get rid of the bad guys, 
so just get the drill. Outflank the bad guys to stick them together, and 
then feint to where the door is. Once they're one square away from you, 
go left. The guy behind totally loses his sense of direction. He drops 
left once he gets zapped up, which is nice for you. Drop R, L, L, R, R, 
L, L and re-enter, then drop R all the way to a hole you can drill. 
There's one bad guy to the right to get past. Run right and rather 
sucker him into the transporter. He'll get stuck too! Now you can clean 
up the one lonely gold piece to the far right. In the meantime you'll 
want to drop the drill on the right side and get the yellow key and open 
the door before you retrieve the drill.

  Another solution for the DR gold is to bring the gun down to the 
bottom and drop it left of the goo, then circle back around to drill, or 
to bomb the bad guys a few times, but I think the given one is pretty 
quick and precise and has long range benefits, too.

  The last part is pretty easy; just drill down the left side of the big 
ladder until you've cleared a path to the gold from the first platform. 
Bomb the bad guy if he takes gold and then you can sucker him into the 
transporter the way you did the other guys. Be sure to fall right all 
the way though as now it is lethal to enter the transporter. Then you 
can drill to the left of the big ladder and sneak in to each cave. It's 
also a neat puzzle to approach the caves from above(the usual starting 
at the left and drilling) in case you want a little more challenge in 
your final level.

  Yay! You made it to the end. I'll put the spoiler below.

  If you cheated to get through the game(level skip) then Jake pushes 
the elevator button and taps his feet but nothing seems to happen as the 
credits roll. Eventually the elevator comes down, but the door won't 
open. Jake begins to push it. It rocks back and forth and eventually the 
wires fray. It falls down the shaft. Jake takes the stairs. Fade to 

  Without level skip you still get this but you also get a secret code: 
L2 + Start for bonus levels. I tried it, and it didn't seem to work.

  2 ptrs = 22, Gold sum = 44


  Original high score list(for laughs)

The high score list has some interesting allusions. A great game 
references some great books which may have inspired it in some bizarre 


1 greyfax      00300 015
2 hoeltergeist 00299 015
3 sunset bunny 00298 015
4 scheherazade 00211 012
5 erich z      00194 011
6 wormwood     00193 008
7 ishmael      00101 007
8 arthur dent  00002 001

1-Shadowfax is Gandalf's horse in LotR
2-H "should be" P
4-from 1001 nights
6-from CS Lewis's _The Screwtape Letters_, a must-read short book
7-narrator of Herman Melville's _Moby Dick_
8-hapless main character of Douglas Adams's _Hitch-hiker's Guide_ 


1 sooozie          00201 7 [person given credits at the end]
2 taliesin         00200 7
3 galadriel        00198 6
4 sparrowhawk      00167 5
5 cal              00165 5
6 capt. stormfield 00143 4
7 gilgamesh        00137 4
8 randolph carter  00121 3

1-Taliesin=mythical bard in British mythology, also appears in Lloyd 
Alexander's Prydain books
3-Galadriel=queen of the elves in LotR
4-Sparrowhawk=main character in Ursula Le Guin's Earthsea trilogy(which 
I recommend)
6-Capt Stormfield=main character of Mark Twain's 'Capt Stormfield's 
visit to Heaven'
7-Gilgamesh=king of Uruk from Babylonian mythology
8-Randolph Carter=in a story by HP Lovecraft whom I've never read

End of FAQ proper



1.2.0: sent to GameFAQs 2/27/2003. Maps should all be there with more 
general description as well.
1.1.0: sent to GameFAQs 2/19/2003. Added 1st drafts of maps for first 
100 levels, need to touch up exit doors and traps and what's in walls in 
a few. Included #110 walkthrough which I forgot.
1.0.0: sent to GameFAQs 2/12/2003 via its new handy CGI converter. This 
will have jumped me from 10th to 8th place on the prolific KB list. I 
didn't finish all the text maps, but I expect them to fall shortly. 
Obviously the ones in the dark are very important.


The usual reviewers' gang at GameFAQs: bloomer, daremo, falsehead, MaxH, 
RetroFreak, Snow Dragon, ursil(whose review helped too,) VGRevolution 
and others I know I forgot. I should write a shell outline to take care 
of this as it is getting a bit long.
half.com and whoever sold me this game from half.com--after buying so 
many they all blend together.
Doug Smith for being a student at Washington, writing a game called 
Miner, and etc. ...
the-underdogs.org for having the PC version of this(and myself for 
having no shame picking it off) which helped me finish level 149 over 
lunch after I crashed out swearing a programmer had made a bug eight to 
nine hours earlier.
Whoever's book/website it was that taught me JavaScript so I could draw 
up certain maps with point and click.