Question from CheatingKitten

Why does it keep on saying (not enough memory to run application)?

Every time i try to play it keeps on telling me that, i've already deleted a bunch of stuff in my computer (about like 10 gigs), what do i do?

CheatingKitten provided additional details:

I have around 5 gigs left


Darksaber310 answered:

Post your system specs so we can tell you.
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jagy190613 answered:

if it says that you may not have enough RAM to play the game. With 5GB of hard drive space, it should be enough. Post your specs so we can help you better.
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jagy190613 answered:

Not sure if this question has been fully answered or not but if it says you don't have enough memory then it generally refers to RAM not Hard drive space. It wouldn't have let you install the game if you didn't have enough hard drive space.

With memory, it may be 1GB, 2GB, etc. I'll need to know how much memory you actually have to tell you. You would want at least 2GB of RAM anything less then it wont be enough. If you have 2GB and it is still telling you this then you have another program that is using up your memory. when you are trying to play the game.
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