Question from TheKitchenSin

Is there any way to extract the sound files for GNR's songs?

It's pure hell tracking down some of those songs online. Go on, do a search and try to find "Mighty Mighty Man."

So yeah, if it's on the game, is there any way to copy it? I can't find the files and I wonder if it's possible.

Accepted Answer

Galahaut answered:

The files should be in the sound BSA. You'll need to use the following tool to extract files from the BSA.
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SupeBigZeldaFan answered:

Or Use Oblivion Mod Manager to open C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Fallout 3\Data\Fallout - Sound.bsa
sort by folder name then look at the bottom of the list then extract and enjoy
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