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Where can I find my trusty Tesla cannon?

Hi all, heres my prob: I've played through broken steel and was delighted to be back in the capital wasteland roasting things with lots of electricity. However, I somehow dropped the Tesla cannon somewhere and havnt seen it since. I have reloaded Broken Steel and returned to Andrews AFB, I cannot access the BOS supply crate at the start and there are none to be found in any of the trucks near the hangars! I'm at a loss now, does anyone know the player.additem code for the Tesla cannon? Thanx in advence!

Accepted Answer

Romaru21 answered:

Tesla cannon base id is xx006725. Typically the xx will be 01 but it depends on the mods you might have installed
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jadems_evolved answered:

it's xx006725

I'm sure that after you finish Broken Steel a few spawn in the airbase as well as 3 in the Citadel.
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