Question from gdsmssngr

Asked: 6 years ago

Prostitution Mod Nudity Yes/No????

Does the prostitution mod show any nudity?
I have a little brother who plays fallout 3 and my mom probably wouldn't be happy if my brother saw nudity in a game that i bought and a mod that i downloaded

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From: Zyphonee 6 years ago

No, however, it has strong sexual themes.

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maybe if u using body change.

but u can always use FOMM (Fall out mod manager) to activated and deactivated the mod. use it to activated the mod when u playing it and deactivated when u'r bro play.

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My brother downloaded the female nudity mod and my brother played fallout 3 before he downloaded it and he played a girl character, he had a mod that had armor and my brother deleted the mod and he saw the nudity...
I deleted the mod and it showed up as a error body so I had to equip armor and clothes so if you have little brothers that play that game you shouldn't download it...

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