Question from IOverlord32

Cutscene problems, help?

All the cutscenes keep slowing down and losing audio, any way to fix this?


luckycoin answered:

the same thing happend to me also............ you probuly need more ram/memory in your computer because this game really takes up alot of your ram unless you use choose which one you want or don't want....... anyway.... if the extra ram dosein't work or you already got the upgrade then its because your computer caN'T HANDLE IT OR ITS TOO OLD but my computer is new and it dose do the same thing too some of the missions also but not all of them and you don't really need to hear what the boy/girl says because it gives you a summery of whats happening..... ohh and if you have a laptop it shouldin't act up like that..... i know i had one before. but if it dose then your laptop has a problem with it.
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illage2 answered:

Lower some of the game settings such as resolution, turn off AA completely.
Also if you are running something in the background turn it off BEFORE you run the game.

It should help a little bit.
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