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Can't find my follower, jericho.?

Well, I left Jericho somewhere and forgot where he was. I used the save fred 1, or some code like that and got the code 00000A71, but it doesnt recognize 00000A71. So, what can I use to find him?

Adam0117 provided additional details:

Thanks Galahaut, it worked! I went to bed for the night so I wasnt here to thank you when you posted, but now I know I wont be killed from behind xD

Accepted Answer

Mazinger_Kaiser answered:

This happened to me too, he usually loiters around Moriarty's saloon [and] found him at around morning-ish--maybe 7-9am....bastard made me round around...
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Bopomofo816 answered:

You can try to find him at Megaton, sometimes when your companion is separated from you for a long time they will warp back to their "waiting" spot.

If he's not there then you will have to retrace your steps.
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Galahaut answered:

A71 is his Base ID. You need 3B5D, his Reference ID.

Open the console, type prid 3B5D, hit enter, then type moveto player and hit enter again.
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