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 Tomb Raider: Legend - Boss Walkthrough [Multiformat]

 Author - Nogarda

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 Just a quick note really. I would of gone into a full guide but I found 
 this game rather linear, minus a few very good puzzles. There is no 
 mention of hidden idols in this guide, this is purely for the bosses
 of this game. Which are rather frustrating if you don't know how,
 or are just looking for a better stratedgy for time trail.

 These guides are in the format of describing the immediate area for
 those about to face the boss of thier corisponding level, how to defeat 
 the boss, and a summary of attacks the bosses do.

 Boss 1 - Takamoto

 Boss 2 - Rutland

 Boss 3 - Gem Demon

 Boss 4 - Leviathon

 Boss 5 - Amanda

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 Lets get to it.

 [Immediate Area]
 This Arena os sorts takes place in a circular area on two tears.
 The lower area though has four gun turrents mounted on the edge of
 upper tear. Four statues of a very big size feature at the North, East,
 South, and West points, of this area. Behind each one of these is
 a pole you can scale to reach the upper tear.

 [Method Of Defeat]
 Takamoto's biggest weakness is his mouth suprisingly, he likes to
 taunt Lara alot. This is a great opertunity if you can get in close
 enough as takamoto stays rooted to the spot for 3-4 seconds, and with
 a accuracy of about 99.9% every shot should ram home. Weather your using a
 secondary weapon you picked up from an enemy, or laras trusty pistols.
 The obvious problem is getting in close enough as Takamoto is fast on
 his feet, and will throw near endless green waves of energy at you.
 Luckily though this is all about timing and if your good at it, or precise

 The latter is harder due to the statues not taking away enough of the
 energy waves as you might think. Which is why a good jump for the low waves
 of energy and side roll
 to the left or right, (depends which way your chasing takamoto.) for the
 higher waves. Though do becareful as though not all the time, Takamoto 
 will unleash a vertical version at you close range. This is while not
 exactly hard to dodge, frustrating as you have little time to react
 and could cause lara to recoil, either for Takamoto to flee or unload a 
 killing amount of waves. 

 The key thing to remember though is keeping a lock on Takamoto, as this
 way even when your trying to get in close, you can get just a few shots if
 he stops on the opposite side of your position. But otherwise this
 shouldn't take more than two minutes to end the fight.

 [Takamoto's Attacks]

 Horizontal Slash (Low) - Easy enough to dodge just jump on the spot at
 the right time.

 Horizontal Slash (High) - While possible to dodge with a forward roll,
 it is much easier to dodge with a sideways roll or jump, though a side
 roll is more immediate than a sideways jump, and you can resume firing
 or getting in close slightly sooner with the roll.

 Vertical Slash - Unsure of the overall cause for Takamoto to use this
 but generally your within touching distance and Takamoto doesn't like
 to be touched. But the best way to avoid this slightly telegraphed
 attack is a side roll towards the wall, this ensures you stay on the 
 upper floor and avoid the attack.


 [Immediate area]
 Smaller Area than before, but this makes Rutlands grenades all the
 more effective. But then the same goes for you if you have any. On the
 walls are four platforms Rutland will be using for healing and to
 throw the odd grenade from too. Otherwise Rutland will start just a
 few feet away from Lara.

 [Method Of Defeat]
 Rutland is more of a puzzle than a boss, but oh well. The first thing
 you should do is select your pistols as you have to get Rutlands
 health down so you can begin this 'fight' for real. Just beware of 
 the grenades he throws. Otherwise the start is pretty much a given.
 Due to the areas almost chlostraphobic size, you can tell when the
 time to stop shooting is by the shot action button appearing on the
 supports of the platforms. Take these down in any order you want, 
 just make sure to press your grapple button and pull on the metal 
 keystones. This will cause the platforms to collapse. These metal
 keystones are obviously the source allowing Rutland to regain his
 health. Get rid of all four of them.

 Now its a task of killing Rutland, or 'Runtland' as you've just made
 him, as if you can take this guy out in under 30 seconds with a well
 placed grenade and a Assault Rifle as a secondary Weapon. Though also
 remain aware of Rutland's NFL style sack, which will floor Lara,
 and his grenades still. This fight should take you about one minute
 from start to finish.

 [Rutlands Attacks]
 Grenades - Lara go boom if you are to close to these. Simply move out
 of the way.
 NFL Sack Attack - This usually happens if your standing still and
 Rutland is on the ground with you. The Best way is to shoot while

 Regeneration - This isn't an attack per se but is annoying regardless
 I thought I'ld give it a mention as Rutland really hasn't done much


 [Immediate Area]
 A science lab, full of science goodness ^_^=b. The Artifact is the
 big thing to know before doing this fight. Its about keeping the Gem
 Demon at bay so you can get the shield up and retrieve the artifact.
 There are 4 powerboxes you must switch on at the North-East, South-East
 South-West and North-West of the lab, before entering the electromagnet
 gunrail machine at the centre.

 [Method Of Defeat]
 More retrieval than defeat but anyway. First off don't run, it is much
 much faster to forward roll, towards your first power switch. And this
 gives you the additional benifit of avoiding the Gem Demon's attacks
 outright. Though you are immune while activating the power switches
 the Gem Demon may get you on a flook after the cutscene. Depending on
 his position you maybe able to see it attacking you repeatedly to no
 effect. Now repeat till all four switches are on. Now roll towards the
 centre of the room and press the action button to enter the electromagnet

 It is possible to think this is your method of defeating the Gem Demon
 alas it isn't even possible. Though the exception of forcing him back
 enough into the generators to shoch him down to a fraction of his health
 bar, sadly it just won't work. Where it is possible to do the prior its
 only to give you enough breathing room to get one of the four barriers up
 by shooting at the pale blue dome in the air above each generator. This
 causes the first quater of the barrier to keep the demon out. (or unluckily
 in depending on your course of action.) If you are unlucky enough to have
 the demon within the barrier your most likely going to give him an opening
 while retrieving the artifact. thus a great lose to health and time. So if
 you want to get the artifact as fast as possible, some aspects are down to
 luck of being able to successfully target the demon to repell him, head to
 upper torso being the only place to get a recoil out of this thing. But
 while its back against the wall, (or preferably 1/10 of its health) hit the
 nearest dome, this will force the demon arouns to the right or left. While
 advisable to see which way its going before going after the next barrier
 It is a good idea to remain a step ahead, as it'll most likely follow
 your direction anyway, you can get all the barriers up before the demon can
 get round the previous barrier. This is your cue, immediately exit the
 electromagnet gun. face the artifact thats above you and press the grapple
 button, and pull on the artifact. This will cause the areas ending sequence.

 [Gem Demon's Attacks]
 Fire Column - the Gem Demon will use this while you are running about flipping
 switches and running at the electrogun. Avoid by using a forward roll.
 The Precursor for this attack is the fiery orange circle on the floor.
 Though there isn't long to react this'll only hit you if you arent rolling.
 Swipe - Stand still long enough after flipping a switch and he'll be all over
 you with this til you go down, but a side roll should put you safely out of
 the way.

 Winding Swipe - This is reserved for the electromagnet gun, unless you can
 target and hit this thing (aim for the head and upper torso) while its winding
 up you'll be knocked out of your seat and lose a chunk of your health. even 
 getting the barrier doesn't stop this attack if he started before you got it



 [Immediate Area]
 Now that you've been warned, you should be problem free. This probably my
 personal favorite Boss of this game due to its reactions. But This is the
 only boss fight not to take place in a circular arena. As you exit the fort
 I prefer a few rolls out of the entry as it gets you closer to your target
 (espiecially helps when on time attack) for when the cutscene interlude
 begins. This boss may look intimedating the very first time you see it but
 its rather easy, the only difficult thing is to be aware of your postion at
 all times when on the broken bridge. As Leviathon will do anyone of three
 attacks dependant on his position to you. Spit if hes at the two cages
 nearest the fort, or if on either side of you at the back, bite, or a swipe
 which is hard to avoid unless you move a pretty long distance away from your

 [Method Of Defeat]
 The object if you hadn't guessed is to lower the spiked cages on to
 Leviathon's head, if you just try lowering the cages they will miss and
 they take a rather long time to reset. Which is a major pain in the butt if 
 your on the last cage.

 But you'll notice your target reticle won't be targeting Leviathon directly,
 this is just a major hint. Run to the edge of the bridge and target either
 the far left or far right statues in the back of the cave, and put about ten
 bullets on to your target this should make them resonate sound waves,
 causing Leviathon to appear next to the statue, which Leviathon is very
 intrieged by so much so he ignores you completely and the tilt of the head is
 a very nice touch. But when Leviathon is distracted, grapple the lever and
 press the action button to pull the lever. An auto sequence shows you that 
 he didn't like that much. It also too a quater of his health away.
 (conveniant.) Now to the opposite side, no depending if you did the far
 right cage this is the glitch'd cage, I found it just refused to come down
 if I pulled it before doing the fort puzzle. Either way once this cages are
 done it gets easier, espiecially if you got hit a few times on the bridge 
 its just preferable to get them two over and done with. Now that we can
 return to the verge, you can side roll, roll back to avoid Leviathon's
 attacks. If you have the SMG or the Assault Rifle you can successfully
 target the other statues from a distance, effectively avoiding any swipe
 or bite attacks, you might get being up close with the pistols. Your only
 concern is the balls of assumedly acidic spit Leviathon has. But Rinse
 and repeat til its unconcious enough to escape. (Notice how I didn't say
 dead.) But the boss music still plays, use Leviathons body to walk to the 
 ledge to exit this area and make your way back up to Alistor and Zip.
 Slide down the Ledge jump the gap which will cause a QTE. I personally
 own the 360 version, so the buttons where A,X,Y. so Assumedly the buttons
 are X,[],/\ for the PS2 version. or whatever you have jump, grapple,
 shoot object assigned to for PC. That the end of the fight but just incase
 your trapped here, shoot the chain on the gate, and use the shields to jump
 up to continue on your merry way.

 [Leviathons Attacks]
 Bite - This is just a sharp snap which knocks back Lara a little and take a
 chuck of health off. a roll backwards usually helps avoid this if on
 the bridge.

 Spit - This is Leviathon's Long to mid-range attack which will cause lara
 to just fall on her back (poor girl's top heavy.) also takes a chunk of
 health away.

 Body Swipe - The worst attack Leviathon has, this thing can literally
 knock you for six. This is frustrating as you can get hit by it multipal
 times. Luckily it take about two seconds to wind up, this is just a big
 enough time gap for you to react with a roll or two.
 Throw - This is a cutscene only event if you accidentily fell in the water
 which takes 9/10th's of a full energy bar of damage off Lara, so avoid
 falling in.


 [Immediate Area]
 Back at the end of Bolvia. You maybe slightly familar with it from seeing it
 before, but this entire level is technically a boss fight. But back to the
 circular arena. This time with a lot of obstacles in your way. But the 
 biggest problem is collecting health packs before part two of this fight.
 If you even need them. Otherwise make sure you run about at all times and
 have the enemies targetted.

 [Method Of Defeat]
 Though the Goons aren't really a challenge with Excalibur in a PMS'ing Lara
 Croft. (it's moments like these you realise why she hasn't got a boyfriend
 yet.) The goons are easy targets, and let rip with a green of wave of energy,
 you were formerly on the recieving end of.

 But for this running around the outer edge killing goons with excalibur is best.
 Just work your way inward for anyone that was fortunate to survive to the end.
 Automatic end uon the death of the last goon, so hope you collected your
 health packs.

 [Method of Defeat]
 You might get over confident the first time here as Amanda joins with her pet
 Gem Demon. Though the Gem Demon is the Main enemy its all about getting to
 Amanda, you have to deal enough damage for Amanda to regenerate the Gem Demon.
 This will cause them to separate, and you can get a single hit with excalibur
 on Amanda. You must be up close for this part, press the action button and
 away we go again with the Gem Demon. I preffered to stay on the inner ring
 chasing the Gem Demon, as the stome pillars took a few of the projectiles he
 throws at you but, you can always side jump out of the way and continue
 persuing, until Amanda shows her self yet again. This is just a case of
 rinse and repeat til Amanda is defeated. But do becareful as those projectiles
 of the Gem Demon do more damage than you think. Especially if your not paying
 attention to your health bar.

 [Amanda's Attacks]
 Projectile - This is the only attack I've seen in several successful attempts of
 doing this boss. Its actually scared of Excalibur, and with a long range attack,
 I felt no need to get in close.

 And thats the Game Folks. But This clearly sets up Tomb Raider 8 in the end
 sequence. Congradulations, you've beat your possibly seventh outing with
 Lara Croft.

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