Question from areeb319

Till death do us part?

I just can't get past the level somehow I don't know what to do anyone know what to do?


najzere answered:

Well, like all the levels, there are many ways to beat it. The easiest way into the mansion is to wait for the drunk in the beginning to sit down and pass out so you can take his wedding invitation. Once inside, you can knock out guards to get their uniforms, or you can try poisoning the cake while no one's watching. I like to follow the priest into the private rooms and take his costume. He can go anywhere and if you ring the bell out front, everyone heads to the gazebo behind the house and you'll preside over the marriage. It's possible to kill the groom here when everyone turns around to go back to the house.

For the old man, you can kill him when he gets upstairs and sits in his chair, or you can push him into the grave he's visiting in the graveyard. If there are no guards around, you can also push him over the railing into the water with the alligators. There are too many ways to do things to go over them all, but that's the easiest way to get into the mansion and then from there, just find a good costume and take your time.
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Idarak answered:

It's been a while since I last did this level, so my strategy might not be 100% accurate. At the start, I went onto the main lawn, waited for the drunk to pass out in the shack, then took his clothes and invitation. Once inside, I think I went towards the left side of the mansion and sedated a guard then hid his body in a bathroom, taking his clothes. Ran up to the attic, placed a bomb at the north point of interest. Went back downstairs, waited for groom to play piano, set off bomb. For pappy, I snuck into his room and killed him while he was watching TV. But, like the above poster said, there are many more ways to complete this level.
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Tex619 answered:

Head to the dancing area.To its south should be a shack.Wait there for a boozy brigand to come along and fall asleep.Take his invitation and head into the mansion.Go to the right of the stairs and go right into the kitchen.Make sure nobody's watching and and use your poison syringe on the cake.Then head outside through the window in the room.Head left until you reach a guard.Wait here for Pappy to go past here,then sedate the guard,take his clothes and dump him in a crate nearby.Then head into the "Restrictid Area",i.e,the Graveyard.Keep going until you find Pappy.Wait till he is talking to the air,standing next to the grave.Then,fill the grave by pushing him into it.Head back any way you please and exit.Buddy should be dead by now as he loves to take a lick off the cake.
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meek81 answered:

But how do you preserve the life?????? It seems as if time i get hit my health decreases extremly. I dont know why?
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