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How do I get past the secret misson(Level 8)?

Yeah i got stuck on this one too >_>

Anyways, I see the gas station is back, With a new car washer that my truck always gets stuck in. The WINNER boss drains all my ammo each time, so I don't have enough to hit the street light. I've heard rumors that theres a way to skip the boss, but there aren't any shortcuts anywhere and the checkpoint puts me right in the middle of the battle so i can't get out. As you should know, the start of the misson is a drag, so i have have to use the "save checkpoint and quit". And I really don't want to play 86939834 more games of online matches to rank up for the unlimited ammo. Please Help!

amazydayzee3621 asked for clarification:

I think you're talking about a different game. All this has is nonexistent AI, no clipping, no boundaries, and YOU'RE WINNER !

So please, stay away from it and keep playing that other game instead.


Groundrattler answered:

Well, the secret is that all you have to do, is hit more notes.
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NeoSizer answered:

If you enter the Konami Code exactly 65,535 times within 6 seconds, It will take you right to the You're Winner screen. You also unlock the "Eighteen Wheels'a Squealin" achievement, so don't worry about missing that.
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