Question from Bonboonman

Asked: 5 years ago

How do I beat the pesky A.I?

It's so persistent and fast that I have trouble keeping up with it as I pass through all the checkpoints. What is the big secret in defeating my opposing rig?

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From: Gerson84 5 years ago

Keep using the hyper boost pick ups, and make sure you don't hit any buildings, then enter the secret storage room to meet the evil cop, take the shotgun and shoot him 3 times, this will weaken the A.I and start the epic song, just keep driving with leet skillz, and soon you will be met by the ultra evil lord of madness, now the hard part is to keep driving, WHILE shooting the evil lord, but if you do it right, your going to find out that the A.I truck has lost its power shield, now make sure that you get out from the truck, buy all the 500 power ups and make sure that you are playing 12 players on-line and that you have unlocked all 55 stages. Then just start any stage and: YOU`RE WINNER!

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Try to slow down, take your time. The AI is obviously superior but it makes mistakes sometimes. Capatalize on them and YOU'RE WINNER before you know it.

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Use the side street shortcut after you pass over the bridge.

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