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Where do I find the other graves?

Outside of the raider fort near Dukov's Place, I found a marked grave that was searchable. It had a note that was part of a series. I have not found the other graves. Are these graves just random encounters or are they in set locations?

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AnubisBot answered:

It's not random, it's an unmarked quest called "Searching for Cheryl."

* In L'Enfant South you can find a burial mound containing Search Party Log #1.
* As mentioned in the log, go to the Ranger Compound and access the outdoor terminal to read about the Canterbury Search Party. The terminal can either be unlocked by Reilly or is a very hard hack.
* The "Western Ruins" mentioned in the second log are located to the north of Potomac Bridge, below a Raider camp. The Search Party Log #3 is in a second burial mound there. To get to that raider camp, travel to Dukov's Place go south towards the Potomac Bridge (the only bridge over the big river for miles). Between the raider camp and the bridge you can find the grave.
* Search Party Log #4 is in a grave directly northwest of the Sewer Waystation. To find the grave, walk toward a big Corvega billboard (which may have an Enclave poster stamped on it if you have completed the Waters of Life quest). The grave is to the left of and before you get to the billboard, in front of the fence, on the NE side of some rocks.

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paroxysmDX answered:

Well, I've been back and forth through the area and I have never seen the grave. It is entirely possible that it is a random occurance/encounter. Could you provide the exact location so I can go and check?
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