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Quest/Puzzle Help status answers
Access to GNR building? Answered 2
Agatha's song part 2? Answered 3
Any old slave will do? Answered 1
Anyway to do Galaxy radio quest if skipped? Answered 1
Anyway to reset The wasteland survival Quest? Open 1
Big trouble in Big Town (The small quest defend thing after it.) Robots? Answered 5
Blood Ties? Answered 5
Can i "own" both Houses? Answered 6
Can you get everyone to leave vault 101? Open 3
Damn, Republic of Dave wants me DEAD??? Answered 2
Galaxy News Radio quest? Answered 1
Galaxy News Radio, communications dish? Open 2
Galaxy News Radio? Answered 3
Garza wont accept my stempacks in "waters of life" even though I have four? Answered 1
Gibbsons Note? (please help) Open 1
How can i get it? Answered 4
How do I activate the Failsafe in Tranquility lane? Answered 1
How do i deactivate a mine in minefield? Answered 1
How do I enslave other person? Answered 1
How do I find all the mininukes? Answered 3
How do I find the Queen in the "THOSE" quest? (spoilers!) Answered 3
How do I get back into my suite at tenpenny tower? Open 2
How do I get ghouls into Tenpenny? Answered 2
How do I get into the Chinese compound? Answered 1
How do i get the password for National Guard Depot basement? Answered 3
How do I get to the White House? Answered 1
How do i help Reilly? Answered 5
How do I pick a lock? Answered 11
How do I re-spawn or warp to Eulogy? Answered 2
How do I solve (Following in His Footsteps)? Answered 2
How do I solve a Part in the plot...? Answered 9
How do I solve Agatha's Song, primarily where is the Violin? Answered 2
How do I solve Flak? Answered 11
How do I solve Gibson's house? Answered 1
How do I solve Oasis?? Answered 2
How do I solve Point Lookout? Answered 2
How do I solve Rescue from paradise? Answered 2
How do I solve scientific pursuits? Open 8
How do I solve the Museum of Technology computer code puzzle? Answered 4
How do I solve Trouble on the Homefront? Answered 3
I can't find Moira after blowing up Megaton? Answered 5
In 'Waters of life' quest, how do i get the fuses from dad??? Open 3
In Mama Dolce's frieght yard, how do I open the gate? Answered 2
In the robot assembly room, where is the generator? Answered 1
Is digging up dirt on Seagrave Holmes for Bannon a quest? Open 2
is it possible to get the A3-21's Plasma Rifle after quest completed ? Answered 4
Is it possible to survive the ending? Answered 2
Is there a way back into vault 101 besides the quest "water of life"?? Open 2
Littlehorn and Associates? Answered 2
non-cheap way of finding Vault 112? Answered 1
Nuka-Cola Challenge delivery at Old Olney? Answered 2
Oops! What is Raven Rock and how do I get in? Answered 1
Slavers in head of state quest? Answered 6
Super duper market robot? Answered 1
What Happens to the Oasis? Answered 1
What is Raven Fox and How do I get in? Answered 1
What is Raven Fox? And how do I get in? Open 1
What's the console for found in the Jefferson Memorial? Answered 2
When do i meet hannibal at the lincoln memorial? Open 1
Where can I find Elder Lyons? Answered 1
Where do I find the other graves? Answered 2
Where is Amata (After She Leave the Vault)? Answered 2
where is Dr Preston??HELPPPPPP!!! Answered 8
Where is Vault 112? Answered 2
Why did Donovan (Reilly Ranger) Disappear? Answered 1
Why do the slaves always run off and die in strictly business? Open 1
Why is Scribe Rothchild not moving? Answered 1
Will Jericho die if I bomb Megaton? Open 2
Item Help status answers
Are any of the skill increasing books missable? Answered 1
Are there any codes to get all the places on the map!?!?!? Open 4
Bring back Lucky Harith? Answered 3
Can I get a dog?? Answered 5
Can the armored Vault 101 suit be repaired by yourself? Answered 4
Can you add or change SPECIAL skills w/out bobbles? Answered 4
Cant UnEquip Slasher Knife! How? Answered 2
Chinese stealth armor+stealth boy? Open 1
DLC: Location of Intel Suitcases / Terminals? Answered 1
Does anyone know where I can find a COMPLETE and UPDATED item code list for everything in the game? Answered 1
Does the game actually have a place called Rockopollis? Answered 1
Eugene? Answered 1
Fallout 3 expansion The Pits? Answered 4
Geck Item Spawning Help? Open 2
Help Getting The Xuanlong Chinese Assault Rifle!? Answered 2
How can I buy stuff for my room in tenpeny tower ? Answered 5
How can i upgrade weapons? Answered 1
How do i get my hands on some good weapons and stuff like that? Answered 1
How do I get Purified Water? Answered 4
How do i get the atomic pulverizer? Open 2
How do I get Xenotecnition Perk? Answered 1
How Do I holster my weapon in the PC version? Answered 3
How do I obtain Tenpenny Towers suite upgrades? Answered 5
How do i resurrect "Crazy Wolfgang"? Open 1
How do I spawn certain objects without them being f'ed up? Answered 3
How do you spawn buildings using commands pc? Open 1
How long does Mr. Crowley take to show up? Answered 5
How should I go by looting the Mothership Zeta? Answered 1
How to place house improvements? Answered 2
How to repair a weapon? Answered 2
How to rise level?Frag grenades needed Open 7
How to use T-b51? Answered 1
how/where do I get training for power armor? Answered 3
Is it true that you can get a veichle? Answered 1
Is the deathclaw gauntlet really much better than the "Fisto!"? Answered 1
Is there a way to make hardened power armor in this Fallout? Open 4
Making NPCs equip something? Answered 1
Missing unique equipment for Point Lookout??? Answered 1
Paradise Falls? Open 2
Raven Rock Bobblehead - Where is Raven Rock "map"? Open 5
Repairs for Gauss? Answered 5
schematic durring "Escape!"? Open 2
Stimpack item code? Answered 2
Teddy bears? Answered 3
The T-51b Power Armour? Answered 3
Vault 108 Tumblers Today? Answered 3
Vengeance or precision gatling laser? Answered 2
Waters of life fuse ids?? Open 6
What are the blue/red cards for? Answered 2
What are the items you can get addicted to? Answered 1
What are the Red/Yellow/Blue Keycards for? Open 3
What are WP/DP/AP and all those? Answered 2
What can i use to repair a Deathclaw gauntlet? Answered 3
What is the best energy weapon in the game? Answered 1
What is the best flamer in fallout 3? I have all the add-ons Answered 5
What is the cheat code for the mirv!!!!!!????? Open 2
What to do with Grady's package, the Naughty Nightwear? Answered 3
Whats with pre-war money and blood packs? Answered 1
Where can I find (Bobby Pins)? Answered 1
Where can I find 3 Dog's Weapon cache? Answered 1
Where can I find a crutch and a lawn mower blade ? Answered 3
Where can I find a steam gauge assembly? Answered 11
Where can i find Alien Blaster? Answered 1
Where can I find any music sheets for agatha (not the vault 92 book)? Answered 1
Where can I find Biwwy (in Little Lamplight)? Answered 1
Where can I find fawkes? Answered 5
Where can I find Jaime's book? Answered 1
Where can I find lost items? Open 1
Where can I find Motorcycle Handbrake? Answered 5
Where can I find my trusty Tesla cannon? Answered 2
Where can I find presure cooker? Answered 5
Where can I find Prototype Medical Power Armor? Answered 1
Where can I find quantum bottles? Answered 1
Where can I find slavers collers? Answered 4
Where can I find the alien blaster? Answered 1
Where can I find the armor from the cover? Open 1
Where can I find the Dart Gun? Answered 1
Where can I find the ID's for items when using cheats? Answered 2
Where can I find the item code (baseid) for the OA sniper rifle? Answered 1
Where can I find the key to Mr Burks room in Megaton? Answered 1
Where can I find the Lucky 8 ball to increase my luck skill? Answered 2
Where can I find the Railway Rifle Schematics? Answered 2
Where can I find the scrapyard key? Answered 2
Where can I find this key? Answered 1
Where can I sell Fingers/Ears? Answered 2
Where can I sell loot? Answered 1
Where do I find the (Key to the rockland car tunel) ? Open 2
Where do you find the wild seeds from the giant punga plant or whatever, in point lookout? Answered 2
Where is my Megaton house? Answered 1
Where is Rockopolis? Answered 4
Which Bobble Heads are missable due to storyline or inaccessible areas? Answered 6
Which NPC has best repair score? Answered 1
Why didn't the FEV Virus kill everyone? Answered 1
Winterized T-51B power armour glitch??? Open 2
Technical Help status answers
? The game wont load Open 2
?Problem With Long Range Distance Rendered Objects Answered 4
After selecting new game, why cant i get past the loading screen? Open 1
Anouther can i run it? Answered 1
Any more console suggestions? Open 3
Are the other updates (such as Operation Ancorage and/or The Pitt) Free? Answered 1
Are there just one or multiple European versions? Answered 2
Bad Karma Problem? Answered 3
Brightness in Windowed mode not working? Open 2
Broken Steel CRASH? Answered 1
Broken Steel not working? Open 4
Can an nVIDIA GeForce 7200 work with Fallout 3? Answered 1
Can i play this game?? Open 5
Can I run Fallout 3 on my computer and will it run slow? Open 4
Can I run this game with my current PC? Open 2
Can i save my game and then reinstall FO3? Answered 1
Can my computer play this game well with maxed out settings? Open 1
Can my PC run Fallout 3 and how well? Open 1
Can this graphic card run this? Answered 2
Can this hardware run? Open 2
Can't download Broken Steel? Answered 1
Can't download fallout 3? Open 1
Can't get the tilde key to open up the console. ? Answered 27
Cheat Problem? Open 2
CmdLineExtInstallerExe.exe Error? Answered 1
Code help? Open 1
Con. wont come up anymore, can some one help? :'( Open 1
Continue/load freeze, help? Open 1
Crash when reach level above 20? Open 2
Crashing upon approaching Mr.Burke? Answered 1
Do I need to have Fallout 3 installed on my computer to use the G.E.C.K. Mod tool? Answered 1
Do you need the first expansion (Operation Anchorage and the Pitt) before you can get the expansion with Broken Steel? Answered 1
Do you think I can run this properly? Answered 1
does any1 know the code for 'SetEssential' cheats for Dogmeat? Answered 1
Dogmeat is unresponsive outside Vault 101, can he be reset? Open 7
Fallout 3 crashing on Windows 7 and addons not being carried over? Open 1
Fallout 3 for PC, memory/memory reading problem? Answered 1
Fallout 3 game freezing and crashing? Unanswered 0
Fallout 3 GOTY addition cheats? Open 1
Fallout 3 keeps freezing, simple as that, help? Open 1
Fallout 3 wont run propely with Windows 7 ? Open 2
Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta DLC (PC) Freezes on Cryo Labs/Cryo Storage for no reason? Open 2
fallout will not open so I can play ? Open 1
Foobar2000 hotkeys are disabled while playing, why? Unanswered 0
Game Crashes Randomly Without Error Messages? Open 1
Game doesn't proceed to next scene. Any idea why? Open 1
Game occasionally CTD's? Open 1
GeForce 8800 problem. No error message, any ideas? Open 1
GLitch at GNR Plaza: Behemoth never shows up! What to do? Open 3
Has anyone else had problems loading the add ons? Answered 1
How can I change the graphics settings? Answered 4
How can I change the resolution? Answered 1
How can I have a controller active and use the console at the same time? Open 1
How can I optimize my framerate further? Answered 2
How do i Clear the Fallout 3 Cache for PC? Answered 2
How Do I Enable High Quality Textures in Actors (NPCs and My Character) but Leave Medium Textures in the Environment? Open 2
how do i get DLC working with FOSE running? Answered 1
How do i get rid of blue haze? Open 1
How do i install mods? Open 3
How do I know when the Addons are installed? Answered 1
How do I make Scribe Rothchild appear? Answered 4
How do i put the Halo armor mod into the fallout 3 data ? Answered 1
How do i repair the mods i've downloaded ? Open 2
How do I turn off specular lighting (or drastically reduce its density)? Open 2
How do i use cheats? Answered 2
How do you change key binds for vats and looting? Answered 1
How many discs are in the PC version? Answered 1
How much RAM do I need to play this? Answered 1
How should I use/run/apply the 1.7 patch? Open 1
How to check and edit repair lists in G.E.C.K? Answered 2
How to close PIP BOY ? Answered 4
How to make The Pitt work? Open 3
How well will it run? Answered 1
I Can't Drop Any Items? Open 2
I can't drop items anymore!, what do I do!? Open 4
I cant access the tilde cheat on vista? Answered 14
I cant get the console to come up even if i press ~(vista)? Open 5
I got 2 rly annoying problems with the game can any1 help? Open 2
I keep getting CTDs is my load order the problem? Conflicting mods? Open 1
I simply cannot seem to run this game. CTD Once I start it. Help me? Unanswered 0
I'm having trouble finishing the Dec. of Independance quest. help? Answered 1
If I can run oblivion on medium settings would I be able to run fallout 3? Open 2
If I can run TES: Oblivion, can i run fallout 3? Open 1
Is it possible to install third-party mods onto the Steam version of Fallout 3? Answered 2
Is there a cheat...? Answered 1
Is there a way to truly edit the Robots and Turrets weapons? Answered 1
Is there any way to customize the music played by the Pip-Boy? Answered 2
Is there any way to downgrade graphics? Open 3
Issues that pop up when playing? Open 2
Lag!!!!? Open 1
Launcher problem? Open 1
Live wont let me log in/Doesnt detect the internet. Help? Answered 2
Main Screen music keeps running? Open 2
May i run these Games? Open 1
Missing Quest ''Trouble On the Homefront'' Help please!? Open 1
More errors? Open 2
My game keeps crashing since I changed my graphics card. Why? Open 1
New install / Anyway to know what mods previously used on savegame? Open 1
No voice aduio?! Open 2
NPC odd behavior? Open 1
OASIS crash help? Open 1
Oasis quest crash? Answered 7
Ok y cant i get my controller to work with fallout 3 ? Open 2
Online? Answered 1
Operation anchorage install location ? Answered 5
Ordinal 5360 could not be located in dynamic link library xlive.dll....? Answered 1
Patching and Rat Trap mod? Open 1
Problem with quest advancement? Open 1
Problem with the boat in Point lookout? Open 1
Runtime Error? Open 2
Shuts When Minimumes? Open 3
Skill Trouble - Why does increasing my weapon skills not increase weapon damage? Open 4
Someone knows why I can't here the characters voices? Open 3
Specific dialog causing crashes? Open 3
System Requirements? Answered 2
Teleport Cheat? Answered 2
Tenpenny tower crashing? Open 1
The Add-ons crash FALLOUT 3 for me, what should I do? Answered 1
The game freezes every 5 minutes or when i enter a new room? Open 5
The game will not show when startup screen when clicked on? Open 1
Unable to finish Stealing Independence? (glitch possibly?) Unanswered 0
Unable to use the G.E.C.K. (not in-game, the program), could someone please help? Answered 1
Userbar flashes when running game? Open 1
Weird Point Lookout Problem? Open 2
What do I have type to spawn enemies? Answered 1
What is wrong with my FOMM? Answered 1
What would be the best hardware applicable to me? Answered 1
What would cause Fallout 3 to freeze constantly while playing? If so, what are the solutions? Open 1
When I install this ame, why does it says "setup.exe" isn't working properly? Open 1
Why can't my game run? Answered 1
Why do the add-ons keep uninstalling? Open 1
Why does it keep on saying (not enough memory to run application)? Open 3
Why does my game keeps Crashing? Answered 1
Why does my Screen go black and laughs in Pitt power plant? Open 2
Why does the game keep crashing? Open 1
Why does the game keep telling me "This program has stopped working?" and exiting out of the game(VISTA)? Answered 3
Why does the game keep telling me (stop working)? Answered 1
Why does the game keep telling me file 5360 is not found? Open 1
Why does the game keep telling me Hardware T&L required but not supported by adapter? Open 1
Why does the game keep telling me Textures.bsa does not match the setups .cab? Open 1
Why does the game keep telling me that my confirguration is wrong? Open 2
Why does the game keep telling me that the volume is corrupt? Open 1
Why does the game kept saying " fallout 3 has stoped working"? Open 2
Why does the game stop working everytime I try to start a new game (Vista)? Answered 1
Why doesn't Broken Steal start after i beat the game? Open 1
Why doesn't Broken Steel work? Open 1
Why i can't recruit clover? Answered 2
Why is the textures of things always changing? Answered 1
Why is there no reaction to disk? Answered 1
Why isn't Galaxy News Radio working? Open 2
Why won't it run, even with my specs? Open 1
Why won't the story continue after I start the purifyer? Answered 1
Will Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition work with my 32bit HP Pavilion??? Open 1
Will my specs allow me to run the game without alot of lagging? Or should i buy the PS3 version? Answered 1
Will this laptop run it? Open 1
Will this run it? Open 1
Will this run on my computer? Open 1
Windowed Mode? Answered 1
Windows 7 Compatability? Open 2
Windows keeps telling me that fallout3 has to close for an unknown reason Why? Open 6
Windows LIVE / DLC - can't load saved games? Answered 2
^^ Ordinal 5360 could not be located in dynamic link library xlive.dll....? Open 2
Other Help status answers
(create your own question)Who do I Barter with? Answered 5
360 vs PC? Answered 1
A question about the mods-? Answered 2
Achievements Don't Show Up? Open 1
Achievements? Open 2
All i need is an idiot guide to enter cheats? Answered 2
Any drawbacks to buying a used copy? Answered 2
Any way to slow down the mouse cursor for menus? Open 1
Anybody know Fawkes SetEssential ID ? Answered 1
Anybody know how to revive alistair tenpenny? Answered 1
Anybody knows what the chinese radio broadcasts are for? (if they're relevant or has anything to do with the story) Answered 5
Anyone else seen flares shoot off southwest (i think) of Oasis by a dairy farm? Open 4
Anyone got a way into the Vault Tec HQ? Open 4
anyone know how to free up reserved RAM space? Open 1
Are cheat codes worth it? If so, what are some? Answered 1
Are Lady Killer, Black Widow, Child at Heart ever even options? Answered 1
Are the GNR "Daring" Dashwood and Argyle radio dramas available for extraction, and if so, where are they loca Answered 2
Bug with getting NPC companion Charon from Azhrukal? Open 12
Can anyone help? Answered 1
Can anyone provide an idiot guide to to entering a cheat code? Answered 1
Can anyone suggest the better sites to download the addons free? Answered 1
Can anyone tell me what I need to upgrade to play the game on at least high setting? Answered 3
Can I buy the DLCs on Windows Live and play them with my Steam Fallout 3? Answered 1
Can I get some answers pertaining to eolsunder's FAQ? Open 1
Can i get Sticky as a companion again? Open 1
Can I join the outcasts? Answered 1
Can I keep multiple saves of two different games? Answered 2
Can i kill Fawkes if i cant get him to follow Me? Answered 2
Can i play the main quest and do the dlc quests later? Answered 1
Can I repair the damaged liberty prime? Open 2
Can I reprogram robots to follow my instructions or at least be my protector? Answered 1
Can I turn hostile BoS to non-hostile again? Answered 2
Can i use cheats to get achievements? Answered 2
Can I wear hats and glasses at the same time? Open 3
can I zoom out in the world map? Open 1
Can my PC run this game? Open 1
Can someone send me the fallout winter edition files? Unanswered 0
Can you become a ghoul? Answered 2
Can You Get A Home If Both The Mayor of Megaton & Mr. Burke Are Dead? Open 4
Can you get a home if Mr. Burke & The Mayor of Megaton Are Dead? Open 2
Can you get a room in Rivet City? Open 2
Can you go back into vault 101? Answered 5
Can you play the expastions on the pc or is it just for the xbox? Answered 1
Can you undo a save/autosave? Open 1
Can Your party die? Open 2
Can't find my follower, jericho.? Answered 3
Cannibal perk doesn't work? Answered 1
Cannot talk to wadsworth? Open 1
Cheat console problme? Answered 2
Cheat? (showinventory) Answered 1
Cheats? Answered 2
Cherons set essential code? Answered 1
Console mods? Answered 2
Disabling GNR Music? Answered 1
Do we have any sites that I can download Broken steel and Point lookout from those sites ? Answered 1
Doc Hoff died and I can't find the son of a @#$%^? Answered 3
Doctor Lesko Wont Give Me My Award!?!?! *Maybe Spoilers* Open 1
Does anyone know how to add a note? Open 2
Does anyone know how to make Cube Experimental work? Open 1
Does anyone know if...? Open 1
Does anyone know the consoul comand to make a weapon that wont lose its hp? Open 3
Does anyone know wat is the base id for BoS paladin and knight and enclave soldiers?? Answered 1
Does cheating disable achievements? Answered 1
Does extra lockpick help? Answered 1
Does Karma get you the good or bad ending? Answered 3
Does the game end? Answered 2
Does the game have another ending? Open 1
Does the GECK(MODTool) work with the Add ons? Open 1
Does the infinate caps glitch still work on the game of the year addition? Answered 1
Does using console command SexChange cause any bugs? Answered 1
Does your character have a gender, race and facial features that you can modify? Answered 2
Download? Answered 1
Essential Cheat? Answered 1
Fallout 3 GECK mod .esp to data files? Open 1
Fallout 3 Graphics card? Open 2
Fallout 3 keyboard don't work? Open 2
Fallout, and add-ons ? Open 1
FEV virus? Answered 1
Flashbacks? Answered 1
Followers wont talk to me? *spoilers, kinda* Answered 3
GECK (tool) question. How to add stats to armor? Open 1
Get past skills menu when using cheats? Answered 2
Getting a new Mr.Handy? Open 3
Ghouls at tenpenny? Open 4
Glitched storyline & Citadel door won't open. How to solve this? Answered 1
Healing companions? Open 1
Help with mothership zeta? Open 1
Houses? How to get them Answered 3
How can I get my Mister Gutsy, Sergeant MKIII, back after losing him in Vault 87? Answered 1
How can I get the ''broken steel''&''point lookout'' patch? Answered 1
How can I hold more weight ? Answered 2
how can I repaired T-51b armor?? Open 5
How come the mods I've installed don't have their correct colours? Open 1
How do I add Fallout 3 to Steam? Answered 2
How do I change my character's name? Answered 2
How do I get back into Adams Air Force base? Unanswered 0
How do i get exp very fast? Open 3
How Do I get inside the actual white house? Answered 2
How do I get my pc game controller to work??? Open 1
How do i get past the force field in raven rock? Open 2
How do i get stealth armor? Answered 2
How do I get the getquestcompleted cheat to work? Answered 1
How do I know the latitude and longitude where I am? Answered 1
How do I link Vault Doors to Vault Control Panels? Unanswered 0
How do I respond directly to individuals on this site who might answer my questions? Answered 1
How do i run faster? Open 1
How do i set the weapon in fallout 3 in Pc like how the fallout in ps3 could ? Answered 1
How do I spawn people I've killed? Open 1
How do I target people/locks/terminals/containers when hacking the game? Answered 1
How do I toggle run? Answered 4
How do i use cheats in the game? Open 3
How do you get into Raven Rock? Open 2
How do you get the radio signals? Open 1
How do you Holdster your weapon ? Answered 1
How do you run? Open 2
How do you unload guns? Answered 2
How do you use "SetBarterGold [amount]"? Unanswered 0
How Do You Use The G.E.C.K? Answered 1
How do you yield? Answered 1
How Does Paying For Sex Work? Answered 3
How is a Glowing One different from a normal Feral Ghoul? Open 1
How long does it take for stores to restock items? Open 2
How to continue the game after ending? Open 1
How to enableconsole in a laptop? Answered 3
How to i leave a computer terminal? Answered 1
How to restore default values? Open 1
How to take screenshots and where can I find them? Answered 1
How to unlock Windows Live achivements? Answered 1
how to use ResetQuest? Open 1
How to use the "reset quest" cheat? Answered 3
Hubris Comics? Answered 1
I'm having trouble getting my gear back from The Pitt. help? Answered 1
I've just finnish the game, but I haven't installed the add-on yet? Answered 1
If Oblivion will work on my computer, will this? Open 3
If you enter cheats, will it mess up the game? Answered 1
Inifinte ammo code? Open 1
Is it possible to pose in this game? Open 1
Is it possible to stop a characters addiction to an item? Answered 2
Is it safe to leave items in containers outside of your Megaton House/Tenpenny Tower Suite? Open 1
Is the achievement list both the same for 360 and PC versions? Answered 1
Is the Game of the Year edition worth it? Open 2
Is there a code? Open 1
IS there a LAN support in Fallout 3? Open 1
Is there a quick way to restart a game? Answered 1
Is there a way for the mouse to be outside of the F3 window? Open 2
Is there any way to extract the sound files for GNR's songs? Answered 2
Is there any way to find out who my followers are? Open 1
Is there any way to get back into Vault 101? Answered 1
Is there anyway to reset the skills that i Tagged? Answered 2
Is this game worth buying the goty edition? Answered 1
Is this game worth it? Answered 4
Level Limit? Answered 5
Look on myself? Answered 2
Making own radio selection ? Answered 1
Megaton Armory, who has the key? Answered 1
Micky- the pure water dude outside of Megaton, Only for karma? Answered 1
Minimum Requirements? Answered 1
Missing NPC? (Walter) Answered 1
Missing random Enclave Stations. Can you help? Answered 1
Mods are acting up, please help!-_-? Open 2
Multiple Schematics and extra damage question? Answered 1
My companion disappears after Tranquility Lane? Open 2
My perception gone? Answered 2
My tenpenny robot godfrey has been destroyed what can i do to be him back? Open 2
Mysterious Stranger? Open 1
No cheat console :(????????/ Answered 1
Oasis glitch. How to solve this? Open 1
Offline achievements? Open 1
Operation Anchorage? Answered 1
Paulson after you beat MSZ? Open 1
PC Fallout 3 - Cheats and Achievements? Open 2
Pickpocket to buff, for the win? Answered 1
Pinkerton doesn't let me change my face? Answered 2
Plasma Rifle Death Glitch, Any way to fix it? Open 1
Power armor training?? Open 2
Problem with fallout?? Answered 1
Prostitution Mod Nudity Yes/No???? Answered 3
Reset Quest: Death From Above (Broken Steel) Help? Open 2
Resetting the computers in Musem of technology? Answered 1
Resurrection problem? Answered 1
Running is disabled, how do I enable it again? Answered 1
Set essential codes for merchants? Answered 1
SPECIAL higher than 10? Answered 1
Stefan the ghoul... can he be helped? Answered 2
Stimpak reduces strength? Answered 1
Strange Phenomenon? Answered 2
Three dog stops talking about me??? Open 2
Three Dog stops talking??? Open 1
Tranquility Lane Pod Help? Open 1
Trouble in Tranquility Lane? Answered 2
Unlock cheat does not work ? Answered 2
using a 360 controller on PC version? Open 3
Version? Open 1
Violence? Answered 1
Walter is gone?? Open 2
Were can i find more alien blaster ammo? Open 3
Were do i find Roy Phillips? Open 2
What are add-ons and what's this about aliens? Answered 1
What are the best mods currently? Answered 1
What are the use of Windows Live anyway for the game? Answered 4
What do i do if i cant get thru to lamplight caverns? Open 4
What exactely happens to someone/something when you cripple it's members? Answered 1
What happened to Jericho after i got captured? Open 2
What happens to Amata when the game ends? Answered 1
What happens to the People of Vault 101 after you evacuate them? Open 5
What happens when you turn the geck on? Answered 1
What is the geck and how do i get it? Answered 2
What is the maximum weight limit? Can it be increased? Answered 1
What is the SetEssential ID of alistair tenpenny? Open 1
What mods can i use if i dont use FOSE? Answered 1
What should I do if dogmeat doesn't show up at Vault 101? Answered 5
What was the name of that math maze game a long time ago in school? Answered 2
What's the Codes I found in a SatArray site for? Answered 1
Whats the name? Open 2
When is a good time to download the expansions? Answered 1
When you have fawkes as a follower can he die? Open 3
Where are all the other followers in the Wasteland? Answered 1
Where are my followers? Open 1
Where are my screenshots stored? Unanswered 0
Where are PG/PG-13 settings? Open 1
where can I get the ''broken steel'' & ''point lookout'' DLC's? Open 1
Where can you store stuff early on? Answered 2
Where do i find enemy chinese soldiers? Answered 3
where do I place the GNR radio fix? Answered 2
Where do I search to change the players voice? Open 2
Where does Fallout 3 save my screenshots? Answered 3
Where does this game store the radio musi files? Open 1
Where is Fawkes in Broken Steel? Open 2
Where is Mr. Burke? Answered 1
Where is Shrapnel? Open 3
Where is the Lab where Gunny trains you and i also cant find lyons? Open 4
Where's Argyle? (Dashwood's ghoul manservant) Answered 2
Where's Dogmeat?? Answered 1
Where's K-9 (the dog/android)? Open 2
Where's Lucy West? Answered 6
Who the peoples that i can recruit and where are they located? Open 1
Why Are Bombs Suddenly Dropping? Answered 10
Why can't I get the console to come up even after I have hit the tilde (~) key? Answered 3
Why can't I take a screenshot in the PC version of Fallout 3? Open 1
Why cant I have "fun" with Nova in Megaton??? Open 1
Why do brotherhood outcasts attack? Open 1
Why does my game randomly Freeze/Crash when i am playing the game? Open 1
Why is Three Dog talking about end quests after a new game? Open 1
Will I be able to run Fallout 3 on the highest graphics settings with a 8600GT(nVidia)??? Answered 2
Will my pc run it? Open 1
Will the save be useless? Answered 1
Will this work on my laptop? Open 4

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