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Asked: 5 years ago

How can i go into the ingame cheats menu?i try to enable it but still can't go into the ingame cheats menu...

Please guide me on how to do so from the begining...

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1. Open the file "hitmanbloodmoney.ini" located in your game folder

2. Add the following line at the bottom:

3. Save the file

4. Start/load a game and simply press "C" to open the cheat menu

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I've got the same problem.The file does not save.I've got Vista.I tried on other systems with XP, and it works just fine.

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The problem is, you have version 1.2, as I do. The developers took away the easy way to enable cheats in v1.2, as some cheats would make the game crash. There is, however, some way to enable cheats in v1.2. I've scoured the internet and the only thing I could find was something about file codes. I suggest searching in every search engine you know of and then compiling the results.

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