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Asked: 5 years ago

Where can I find fawkes?

I let Fawkes go so that I could have Dogmeat but now I want him back. Fawkes told me he'd wait at the museum of history but I can't seem to find him. I told Dogmeat to go to Vault 101 so he's not with me anymore.

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I've been all through underworld and still no Fawkes!

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From: XShadowZXZ 5 years ago

If you've met Fawkes already after retrieving the G.E.C.K., he should be outside when you leave Raven Rock. Dogmeat does not take up a follower spot so you can have them both. Fawkes is usually exploring, and sometimes is in the Museum of History (Not inside underworld) If Fawkes isn't there, either go back to Raven Rock and look around, or go to Museum of History and use the Wait Option

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He might actually be in Underworld...

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If you've already meet him in vault 87, he should be out side raven rock to help you defeat the remaining enclave there. if you to much bad karma or you already have a compainion he will be waiting for you inside the history museum until you either get rid of your current compainion or become good.

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He'll be wandering near Underworld,which is inside the museum of history,if you released him from his cell in vault 87 in the mission "Finding the Garden of Eden" that is.

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Umm.. Just to remove any misunderstandings.. You can have Fawkes and dogmeat at the SAME time..

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