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How do I get past the secret level (Level7)?

I never have enough speed to jump over the Gas station. Every single time I follow the opponent and draft on him, but every time I land in the river and have to restart the level. I hear you have to find the switch, but I don't have any money for the ammo to hit the switch. Are there any shortcuts, by any chance? And yes, all my hyper boost packs are used up, so the ramp won't work. And one last thing: I still have my WINNER Lasor, but the mirror around the switch deflects it every time. Please Help!

Accepted Answer

Lyricalias answered:

Go to the Big Rig Arena and sign up. After the first battle starts, it refills all of your weapons' ammo, so just quit out. Then go back. You should be good.

But beware that there's a boss fight after the race, generally considered to be the hardest in the game...
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