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Is there a way to make hardened power armor in this Fallout?

I know in the other games you could have hardened power armor made. My question is can you do it i fallout 3?


omegaseabee answered:

No, but you can find it.
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AJ_Falcone answered:

The best armour in the game is the T51b Power armour found in Fort Constantine. You need all the keys for the Fort which you can get by completing the quest "You Gotta Shoot em In the Head" which you get from Mr Crowley at the Underworld.
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td_tempest answered:

Or you can just finish Operation Anchorage, which awards you with both Power Armor Training and the Winterized T-51B.
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crautos answered:

No you cannot,
and niether can you find it.
there is no such thing in Fallout 3.

But if you are looking for the toughest power armours:-
1)T-51b, only one set (without console) can be found in fort constantine (you must have all keys from you gotta shoot 'em in the head to be able to reach it)--------50 dmg resistance.

2)Enclave Hellfire, can be found generally worn by enclave soldiers, specificaly Hellfire troopers.(only available if you have broken steel add-on)---------50 dmg resistance.

other than that a full list of armour and weaponry can be found on game-faqs. fallout 3 faq section or on fallout wikia.
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