Need for Speed II SE Cheats


  • Misc. Codes

    Enter one of the following codes at any screen:

    Beep horn to crash opponentroadrage
    Beer boxgo50
    Blue Sedango23
    Bomber BFS carbomber
    Chase modechase
    Crate 1go49
    Daytona cartombstone
    Different colorsmadland
    Dinosaur trafficrexrage
    Ford Indigored racer
    FZR 2000 carfzr2000
    Green VWgo27
    Grey convertiblego28
    Hand cartgo41
    Increased trafficrushhour
    Limousine trafficvip
    Mercedes Unimog army truckgo31
    Monolithic studio trackhollywood
    News standgo47
    Pioneer enginepioneer
    Rain moderain
    School busgo18
    School bus trafficschoolzone
    Slot car modeslot
    Slow motionslip
    Smoking cow tiresmad
    Souvenir standgo45
    Souvenir standgo46
    Tyrannosaurus Rexgo43
    Various objectsgo[18 - 51]
    Wild West wagongo44
    Wooden standgo42
    Yellow snow truckgo33

    Contributed By: gsgreg.


  • More weight

    After setting a track record, enter 'silspd' as your name and your car will be heavier the next time you race.

    Contributed By: SSV.

Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit Cheats


  • Codes

    Before starting a race, enter one of the following codes at any of the menus to enable the respective cheat:

    All Carsallcars
    All cars are fastmadland
    All pursuit mode carsmacr
    BMW 5 seriesgo04
    Cargo truckgo03
    CLK GTR bonus carmerc
    Colored carsckjones
    Diablo pursuit cardcop
    El Nino bonus carecop
    El Nino pursuit carelninor
    Empire City trackempire
    Fast cargofast
    Ford fullsize vango08
    Jaguar XJR-15 and secret police pursuit carsnewcars
    Jaguar XJR-15 carjag
    Jeep Cherokeego07
    Mazda Miatago01
    Police yell comments during chasebullhorn
    Race in manual transmissionmonkey
    Race with more trafficrushhour
    Range Rovergo11
    Range Rover cop cargo20
    School Busgo12
    Voice on radio in single player mode43

    Contributed By: Kuja The Destructor and Dormouse.

  • Unlockable Cars

    To Unlock Following Cars, Complete Certain Tasks

    El NinoAvoid arrest on all tracks to be "Most Wanted" In Hot Pursuit Mode
    Pursuit Diablo SVAchieve ticket quota on all tracks to be "Top Cop" In Hot Pursuit Mode

    Contributed By: MarvThem.


  • Unlock Jaguar XJR-15

    Win the Beginner Tournament to unlock the Jaguar XJR-15.

    Contributed By: Masamune3.

  • Unlock Mercedes CLK-GTR

    Win the Expert Tournament to unlock the Mercedes CLK-GTR.

    Contributed By: Masamune3.

Easter Eggs

  • Titanic ship in Aquatica!

    When racing in Aquatica in Forward Direction, there is a dark seaside area close to the hairpin turn known as the "Orchard Hairpin". If you stop your car here and keep observing the ocean, you will find the Titanic ship sailing across the ocean after regular intervals of time.

    Contributed By: Sundar Subramaniam.

Need for Speed: High Stakes Cheats


  • Arcade Mode Codes

    In the main menu, for arcade mode, type in:

    Automatic TransmissionMONKEY
    Drive as Traffic CarsTR 00-15
    Low GravityMOON
    Super-Human OpponentsMADLAND
    Upgrade EngineGOFAST

    Contributed By: A B C.

  • Career Mode Codes

    In the main menu, for career mode, type in:

    1st UpgradeUP1
    2nd UpgradeUP2
    3rd UpgradeUP3
    Cash IncreaseGATES
    Free PurchaseBUY
    No UpgradeUPO

    Contributed By: A B C.

  • Codes

    In the main menu, type in:

    All TiersALLTIERS
    All TracksTRACKS
    Bonus Car 1ACAR
    Bonus Car 2BCAR
    Bonus Car 3CCAR
    Bonus Hot Pursuit CarECOP
    Bonus Hot Pursuit CarDCOP
    Others crash when you honk hornOUTMYWAY
    Others restart when you honk hornORESETYA

    Contributed By: A B C.


  • Unlockable cars and tracks

    Complete the following criteria to unlock specific cars and tracks.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Pursuit CamaroAchieve Top Cop and Most Wanted on all Getaway courses in Hot Pursuit mode
    RacewayWin Amateur level Knockout

    Contributed By: Stevewins123.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 Cheats


  • Command Line Codes

    Start the game with the following in the command line parameter to enable the following cheats:

    Disable confirmations+nofrustration
    Disable mipmapping+nomipmap
    Disable movies+nomovie
    Disable music+nomusic
    Disable on screen display+nofrontend
    Disable particle effects+noparticles
    Disable reverberation+noreverb
    Disable sound effects+nosnd
    Enables main menu+minfront
    Enables screenshots+screenshots
    Invisible to others+ghost
    Only police helicopters+helicoptersOnly
    Unlocks all events+opentree

    Contributed By: Starky27.


  • Unlockable Cars

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Dodge Viper GTSEarn 2,000,000 points
    Ferrari F50Lead any race for 8 laps on full grid, advanced
    Ford Crown VictoriaComplete Hot Pursuit Event 5
    Lamborghini Diablo 6.0 VTEarn 2,500,000 points
    Lamborghini MurcielagoEarn 3,000,000 points
    McLaren F1Earn 4,000,000 points
    McLaren F1 LMEarn 5,000,000 points OR Win the World Championships
    Mercedes CLK GTREarn 4,500,000 points
    Porsche 911 TurboEarn 800,000 points
    Porsche Carrera GTEarn 3,500,000 points
    Vauxhall VX220Lead any race until completion any mode

    Contributed By: Starky27.


  • Buy all cars for $10

    To buy all cars for $10, use Notepad to open the ''cars.ini'' file in your Cars folder and make the following modifications:


    Contributed By: Janors 2.

  • Change Price of Tracks

    To change the price of the tracks, open up the ''tracks.ini'' file in the Tracks folder and edit all lines starting with ''m_price'' like so:


    Contributed By: Janors 2.

  • Fast Moving Cop Cars

    Open the cars directory.
    In each of the sub-directories, open the car_cop.ini file.
    Change the mass to either 100.0 or 100.00 .
    Save the file.

    *Remember if you want to revert to the original settings for the car, keep a backup copy of the original car_cop.ini file.

    Contributed By: HyDr0B3Ar.

  • Get the tracks fast

    1-Go to ''tracks'' sub-folder in the game directory.
    2-Use text editor to edit the ''tracks.ini'' file.
    3-Change the values in ''m_price[0]=0'' to m_price[0]=*''
    4-Do the same with ''m_price[1]=1000'', ''m_price[2]=1000'', m_price[3]=1000.
    5-Save the file.

    Now you can get all tracks for the $ that you set!
    * is the number that you set, it can be any number.
    *Create a backup copy of the files before doing eneything!!!!

    Contributed By: adam3k3.

  • Instant tune up for any car

    As well as the ''changing the mass'' cheat, there is also this easy cheat that works along similar lines.
    Go to the cars folder in the installation directory.
    Open the folder of a powerful car, like the F1, F50 etc.
    Copy the CAR.INI file from here and paste it over the original CAR.INI file of a slower car in its own folder, eg the Elise.
    This instantly gives that car the speed and handling characteristics of the F1/F50 etc.
    Rememeber to make a copy of the original CAR.INI file if you want to revert it back to standard afterwoods.

    Contributed By: welshbeast.

  • Use helicopter, roadblocks, and backup more than three times

    Here's what you do.
    A) Goto your Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 directory
    B) Goto the AI directory
    C) Double click on the file AIChaseDefs.ini
    D) Go down to where it says SingleRaceSupportMax
    E) Change the number after the equal sign to 100
    F) Go down to where it says #startPursuitLevel
    G) Change the number after the equal sign to 100
    H) Go down to where it says #startPursuitStrategy
    I) Change the number after the equal sign to 100
    J) Go down to where it says #freezeCops
    K) Change the number after the equal sign to 100

    Contributed By: hshark6.

Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed Cheats


  • Codes

    Enter the following as a name in the create a player option:

    All cars have 933 physicsyraGyraG
    Double Speed in Single Playerfreewill
    Heavier Carsfetherw8
    Rally PhysicsDakar
    Small R/C CarsGulliver
    Smash Up DerbySmash Up
    Unlock Cops in Quick Racesfuzzyfuz

    Contributed By: Warhawk and Kuja The Destructor.


  • Unlock Tracks

    To unlock more tracks, complete the eras throughout Evolution Mode.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    AlpsComplete the Golden era.
    AutobahnComplete the Golden era.
    AuvergneComplete the Golden era.
    CorsicaComplete the Golden era.
    Monte Carlo Circuit 1Complete the Classic era.
    Monte Carlo Circuit 2Complete the Classic era.
    Monte Carlo Circuit 4Complete the Golden era.
    Monte Carlo Circuit 5Complete the Golden era.
    SchwarzwaldComplete the Classic era.
    Zone IndustrielleComplete the Classic era.

    Contributed By: Ido Skira.


  • "Seceret" Driver

    When starting your game, create a new profile and don't select a driver. it should turn out to be a hidden driver with a helmet on. he does not enhance anything...just looks cool

    Contributed By: Shadow45637.

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