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How do I get to Arlington Cemetary?

On none of my playthroughs have I found Arlington Cemetary or Falls Church North. Since the game is divided into cells I can't even noclip to them. I tried marigold to falls church, but falls church only goes to Hubris comics. Anyone know what combination of subways goes there?


crowman answered:

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Sniperz1 answered:

Ive only been able to get there by cheat. Open up console and type in "coc zarlingtonhouse" without the quotes. You will appear inside a house. Go out the door and you will discover Arlington Cemetary (I hope).
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alucardCVSOTN answered:

I would start at the flooded metro, i think its on the southern part of the map, make your way through there, it should lead right to the cemetery.
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gbrading answered:

Arlington Cemetery is accessible via the Arlington/Wasteland Metro (map marker is called Flooded Metro, not to be confused with the flooded metro near the Red Racer Factory). It's a little way north of Wilhelm's Wharf. The station is mostly collapsed but there is a path through to Arlington.
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