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Asked: 6 years ago

where is Dr Preston??HELPPPPPP!!!

for the quest "replicated Man" and i forget who n where is Preston

Anyone can help me????

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From: shredded_angel 6 years ago

It is also possible he's in the hotel area of Rivet City. He goes there some parts of the day and eats.

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Preston is in the broken off front of the ship inh rivet city. You can get there by swimming underwater (on the right side) through a passage way and then a couple doors. Keep coming up for air as you make your way through.

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Uhh, that's Pinkerton who's underwater I'm sure. You can find Dr. Preston in one of the halls next to Dr. Li's lab. He'll either be asleep in his room or in his own office. I'm presuming you're looking for him 'cause Zimmer advised you to ask him about the android. I don't know if it's just me but I encountered a glitch and couldn't ask him about it at all.

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He is usualy in the clininc, i'd get there thru the weatherly hotel.

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Go to the Upper Deck area of Rivet City, his clinic is just upstairs from the Science Lab entrance/exit to the Upper Decks. His room is right across from the clinic, and the Weatherly Hotel is just down the hall.

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Preston is in the top level of Rivet City (not the very top where the security sleeps) where he has a clinic.

Pinkerton, who I assume your looking for, is in the broken off bow of the ship. Jump off the river, go under water, and there is a door. Beware, you will run out of breath and you must surface. There are some Mire Lurks and Mire Lurk Hunters (about 3). Look for a set of stairs and climb it. You will notice the air around you is fuzzy. Get into the nearest door as you hear the grenades fall. After that, continue on, and you will find an inaccessible door. Directly across from there, which is behind you, is a switch. The inaccessible door is the one with the Broken Terminal next to it which explodes when upon activation

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Addendum to XShadowZXZ's guide to Pinkerton;

Watch out for numerous pressure plates, rigged shotguns, bobby-trapped computers.

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Preston is in the Rivet City clinic. Follow the signs. If it's pinkerton you're looking for than grab a towel and go for a swim because he's in the detached portion of the ship.

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