Question from grim_reaper92

Asked: 5 years ago

Where can I find presure cooker?

i need it for railway rifle :D but haven't found any presure cooker, don't even know how it looks like :P

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From: Galahaut 5 years ago

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There's a bunch in minefield, just look on the stoves inside the houses. Most buildings with kitchens will have one too. They look like a large pot with a lid.

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Just outside of megaton there is a school i dont remember the name right now..there are abt 5-6 availiable!

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DUDE... if it's gettin' too hard to find one (i had the same problem), or if you are just tooooo lazy to go find one, open up the console, and type in "coc testqaitems", you teleport to a room with all the items in the game, wpns, armory an all the stuff, BUT, you just want the pressure cooker remember??? don't go pickin' up all the good weapons ;P!!!....
OH!? and i almost forgot, after you'r done, type in "coc megatoncommonhouse", will teleport you back to megaton, if you still haven't blown it up...and the items in that room don't come back after you already picked them, as for bullets, try killing the guy in that room, he has a lot, cuz' after you already picked ammo, you can't pick again... so blast him... but i think ther's sumtihng strang about tha' guy.. still don' know..

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You can find pressure cookers everywhere, mainly in houses. look around megaton ten penny tower and rivet city

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