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Nuka-Cola Challenge delivery at Old Olney?

Im doing the nuka cola challenge, only found 3 in the super duper mart (thought was supposed to be 5 each delivery?) and I can't even find anything at old olney. There is no building called the "Old Olney Grocery" as listed in the notes taken fron the nuka-cola factory. Anyone know where this building/quantums are?

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Thank you, the paper looked like the ones you see on desks and on the ground that you cant pick up because they are just textures, I didnt realize it was a note

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iceman922 answered:

Your supposed to find a note wich says "was driving on the highway east of Old Olney near the gas station, and suddenly a deer ran out in front of my rig. I swerved to avoid hitting it, but my brakes locked up and I ended up jack-knifed against the guardrail. I was in the process of delivering a very important shipment to the Old Olney Grocery, so I have called and requested an immediate pickup in front of Old Olney's Firehouse. I will wait there until the tow truck arrives.

There has been some breakage, but the special shipment is still intact. I am not injured, but the truck is likely a total loss. This is my first incident of this nature with the company, I hope it will not reflect poorly on my future evaluations.

Carl Wallace
Nuka-Cola Corporation Driver 09899 " just travel east, in the direction of Chaste Acres Dairy Farm you will spot the crashed truck not far from the town and several Nuka-Cola Quantums.
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iceman922 answered:

Theres also a quantum in the sewers of old olney
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