Hidden Officers Guide by kittrey

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Romance of the Three Kingdoms VIII

Hidden Officers Guide for the Playstation 2.

by Kittrey (a.k.a. Kit Trey, Kittrey@yahoo.com)

Version 0.9 Jan 22, 2004

***********Legal Stuff.****************

This Guide CopyRight (c) 2004 by Kittrey
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Thanks to gamefaqs.com for providing a great service to us gamers.
Special thanks to Carps Tail AKA Douglas Lee for writing his Romance of the 
Three Kingdoms VIII Faqs, Including the Officer Stats Faq found on 
gamefaqs.com. I think of this guide as merely a supplement to that work.

***********Version History*************

0.9 Initial Draft with most of the officers found.

This Guide is to help you find those hidden officers that you wish to recruit.
Not a Secret Characters Faq.


How was this Guide made?

I started in year 184(Easy Historic Mode) with a created character (15 years 
old who lived up to 85) and used the infinite AP Cheat. I observed in January 
at a city Gate and when they said someone can be found at a city, I went there
and Observed. I ended the year when no officers were said to be hidden even 
after 20 or so gate observations. For the years after 255, I think, I created 
another character and game at around 245 and stopped searching at 270 or so as
no officers were popping up.

Near the beginning of the game I also annexed all the rulers so I could keep 
track of sons of officers. Some characters popped up in the same city as their
father so I included the Parent. If you have that officer then his son will pop
up in the year listed under "Year".

This method assumes that the hidden officers do not appear randomly. Some 
People have claimed that some officer's initial city is random. I have not 
found this to be true.

I also could have executed the father to see where the son would have poped up
but that would take a lot of work.

How should I use this guide?

This guide tells you at which city and when an officer appears in IF HE HASN'T
ALREADY APPEARED in the game by the date given in "year."
This could be useful if you are searching for an officer under the command of 
your leige. But I think the most use you could have is to use this guide in 
conjunction with Carps Tail's (Douglas Lee) Officer Stat Guide (found on 
gamefaqs.com) to find officers, with similar compatibility and stats you like,
to join you. As such I have tried to match his format (alphabetically instead
of by year). Also since his names (some are different) are from the pc and I 
have made this guide from the PS2 Version, I put the PS2 name in parenthesis 
next to the ps2 names. If two officers have the same name I put their war stat
next to the name to distinguish the two.

This Guide is not completely finished. If you find an officer I didn't, or a 
mistake as I have some trouble reading my handwriting, please email me at 
kittrey@yahoo.com re:RTK8 OFFICER GUIDE, with the year,city and stat you found
 them. Please make sure that that officer is not found in the city the year 
before. Please note that the city Mo Ling is also Jian Xe depending on which 
year you start.
Also make sure you are using the latest version of this guide before emailing.

*********The fruits of my labor****************

Officer Name             City           Year      Parent
Ahui Nan                 San Jiang      219       
Bao Long                 Gui Yang       200       
Bao Xin                                 start     
Bao Zhong                               start     
Bei Yan                  Liao Dong      214       
Beigong Yu               Xi Liang       184       
Bian Xi                                 start     
Bian Zhang               Xi Liang       184       
Bu Zhi                   Hui Ji         200       
Cai He                   Xiang Yang     187       
Cai Mao                  Xiang Yang     184       
Cai Xun                  Xiang Yang     185       
Cai Yong                                start     
Cai Zhong                Xiang Yang     189       
Cao Ang                                 194       Cao Cao
Cao Bao                  Xia Pi         189       
Cao Cao                                 start     
Cao Chun                 Qiao           189       
Cao Fang                                239       Cao Rui
Cao Hong                 Chen Liu       189       
Cao Huan                 Luo Yang       260       Cao Yu
Cao Mao                  Luo Yang       254       
Cao Pi                                  201       Cao Cao
Cao Ren                  Qiao           189       
Cao Rui                                 218       Cao Pi
Cao Shuang                              221       Cao Zhen
Cao Xing                 Jin Yang       188       
Cao Xiong                               209       Cao Cao
Cao Xiu                  Chen Liu       190       
Cao Xun                                 226       Cao Zhen
Cao Yi(Xi)                              224       Cao Zhen
Cao Yu                                  213       Cao Cao
Cao Zhang                               207       Cao Cao
Cao Zhen                 Xu Chang       200       
Cao Zhi                                 206       Cao Cao
Cao(Fang) Zun            Shou Chun      219       
Cen Hun                  Mo Ling        256       
Cen Wei                  Jin Yang       215       
Che Liji                 Xi Ping        219       
Che Zhou                 Chen Liu       195       
Chen Dao                 Ru Nan         194       
Chen Deng                               189       Chen Gui
Chen Gong                Chen Liu       189       
Chen Gui                 Xia Pi         184       
Chen Heng                Mo Ling        189       
Chen Jiao                Guan Ling      193       
Chen Lan                 Wan            186       
Chen Lin                                start     
Chen Qian                               233       Chen Jiao
Chen Qun                 Xu Chang       189       
Chen Shi                 Chang Sha      208       
Chen Shou                Cheng Du       250       
Chen Tai                                231       Chen Qun
Chen Wu                  Lu Jiang       193       
Chen Ying                Gui Yang       200       
Chen Zhen                Wan            192       
Cheng Bing               Chai Sang      198       
Cheng Ji                 Luo Yang       241       
Cheng Pu                                start     
Cheng Wu                                216       Cheng Yu
Cheng Yu                 Chen Liu       189       
Cheng Yuanzhi                           start     
Cheng Yi                 Xi Ping        185       
Cheng Yin                Xi Ping        185       
Chunyu Qiong                            start     
Cui Liang                Tian Shui      220       
Cui Yan                  Ping Yuan      189       
Dai Ling                 Chang An       218       
Dailai Dongzhu           San Jiang      204       
Dang Jun                 Xiang Yang     248       
Deng Ai                  Xin Ye         220       
Deng Mao                                start     
Deng Xian                Fu             209       
Deng Zhi                 Fu             209       
Deng Zhong                              249       Deng Ai
Dian Man                                196       Dian Wei
Dian Wei                 Chen Liu       190       
Ding Feng 81             Lu Jiang       207       
Ding Feng 70             Lu Jiang       212       
Ding Yuan                               start     
Dong Cheng                              start     
Dong He                  Ba             195       
Dong Jue                 Yong An        223       
Dong Min                                start     
Dong Tuna(Tu)            San Jiang      219       
Dong Xi 76               Hui Ji         196       
Dong Xi 65               Tian Shui      221       
Dong Yun                 Ba             211       
Dong Zhao                Chen Liu       187       
Dong Zhuo                               start     
Du Yu                    Chang An       240              
E Huan                   Jian Ning      215       
Ehe Shaoge               Xi Ping        232       
Fa Zheng                 Fu             196       
Fan Chou                 Tian Shui      184       
Fan Jian                 Yong An        246       
Fang Yue                 Luo Yang       184       
Fei Shi                  Cheng Du       195       
Fei Yao                  Tian Shui      211       
Fei Yi                   Cheng Du       212       
Feng Ji                  Ye             184       
Feng Xi                  Jiang Ling     213       
Fu Rong(Tong)            Jiang Xia      211       
Fu Qian                                 220       Fu Tong
Fu Wan                                  start     
Fu Xun                   Xiang Yang     198       
Fu Ying                  Wu             197       
Fushi Ren                Jiang Ling     210       
Gan Ning                 Jiang Ling     184       
Gao Ding                 Jian Ning      215       
Gao Gan                  Bo Hai         189       
Gao Lan                  Bo Hai         189       
Gao Pei                  Cheng Du       188       
Gao Sheng                               start     
Gao Shun                 Shang Dang     184       
Gao Xiang                Fu             210       
Geng Ji                  Luo Yang       203       
Gong Du                                 start     
Gong Zhi                 Wu Ling        203       
Gongsun Du               Liao Dong      184       
Gongsun Fan                             start     
Gongsun Gong                            192       Gongsun Du
Gongsun Kang                                      
Gongsun Xu                              191       Gongsun Zan
Gongsun Yuan             Liao Dong      224       
Gongsun Yue                             start     
Gongsun Zan                             start     
Gou(Guo) An(Ang)         Han Zhong      234       
Gu Yong                  Wu             198       
Guan Hai                                start     
Guan Jing                Bei Ping       189       
Guan Ping                               201       Guan Yu
Guan Suo                                216       Guan Yu
Guan Tong                               232       Guan Xing
Guan Xi(Yi)                             233       Guan Xing
Guan Xing                               213       Guan Yu
Guan Yu                                 start     
Guanqiu Jian(Wu Qiujian) Ping Yuan      225       
Guo Huai                 Jin Yang       209       
Guo Jia                  Xu Chang       189       
Guo Shi                  Gui Yang       184       
Guo Si                                  start     
Guo Tu                   Xu Chang       184       
Guo Yi                                  202       Guo Jia
Guo Youzhi               Wan            210       
Han Dang                 Bei Ping       184       
Han De                   Xi Ping        219       
Han Fu                                  start     
Han Hao                  Xu Chang       189       
Han Song                 Xiang Yang     189       
Han Sui                                 start     
Han Xian                                start     
Han Xuan                 Jiang Xia      189       
Han Zhong                               start     
Hao Zhao                 Jin Yang       217       
He Jin                                  start     
He Qi                    Hui Ji         196       
He Yan                   Luo Yang       207       
He Yi                                   start     
He Zhi                   Mo Ling        241       
Hou Cheng                Jin Yang       184       
Hu Ban                   Luo Yang       197       
Hu Che'r                 Tian Shui      189       
Hu Chong                 Wu             241       
Hu Chuquan               Shang Dang     193       
Hu Fen                                  237       Hu Zun
Hu Ji                    Xin Ye         220       
Hu Lie                   Tian Shui      240       
Hu Yuan                  Tian Shui      261       Hu Lie
Hu Zun                   Tian Shui      220       
Hua He                   Wu             233       
Hua Xin                  Luo Yang       186       
Hua Xiong                Tian Shui      184       
Huan Fan                 Xiao Pei       218       
Huang Gai                Ling Ling      184       
Huang Hao                Cheng Du       241       
Huang Quan               Ba             191       
Huang Zhong              Xiang Yang     184       
Huang Zu                 Xiang Yang     184       
Huangfu Song                            start     
Huo Jun                  Jiang Ling     197       
Huo Yi                                  223       Huo Jun
Ji Ling                  Wan            184       
Jia Chong                Hong Nong      234       
Jia Fan                  Liao Dong      219       
Jia Hua                  Mo Ling        197       
Jia Kui                  Hong Nong      201       
Jia Xu                   Tian Shui      184       
Jian Yong                Ji             184       
Jiang Bin                               232       Jiang Wan
Jiang Gan                Xu Chang       197       
Jiang Ji                 Shou Chun      206       
Jiang Qin                Shou Chun      192       
Jiang Shu                Han Zhong      241       
Jiang Wan                Ling Ling      210       
Jiang Wei                Tian Shui      225       
Jiang Yiqu               Ping Yuan      185       
Jin Xuan                                start     
Jinhuan Sanjie           San Jiang      219       
Ju Shou                  Ye             184       
Kan Ze                   Hui Ji         201       
Ke Bineng                Liao Dong      200 
King Duosi               San Jiang      221
King Midang              Xi Ping        225
King Mulu                San Jiang      198        
Kong Rong                               start     
Kong Zhou                               start     
Kuai Liang               Xiang Yang     184       
Kuai Yue                 Xiang Yang     184       
Lei Bo                   Wan            186       
Lei Tong                 Ba             188       
Leng Bao                 Fu             209       
Li Ru                    Tian Shui      184       
Li Dian                  Chen Liu       189       
Li Feng 60                              227       Li Yan
Li Feng 54               Luo Yang       220       
Li Hui                   Jian Ning      204       
Li Jue                                  start     
Li Sheng(Teng)           Wan            226       
Li Su                    Shang Dang     184       
Li Xin                                            
Li Yan                   Wan            204       
Li Yi                    Lu Jiang       206       
Liang Xing               Xi Ping        189       
Liang Xu                 Tian Shui      217       
Liao Hua                                start     
Liao Li                  Wu Ling        209       
Ling Cao                 Wu             189       
Ling Tong                               203       Ling Cao
Liu Ba                   Ling Ling      203       
Liu Bao                                 194       Yu Fuluo
Liu Bei                                 start     
Liu Biao                                start     
Liu Chan                                221       Liu Bei
Liu Chen                                252       Liu Chan
Liu Cheng                Ling Ling      234       
Liu Cong(Zong)                          201       Liu Biao
Liu Dai                                 start     
Liu Du                   Ling Ling      197       
Liu Feng                                207       Liu Bei
Liu Gui                                           
Liu Li                                  226       Liu Bei
Liu Lue                                 225       Liu Zan
Liu Pi                                  start     
Liu Ping                                234       Liu Lue/Liu Zan?
Liu Qi                                            
Liu Shao                 Xiang Yang     226       
Liu Xian                                205       Liu Du
Liu Xun 66                              200       Liu Zhang
Liu Xun 64                                        
Liu Yan                                 start     
Liu Yao                                           
Liu Ye                   Lu Jiang       192       
Liu Yong                 Pu Yang        185       ???
Liu Yu                                  start     
Liu Zan                  Hui Ji         199       
Liu Zhang                               start     
Lou Xuan                 Hui Ji         241       
Lu Bu                    Jin Yang       184       
Lu Dai                   Wu             198       
Lu Fan                   Shou Chun      193       
Lu Kai 43                Yong Chang     213       
Lu Kai 61                Wu             221       
Lu Kang                  Wu             244       
Lu Kuang                 Bo Hai         189       
Lu Ji                    Wu             201       
Lu Jing                                 263       Lu Kang
Lu Ju                                   211       Lu Fan
Lu Meng                  Lu Jiang       192       
Lu Qian                  Chen Liu       192       
Lu Su                    Shou Chun      195       
Lu Xiang                 Bo Hai         189       
Lu Xun                   Wu             202       
Lu Weihuang              Ping Yuan      188       
Lu Yi                    Cheng Du       203       
Lu Zhi                                  start     
Lun Zhi                  Liao Dong      218       
Luo Tong                 Hui Ji         212       
Ma Chao                                 190       Ma Teng
Ma Dai                   Xi Liang       197       
Ma Jun                   Tian Shui      225       
Ma Liang                 Xiang Yang     208       
Ma Miao                  Cheng Du       240       
Ma Miti                                           
Ma Su                    Xiang Yang     208       
Ma Teng                  Xi Liang       184       
Ma Tie                                  194       Ma Teng
Ma Wan                   Xi Ping        191       
Ma Xiu                                  193       Ma Teng
Ma Zhong 64              Wu             205       
Ma Zhong 70              Fu             207       
Ma Zun                   Tian Shui      212       
Man Chong                Chen Liu       191       
Mang Yachang             San Jiang      220       
Mao Jie                  Chen Liu       191       
Meng Da                  Fu             196       
Meng Huo                 San Jiang      198       
Meng You                 San Jiang      201               
Mi Fang                  Xia Pi         189       
Mi Zhu                   Xia Pi         189       
Mu Shun                  Shang Dang     185       
Niu Fu                                            
Niu Jin                  Wan            200       
Ou Xing                                           
Pan Feng                 Ye             184       
Pan Hui                                 215       Pang De
Pan Jun                  Wu Ling        196       
Pan Zhang                Wu             196       
Pang De                  xi liang       191       
Pang Tong                Xiang Yang     207       
Pang Xi                  Fu             188       
Pei Xiu                  Hong Nong      241       
Pei Yuanshao                            start     
Puyang Xing              Hui Ji         241       
Qian Hong                Tian Shui      237       
Qiao Mao                                start     
Qiao Rui                 Wan            184       
Qiao Zhou                Fu             216       
Qin Lang                 Xu Chang       211       
Qin Mi                   Cheng Du       193       
Qiu Liju                 Liao Dong      184       
Qiu Jian                 Hong Nong      256       
Qu Yi                                             
Quan Cong(Zong)          Wu             202       
Quan Duan                               220       Quan Zong
Quan Ji 64                              220       Quan Zong
Quan Ji 65                              245       Quan Shang
Quan Shang               Ling Ling      226       
Quan Yi(Wei)                            247       Quan Duan
Sha Moke                 Wu Ling        207       
Shan Jing                Bei Ping       184       
Shao Ti                  Luo Yang       241       
Shen Dan                 Shang Yong     204       
Shen Pei                 Ye             184       
Shen Yi                  Shang Yong     206       
Shen Ying                Lu Jiang       241       
Shi Bao                  Bo Hai         233       
Shi Shuo                 Chang Sha      241       
Shi Zuan                                234       
Shisun Rui                              start     
Sima Fu                  Luo Yang       225       
Sima Lang                Luo Yang       189       
Sima Shi                                222       Sima Yi
Sima Wang                               228       Sima Fu
Sima Yan                                251       Sima Zhao
Sima Yi                  Luo Yang       206       
Sima You                                263       Sima Zhao
Sima Zhao                               225       Sima Yi
Sima Zhou                               241       Sima Yi
Song Qian                Lu Jiang       194       
Song Xian                Jin Yang       184       
Song Yang                                         
Su Fei                   Xiang Yang     191       
Sui Gu                                            
Sun Ce                                  189       Sun Jian
Sun Chen                 Mo Ling        245       
Sun Deng                                223       Sun Quan
Sun Hao                                 256       Sun He
Sun He                   Mo Ling        239       
Sun Huan                 Mo Ling        212       
Sun Ji                   Jiang Ling     241       
Sun Jian                                start     
Sun Jing 62                             start     
Sun Jing(Jun)            Mo Ling        234       
Sun Kuang                               203       Sun Jian
Sun Lang                                203       Sun Jian
Sun Li                   Ji             207       
Sun Liang                               252       Sun Quan
Sun Qian                 Bei Hai        185       
Sun Quan                                196       Sun Jian
Sun Shao                 Wu             204       
Sun Xin                  Jiang Xia      254       
Sun Xiu 41                              249       Sun Quan
Sun Xiu 58               Jiang Xia      253       
Sun Yi 74                               199       Sun Jian
Sun Yi 65                               241       Sun Shao
Sun Yu                                  198       Sun Jing
Sun Zhong                               start     
Ta Dun                   Liao Dong      198       
Taishi Ci                Bei Hai        188       
Taishi Ting                             207       Taishi Ci
Tan Xiong                Chai Sang      207       
Tang Bin                 Ji Nan         254       
Tang Zi                  Xia Pi         223       
Tao Jun                  Mo Ling        255       
Tao Qian                                start     
Teng Xiu                 Gui Yang       249       
Teng Yin                 Mo Ling        221       
Tian Chou                Ji             186       
Tian Feng                Bo Hai         184       
Tian Kai                                start     
Tian Xu                  Ji             234       
Tian(Dian) Yu            Xiang Yang     222       
Wan Yu                   Mo Ling        257       
Wang Chang               Jin Yang       216       
Wang Dun                 Mo Ling        217       
Wang Fu                  Cheng Du       196       
Wang Han                 Han Zhong      241       
Wang Hun                 Jin Yang       241       
Wang Ji                  Bei Hai        206       
Wang Jie(can)            Chang An       191       
Wang Jing                Ping Yuan      223       
Wang Jun                 Hong Nong      230       
Wang Kang                Yong Chang     211       
Wang Kuang                              start     
Wang Lang                Xia Pi         189       
Wang Lei                 Cheng Du       195       
Wang Ling                Jin Yang       207       
Wang Ping                Ba             209       
Wang Qi                  Bei Hai        235       
Wang Rong                Xiao Pei       253       
Wang Shuang              Tian Shui      215       
Wang Su                                 214       Wang Lang
Wang Wei                 Xiang Yang     189       
Wang Xiu                 Bei Hai        189       
Wang Yun                                start     
Wang Zhong               Pu Yang        189       
Wei Guan                 Hong Nong      239       
Wei Miao                 Chang Sha      241       
Wei Xu                   Jin Yang       184       
Wei Yan                  Xiang Yang     207       
Wei You                  Bei Ping       184       
Wei Zhao                 Wu             222       
Wen Chou                 Bo Hai         187       
Wen Hu                                  241       Wen Qin
Wen Pin                  Wan            198       
Wen Qin                  qiao           217       
Wen Yang                                239       Wen Qin
Wu Anguo                 Bei Hai        187       
Wu Ban                   Fu             192       
Wu Gang                  qiao           234       
Wu Ju                    Xiang Yang     189       
Wu Lan                   Fu             188       
Wu Tugu                  San Jiang      205       
Wu Yan 71                Pan Yang       252       
Wu Yan 72                Jiang Ling     249       
Wu Yi                    Chang An       184       
Wu Zhi                   Xu Chang       204       
Xi Zheng                 Cheng Du       225       
Xi Zhicai                Xu Chang       188       
Xiahou Ba                               220       Xiahou Yuan
Xiahou De                Chen Liu       201       
Xiahou Dun               Chen Liu       189       
Xiahou En                Chen Liu       201       
Xiahou He                               223       Xiahou Yuan
Xiahou Hui                              222       Xiahou Yuan
Xiahou Mao               Xi Ping                  Xiahou Dun
Xiahou Shang             Ru Nan         202       
Xiahou Wei                              221       Xiahou Yuan
Xiahou Yuan              Chen Liu       189       
Xiahou Xuan                             225       Xiahou Shang
Xiang Chong              Jiang Ling     216       
Xiang Lang               Xi Liang       187       
Xie Jing                 Lu Jiang       216       
Xin Pi                   Xu Chang       188       
Xin Ping                 Xu Chang       187       
Xing Daorong             Ling Ling      200       
Xu Chu(zhu)              Qiao           193       
Xu Gong                  Wu             184       
Xu Huang                 Hong Nong      192       
Xu Jing                  Hong Nong      184       
Xu Miao                  Ji             207       
Xu Rong                  Tian Shui      184       
Xu Sheng                 Wu             200       
Xu Shu                   Xiang Yang     206       
Xu Yi                                   228       Xu Zhu
Xu You                                  start     
Xu Zhi                   Chang An       224       
Xue Ying                 Gui Yang       240       
Xue Ze                   Tian Shui      221       
Xue Zong                 Pan Yang       206       
Xun Chen                 Xu Chang       188       
Xun Kai                  Chang An       263       
Xun Xu(Wu)               Xu Chang       241       
Xun Yi                   Luo Yang       220       
Xun You                                 start     
Xun Yu                   Xu Chang       189       
Ya Dan                   Xi Ping        219       
Yan Baihu                Wu             184       
Yan Gang                 Bei Ping       184       
Yan Jun                  Mo Ling        200       
Yan Liang                Bo Hai         187       
Yan Pu                   Han Zhong      189       
Yan Rou                  Bo Hai         193       
Yan Xiang                                         
Yan Xing                 Wu             184       
Yan Yan                  Ba             188       
Yan You                                           
Yan Yu                   Yong An        230       
Yang Ang                 Han Zhong      190       
Yang Biao                               start     
Yang Bo                  Han Zhong      193       
Yang Chou                Shang Dang     185       
Yang Feng 64             Tian Shui      188       
Yang Feng 56             San Jiang      221       
Yang Fu                  Tian Shui      212       
Yang Hong                                         
Yang Hu                  Ji Nan         244       
Yang Huai                Cheng Du       187       
Yang Ling                Tian Shui      220       
Yang Qiu                                          
Yang Ren                 Han Zhong      189       
Yang Song                Han Zhong      189       
Yang Xin(Xing)           Xi Ping        236       
Yang Xiu                                196       Yang Biao
Yang Yi                  Xiang Yang     209       
Yang Zuo                 Liao Dong      220       
Yi Ji                    Xiang Yang     189       
Yin Damu                 Luo Yang       227       
Yin Mo                   fu             215       
Yin Shang                Tian Shui      217       
Yong Kai                 Jian Ning      214       
Yu Fan                   Hui Ji         193       
Yu Fuluo                                start     
Yu Jin                                            
Yu Quan                  Mo Ling        223       
Yu She                                            
Yuan Shang                              195       Yuan Shao
Yuan Shao                               start     
Yuan Shu                                start     
Yuan Tan                                191       Yuan Shao
Yuan Xi                                 191       Yuan Shao
Yuan Yao                                193       Yuan Shu
Yuan Yi                                 start     
Yuan Yin                 Wan            189       
Yue Chen                                212       Yue Jin
Yue Ji                   Xi Ping        219       
Yue Jin                  Chen Liu       189       
Zang Ba                                 start     
Ze Rong                  Shou Chun      189       
Zhang Bao 84                            212       Zhang Fei
Zhang Bao 78                            start     
Zhang Bu                 Gui Yang       241       
Zhang Cheng              Mo Ling        224       
Zhang Chun               Bei Ping       184       
Zhang Di(Ti)             Jiang Xia      251       
Zhang Fei                               start     
Zhang He                                start     
Zhang Heng               Xi Ping        197       
Zhang Hong               Guan Ling      184       
Zhang Hu                                211       Zhang Liao
Zhang Hua                Bo Hai         247       
Zhang Ji 69              Tian Shui      184       
Zhang Ji(YI) 52          Chang An       195       
Zhang Jiao                              start     
Zhang Jie                Xu Chang       231       
Zhang Kai                               start     
Zhang Liang                             start     
Zhang Liao               Jin Yang       184       
Zhang Lu                 Cheng Du       188       
Zhang Miao                              start     
Zhang Nan                Wu Ling        212       
Zhang Qi(YI)                            211       Zhang Yi
Zhang Qiu                Shou Chun      221       
Zhang Quan                                        
Zhang Ren                Cheng Du       188       
Zhang Shao                              217       Zhang Fei
Zhang Song               Cheng Du       193       
Zhang Te(Teng)           Shou Chun      228       
Zhang Wei                Cheng Du       188       
Zhang Wen 23             Wu             209       
Zhang Wen 46                            start     
Zhang Xiang              Wu Ling        263       
Zhang Xiu 51                            222       Zhang Zhao
Zhang Xiu 76             Tian Shui      184       
Zhang Xun                                         
Zhang Yan                               start     
Zhang Yang                              start     
Zhang Yi 72              Ba             209       
Zhang Yi 73              Cheng Du       209       
Zhang Yin                                         
Zhang Yun                Xiang Yang     186       
Zhang Zhao               Xia Pi         184       
Zhang Zun                               238       Zhang Bao
Zhao Fan                 Gui Yang       197       
Zhao Guang                                        
Zhao Hong                               start     
Zhao Lei                 Jiang Ling     215       
Zhao Tong                               229       Zhao Yun
Zhao Yun                 Bei Ping       191       
Zhong Hui                Xu Chang       244       
Zhong Yao                Xu Chang       185       
Zhou Cang                               start     
Zhou Chao                Ling Ling      184       
Zhou Fang                Wu             220       
Zhou Tai 90              Shou Chun      192       
Zhou Tai 70              Wan            224       
Zhou Xin                 Mo Ling        184       
Zhou Yu                  Lu Jiang       190       
Zhou Zhi                 Luo Yang       248       
Zhu Bao                  Jian Ning      215       
Zhu Huan                 Wu             198       
Zhu Ju                   Wu             222       
Zhu Jun                                 start     
Zhu Ling                                          
Zhu Ran                                 200       Zhu Zhi
Zhu Yi                                  220       Zhu Huan
Zhu Zan                  Xin Ye         209       
Zhu Zhi                  Chai Sang      187       
Zhuge Dan                Luo Yang       225       
Zhuge Jin                Chai Sang      197       
Zhuge Jing                              256       Zhuge Dan
Zhuge Jun                Jiang Xia      207       
Zhuge Liang              Xiang Yang     207       
Zhuge Ke(luo)                           217       Zhuge Jin
Zhuge Shang                             263       Zhuge Zhan
Zhuge Xu                 Hong Nong      234       
Zhuge Zhan               Cheng Du       241       
Zhuo Ying                Cheng Du       205       
Zou Jing                                start     
Zu Mao                   Wu             184