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The first time i play FO3 it doesn't lag a bit. i can play it with high settings but when i was playing in the pitt dlc, it lags...... so i turn the graphics down but it still won't work. I tried tweaking, it doesn't work.....
This is my list of games:
Modern warfare 2
Crysis warhead
company of heroes
dead space
Far cry 2
counter strike source
and i can play them with full settings without lag :S
If theres any usefull comment/solutions, plz reply

dester1990 provided additional details:

No. First time i play FAllout 3, it plays very smoothly. Until i went into the pitt, it started lagging. And it continues to lag in every part of the wasteland especially outdoors.Here's my specs:

ATI Radeon 4890
Intel i7 3.6GHZ
3 Terabites of HDD
vista ultimate

Hope this helps


OMG_FUN_U answered:

How bad is your lag? i lag as well but when i put all the settings down it only lags a tiny bit. it might just be a thing with it.
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