• House Cheats

    To get the cheats to work type CTRL+SHIFT+C then type them in.

    Change the current timeset_hour (1-24)
    Checks for required objects on the current lot and deletes come and see me objects.prepare_lot
    Disable all Frames.draw_all_frames_off
    Doesnt draw colored dots on selected person's path.draw_routes off
    Draw colored dots on selected person's path.draw_routes on
    enables the water toolwater_tool
    How much the Sims think on their own.autonomy (Values 0-100)
    Set absolute world rotation.rotation [0|1|2|3]
    Sets the event logging mask.log_mask
    Shows the "ticks" in the gamesweep
    Start and stop the sim log.sim_log
    Turn off the display of routing debug balloons.route_balloons off
    Turn on mode for editing grass tiles. Increment sets number value by which to change the grass historyedit_grass [1-150]
    Turn on the display of routing debug balloons.route_balloons on
    Turn the floorable grid offdraw_floorable off
    Turn the floorable grid ondraw_floorable on
    Turns on/off animation preview mode.preview_anims
    Views selected Sims personalitys that aren`t listed in the menu.interests

    Contributed By: simcowking and Shadow..

  • Money Cheat

    Press CTRL, Shift, and C at the same time to bring up the console.Now type ''rosebud'' and press enter, and your money should go up.

    More Money"rosebud" then enter

    Contributed By: HM Master.


  • Move Anything Around Lot

    Press the items below for their effect. First press Ctrl+Shift+C to bring up cheat bubble. Then type words below

    Allows all items to be moved around the entire lot, and allows sims to be deletedMove_objects on

    Contributed By: farmer88.


  • Floating House

    Create a two story house, and ignore the bottom for now. Customize the top floor as you want it to be(walls, floors, doors, etc.), and add stairs of some sort to the bottom floor. Delete The walls on the bottom floor, and you now have a floating house.

    Contributed By: khleofan450.

  • Infinity magic boxes

    First wait untill the mysterious man comes, then place him upstairs -delete the stairs as he goes downstairs and wach him place the next box down

    Contributed By: TheSim333.


  • 2,000 easy bucks

    When your creating your house and you need money, place a fire works. Then have your sim shoot it into the air and right when it's about to hit, press ctrl alt shift (on left) and c and type move_objects on. and delete the firework and get an easy 2,000 bucks

    Contributed By: nmber1vikefann.

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