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 M A N H U N T

 Manhunt Bonus Missions FAQ/Walkthrough
 For the Playstation 2 video game console
 This FAQ is copyright Nick Fuentes
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 Version 5.73

 I N D E X


 3..........Unlocking Bonus Features
 4..........Unlocking Codes
 5..........Bonus mission unlocking
 6..........Hard As Nails
 7..........Brawl Game
 8..........Monkey See Monkey Die
 9..........Time 2 Die
 11.........High Scores


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 C O N T R O L S

 Button                                          Control

 X..........................Light attack, Fire weapon, Throw lure, Execute, Tap

 Square............................Strong attack, Reload weapon, Execute

 Triangle.....................................Action Button

 Circle................................Switch weapon, Exchange weapon

 Left analog stick................................Move

 L1......................................Target, Toggle Strafing

 L2...........................................Strafe left

 Right analog stick..............Free look, L/R switch targets while holding L1


 R2...........................................Strafe right

 R3.............................Look behind, Free look while targeting

 L2+R2..................................... 180 degree turn

 D-Pad left....................................Peek left

 D-Pad right...................................Peek right

 Start.........................................Pause menu


 U N L O C K I N G  B O N U S  F E A T U R E S


There are 20 bonus panels of artwork to unlock at the Bonus Feature screen.
One for each mission. To unlock the artwork for that particular mission you
have to get 3 stars on either Fetish or Hardcore difficulty.

And when you get 3 stars for that mission a panel of artwork is revealed, there
are many  pictures some of which include, Concept art, Head shots, and
descriptions of some of the gangs.


 U N L O C K I N G  C O D E S


In order to unlock a code you must first achieve five stars on 2 certain
missions. For example to unlock Unlimited Stamina you have to beat Born Again,
and Doorway Into Hell with both 5 star ratings. Born Again gives you the first
part of the code, and Doorway Into Hell gives you the second part. So if you
beat Born Again level with a 5 star ranking, and you click on the art, at the
bottom of the screen should be half of the code.(about 4 buttons)

*Note, you cannot save your game while cheats are activated, if you do have
cheats on you must first play a mini-game and die for the cheat to be


U N L O C K I N G  B O N U S  M I S S I O N S


To unlock a bonus "Mini Game" you have to get 5 star rankings in 5 consecutive
levels. There are 4 mini games, there for there is 20 levels. This is a list of
which    scenes unlock which missions.

 Bonus mission unlocked          Obtain 3 stars in these missions

    Hard As Nails...........Born Again, Doorway Into Hell, Road To Ruin
                                   White Trash, Fuelled By Hate

     Brawl Game........Grounds For Assault,Strapped For Cash,View Of Innocence
                                    Drunk Driving, Graveyard Shift

 Monkey See Monkey Die......Doing Time, Mouth Of Madness, Kill The Rabbit
                                 Divided They Fall, Press Coverage

     Time 2 Die...............Wrong Side Of The Tracks, Trained To Kill
                             Border Portrol, Key Personnel, Deliverance


 H A R D  A S  N A I L S


Hard As Nails is unlocked after you complete the first 5 missions with a 3
star ranking.

- Born Again
- Doorway Into Hell
- Road To Ruin
- White Trash
- Fuelled By Hate

The objective of this mini-game is to see how many hunters you can kill there
is a death counter at the top of the screen. There's no time limit and no
painkillers. You arsenil for this mission is a Nail gun and Baseball bat.
There are 3 places that the boxes of nails spawn.

- When you start 3 feet in front of you.
- In a back room next to gas cans.
- When you start head left up the stairs, and to the end of the ally.

You begin in a room with a big hole in the ceiling were the hunters fall out
of. After you clear all the hunters in first level more come down through the
hole, every level there's more and more hunters.

- Aim at the head to conserve your ammo
- Shoot the propane tanks when hunters are nearby.

 *Additional strategy sent in by Zee.
- He has found a ' Sweet Spot ' in this level it's in the room to your right as
soon as you start,"In the corner of the two walls with door openings in them
and a single box turned diagonal there is a small area of shadow. This is the
center room. Standing in here, and behind the box, you are able to shoot as
many Hoods as come running". Thank you for that Zee.


 B R A W L  G A M E


Brawl Game is unlocked after you complete the following missions with a 3 star

-Grounds For Assault
-Strapped For Cash
-View Of Innocence
-Drunk Driving
-Graveyard Shift

Brawl Game, the objective of this mini-game is to see how long you could
survive in the basketball court of the Born Again level. There's 3 gangs The
Hoods, Innocentz, and the Skinz. They will fight each other as well as you but
occasionly they will double team you. There is a death counter at the top of
the screen.The highest I've managed to get was 33.

This mini-game is probally one of the toughest there are no painkillers until
you achieve at least 10 kills, it's just hand-to-hand combat. So, as soon as
you begin run straight ahead and pick up the glass shard to help you inflict a
little more damage, after that, run around until the gangs begin to clash,
there will always be one guy on your tail, but sometimes there will be 2 guys
fighting you, when that happens RUN. After you kill one gang member another
will respawn at the top and jump down and start to fight. Always try for the
for the strong attack (square), and also the grapple (X+square) to help you do
more damage.

- You can perform 1 execution wiht the glass shard.
- A glass shard re-spawns every 8 kills.
- Painkillers spawn every 10 kills. (Thanks to Kosta666)


M O N K E Y  S E E  M O N K E Y  D I E


Monkey See Monkey Die becomes unlocked after you complete the following with a
3 star ranking

-Mouth Of Madness
-Doing Time
-Kill The Rabbit
-Divided They Fall
-Press Coverage

Monkey See Monkey Die, this is probably the toughest bonus mission, just
imagine it 35 crazy looking monkeys running around with Sawn-off Shotguns.
They are actually hunters dressed in monkey suits making monkey noises, but
when you shoot one,the human groans come out.

The objective of this bonus mission is to work your way out of the zoo alive.
There are painkillers all around, but you will need them because these monkeys
are tough. There are a few weapons in this level, Machete, Sawn Off Shotgun,
and the Shotgun but I suggest staying with the Sawn-off shotgun until you are
able to swap it out with the Shotgun.

You begin with the Sawn-off shotgun, as soon as you begin 3 monkeys rush down,
duck behind the planter and take out the monkey up on the ledge first, and then
the other 2 that are hiding behind the planter.

Pick up they're ammo and continue up, there's a monkey to your right you could
either: rush him and maybe take a shot, or run to the crate in the corner(now
the monkey is on your left)and shoot him. Once you kill him get his ammo and go
towards the locker door, but right before the locker door there's a burning
trashcan stand next to that and you should see a monkeys cap his ass.

Then Proceed and bust the lock off the door, enter the room this is where the
first PAINKILLERS is but before you get this strafe against the wall toward the
window, you should hear a gun shot and then the window shatter. Pop out and
kill the 2 monkeys that are behind the planters. Take the painkillers if you
need it at this point. *Remember there's no time limit you can come back later.

After this 2 machete  weilding monkeys should come charging the room blast them
away. Continue foward and make a left duck behind the planter and take out the
monkey, and continue around the corner, run to the next crate and theres a
monkey on the other side shoot him and continue on.*Remember to be picking up
the ammo. At this point this first building should be done exit through the
sharks mouth.

When you exit the sharks mouth there's PAINKILLERS to the left only pick them
up if your below half health. Go foward and another 2 monkeys with machetes
should be charging you quickly shoot them, and hurry to the planter on the left
duck behind it take out the monkey just on the other side, stay there and shoot
the monkey by the soda machine, head to the planter next to the soda machine
there should be another monkey ahead so be careful.

Continue foward there's a monkey to your left shoot him through the shrubs, go
up the board and make a left but to your right there is some painkillers,
continue foward a monkey should run around the corner and try to cut you, blast
his head off. Make a right and run up on the monkey thats behind the planter
and shoot him. Follow the path and to the left through the bushes should be
another monkey shoot him through the bushes. Continue towards the blue buildind
there's 2 monkeys guarding the entrance run up to the monkey thats by the
triangle planter shoot him, duck behind the planter and pop his buddy.

Before you enter the blue building find the shotgun shells next to the dumpster
and the PAINKILLERS next to the door. Go to the door step back a few feet and
to the left, shoot the lock off a monkey will jump out with a machete shoot him
in the head. Go to the dome and pick the the dead hunters Shotgun. Exit the
blue building and take cover at the triangle planter shoot the monkey that you
see in front of you, after that run to the planter that he was at this point
look through the bushes to see another monkey kill him.

There's 2 monkeys in the cage that are expecting you from the direction of the
blue building. So go around to where you found the PAINKILLERS(look at 2nd
paragraph above this one) you should now be at the side of the monkey cage
shoot the monkey thats on the ground and there's another up on the big
platform. After you enter the cage go towards the big platform at this point
some more monkeys should come to attack you with machetes.

*Having fun yet? it's almost over.

Now exit through the open gate, now get this 4 monkey-men will run at you, they
all have machetes kill them one by one. Now run around till you get to the edge
of the wall there are 2 things you do here. Strafe along the wall and peek out
2-3 times and shoot him or Run around to the other side of the boxes and cap
him. Now enter the building, you may remember this building from 'Strapped For
Cash' were Cash rescues one of his family members. As you enter the building
strafe left and be adjacent with boards against the walls the a monkey in
between them, and then find the PAINKILLERS in this room. Now slowly work your
way to the exit a monkey will pop out, shoot him and continue along there's
another door way in which another monkey-man pops out shoot him and your home
free, just bust the pad-lock off the next door and your done.

-Remember where there are painkillers, you can always come back later
-Always try for a head shot to conserve ammo
-There's no time limit so take your time


T I M E  2  D I E


Time 2 Die is the last of the mini-games you unlock after completing the
following with a 3 star ranking.

-Wrong Side Of The Tracks
-Trained To Kill
-Border Control
-Key Personnel

The objective of this mini-game is to eliminate the Hoods. The tables have
turned your are now the hunter and they are the hunted. There's a 10 minute
timer to eliminate all 11 Hoods. They will hide in the shadows and most of the
time run away when they see you unless there is multiple Hoods nearby.

The method I will explain to you is the easiest and most fun, I will explain 3
places The Rooftops: 4 Hoods, The Warehouse: 3 Hoods, Alleys: 4 Hoods. Every
time you kill at the Hoods from the specified locations a message will appear.
Example: after you kill 3 Hoods in the Warehouse a message will appear telling


You will start here because the Hood with the crowbar is up here, and you need
the crowbar to get into the ware house, and once your in the warehouse you get

You start right next to the stairs that lead up to the rooftops, so go up the
stairs and break the glass, when you do this the Hood inside goes crazy, you
have 2 choices beat the crap out of him or stand in the shadows and lure him
back and execute him. Another Hood will enter the room after you execute the
first one. Either do Choice 1 or Choice 2. When you come across the Hunter on
the Rooftops with the crowbar take it. To jump from rooftop to rooftop just
sprint from one to the other. There's PAINKILLERS behind the billboards on the
last rooftop. Once you get the message that you have defeated all the Hoods on
the rooftops(and have the crowbar). We can go to the Warehouse.


Come here after you get the crowbar from the Hood on the rooftop. Find the
locked door to the warehouse.

Once you enter turn left and find the CHAINSAW and just mow down the 3 Hoods
that are inside. There are 3 PAINKILLERS in seperate corners of the warehouse.
Now go to the Alleys.

ALLEYS: 4 Hoods

This should be easy now since you have the Chainsaw run around Alleys and lure
out the 4 Hoods cut them up real good. After you kill all The Hoods the timer
stops and Starkweather shows you were the exit is. Find the exit and mission

- When you get the Chainsaw you don't have to be quite, make as much noise as
you want..... you have a Chainsaw!




Enter all these codes at the title screen.
Codes can only be used after you complete 2 consecutive scenes with a 5 star
ranking, this means the it Has to be on Hardcore difficulty. O = circle

      EFFECT                          CODE                           SCENE

Infinate Stamina........R2,R2,L1,R2,left,right,left,right............ 1&2
* (You'll have unlimited stamina)

Silence.................R1,L1,R2,L1,right,left,left,left............. 3&4
* (You don't make any noise on the radar)

Regenerate..............R2,right,circle,R2,L2,down,circle,left....... 5&6
* (Your health slowly regenerates)

Helium Hunters..........R1,R1,Triangle,Circle,Square,L2,L1,Down...... 7&8
* (Hunters have high-pitched voice, and explode when you shoot them)

All Weapons.............R1,R2,L1,L2,Down,Up,Left,Up.................. 9&10
* (Your are equiped with all the weapons for that level)

Super Punch.............L1,Triangle,Triangle,Triangle,O,O,O,R1....... 11&12
* (Kills Hunters in one punch)

Rabbit Skin.............Left,R1,R1,Triangle,R1,R1,Square,L1.......... 13&14
* (Play as the Rabbit, from 'Kill The Rabbit')

Monkey Skin.............Square,Square,R2,Down,Triangle,Square,O,Down..15&16
* (Plays as the Monkey from 'Monkey See Monkey Die mini' game)

* (Hunters cant see you)

Piggsy Skin.............Up,Down,Left,Left,R1,R2,L1,L1.................19&20
* (Play as Piggsy from 'Deliverance')

God Mode.........Down,Down,O,Up,Square,Triangle,Square,R2,Up,Up,L1,Triangle
* (Cannot be hurt)

*God Mode only works if you've beaten the game on Fetish or Hardcore mode.


 H I G H  S C O R E S

This will be the High Scores section, I will post the top 5 score for each
mini-game. The only 2 mini-games in which you can actually have a high score
are Hard As Nails, and Brawl game.

  Hard As Nails               Brawl Game
1. 217 by Volvanga           1. 57 by Urban Legend
2. 206 by Zee                2. 31 by Shamalam
3. 121 by Urban Legend       3. 30 by Kosta666
4.                           4.
5.                           5.

If you have a High score you would like to share, feel free to E-mail me.




I would like to thank myself for writing this Faq and I would like everyone to
enjoy it, and may it help many Manhunt players. I would also like to thank
Rockstar Games for making this wonderful game and I my parents for letting me
get this game.

I would also like to thank these people that have sent in additional

* Zee for additional strategy on Hard As Nails.
* Kosta666 for additional tip on Brawl Game.

If you have any questions,comments, High scores or any additional strategies
please Email me at