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Anyone found the key for the bomb storage?

There's an unmarked bomb storage building west of the Satcom array (in the north, far west of Oasis. In this building, there's a door that requires a key, anyone found that?

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Danie_Tei answered:

Quest spoiler.

Get the You Gotta Shoot 'Em In The Head quest from Crowley he'll tell you that you need to kill and get keys from Dukov, Dave and Ted Strayer. (You don't actually need to kill them just get the keys)

If you question them about Crowley they'll tell you that they were on a mission at Fort Constantine. You can then use Speech to get location of Fort Constantine from Crowley. (Don't give him the keys yet)

Head over to fort constantine and into the CO quarters (west of the Bomb Storage) Inside you'll find several locked doors and after using all three keys you'll find Varla's Corpse on the bottom level which has the Bomb Storage key on it. Inside you'll a Fat Man and a lot of mini-nukes.
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kooreo answered:

Hit the Tilde (~) key to access the console and click the door then type unlock!
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Unle4sheD answered:

The building is related to a quest, find Mr Crowe in the underworld.
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Stabbersis answered:

Major spoiler etc.

The key to the door is actually on the -other- side of the door, which you need specific other keys, from Crowley (as above mentioned, but misspelled) in the Underworld.

It's the "exit" door to the bunker, of sorts.
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